Wednesday, February 21, 2007

War of Words

Chapter Fifty-Nine

Adam hadn’t said more than 10 words since we left the house. As we drove over to the hotel he had focused on driving, his expressive hands gripping the steering wheel tightly as he maneuvered the Dallas roads. His hands could stir me in so many ways – they were tender and gentle, passionate and ardent. They held me lovingly when I cried or needed his strength and aroused me beyond belief when I ached for him. I sat silently as we drove through the night, trying to give him the time he evidently needed to get his thoughts together.

We found the hotel with no problem. Lyle had booked us into a beautiful hotel – The Mansion on Turtle Creek, an exclusive hotel that was in a renovated 1920’s mansion. It was charming and intimate and we stayed in a lovely room with a balcony and a delightful bath tub. The marble bath had a separate vanity area with brass and marble fixtures. I noticed terry bathrobes as well as custom bath products sitting near the tub and on the vanity.

The sad thing was that neither of us was particularly eager to use it right then. We felt like refugees, just trudging along a path to a new destination; one that hopefully would be kinder to us.

Even though it was after 10:00 pm it was still very warm and we went and sat out on the balcony, and it was impossible not to admire the view of the Dallas skyline. The lights of the city stretched out before us, a splendid panorama for the senses; some twinkling and some steady, they all were delightful. We still didn’t say very much; I know that I was lost in my own thoughts and I suppose that Adam was too. But it was peaceful out there and I enjoyed it until the breeze started to get chilly. Adam noticed that I shivered and so we finally went back into the room and I looked around me in admiration; it was stunning. The room had European-style furnishings and antiques and even some original artwork. Off to one side of the room was a beautiful sitting area with a loveseat and a rocker. I noticed a stereo system with a smile and thought about going over and turning it on so I could play with the equalizer- anything to bring a smile to Adam’s solemn face.

The room also had fresh flowers which lent an elegant look to the mahogany library table along with a dish of exclusive candies made especially for the hotel. I looked through them, hunting for something chocolate to tempt Adam with, but even the piece of rich chocolate couldn’t entice a smile out of him. I was at a loss and finally decided that I just needed to let him work it out himself, or at least wait until he was ready to talk.

I guess this is one of those times that Tamara spoke of; when he becomes mired in it all. Tamara had said that I was the perfect person to pull him out of it, but for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to do it. He was standing at the French balcony doors looking outside and was lost in thought. I went over to him and hugged him and told him I was going to hop in the bath.

I wasn’t looking for sex; in fact it was the farthest thing from my mind but a tub full of bubbles never hurt anyone so I hoped it could at least tempt him to come and share the relaxation. I started the taps in the bathroom and left the door open as I got undressed. There were water jets in the tub and I knew they would be relaxing. The marble tub was large and oval shaped, perfectly comfortable for 2 people I thought and suddenly the idea of the bath sounded better than ever. I wanted to sink into the warm bubbly water and feel the jets easing the tension away.

“Hey,” I called out to him. “Can you find some music to listen to while I’m in the bath? The water looks lovely and I’ve got the jets going, I want to just immerse myself for awhile and relax!” I hoped my ploy would work; that he would get curious and come into the bathroom and decide to take the plunge – literally.

“Sure,” he answered and I could hear him move across the room and then the stereo come on. The tuner slide over several stations before he found one that seemed to please him. Michael Buble was singing The Way You Look Tonight and it was soft and dreamy and fit my mood perfectly; something to relax to.

Adam came to stand in the doorway as I was stepping into the fragrant bubbles. “How does that sound?” he asked quietly.

“Perfect! Oh, I am so looking forward to this,” I told him, sinking down into the warm water. I moved around until a jet was pulsating against my back and let out a huge ecstatic sigh accompanied by a grin. “Ooh, wonderful!”

He smiled back at me and that was a move in the right direction I thought. “Wanna get in? I’ll wash your back,” I said, trying to not let it sound provocative. I just wanted him to relax.

“Yeah, that sounds good” he said, starting to take his clothes off. He went back out to the bedroom and I heard the cord on the blinds close and then the sounds of him undressing. He came back into the bathroom and I moved over in the tub, making room for him as he stepped into it.

He settled down and I lay up next to him and we both just soaked up the warm water and let the jets gently lull our frayed nerves. The station played soft rock and it was so easy to relax to I thought as the next song that came up was the Eagles, Best of my Love. I could almost have gone to sleep there I felt so peaceful.

That changed when I heard Adam’s stomach rumble and I remembered we hadn’t had any dinner. I hadn’t even thought about it, but true to form, his stomach did.

“I guess we forgot dinner. We had better get out and call room service,” I told him, although I was loathe to move. The most strenuous thing I was doing was lightly rubbing my hand over his chest which he was enjoying I believed. “C’mon, let’s get your back scrubbed and then get out I said, reaching for the shower gel and the washcloth I had laid on the edge of the tub. I poured some of the gel on the wet cloth and started rubbing it over him and he just seemed to sink further into the warm water. But I eventually got him to sit up so I could wash his back and as I massaged the cloth over him he let out a long groan. I moved around to his front and saw that he was erect and decided maybe a little sex wouldn’t be out of the question after all.

