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The Glamorous Life

Chapter Fifty-Four

Lissa perked up a bit after her kitchen confession; I think she had been carrying that around for awhile and knowing her, she needed to get it out into the open. I can’t say that it surprised me exactly; I guess it surprised me that she hadn’t spoken up before.

We dried our tears and I finished packing while Adam and Lissa finished up in the kitchen. I didn’t know how he took all that but I had to believe it didn’t upset him. Lissa is usually a straight-shooter; she isn’t usually afraid to tell you what she feels and thinks, and at least Adam now knew where he stood with her, if he didn’t already.

We were ready to leave for the hospital by around 1:30, which would give us time to visit Cassie and get to the airport in plenty of time. I was sort of excited to get to Dallas even if I had worries about Adam and I wasn’t really excited to be at the movie set. Truthfully, I wondered what on earth I would do in Dallas, but if nothing else I can keep up on my reading and maybe find some seminars or something to occupy my time. I didn’t really want to hang out at the movie set all the time. Not to mention how much I would just love seeing Rachel again I thought sarcastically.

The whole episode with her still disturbs me. First off, her attitude, thinking I was the maid for heavens sake. I was upset with myself for not saying something to her, and the truth was that even had Adam not shown up when he did I mightn’t have said anything. I am notoriously bad at standing up for myself with someone I don’t know well. But I didn’t have the chance so I will never know now if I would have or not. One things for sure, I’ll see her in Dallas and she has pissed me off so much now that I’ll probably let her have it full blast, whether she deserves it or not.

Cassie was extremely pleased to see Lissa and they chatted ninety miles an hour; making up for lost time. I guess that was good since I wasn’t saying too much. Dallas was weighing heavily on my mind.

When it was time to go we hugged and kissed Cassie goodbye; sorry to be leaving her again. She seemed to be doing well, but I had feelings like I was abandoning her; which was guilt on my part, I know. She laughed at me when I told her that and pointed out that she was in physical therapy so much that sometimes she just wanted to rest and be alone. I did know that was true, but it still bothered me to think of her alone.

I realize that I am not the one and only thing that my family and friends need, but I’ve been in that role for so long sometimes it’s difficult to let it go. Lissa’s words this morning helped to make me realize that it was okay for me to let go, but old habits die hard.

I put a smile on my face as we left the room and I think it was okay. It would have to be.

Lissa dropped us off at the airport; I wanted her to get back on the road so she could be there before dark. I know, I know, let her be the one in control! It had been such a wonderful surprise, having her here today. And I realized that she hadn’t said a thing about her date last night! I wondered if that was just because we didn’t get around to it or on purpose. It seemed to me that if it had went well she would have been shouting about it. So here was something else to make myself let go of; she would tell me in her own time.

I stuck some money in her purse when she wasn’t looking again. She knows I’ll do it and I know I have to other wise she won’t take it and I know she needs it. If nothing else than for gas; prices were so high it cost her twice as much to come down now as it did when she first started school up there.

We checked my bag and headed for the lounge to have a drink before the flight. I thought this would be a chance for us to talk because Adam and I hadn’t had much chance to do that.

After settling back into some comfortable chairs with our drinks we watched out the windows as a jet came in and pulled in to the gate. It wasn’t ours; that one wasn’t due in for a more minutes.

I found myself nervously playing with the coaster my drink was setting on, turning in around and around in circles. I looked at him and found him studying my face; I was chewing on my lower lip as I did when I am unsure of things.

“Sarah, you’ve obviously got something on your mind and I just wanted to know what it is. Can you tell me please?”

“Adam, I just – well, I’m sort of feeling guilty to be leaving Cassie again and I’m nervous about going to Dallas now, with everything that has happened. And I’m wondering how you felt about what Lissa said this morning,” I finished.

“Well, Wendy was just young and foolish; you are absolutely right about that. What good would it have done to say much except to make an already difficult situation worse? That’s how I saw it, how did you see it? Are you angry with me for not saying anything?”

