Sunday, March 04, 2012

Under RE-construction!

Hi Everyone!  Yes, you are seeing it correctly - I'm working on this site to get it back up and running a bit so that Sarah can finally have that baby.  My friend Lynn, Moonlightlover60 is going to do a new banner for it and I'm adding pictures here and there through the story to enhance the chapters.  If you read my Moonlight Madness site you know what exquisite work Lynn does so I'm really excited.  Things will move fairly slowly as I go through the chapters and clean them up but I wanted you to know what was in the works!

To all you faithful readers, I hope you'll enjoy the changes and the new pictures.



I'm up to chapter 63 on the edits.  If you haven't checked out the chapters take a look.  The pictures are fun I think and wow, I had a LOT of typos.

You may notice the the infamous 'hiney' picture, so named by Jo is disappearing with the chapter edits.  Yes, the picture that nearly got so many of you in trouble back when is fading fast!  

Lynn is working on the new banner as we speak and it and the new chapter of Sarah's pregnancy diary will be ready to go in a few weeks or so, depending on how fast things go!  Hang in there with me everyone!!!