“What’s this?” I asked, capturing him in my hand. I guess I had better wash it too, hm?” I softly rubbed the washcloth over him and he lie back in the tub again and watched me through half-closed eyes.

I leaned up and brushed my mouth against his and felt him respond to me eagerly. My tongue traced the outline of his beautiful lips before I softly opened them with my tongue. It felt like electricity hit us both when our tongues made contact and I lost myself in our shared kisses that went on and on, making me feel dizzy with desire for him.

I slid my mouth down his throat, kissing and nibbling it as I went until I had moved down to his chest. I teased his nipples with the tip of my tongue and was rewarded as they stiffened in response. His breathing was becoming more rapid and he stretched his body out more in the tub. I playfully ran my fingers through the curly hair that nested so delightfully on his chest, tugging teasingly as my mouth slid lower down his belly.

His breath caught in his throat when my tongue found the sensitive skin around his naval and I smiled mischievously as he gasped. As my mouth slipped lower still his breath became ragged and his hips began to move on their own. I looked up at him as my mouth closed over his throbbing desire and he moaned loudly.

“No, love, no. I want to be inside you,” he told me, pulling me urgently to him. I sank down onto him quickly, feeling him fill me and my muscles contacted around him tightly in response. I moved slowly on him because we were both close to the edge and I knew neither of us was going to last long at all.

As I slid my body up and down on him I leaned my head back and moaned with the pleasure. He reached up and sucked my nipple into his mouth and it was all I needed to find my release. My body shuddered as the orgasm gripped me, starting at my toes and moving upward.

My tightly squeezing muscles holding him firmly inside of me were all it took to push Adam over the edge as well and we traveled the path of pleasurable sensations together. I lay forward onto his chest as we both struggled to get our breathing under control. He held me close and I felt him kissing my hair and telling me how much he loved me. All I could do was tell him how much I loved him too.

I slipped off of his lap and sank down gratefully into the still warm water and felt the jets playfully tickling my back. The only thing that mattered at that moment was holding Adam and being held. The rest of the world could just go just go away.


After our bath Adam was feeling a little bit better and I was glad. I did wonder if it was always a good thing that when there is something wrong that we always end up making love to feel better. That seems wrong somehow. It really wasn’t my intention when I got him into the tub. Not really although I do have to admit to knowing it was a possibility. I guess as long as we do talk still its okay, but I keep thinking back to Tamara’s words about me being able to pull Adam out of his head at times like this. Surely she didn’t mean by having sex with him all the time?

“Are you hungry now Adam?” I asked while looking at the extensive room service menu. “It looks like we can get about anything we want, what do you feel like?”

He stood looking over my shoulder at the menu, trying to decide what he wanted. He pointed to an item that I had already seen, "Look love, you can have a PB&J, only $12!” he joked and I saw a lovely smile, the first one I had seen all evening spread across his face.

“Better watch it there Richland, I might just get it!” I teased.

His eyebrows rose an inch or more at my threat and he quickly went back to the menu, trying to make a decision.

“Hey, look at this; it sounds good.” I was pointing to Fire Canyon Pasta that had creamy Queso Fresco and Asadero cheeses and garlic sauce laced with spicy red peppers. It had shrimp in it which was reason enough for me to eat it and I knew that was what I wanted. “Yum, that’s what I want!” I declared. My mouth was already watering imagining the spicy treat.

“Okay, sounds good to me too. Shall I order?” he asked. At my nod he picked up the phone and placed the order. I lay down on the bed, stretching out and took a few deep breaths, trying to will my body to relax; trying NOT to think about what had happened earlier.

Adam hung the phone up and pounced on the bed next to me like a big playful cat. I laughed, remembering when I talked with Tristan earlier and he had growled.

“What are you laughing at?” he asked, looking deep into my eyes. I was mesmerized by those dark chocolate orbs of his; I could drown in them in the very best of ways.

“I was thinking about Tristan. Earlier when I cheered his team he growled like a tiger. You just pounced on the bed in a very tiger-like manner and it reminded me of him, that’s all. Like father, like son I guess! I wish we could be there for his games.”

Adam was lying there on his stomach, resting on his elbows and his fingers were caressing my face and playfully wandering through my hair. He lightly tugged on a curly strand and said, “You really do love the boys don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. They melt my heart actually. Adam, I feel so blessed that they like me, that your family likes me. I wish we could see them more often.”

“How would you feel about flying home to California for a long weekend if I can get Lyle to let me off on Friday or Monday? I think he could be persuaded. I don’t want to bring them here, but I think going there might be okay. What do you think?”

“Oh Adam, that would be wonderful! I’m sure the boys would love it. I don’t know how Tamara will feel about them staying with us though. What do you think?”

“I think we should ask her. I did tell her we would call her back tonight.” He reached for his cell and dialed her. She answered almost immediately, which told me she was waiting probably not so patiently for our call.

He told her what had happened since we talked to her earlier and where we were now. Then he told her we wanted to come out this weekend and asked her how she felt about that and her response must have been positive because they started making some plans.

He looked at me and said, “Tristan has a game Saturday morning we’ll get to see if we can make the trip.”