“No Adam, God no. I agree, it would have made things worse this morning, I know that. I keep running it through my mind to see if there was something I could have said, but I think we did the right thing. Are you okay with what Lissa said Adam?”

“I was very proud of Lissa this morning Sarah, I think she said some things that she has needed to speak of for a long time. You deserved to hear how she felt about her life, how she feels about her Dad. Love, you did a fabulous job with them and its okay to acknowledge that. Really,” he said, watching the doubt flicker over my face.

“I know, but to acknowledge it also means that I have to acknowledge that I stayed in that marriage much longer than I should have. At the time it seemed to have provided some stability, some normalcy to our lives. But it didn’t, not really. My foolish mistake was in thinking the kids wouldn’t see that. I was wrong.”

“Kids are very perceptive you know. So much that it is scary at times. I think that Tamara and I are lucky in the fact that the boys don’t remember a time when we lived together – being apart is the status quo to them. When Mark came into Tamara’s life they handled it pretty well; we all tried to make it as ordinary and natural as possible. I think the boys have adjusted well. And Mark is wonderful with them, I have no qualms about him and Tamara has none about you.”

“I forgot to tell you that they are coming here for Thanksgiving. Won’t that be fun?”

“She agreed to that?” he asked and when I nodded my head continued. “I’m happy about that; families should be together like that. I think Thanksgiving may turn out to be very special this year!”

I eyed him when he made that rather cryptic remark but I didn’t have time to wonder about it since they were calling for our flight to start boarding.

We were some of the first passengers to board and actually the flight was only about half full. Not too many people heading to Dallas on a Sunday evening I guessed.

The flight to Dallas is a short one, only a little over an hour and it was a very pleasant flight actually. I dozed a bit which is unusual for me, but that helped the time to pass more quickly. Adam was studying his script again, so at least I didn’t have to keep telling myself to leave him alone. We hadn’t talked anymore about the love scene he would have to do with Rachel, but maybe that was okay. I completely understood that it was only a scene. I wondered though if it really was so simple to him. How do you kiss someone you can’t stand?

We got into Dallas at 4:30 and Krista picked us up to take us to the house where Adam and I would stay. She actually smiled at me, well, sort of, but it was more enthusiasm from her than I had ever seen before.

She actually seemed almost shy and I wondered if I had been mistaking her shyness for reticence. She wasn’t Miss Talkative, but she did chat with us on the way to the houses, which were really condos.

There was still something about her though that drew my attention, but I’ll be darned if I could figure it out. I mentally shrugged my shoulders and moved on because I wasn’t figuring it out anyway. She seemed more at home here than in Italy and also it suddenly occurred to me that she wasn’t dressed all in black.

Her hair was still dark and down to her shoulders, still glossy and sleek. But there was a bit of color in her cheeks and I couldn’t tell if it was excitement or just a little sun. She was wearing jeans, blue jeans, but she was wearing an orange shirt, a knit top that complimented her skin. She looked cute really, like any other young woman.

“Krista,” I said, “Adam tells me you are from Texas.”

“Yes, I grew up here. In Pindalossa, west of Fort Worth. Well, quite a bit west of it, but here in Texas everything seems to be a ways away. I lived with my Grandma and Grandpa.”

“Are they still living?” I asked.

“Yes, well my Grandma. Grandpa died two years ago. That’s what helped me to go to college, the insurance money. I never really thought I would get to go.”

Adam sneezed and I looked at him. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “Welcome back to Texas Adam,” he laughed.

What Krista had told us sounded rather sad and I wondered about how things were as she grew up. She must have done some things right because she had got into UCLA film school and that isn’t easy.

“Have you always wanted to direct films?”

“Yeah, I’ve always had an interest. For a few years I wanted to be an actress, but then I realized that I was too shy; I just couldn’t do it. But directing has a lot of elements that I like; technical stuff. I think I will really like it.”

Maybe it’s because she was back in Texas or just the fact that I hadn’t heard her speak all that much before but she had a slight Texas drawl I hadn’t noticed in Italy. It was charming actually; it gave her soft voice a slight lilt. In fact her whole attitude was different here; she seemed to have a lot more confidence too.

