Thursday, February 22, 2007

You Be The Author!


Well, I'm not here, but Adam and Sarah can be.

What, you say you've always wanted to see something specific happen for Sarah and Adam? This is your chance!

Feel free to write a short story or a few paragraphs even about something related to Sarah and Adam's world! Be creative, knock yourselves out!

Just be kind to Adam and Sarah, and in comments made to each other about your literary efforts! But have some fun! Maybe you want to write about a trip that Sarah and Adam take somewhere, maybe you want to write about Cassie and Dr. Gorgeous or Lissa and her mystery man! Maybe you even want to write something from the stalker's perspective! Anything goes.

I can't wait to read it all! Monday we'll all discuss it. It can be a little birthday gift for me.



tigger said...

OMG!!! This could be fun, but you all wouldn't want to read anything I write (I don't think)

Lynne said...

Tigger, Give it a go anyways! You can do it! Lynne

Val said...


I put the copies of the keys from the condo back in your middle drawer. It appears that Rachel's histrionics have done the trick; no one is casting any suspicion our way.

I think you're right; Sarah can't possibly be as trusting and naive as she tries to come off to everyone else. That whole Italy story just doesn't quite sit well with me. I'm sure she knew that Adam was in Italy and she just put herself in the right place at the right time. But Adam will see soon enough what a gold-digger she is when they get to California and her whole pretending to love him and his brats is seen for what it truly is: a scam! I have everything set up just perfect, Sarah will never know what hit her... The purse she "lost" is going to show up again with all the evidence pointing to her, and Adam will be shocked to realize that it was her the whole time.

Then Adam will realize that I've been the one all along taking care of him and making every dream come true. All any man wants is to be able to snap his fingers and things be taken care of. You want to take a vacation in Italy? Sure! It's handled. You want a condo with a big bubble bath? Done! Only this time he won't be sharing it with that ho-bag Sarah. He'll finally turn around and see me for what I really am: the woman who has always loved him and taken care of him.

And then you'll get your pay-off Lyle. Because I'll have all the money I ever wanted. This is all working out just like we planned. Isn't it exciting?


(I just thought it would be fun to kick off the writing. This isn't really what I think is going on, but it was fun to write it anyway)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hope!

catrina said...

I was going to try my hand at writing something, but Val, you blew me away with your story! I know I've had some crazy ideas for suspects, but I'm now leaning towards Sunni, too. She's the only one who seems to have distanced herself from what's going guilty in my book!
Hope, enjoy your weekend. That goes for everyone, else, too!

kmorales4 said...

How cool is that Val. As a writer, the girl has potential. Maybe Hope has rubbed of on her quite a bit. Let's all buy her a drink at lunch today. It's not the same without Hope, but I say Val deserves it. Is everyone game?

Sandy said...

I'm in! Val, great job. Maybe you can start your own stories! I had thought about Sunni, no one would suspect her, she's so nice to Sarah and Adam. Buy why? Maybe she is psycho and thinks Adams really loves her??
Where's lunch and drinks today guys? Let's celebrate Hopes birthday, Happy Birthday Hope!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE, enjoy your day off and thanks for including us in on writing our own short story...even though I have so many thoughts in my mind I'm not even going to try. Krisite


Anonymous said...

Val you go girl.
I have read your blog and you have potential. I am not trying to write anything after you :)

Lynne said...

Hey yall, Mom says to tell everyone to have a fun time writing all of those stories. Mom says not to worry about grammer, etc. No one gets to judge . Val, Great story. Mom's loving it. Thanks for being the brave one to post first. It was wonderful to read and enjoy. I just had to call mom and read it to her. We were both impressed. OK yall, lets go to town and write! Lynne and Hope.

Anonymous said...

Well since it's almost lunch time here, you are all welcome to join me for lunch. Don't think we've done a good seafood lunch yet. I live in MD where we are famouse for... crabs! So come have a crab cake sandwich or some crap soup. I'm sure we can even fry you up a soft shell crab sandwich if you like!


Anonymous said...

Lynne, when is your next post, I am loving your BLOG!!! Kristie

Lynne said...

Kristie, sometime tonight. Normally I post the same as my mom, but with the flu, its been long. First the kiddos then hubby and finally me. What can I say. Sighs. Lynne

Just Dreamin' said...