I gave him a ‘thumbs up’ and was smiling broadly when room service knocked on our door. Adam said goodbye and headed to the door and waited while they wheeled in the cart with our dinner on it. As soon as it was in the room the aroma hit the air and I realized I was hungry too.

The pasta was accompanied by bolillos, rolls that are crispy and crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. A delicious side salad came with it also, full of fresh and crunchy jicama and tender vegetables with a creamy salsa dressing. Adam had ordered icy margaritas to drink with our dinner and for dessert, (what, Adam skip dessert!) Leche Quemada, caramelized milk custard that was to die for.

It was a feast for our senses as well as our bellies. The taste and aromas appealed to our appetites and the combinations of textures and flavors were heavenly.

After we had finished the feast I lie back on the bed and felt my extremely full tummy. “We need some exercise now, that’s for sure,” I jested, with a groan.

“Um, exercise huh?” Adam asked, leaning in to nuzzle my neck. He was obviously feeling better, in many ways! “Um, delectable. What did you have in mind?”

“Oh, I was thinking about a nice long walk. How does that sound?” I teased.

His face fell immediately. “Well, not quite what I was hoping for, but I think there is a fitness facility here at the hotel and we could go and check it out.”

He clearly hadn’t caught on that I was teasing. Hm, a little slow tonight and no wonder I thought after the day we had. I guess I needed to be a little clearer.

“‘Or, you could maybe chase me around the room for a bit before I let you capture me and have your way with me. If you were interested that is…”

“Race you!” he said.


The phone woke us up at 10:00 am the next morning and we both groaned when we heard it. I pulled the pillow up over my head and tried to retreat deeply under the comforter, to no avail because the damn phone just kept ringing until Adam crawled out of the covers and grabbed it.

“Mm, hello,” he mumbled sleepily as he struggled to a sitting position. “Oh, good morning Lyle. Yes, yes it’s lovely.” He paused, listening to Lyle for a minute or so. “Um hm, that sounds okay. But I did want to talk to you about something.” He explained that we would like to go to California for a few days to get away. Neither of us particularly wanted to go back to the house where we had been staying. He and Lyle chatted for a few minutes and evidently came to an understanding and then Adam listened silently while Lyle told him something else that disturbed him. He said very little during this part of the conversation, only murmuring ‘yes’ and ‘I do understand’ and ‘what else’. When Adam hung up he had promised to come in this afternoon to shoot a scene.

“Okay, I’m going to the set this afternoon for a scene and then Lyle will rearrange the shooting and we can go to California for a few days. It’s been very tense around the set this morning; the police were in to talk to Rachel and then took her down to the station to question her further. She isn’t in the scene this afternoon and she and I won’t have a scene together until next Tuesday so she will at least have some time to cool down. So, we need to get up and get ready to go to the studio love. Is that okay?”

“Absolutely, especially since we get to go to California. I can make the travel arrangements this afternoon while you are working. I’ll call Tamara as soon as we have a flight time. Do you want to go tonight if we can or wait until the morning?” I was excited and I couldn’t wait to get started. I had a sobering thought then; we would have to go back to the house to get clothes and things. I shuddered at the thought; it made me feel ill to even contemplate it.

“Let’s wait and see how it looks like the filming will go. If it’s quick, then we can probably catch a flight tonight if there is one available, okay?” He leaned over to kiss me and it made me feel so wonderful; just the soft touch of his lips against mine made all the difference in the world.

We hurriedly showered and got dressed, packing away the few things we brought with us. I refused to stay at the house anymore, but we had to go back and get our things anyway, I thought. If we couldn’t get a flight out tonight we’d have to stay somewhere else, that’s all there was to it.

We headed to the studio and went directly to the dressing room and left our bags and then went to get some coffee. Lyle found us at the table, stirring our coffee and grabbing some rolls to munch on.

“Great, you’re here. We’ve moved things around and should be able to get this scene shot this afternoon. I’d say you should be safe getting a flight out late this evening. Sunni is making all those arrangements for you and will let you know when she has them. Adam, Sarah, I just wanted to say how sorry I am about all this trouble, at the house I mean. We are going to move you over the weekend to another unit unless you’d like to continue to stay in the hotel for the next month? It’s your choice, just let me know. Now, finish your breakfast and by then Sunni should have your arrangements made.” He walked off with a wave, leaving Adam and I alone.

“Oh, I’m so happy we’ll get to go tonight,” I exclaimed. As soon as we get the details I’ll call Tamara and see if she can pick us up from the airport. Tonight we’ll sleep in our own bed again, in our own house!”

Adam’s eyes widened at my comment and turned to liquid chocolate. He didn’t quite smile, but I saw joy on his face and I thought back to what I had said and then I understood.

“I love hearing you say ‘our’ bed and ‘our’ house Sarah. I know you really believe that too, don’t you? That it is ours, I mean,” he asked softly.

“Yes Adam, I do. That’s how I see it. I want to go home to ‘our’ house,” I said with a sigh, already thinking of lying by the pool and playing on the beach with the boys. If Tamara would allow it anyway and I so hoped she would.