“Um, Sarah? I was sorry to hear about your accident. I’m glad you are okay.”

My eyebrows rose in surprise. I hadn’t realized she knew but then probably Sunni had told her. “Thank you Krista. Yes, I’m glad to be okay myself, it really scared me.”

“Adam, we got your quarters changed, you are at a different place now or at least a different building and the place is bigger and has the things you wanted. All your stuff was moved over this morning.

“Wonderful.” He sneezed again. “I can’t wait to take my nasal spray.”

“Why didn’t you bring it with you Adam,” I questioned.

“I knew I wouldn’t need it in Wichita. It’s all this nasty dust in the air here.”

“Yes,” Krista offered. “Lots of people have that problem. It’s been really dry this summer and fall and the dust is just thick all the time because of the wind kicking it up. He’s really not alone!”

I had a couple of moments of vicarious pleasure thinking about his sneezing all over Rachel but I kept them to myself. Can we say bitchy…

As we drove through the city on the interstate I got a good look at Dallas. The only time I had been there before I had driven, and you can’t really pay that much attention to anything but the road. This gave me an opportunity to look around at Dallas. It was spread out all over, but then some of that was probably Ft. Worth to the west. Each city seemed to have its own downtown section, high-rise buildings scraping the big Texas sky. The sun was just starting to set and as you looked to the west at Ft. Worth, the oranges and pinks of the sunset provided a colorful backdrop for the buildings that were just starting to come alive with lights for the evening.

Adam was sitting in the front seat and turned to look at me. I caught his gaze out of the corner of my eye as I stared west and shifted my gaze to his and we shared a moment of quiet contentment; of harmony that enveloped us both. How I love this man!

A few minutes later we were pulling into the parking lot at the residence complex where the cast and crew were staying. It was a large complex, but then I guess it would have to be since it was associated with the studios and there were always movies in the making there. It looked like a condominium complex and I guess in lots of ways it was – temporary residences, complete with all the necessities and indulgences that could be desired by visiting celebrities.

Krista pulled up into a duplex unit that was huge; Adam’s part was larger than my house at home, as was its twin. Nondescript almond color with nut brown trim, they looked like condo’s you would see anywhere. The inside however was a whole different thing.

Exquisitely decorated, almost opulent in fact I felt more like I would be staying in a palace or something I thought with a wry laugh. It put the fancy hotels in Italy to shame, honestly. The foyer led off in two directions; to the left a sunken living room with a round fireplace in the middle of the room and to the right was a hallway leading to rooms I couldn’t see. A huge staircase at the back of the foyer wound around to what I was sure were bedroom upstairs.

Adam sat my bags down and looked around. He wandered into the living room and stood there looking around the room with his hands on his hips.

“Is this better Adam; what you wanted?” Krista asked cautiously.
”Well I don’t know yet, does it have the other things I wanted?”

“Yes, and it has a really nice kitchen too, much larger than the other one. I’m sure you’ll find it much better to work in,” she said with a smile. She looked at me then and said, “Adam hated the other kitchen, he said it was much too small to take seriously.”

“That’s sounds like Adam. He loves to cook,” I replied.

“Yes, so he said, but is he any good?” she said.

I looked at her for moment, puzzled. And then it occurred to me she was teasing him and I laughed. Adam hadn’t caught the remark because he was heading toward the kitchen in question.

“Yes, he is, very good. Ask him to make you banana pecan pancakes; they are spectacular. His boys adore them and so do I!”

“What are his boys like?” she asked shyly.

“Oh, pretty typical 5 and 6 year olds I guess. They are very well mannered actually and they love to see their daddy.”

“That’s nice –that, that they know their dad,” Krista said with a sigh. We heard Adam sneeze from the kitchen and I smiled.

“You didn’t know your dad Krista?” I asked, watching the sad look steal over her face when I asked.

“Um, no, no I never knew him,” she started and was interrupted when Adam came back into the room, exclaiming over the kitchen.