Val-that was a great post. I loved it! I am not very good at writing either tigger. So you and I are in the same boat! HA! I love this blog! It is one of my favorites, besides Lynne's! I love them both!

tita said...

Your story is awesome, I was going to post one too, but after reading yours I felt a bit awkward.
You show another perspective of the plot, and it really makes sense. Only Hope knows the truth but your story is great. I agree with Karen, you deserve a drink for being the brave one.LOL

lashunda said...

Here is my next chapter... Enjoy!

Once we got to California I had a thought. Not only did the entire crew for the movie know that we were going to be in California, the person who was responsible for all the incidents also knew. That thought was a scary one and I didn’t know if I should tell Adam or if I should just let it go. I know how well he can read my mind and he always in an instance knows what I’m thinking. Just one look, and he would know that something was up with me.

“Adam,” I started, “do you think things will be okay here? I mean, with everything that’s going on and with the way the detectives think that it might be someone from the set doing all these horrible things, do you really think we’ll be safe? I mean knowing that everyone heard Rachel this morning, and then Lyle speaking openly about our arrangements? I’m worried that that might not have been such a good idea.”

I expected Adam to think about what I said first before saying or even doing anything, but in that instance, he pulled out his cell phone and called Tamara. “Tamara, hey, its me,” he said into the phone. “Yes, we have arrived safely, but I think there is going to have to be a change of plans.” “Yes, I know what we discussed but something happened in Dallas and I’m not so sure that we should keep our arrangement the same.” “I’m going to check with Sarah first and see how she wants to handle things and then we will call you back.” “No, don’t worry about picking us up.” “Oh, you’re here already? Well I’m so sorry to have put you out, but I think this is for the best.” “Yes, I know the boys will be disappointed and so am I, but I would be even more upset if something happened to them.” “Yes, thank you for understanding. I’ll talk with you later. Bye.”

I didn’t know what to make of the conversation with Adam and Tamara, but I knew that whatever he had in mind was something that would help protect us in the long run of things.

He turned to me and smiled and told me that things would be okay. He took me by the hand and led me over to a bench against the wall. “Sarah, I think we should bypass the plans that Sunni made for us and make our own arrangements. I know you said that you wanted to go home, but I’m not so sure how safe that is right now. With what you said I’m sure you understand, so what I think we should do is get a hotel room, somewhere inconspicuous, and stay there. I also think we go under some other name, not even letting the hotel or staff know that I am there. Is there a way you can call Lissa and see if she can reserve the room?” I nodded my head so that he knew that I was understanding what he was trying to do. I hated to get Lissa involved more than necessary. I hoped to God that this didn’t come back on her.

We talked more about the arrangements that needed to be made and then we called Lissa. She made our arrangements and told us that we wouldn’t need to worry about checking in or out because she’d made the arrangements with the Hotel Manager and set it up for a Romantic Honeymoon Getaway. That meant that we would not have to check in or out at the front desk, that everything would be done over the internet. Neither Adam nor I would have to worry about our names being attached to anything. I just hoped that it would help to deter things.

Once we got that situation settled, Adam took his phone out again to call Tamara. He was going to let her know what we had planned so that we could make arrangements to see the boys. I wasn’t sure how that was going to happen now with the changes already in place, but I know how much this meant to Adam, and to me, to spend as much time with them as we could.

I only hoped that what we were doing was the right course of action.

Lisa Lynn said...

Hi Everyone,

Hope, I've been reading religiously for several months and truly enjoy this story. This is my first comment as I was inspired by your offer to write a bit. I live in Orange County, CA...bordering on Mission Viejo. I love the California entries as they mention places I know so well.

So, here is my attempt at Adam & Sarah's next entry...

Soon we were settled into our seats on the plane. I must say I am starting to enjoy this first class treatment. It was a welcome bit of indulgence at the end of a scary and stressful week. Adam settled in, and seemed to let just a bit of the tension leave his shoulders. I knew that he was carrying such a great burden, with the fear of what might happen next and the safety of those he loves at stake.

Shortly after takeoff, we each ordered a glass of wine, a wonderful merlot for Adam and a crisp pinot noir for me. Adam chose not to bring his script for this trip and I can only imagine that he wants to think of nothing to do with the movie set or Texas right now. I must admit I feel much the same. He drifted off for quite some time, leaving me alone with my thoughts. It seemed now I was the one, once again, all up in my head about this week’s creepy events. Who could be behind this? Rachel’s tantrums certainly made her the obvious suspect, but she is an intelligent, if unpleasant, woman. Would she really carry on and make her feelings of disdain for Adam and me so public? And, I know, for some reason Adam still doesn’t feel confident Rachel’s the one behind all this.