“Hey!” Sunni said, heading our way across the deserted room. “I’ve got travel plans made for you.” She held out E tickets to us and an itinerary. “You leave at 8:15 tonight and hit LAX at 9:45, LA time. How does that sound?”

I think she could tell from our grins that it was just fine as far as we were concerned. “Thank you Sunni,” I said, taking the papers she had for us. I turned to Adam and said, “I’m going to call Tamara, okay?”

“All right. Sunni, do you know when I need to get to makeup?”

“Yeah, ASAP. And I believe you are in costume 12 today. I’ve got to get busy, so I’ll see you later!” she called as she headed off.

Adam and I walked to his dressing room and I sat down and studied all the papers that Sunni had given me. “It looks like they’ve booked our return flight too Adam. Tuesday afternoon, 1:52 departure, arrive Dallas at 7:39. All first class which I guess doesn’t surprise me.” As I spoke, Adam changed into his costume, a pair of khaki pants and a blue shirt, deep royal blue and I decided that whoever made their wardrobe selections knew how good he looked in that shade of blue. No tie today, which I know made him happy!

“All right, I’m off to makeup love. Tell Tamara I said hi and we’ll see her later.” He leaned down to kiss me and then our eyes met and I couldn’t get the silly smile off of my face!

I called Tamara and she said it was no problem to pick us up at the airport. “Mark is home and he can stay with the boys, I’ll come by myself so we can figure out a game plan on the way home. I know Adam wants to see them,” she sighed. “But we’ve got to figure out a way to make sure they’re safe.”

“I agree Tamara,” I told her. “Honestly though, I don’t know how we can do this without putting them in harms way.”

“We’ll figure it out Sarah, I promise. Are you excited? You sound like you are.”

“I am ecstatic. I want to go home.” I was quiet for a moment and then added, “I hate this place. Not just because of what happened, the whole thing Tamara. I’m afraid I’m not cut out for the glamorous life of a girlfriend of a movie star.”

“Sarah, there are a lot of adjustments that need to be made, but you will be able to make them. Adam isn’t part of the Hollywood lifestyle; that will help a lot you know. And it can be horrible on set I know, but sometimes it’s fun too. I just think that particular set is so tense because of all this that you aren’t really seeing how it can be. It’s not all bad, I promise you.”

“I’m trying to believe that Tamara, really. I’m just not quite there yet,” I told her with a sigh.

“Hang in there Sarah. I have to go, but I’ll see you tonight! Hey, that sounds great doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, see you tonight,” I said, hanging up. I really was excited and I decided to wander out to see if I could find Adam on the set. I wanted to lock the door to the dressing room but I didn’t have a key and I decided that it was kind of like closing the barn door after the cow got out, so I shut it with a shrug and headed out.

I found them doing a run-through on a scene since it is one they hadn’t planned on shooting yet. Adam, William and Paul were having a good time it looked, even though the scene was very serious. I settled into a chair to watch it as one or the other of them screwed up their lines, over and over in fact. But no one seemed upset about it; in fact they all seemed pretty jovial, even Lyle.

They finally settled down and got all the way through the scene without anyone flubbing their lines and Lyle started calling for lights and mic booms to be set. Adam came over and asked what Tamara had said.

“She is picking us up at the airport. Mark is home and will stay with the boys so we can talk on the way home about how we can keep them safe. She’s scared Adam, but she wants you to see them.” I watched his face as relief flooded it and knew he had really been worrying about it.

The bell rang to call them back and he quickly kissed me and headed back. Lyle called all quiet and the scene started. I watched as all three of them ran their lines flawlessly and they got the main take. They started shooting the different angles then with the continuity technician making sure everyone was where they needed to be. They were mostly done with that when I heard screaming coming from down the hallway. I turned to look as Rachel stormed onto the set, madder than a wet cat and spitting twice as much.

“Where the fuck is he? I know he’s here! Adam, you fucking coward, where the hell are you?” she demanded at the top of her lungs.

The scene stopped in mid-shoot and Adam walked over to where Rachel was standing. She was ready to pounce; frankly I’ve hardly ever seen someone so angry. Her face was swollen, from tears most likely and was a bright, blotchy red. She was raging and Lyle called for security to come over to the set, just in case she got out of control. Well, more out of control that she was right now that is.

When Adam walked up to her she flew at him, claws bared and started slapping at anything she could reach. The security guards got there then and pulled her back, one hanging onto each arm frantically. She was swinging and twisting her body and even though there were two of them, it was difficult to hang onto her. Rachel is 5’10 and strong. I didn’t envy them trying to get her under control.

Lyle was yelling himself, telling her to get herself under control or he would have her removed from the set forcibly. It didn’t stop her a bit. One of the guards reached for his set of handcuffs and held them up to Lyle and he nodded his head. They practically had to throw her on the floor to get them on her, but they finally did but other than keeping her from swinging any more they didn’t appear to help much. By this time only a muzzle would have.

“You asshole, you asshole! They took me in for questioning like a fucking criminal.” Tears were streaking her face, running in torrents down her flushed face and dripping off onto her shirt. “Like a criminal. I had to sit there and answer their goddamn questions, over and over. They took a DNA sample and fingerprints, just to ‘rule me out’ they said. Who are they kidding? They’re trying to pin this whole mess on me.”