“Much, much better. I shall enjoy cooking in this one. Not cramped at all. But Sarah love we are without groceries so we shall just have to suffer and go out to eat this evening. Will that be okay?” Another sneeze brought a groan from him. “I have to go take that medicine.” He headed up the stairs, looking for the bedroom.

“First door on your right, Adam,” Krista called out. “Well, I’d better go Sarah. It was nice talking to you,” she said and she headed for the door.

“Thank you Krista, for picking us up and everything. I guess I’ll see you around.” I waved as she went out the door and closed it behind her.

I ran up the stairs, looking for Adam and found him in the bathroom that was in the master suite. He had just taken his allergy medicine and was putting it into the cabinet. I looked around the room and suddenly I knew what one of the differences was in this place as compared to the first one he had.

There was a lovely, large tub in this bathroom. I looked at him and grinned, very pleased; ecstatic actually. The bathroom itself was very nice, but rather masculine, done in rich browns and tans with gold-toned fittings. The tub was a dark almond color and sat in the corner, a large oval and I could see water jets on it. The gold-tone faucets and jets looked beautiful. I had never saw porcelain fixtures be such a dark color before, but they were beautiful; gleaming in the recessed lighting. I noticed the tub had a warming light over it and I decided that could definitely be a plus, especially if you weren’t down under the water all the time. 

”I take it this was one of the ‘changes’ you wanted,” I asked, remembering how he had said the bathtub was a disappointment.

“Yes, it was,” he said, grinning like the cat who swallowed the canary, his head tipping from side to side, dimples showing to full effect.

“What a wonderful man you are Adam Richland, thinking of me that way,” I chuckled. “So, how soon can we try it out?”

“That depends – how long before you can dig some of that bubbly stuff out and get rid of your clothes?”

“Ooh, a challenge. You know that brings out my competitive spirit?” I joked.

“Well,” he laughed, “I figure I have the advantage here, I don’t have to dig through any bags!”

“All right, I suggest that we go right now!” And I raced out of the room already tossing clothes off. Then I remembered that the bags were still downstairs. “Hey no fair!" I shouted, giggling. “The bags are still downstairs and we probably haven’t locked up. Hey, did Krista give you a key even?”

About that time the doorbell rang. Adam already had his shirt off grabbed it to toss it back on and headed down the stairs. I became momentarily flustered; I hated when doorbells rang now and I buttoned my shirt up and headed downstairs myself.

It was Krista, proffering the keys; it seems she realized she had forgotten to give them to us. She blushed when she saw Adam who was still buttoning his shirt up. It was obvious that he had been taking it off when the doorbell rang.

“Oh, uh, here Adam, I forgot to give you the keys and also, here is the phone number, for calls.”

“Thank you Krista; we had actually just realized we hadn’t gotten them. I appreciate you bringing them back. Hey, what was the name of that little Chinese restaurant that delivered to the set last week?”

She grinned and said, “Toms.” She looked at me and said, “Yeah, I know, not very Chinese sounding is it, but the food really is good. They specialize in spicy Hunan province dishes. If you like it hot…”

Adam and I both smiled, remembering the ‘tonsil burner’ sauce and he said, “Oh yeah, she likes it hot. Thanks again Krista. See you in the morning. 7 o’clock, right?”

She nodded and left again and soon we heard the car starting and then pulling out of the drive before fading into the distance.

“Now, let’s get these bags upstairs since dinner is not to be worried about!”

I followed him up the stairs with my carry on and we dropped the bags onto the floor. I started looking for the bath stuff and I heard him turning the faucets on in the tub. I held up a bottle of the vanilla scent he liked and he grinned as I poured a generous amount into the tub under the streaming water. I also tossed in the pulsa bath ball and Adams eyes brightened.

“New batteries?” he inquired, one eyebrow lifting.

“New batteries,” I laughed. “And extra’s too!”

Bath time had never been better!


Tom’s Chinese turned out to be very good. We got several dishes to share as well as some of the traditional favorites like egg roll, crab Rangoon and steamed dumplings. The spicy orange beef was to die for, hot and peppery and I loved it.