I keep thinking about the people in Adam’s life that I’ve met and wondering about those that I haven’t, some of whom are now in his past. Rubbing my temples, I thought it best to try and nap a little myself. And the second glass of wine I ordered after Adam dozed off, was certainly help lull me to sleep.

I felt a thump which shook me consciousness. Turns out the plane had just landed and my slumber was now over. I awoke, however, with a tension and fear…I had a very vivid dream. It was about Tamara, Mark and the boys. Not about something bad happening to them, as has been Adam’s concern as well as mine, especially the boys. Instead, in my dream, it was Tamara and Mark who were behind all this. The relationship with Tamara and I has been too good to be true, I surmised. And though I had been under the assumption that Tamara and Adam were, in fact, great friends who were doing their best to raise Geoff and Tristan….it seems my intrusion into Tamara’s life has been more than unwelcome. Though, not at actress herself, I must say she does have some talent because her performance with me has been Oscar worthy!

I felt the jets reverse and the pilot exert the brakes and the plane came to halt. Adam seemed to have been awake for some time already. Not showing any grogginess, as I’m sure I did. “Welcome home, Love”, he said as I tried to blink away that light-headed and nauseous feeling. God, I love how that sounds. And I know now that no matter where we are, Adam is my home, my love.

Quickly, I tried to sort out the feelings that lingered from my dream. What I dreamt was that Tamara, with Mark’s help, was indeed after Adam and in turn, me. She and Mark wanted to move to Europe and knowing that Adam would never allow the boys to live outside the U.S. Her plan was to have him out of the picture. It was a devious plot that not including getting rid of Adam once and for all, but the boys would stand to inherit a great deal. And this needed to happen before any marriage took place between Adam and I. That would complicate an inheritance for the boys, an inheritance that Tamara would oversee and have access to. While she and Mark were certainly more than comfortable financially, they were certainly not in the same league as Adam.

Yet, as I came to my senses, I realized that this was simply not true, not viable. The incidents in Pisa and with the tea on the set in Italy had both occurred before Tamara ever knew about me and Adam. Whew! I felt a sense of calm and peace wash over me, knowing that my dream was just a silly manifestation of my fears and a lingering insecurity that my relationship with Tamara is too good to be true. Adam and I love each other deeply, and Tamara is supportive of that because she loves their boys and cares deeply for Adam as a person.

Adam started to rise to retrieve our carry-ons, but before doing so gave me that look that says what he feels in his heart for me. That look just melts me and builds me up all at the same time. With a smile, a leaned in for a soft and gentle kiss. “Are you alright, Bella? Did you have a good rest?”, he said still close enough that need only ask in a whisper. I let the thoughts of the dream slip away, and answered “yes, Adam, I’m good and rested and glad to be home.”

Anonymous said...

MY goodness :) YOU are all doing an excellent job!~~ Thank you for making this an *easier* Friday without having to *miss* Adam and Sarah :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hope!!! Looking forward to Mondays post, but enjoying this so very much~~~



Sandy said...

lisa lynn....
Excellent! That is another great plot. Wow, great job. I know Hope is going to love all of these stories. Wish I had that imagination gene that so many of you seem to have.
Lynne, I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Lisa Lynn said...

Thanks, Sandy! It was fun to try my hand at this. But no one compares to Hope's writing :)

I do think knowing the characters so well from Hope's entries, makes it much easier for each of us to pick up for a few paragraphs. Hope has certainly laid more than just the groundwork for us!

Have a great weekend, All!

And I forgot to mention earlier...the Happiest of Birthdays to you Hope!

katiesue said...

Hi everyone,

I've been a long time reader but only just decided to post. I look forward to M/W/F every week. I just love this blog. Everyone has created such a wonderful community.

My attempt at creative writing - is just that an attempt! It was very fun creating. Happy Birthday Hope!! ~Katiesue

I can’t believe this is happening. He has taken it too far. I’m scared of what will happen next. I wanted revenge for what he had done to my mother. Just not like this. I want out and it is too late.