By this time almost every person who was working on the shoot had gathered around this scene, watching intently as Rachel broke down even farther. “I don’t know why they didn’t get you instead of the goddamn rat!” At that everyone’s ears picked up, possibly they hadn’t heard about the rat, I wasn’t sure, but its mention caused a stir.

Rachel was still yelling and shrieking. My eardrums were throbbing from it all and I was standing 10 feet away from her. I couldn’t imagine how it sounded from Adam and Lyle’s perspective which was right there in front of her.

Lyle was still trying to reason with her, get her to quiet down. “Rachel, if you don’t calm down I’m going to have to call the police and have you arrested. You can’t keep on like this. Just calm down, all right?”

“Calm down. You must be kidding me, right? He, he had me detained and I haven’t done anything besides wound his ego! That’s right,” she yelled at everyone who was listening, “I turned him down in England.” People started looking away from her then, most knew her well enough to know that wasn’t true, but she was so upset she couldn’t see it then, couldn’t hear how pathetic it sounded, how desperate.

“Rachel,” Adam said, “Let’s go into a dressing room and talk about this, all right? Please, it will be better for everyone.”

“Fuck you,” she said, spitting at him. “But then that’s what all this is about isn’t it? Your ego! You fucked someone over in the past and now they are fighting back, isn’t that right Adam? Yeah, it is right. Well,” she said speaking to everyone then, “You all need to remember that I’m not the only woman from his past.” She looked at him then and her eyes narrowed as she tried to see whether she was getting closer to a nerve. “Yeah, there were other women, weren’t there Adam. Someone who wouldn’t take your cold treatment and walked away, wasn’t there? Someone who like me wouldn’t take your frigid heart, someone who decided to get out because you just weren’t worth it!” She turned her head to look at me, her eyes like chips of splintered glass and said, “Get out now because I’m warning you, he has a heart like a revolving door, one day you’re in and the next you’re out.” She looked around at everyone, brazenly eyeing them all, her vivid blue eyes not flinching from any of them. “Fuck you all, you self-righteous assholes. Go to hell.” And then she turned and started walking out of the studio; the security guards looked at Lyle for direction.

He nodded his head in her direction and said, “Get the cuffs off of her and get her out of here. If she gives you any problems, call the police. I’ve had enough. Hell, we’ve all had enough.”

“Krista, how many takes have we got?” Lyle asked.

Krista looked really pale at all of this. Sunni was standing near her watching Krista with cautious eyes. Krista glanced at Sunni and then cleared her throat and said, “We have 5 takes. We got every angle except for one Lyle. Do you want to try to capture that one?”

“No. Let’s go with what we got. Everyone is dismissed for the day. We’ll see those of you back here in the morning that are shooting.” He turned to Adam and I and said, “Let Sunni take you to pick up your things and then take you to the airport. You’ll be a bit early, is that okay?”

I looked at Adam, afraid he was going to collapse of something. He was extremely pale and was still breathing rapidly. I nodded to Lyle and told him that would be fine. We followed Sunni out to the dressing rooms and waited while Adam changed back into his own clothes and then we grabbed our bags and left.

The walk to the car was silent. I couldn’t think of a thing to say to Adam and Sunni was being uncharacteristically quiet as well. We made the drive to the house without a word being spoken and we got out of the car and went into the house. It seemed like some place foreign now and I shivered as we walked upstairs. Sunni waited downstairs for us and I told her we wouldn’t be long.

When we walked into the bedroom I stopped for just a moment and stared at the bed, but then I chose to just ignore it and just get our things ready. Adam was just standing in the middle of the room, seemingly in shock. I went to him and wrapped my arms around him and he hugged me in return, but it was a hug without warmth, without thought even. I grabbed everything we needed and soon we were heading downstairs where Sunni was waiting. She hadn’t asked to see the bedroom thankfully. I couldn’t have stood that.

Again the drive to the airport was in silence except for a few comments about the trip between Sunni and me. She let us off at the entrance to our terminal and I nodded as she pulled away. We went to the desk to check in for the flight and then went to the bar to have a drink. Adam still wasn’t talking much and I didn’t know how to get him out of it this time.

It seemed like forever, but we eventually got boarded and were on our way to California. I could only hope we were doing the right thing.


catrina said...

Oh my goodness! I've got so many suspects! But why is Adam so spooked? Please tell me his past isn't a sordid one! I'm too attached to the guy for this!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday---looking forward to a fabulous Friday!

Anonymous said...

Really good stuff...Rachel is getting me thinking though. Seriously, he's pale, doesn't give a warm hug like he used to...maybe she's saying the truth. That would suck though...Only the author knows what will happen :)


Anonymous said...

Ah man, she beat me...

Tigger said...

I think Adam is just in terrible shock about this. Imagine the humiliation he would have felt at Rachel's words. And he has told Sarah that he didn't get involved much in the past and so that could look like he was cold, but I don't think so.

Look how quickly he fell for Sarah and he has given all of himself. I do think he is still a good guy, a great guy in fact.

But that mouthy bitch Rachel needs someone to take her down a peg or two and we all know it won't be Adam or Sarah probably.