We sat around the fireplace in the living room, although we didn’t light it, it was 68 in Dallas right now. But we pretended it was and that we were on a wonderful picnic, sitting in front of a roaring fire that was igniting our own blazing desires.

Adams' Richland appetite for food had been satisfied and now he was on a path to satisfy his more physical appetites and I was all for it.

I knew that once he was working like crazy on the movie that he would be tired and we probably wouldn’t get around to it as much, I thought remembering back to the long and tiring day on the set in Italy.

I loved this side of Adam. No, not just the sex but the fact that he could look at it as playful. I mean, we always have the goal at the end, but sometimes he can just be so silly that getting to that place is an exploration of the different moods we both have. I could tell him anything I wanted, be anything I wanted. I thought about the pirate adventure and how quickly he just went along with it. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was because he was an actor or what; maybe it was because he is used to playing different roles, who knows.

Maybe he’s just a big kid I laughed, thinking about him and the boys racing cars along the beach.

We had just finished our food and Adam said, “Now if we only had some more of that luscious chocolate you bought for me. That was very inspiring love,” he murmured against my neck, nibbling lightly and sending shivers up my spine.

“Mm,” I murmured as he gently laid me back onto the soft carpet. His lips moved over mine possessively, his mouth firm and warm against my own. Our lips hungrily devoured each others and I felt his hand move down to untie the belt on my robe and slide it open, exposing me to his searching fingers.

I felt his hand slip down over my breast to capture a nipple delightfully between two fingers, teasing it lightly until it was taut and aching. He graced my other nipple with the same attention and I sighed with pleasure when his mouth slid wetly down my throat to capture me in his mouth.

I moaned softly as he tugged gently on my nipples and then laved them tantalizingly with his firm strokes of his tongue. I was shivering with anticipation, aching for him to be inside me.

His hand languidly made its way down my belly that was quivering and contracting from his touch. “Oh Adam, I need you inside me, please,” I implored.

His mouth was exploring my hip bone, licking it tenderly and I felt him smile against my tingling flesh. His hand moved between my legs, moving slowly, tracing along the open petals of my flesh. He moved to kiss me hotly, his tongue stroking me surely, knowingly and I surrendered to his sexy ministrations, opening myself to him fully.

He had me on the verge of orgasm very quickly and he then slid back up me to capture my mouth again in a scorching kiss while he drove into my waiting body.

I felt his heated length settle into me and knew that I wasn’t going to last long. I started moving against him, trying to urge him on, but he took his time, moving slowly and enticingly inside me, long and deep thrusts that I couldn’t resist. I was soon reaching my pleasure and when he felt that, he followed, pushing himself as deeply into me as he could as he moaned against my mouth.

We were both breathless and shivering afterwards and he rolled me over to lie next to him and wrapped his arms around me. I snuggled into him as much as I could because I was a little chilled.

These times with him were the best; quiet and tender. I lay with my cheek on his chest, idly running my hand over his chest, and my fingers delicately combed the curly hairs on his chest and lightly teased over his nipples and I giggled when they became hard.

“Oh no,” he said, picking my hand up and kissing it. “My love, I don’t think I could make love again to you today if I were dying to. Not that I wouldn’t like to…”

“What, my randy teenager has had enough? Surely not!” I exclaimed with a chuckle.

He was looking down at me again, his eyes half closed, smiling at me in the most charming way. “Sad, but true I’m afraid.”

“Well, I guess that’s good because I’m definitely tired myself!”

He was rubbing my back and his hand felt the goose bumps that were covering me. “Love, why didn’t you tell me you were cold?” he asked me, standing and pulling me up with him. “C’mon, let’s go to bed.”

We raced up the stairs and quickly pulled the covers down and hopped into the bed. Adam reached down and pulled the covers up over our heads and we snuggled under them like kids. I started giggling and he asked me why.

“It reminds me of being a kid and making a tent out of your covers. I would sneak a flashlight under them and stay up until all hours reading. Sometime long after I fell to sleep mom would come in and turn the flashlight out. It seemed to be some kind of ritual for us.”