Those indicents in Italy were easy. I gave him the information and he never told me the details. No one got hurt. I could rationalize that it was not so bad. Then he told me there was a car accident. Sarah had gotten hurt and it was his chance. The accident would bring her back to him. She would need him. It wasn’t until I saw the purse in his posession that I realized it wasn’t an accident. He had been there! Everything became more intense after the car accident.

Now, I realize that all the detailed information that I have provided about Adam has made his little accidents more than just pranks but deadly. He is very creative and found things out that I never knew myself. However, the most damage was with the information I provided.

What do I do now? It has gone too far. I can’t believe there was a dead rat in their bed. It was all him and now he is truly out of control. He has called me three times. The voicemails are demanding.

He wants their schedule. He knows that this last incident was big and instinctively knows that they left for a long weekend. He wants to know where. Do I give him the details of their flight? I’m not going to deceive myself and say I didn’t know that I was being used. I knew that from the start. It was nice to have someone who knew my story and could relate. It was great to have someone to share the hatred for Sarah and Adam. In the beginning I thought they didn’t deserve happiness. I’m just not sure that they deserve what is happening to them now.

Her cell phone rings again. She whispers.
“Hello? Hi Jason. You have got to quit calling me! Yes, they left for the airport about 2 hours ago. That is all I have… I can’t talk right now. Lyle is yelling for me. Sunni isn’t back from the airport yet.”

gator chik said...

Fun, fun, fun! Very interesting to see all the different perspectives.
And, for the record, all of you who have posted a bit of the story...VERY WELL DONE! We may have more authors in this group than anyone ever thought!

Val said...

I love this, all the different stories. Thank you guys for being so nice. I have always loved to write, but I've never tried my hand at fiction. It is fun. Great stories, everyone!

Happy Birthday HOPE!


Becky said...

Please HELP! How old are Adam and Sarah? I have gone back to the beginning and skimmed many posts & havebeen unable to find it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Diary,

Daddy Dearest took off with his mistress again. This time I cannot follow them as my absense from the set would be noticed. She seems like such a nice person. I've gotten to know her a little in the past few days, and she has been really kind to me. I feel a little bad that she has to be mixed up in this. However, I cannot stop. What he did to my mother - by leaving her to raise me all by herself, was unexcusable. Momma had to work so hard jsut to make suer I had what I needed to succeed in life. He never even once tried to find her again, to see how she was doing, and he had told her he loved her. Momma always said how much I look like my father - too bad nobody pays any enough attention to me to see the resemblence. Daddy Dearest barely even glances at me. I'm just a set gopher to him. Shouldn't he feel some kind of connection? Well - I'll have a big surprise waiting for them when they get back. They will never know what hit them.


Becky said...

We left the bar after having our drink and boarded the plane. I was rather distracted and paid little attention to anything, my mind full of thoughts of the horrific events of the last days.

After we were settled in our seats, we were sipping the drinks the flight attendant had served. "Adam, I must admit I just don't know if we are doing the right thing in going to California. Everyone on the set knows we are going, What if the stalker knows?"

"Sarah, love, you really WERE distracted when we were boarding, weren't you? You didn't even notice..." Just then the pilot came over the PA talking about the flight time to and the weather in Wichita. My chin dropped and I turned to Adam but couldn't speak. "Oh, my love, I knew how worried and scared you were, not only for us, but for the boys. When I left the bar to get a magazine, I checked on available flights to Wichita and found one leaving within minutes of the LA flight. I have already talked to Tamara, and I must say, she too was relieved that we cancelled."

"I also remembered how disappointed you were at missing your friend Hope's 50th birthday on Monday. You told me so many stories about growing up next door to her and all the crazy things she got you involved in. I especially loved picturing you two little girls jumping off the roof with an umbrella trying to fly just because Mary Poppins could! Then there was the time Hope decided if you were playing doctor you had to use real needles to get shots. I must tell you, Bella, I am really looking forward to meeting this incredible interesting woman!" He smiled a rogish smile, leaned over, his lips caressing mine and thn sucking my lower lip, taking my breath away.

I am in awe of this loving, sexy, sensitive man. Instead of dread I am now filled with delight at being able to surprise Hope on her 50th birthday. She is a huge fan of Adam's and so far she hasn't been able to meet him. And maybe Adam will get to taste the salad dressing cake her mother always made for her birthday when she was growing up!


Love ya,