Hope said...

Good Morning All!

Ahh, Wednesday, yeah! Only one more day at work for me this week and I'm so excited. I plan to spend some time working on the story and celebrating as well.

On a sad note, Kristin who posts here has had a loss in her family. Her mother has passed and so if you feel so inclined, keep good thoughts in your mind for her; it's a rough time. She probably won't be back posting again until Monday as she is out of the office all this week.

Well, Mardi Gras is at an end. I hope our two Lousianna ladies survived all the festivities. This morning I look around at my plentiful collection of beads and the two masks that hang on my wall with fond memories.

Val said...

Awesome post, Hope. I love how you're building this up. It's just an awesome story. I mean, I know Adam is perfect and all, but who doesn't start a relationship with regrets from the past or even a few secrets? I know there are little secrets between me and the hubs at our 15 year anniversary, but it didn't all come out in the first two months of dating for sure. So I'm sure before it's over, Adam will have a few confessions to make. But I'm not thinking he's going to end up being some crazed lunatic who is pulling Sarah along. I may eat those words, but...

I'm so sorry for Kristin, I can't imagine losing my Mom. My prayers are with you and your family Kristin!

Val said...

I meant to say FEW secrets rather than little secrets. That really changed the whole meaning of the sentence eh? Bleh...

Gina said...

yeah! they are going back to California. That should be some fun for them.

What was that strange look that Sunni gave Krista about? Curious!

I personally love Sarah and Tamara's rapport, it is wonderful to see. My best friend is really good friends with her husbands ex. It's strange, but it does happen and it is the best for the kids.

Tigger said...


I had to go back and read it again to find that look that Sunni gave Krista, but it is interesting.

I don't know anything about being friends with an ex. My mom says is kind of weird, but she supposes it could happen. It would be good for the kids though I guess.

DayDreamer said...

Great Post. I love all of it. I LOVE the Mansion on Turtle Creek. My boss took a few of us there for lunch a couple of years ago.

Here's something I just don't understand. They don't know who's doing this to Adam & Sarah, but they (the police) suspect it's someone on the set. Why then wouldn't they keep everything a secret, including where they are staying and that they are leaving for California? Why would they have Sunni make arrangements when they have no idea who is doing this to them? Why would they let anyone know there whereabouts? It should all be a secret.

Anonymous said...

Great post
Kristin you and your family are in my prayers...

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Sarah left the dressing room without locking up. Anyone could of went in there looked at the tickets to see the infomation where and when they are leaving. Still think it is Sarah's ex boyfriend Jason. Haven't heard anything about him lately.

Anonymous said...

I agree with daydreamer, I also thought they shouldn't have informed anyone about where they're going. They're so trustful and unsuspecting, nearly like little kids. I hope they'll have a quiet weekend in California, sometimes when I read this the tension seems just unbearable.

Hope, what you said recently about the fact that literary agents think a book about people in their forties/fifties wouldn't sell made me think of the movie "Something's gotta give" - which was very successful with the audience, although (or because?) the main characters are in their fifties and sixties! Actually, in Germany the movie got a new title that translates "What the heart desires"! (But honestly, I wouldn't want to imagine Jack Nicholson playing Adam...!) Anyway, I am confident your book will get published! Can I volunteer to translate it into German? ;-)
Have a nice long weekend and pre-birthday celebrating, Hope!
Greetings to everybody,

Mehreen said...

I agree that Sunni should not be making travel arrangements. I also don't think the cops should have told Rachel about the rat! Argh, Sarah & Adam have to be more cautious!

Deena said...

I am so on the edge of my seat here Hope, Bravo!

I am again thinking that it is all leading back to Lyle. He is the one that agreed that Sarah and Adam should go to California, and told Sunni to make the arrangements! He knows exactly where they are and he also has money if it takes any to do this stuff. He could be hiring someone to do these things.

Rob said...

I think you are absolutely right Deena. It all makes sense, we haven't really suspected him until lately, so he's been under the radar.

He may have the motive, he has the opportunity and the ability.

He's our guy, wait and see.

Great job Hope!

tita said...

Good morning everyone!!
Hope, I'm sad because we won't have a post on Friday because of your weekend off, but I'm happy for you because you'll rest and celebrate your birthday, that sounds really fun. I hope you have a wonderful time and keep a special memory about it. God bless you and your family; Thank you for giving us so much happiness with your excelent blog. This is the best one, honestly. I saw Andrea's comment about translate it to German and I volunteer myself to translate it to Spanish if you want?? That would be great!!
About the story, I agreee with everyone who think that they should keep secret their whereabouts because of the danger of their situation...We'll see...
Kristin; I'm so sorry for the tough time you're livin right now, but think that your mom is resting in a beautiful land with God...She is in peace now. I know it hurts but you'll recover in the end...You are in my prayers...

Lori said...

Thanks for the shout out to Dallas, Hope. We ARE usually dry, windy and dusty here in the summer.

The Mansion on Turtle Creek is a fabulous, beautiful hotel and has lengendary tortilla soup.

I do need to say, though, that Leche Quemada is actually a Mexican fudge and not a custard. :)

Take care and keep those posts coming!

macy said...