“What different childhoods we had. I mean, often times I would lay in bed with a torch as well, but it was because we didn’t have any electricity. Or often no running water or water that had to be boiled before you could drink it or bathe.”

“And only peanut butter to eat?” I asked. The more I heard of his childhood the sadder it made me feel. No wonder he was such a good dad to the boys.

“Um yes, only peanut butter to eat. It wasn’t all so bad though, really. It gave me an opportunity to see places and have experiences that have been very valuable to me Sarah. I wouldn’t want the boys having to experience it, but it did shape who I am now. It provided me with different perspectives on life and those experiences help me as an actor. I mightn’t not be the actor I am if I hadn’t had those, you know?

Sarah, I have canoed along the Amazon River during monsoons and walked along the Nile under a full moon. I’ve held little children that were dying while my mother or father was desperately trying to save them, and I’ve helped to bury them when they couldn’t. It’s showed me that there is a price for everything and to take nothing for granted.”

“And what’s the price for you and I Adam?” I asked quietly.

“You had to surrender your fears and they were a protective cloak you had faithfully worn for a long time Sarah; they kept you safe. And me? I had to learn that not everyone always did what I wanted, when I wanted, including myself. It was a hard lesson, I assure you.”

I looked at him, puzzled. “I’m so sorry it was so bad Adam. But how was that such a hard lesson Adam?”

“Ah, you are making the assumption that all hard lessons have to be bad Sarah. Consider that learning to ride a bike is a hard lesson for a child because it is a test of endurance and finding balance. But it is good lesson, yes?” I nodded and he continued. “Well, so is falling in love with someone and waiting to see if they would love you back. It’s a test of endurance and balance, trying to maintain your composure as you watch and wait. It’s not a bad thing, it just requires patience.”

“Did I make it too terrible on you Adam?”

“Let’s just say it was worth the wait Sarah; totally worth the wait.”


Mehreen said...

I was hoping for a little more action. Looking forward to Monday, maybe we'll get a little spice with Rachel or a break in the case! Have a good weekend all!

Kristin said...

Today was lovely, Hope! I almost felt like a guilty voyeur, listening to their intimate and private conversation.... Looking forward to Monday allready! Happy Friday, all!!!!

tigger said...

Why is it that I feel like there is a hidden message in today's entry? There's something there Hope, I know it I just can't figure it out.

Fantastic though. I'm like Kristin, we are listening in on them, and you continually provide us with the opportunity to learn something more about them, adding another layer to these characters that makes them so enchanting.

But I still feel like I have missed something. And I don't think Texas is going to be kind to Adam and Sarah, don't know why, just a feeling...

Anonymous said...

I bet that while Adam was away, the stalker or whoever it is put something in his allergy medicine... Or at least something eerie is up, this rather quiet post today is like the calm before the storm....
Have a nice weekend everybody!

Val said...

YAY Hope! I love Friday and you make it so much more fun!

I actually had a day where I didn't have to leap out of bed and go somewhere this morning. I'm sitting here in my pajamas reading today's post, and just relaxing. But now I'm craving chinese! I think I'll wait til after my weigh in tomorrow morning and then go have some sweet and sour chicken and steamed rice from King House in Phenix City! MMMMMM...


Hope said...

Happy Friday Everyone!

I am about as happy as a person can be that it's Friday. Wishing my life away, isn't that sad?

I don't remember if we have talked about lunch today so if anyone has any ideas, jump in with them.

My two grandsons are starting to get a bit better, but are still at home and very ill. They just have that crud that's going around everywhere. Lynne has been very busy with them.

Val, you got me thinking about Chinese. Maybe we should have that for lunch?

Matt said...

You know Hope, as much as I have admired how you can write and make us smile, I am beginning to understand that your true talent lies in your ability to make us underdstand what is going on emotionally with your characters. Very powerful Hope and good to read, especially for a man.

We spend so much time hiding away from our feelings, thinking that if we deny we have them then we won't have them. You ladies know how that works for us. Adam is different. I have met a few men like him, not afraid to just put his heart out there and as a rule I have always written them off.