In keeping with the Lyle thought and the fact that Sarah and Adam should be keeping this stuff secret, remember that Lyle told Adam it was okay to go to California before Rachel stormed in, like he was wanting them to go for some other reason. What does he have planned for California is my thoughts.

Things should definitely be secret, but with Rachel screeching like a banshee about the rat and everything, it's understandable that things aren't secret.

But seriously, I'm worried about what will happen in California.....

Rachel said...

I believe it is Lyle, either he is gay and Adam turned him down or he is jealous of a girl that Adam had, maybe Lyle was in love with Tamara, but she ended up with Adam instead, and then they got a divorce, so Lyle is mad and going after Adam. Maybe Tamara is secretly bitter about the divorce so her and Lyle or her nad Mark are secretly collaberating on this. Great post today Hope Happy early Birthday Hope!
I'm sorry to hear about your mom Kristin.

Hope said...

Wow, it would be awesome to see What My Heart Desires in German or Spanish. I know the Spanish, I think anyway--

qué mi corazón desea

Don't have a clue as to a German translation though.

You all make me feel so great! Hey, Rachel, I've missed you!

tita said...

I agree with Lori, about the Leche quemada. I'm a mexican and I forgot to point it. OMG.
Leche quemada is Mexican and we call it Cajeta. It's really delicious and there's a placein Guanajuato very famous because of its cajeta...Celaya.

Hope said...

I wonder if I just have got the name wrong about Leche Quemada? When I lived in El Paso, a friends mom made it, and it was very thick and rich. But it wasn't candy, you had to have a spoon to eat it. For 20 years I have thought of it as Leche Quemada.

So if it wasn't that, got any ideas Lori or Tita about what it was?

Lori said...

The only caramel custard type dessert I know is flan.

Leche quemada, when made very well, is so smooth and so sweet, your teeth hurt :)

Jo said...

O - M - flippin' - G!!!! I'm at a loss for words! This entry was great! I've given up trying to figure out "whodunnit". I think Rachel's too self-absorbed. But I hate that it might be Tamara or someone like that. And what was that look between Sunni and Krista? Oooh, this is too good!

But I'm kinda sad. I'll be leaving for vacation on Saturday. Strange thing to be sad about, I know, but since Hope's not posting Friday (Have a happy b-day BTW!) I won't be able to catch up until 3/4!! It'll be driving me crazy!

See what you've done to me, Hope!?

DayDreamer said...

Hope, how are your grandchildren feeling? Better I pray. I miss your daughters postings. Happy Birthday to you.

Hope said...

Daydreamer, they are doing better. Right now Lynne's DH is down sick, off of work this week. That's the bad thing about families, you share and share alike! Trying to keep my distance, lol.

Lori, this wasn't flan. I've had that and this was much sweeter and richer than flan. Very sugery, almost like caramel really. It was wonderful, but it was served in little cups with tiny little spoons.

Matt said...

I'm trying not to think of who it is as well because our crafty Hope makes it seem like all or none are guilty.

Good job girl.

But, I have to admit that there is a lot of sense and logic in the director being the stalker. A whole lot........

Hope said...

Jo - Gonna miss you girl, but Sarah and Adam will be waiting on your return!

So have a great vacation, okay?

Matt said...

I just re-read the comments again and saw the news about Kristin's mom.

I am very sorry to hear that Kristin and I'll keep you in my thoughts.

Engbunny said...

I have to admit, Lyle makes sense. I had been thinking about it but couldn't figure out the "why" where he is concerned. Thanks to Rachel for pointing out what the "why" could be.

Hope - You'll love this - I was trying to finish up a proposal here at work and I got sidetracked thinking about who might be stalking Adam and Sarah! *LOL* You have an amazing gift for drawing people into the story!

Hope said...

Engbunny, as long as that proposal isn't Adam asking Sarah to marry him, theres no problem!

(Adam might have plans of his own on that subject!)

Anonymous said...

This blog is awesome! I can't wait to read it every M/W/F. I don't think this has been brought up before, but I think that Krista may have something to do with it. She seems awfully suspicious at times, and that whole conversation they had at lunch one day about her dad not wanting her and not knowing him. I think that was in there for a reason. I think there may be a tie between her and Adam that he might not even know about yet! Just a thought!!


becky said...

Hope - a fabulous entry today!! So much tension and so many possibilities. I loved that Rachel was handcuffed. I also questioned they lunch from Sunni to Krista.

In regards to books about people in their 20's/50's, Harlequin has a fairly new line called Harlequin Next specifically about women in that age group. If there wasn't a market, they wouldn't have started a new line. Literary Agents need to take note!!!

Some people just have the knack of remaining close to exes. My brother is very close to his 2 ex wifes (and also his high school girl friend from the 1960's).

Lyle could be the stalker in order to create interest in the movie.

Krista, my condolences to you and you family.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPE! Being 50 is fantastic!


ksuwldct said...

Hope! No fair . . . you posted a link and it doesn't work . . . what "might" Adam be planning?
Nacole (this is my new display name)

Lori said...

HMMMM--there is a crema quemada. Maybe you had the quemada correct!

Why is it that the posts here usually end up discussing food? LOL

Hope said...

Okay Mis Kansas State University Wild Cat!

I like it, but you know I'm a Shocker!

You might be right Lori, I only know I'm confused!

Hey Becky, You bet I'm excited to be 50. I get to start a whole new decade over! YEAH!!!

Engbunny said...

Hope, I wouldn't even attempt to write something like that! I'll leave that to you! I know that if and when Adam proposes, it will be at the most unexpected time and in the most unexpected way!

I have a question though - How far in advance do you have the story written, either on paper or in your head? Do you write Wednesday's entry on Tuesday, etc? It seems to flow so effortlessly for you. I seriously admire your talent.

Hope said...

I hate to tell you Engbunny, but the story is done already. Although I do admit to making an occasional change, but that never has anything to do with the course of the story.

As the story stand now, there will be almost 1,000 pages when it is done. When I go in for the re-write to 3rd person, that will add pages, but there are lots of places that can be cut as well. It needs to be around 350 - 400 pages to sell it.

That's alot of Adam and Sarah gone, huh? At least they will live on the web.

randi said...

you can always sell them in parts... that way we get all of it. When are you going to do the thing with Adam's view also? havent seen anything new baout that in a while. :)

ksuwldct said...

Shocker's I can handle . . . its the bird that beat us the other night I"m not too fond of :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I didn't expect my suggestion to translate WMHD to be taken seriously. What I meant was that I would love to translate the book if it gets published. Considering that I already have a job, translating those 1000 pages of the blog would probably take me several years... Anyway, the German title would be "Was mein Herz begehrt".

Hope said...

Andrea and Tita,

I was teasing you both about translation, it would be an ardurous task to complete, believe me. But it's a fun thought!

Yea!!! It's my Friday and I am so looking forward to some time off. Randi, I am working on the new version right now. I hope to have a couple of chapters ready to post in the new site in the next month or so.

And speaking of new sites, I am looking into getting a regular website, which would make the story easier to read I think as the story would go like a regular book, with a new chapter being added after the last, instead of on top of it.

Happy Thursday All!

Anonymous said...

I would definitely like to know when the new site is up. Will we send you our email address or something to let you know we are interested?

And just for your stats- I'm a 34, working mother of 2 girls, and I LOVE this story!


Hope said...


Yes, I will make an announcement when it is time to view the new site. Everyone who is interested will need to e-mail me with their own e-mail address and I will give them access. You will have to sign on each time to view it, so it won't be possible to remain 'anonymous' any longer.

This will probably be happening in the next month or so. But I'll give plenty of notice so no one will be left out if they want to see the new version of the story.

Jo said...

Just don't go makin' any announcements next week when I'm not here. And don't let Adam propose to Sarah next week when I'm not here. And don't find out who the stalker is next week when....

Yes, I know I'm getting awfully demanding. But I'll miss Adam and Sarah and all you guys next week. :-( Is it sad that I'm looking forward to coming home from vacation so I can settle down with my computer and catch up?

Have a wonderful birthday, Hope!

Hope said...

Dearest Jo!

I will refrain from having Adam propose to Sarah next week, or unveiling the bad guy or making any announcements about the new site next week, when you are not able to be with us!

Adam and Sarah personally encourage you to enjoy your vacation and to not worry about their safety and well-being during your time away from us. They both assure you that they will be here upon your return.

catrina said...

Yeah, I know it's Thursday, so I guess I'm busted....I come here on Tuesdays and Thursdays to read the comments I miss the other three days.
Hope, enjoy your day off tomorrow (even though Sarah and Adam are in limbo until your return and I'm not looking as forward to Friday this week as I usually am)and I'll check in on Monday. Oh, alright.....I'll check back tomorrow, too!

Hope said...


True, I won't be here tomorrow, but there's going to be a little something special. Check back late in the afternoon or in the morning for soemthing special!

kmorales4 said...

OMG. Why oh why must we wait till Monday for more? This was unbelievable. I know Rachel is an obvious suspect but she IS an actress and that breakdown in the studio could have been an award winning performance to make it seem like she's not involved. This is just too good to wait. I'm getting chills just guessing who is doing this. Whenever this becomes a best seller. Please have it translated to Spanish. I'll be looking foward to an autographed copy of "Lo que desea mi corazón".

PS Happy Birthday Hope.

mary jane said...

I am so sorry to hear about Kristin's mother I will keep her famiy in my prayers.
Well I survived Mardi Gras with no mishaps except my husband getting the CRUD

Happy Birhtday to you Hope have a great weekend.
This post was awsome. I am beggining to think Lyle does have something to do with it all but only time will tell.
Y'all have a great weekend.

Rachel said...

Happy Early Birthday Hope!
Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Hope, Happy birthday to you!
I hope you have a great birthday!
I'm sorry I havent posted in awhile I just get so busy sometimes when I am at work.
I propose a special birthday lunch today for Hope with a big wonderful cake at the end. You pick Hope. Where are we going today, you can pick any where you heart desires!

Hope said...

I want ice cream for my birthday! Chocolate of course.


Tigger said...

Have you all seen the newest post from Hope.

Pretty cool!