But you've made me take a new look at them, at my own feelings and I won't hide away anylonger.

Thank you so much Hope.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog, it is so amazing! I've been reading a long time and this is my first post. But I have a crazy idea...could Krista be Adam's daughter? And she could be the stalker?? Her mother is the jilted lover that Adam had a one night stand with or something?

Just a thought....hmmmmmm....

Val said...

Chinese for lunch would hit the spot! Especially since it's virtual and won't mess up my weigh-in tomorrow. I know better than to load up on sodium the night before weigh-in.

The Chinese restaurant I love is called King's House, and it's a little take-out place nearby in Phenix City, AL. I'm sure it's not gourmet or anything, but their sweet and sour chicken is the best I've EVER had!

SO for me, it's sweet and sour chicken, steamed rice, crab rangoon, and a diet Dr. Pepper!

Tara said...

Yummmmmy, Chinese is delish! I am having the Kung pao chicken with rice and an egg roll. so good!

Hope- thanks for the positive thoughts on wednesday!! They really helped. I think I got an 83 or higher!! Yesssssss I will graduate!

Lynne- I hope your boys feel better soon!

Hope said...

Ooohh, I want something hot and spicy! Maybe General Tsao's chicken, some crab rangoon too!

Jo said...

Hm... That Krista's got me puzzled. I'm hoping she's just shy, as she says.

But I'm worried about the fact that someone moved all Adam's stuff to different quarters while he was away. And, yes, his allergy medicine was left unattended. Hope, you've got me worried .... again.

And what did Adam mean "a Thanksgiving to remember"???? Oooh, very intriguing. I love it.

OK, I'm an hour ahead of Witchita. Does that mean I still have time to order some Schezuan lo mein and hot and sour soup!?

tita said...

Hello everyone;
Hope, I really liked today's entry, I, like Tigger, feel that something's hidden here, and I also think that thanksgiving is gonna be really special because Adam will propose Sarah!!! I don't know, just a thought. I also think that the stalker did something with Adam's medicine, and it's strange that Krista became so talkactive all of a sudden....I don't know.....maybe she's in love with Adam and she can't stand that he's with Sarah, so she decided that she needed to be friendlier in order to be near them without suspicions and and make something fatal...
Lynee I really hope your littleones are good by now, I don't have kids but muy brother and sister do and I love them as if they were mine. That's why I understand how you feel.
Chinese is a good option for today's lunch!!! I hope everyone enjoy it...
Hope, again great post, I can hardly wait for Monday!!!

Kristin said...

Sorry, I'm late for lunch! Is the kitchen still open? I would love to have a helpin' of beef and broccoli with a side of wonton/dumpling soup, please!!!!

Matt - what a beautiful complement to give Hope and women in general. Thanks for acknowledging that there is nothing wrong with a fella who wears his heart on his sleeve!

Hope - is there anyway we can trick you into thinking it is Monday?!?! LOL

Hope said...

It's never too late to pull up a chair and share some secrets and laughs with friends, so come on over, we're waiting for you!

Kristin said...

Mmmmph! Hard to talk with my mouth full.... You can't take me anywhere! LOL

Hope said...

That's okay Kristin, we'll wipe your mouth for you and hand you another egg roll!

Sandy said...

Another good one Hope! Somethings going to happen soon isn't it? I can feel it.
Mmmm, Generals Chicken. My favorite! Now I am stuffed!
Have a good weekend everyone, see y'all Monday.

Becky said...

Hope - another beautiful, intimate sharing between Adam & Sarah. So well crafted.

Andrea - I thought about the allergy medicine immediately when Adam said he left it behind in Texas...very easy to be tampered with.

Yum! Chinese - so many wonderful dishes to choose from! Ooooh love the hot & sour! All of you who were early have had to time get hungry again (you know how it is with Chinese food) and join all of us who were late for round 2.


k said...

This is probably totally off, but maybe Adam is Kristen's dad who she never met and that's why she is the one poisoning him (to get revenge for her lost time with her dad). And I totally agree that leaving his allergy medicine unattended was a bad move. Can't wait to see what happens next!

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