Monday, October 04, 2010

Sarah's Pregnancy Diary - Part Ten

Joyful moments…

Adam here everyone. Sarah is taking a bubble bath after an exciting morning! Great news! We had the amnio last week and the results are in! Everything is wonderful; the baby is just fine and growing well Dr. Bridges said. We can expect a normal pregnancy and birth, since it all looks so good. Sarah had fairly easy births with Derek and Lissa and while Dr. Bridges said that is no guarantee, it is a good precedent marker for this birth. Sarah needs to stay active and she reminded us to do plenty of walking to strengthen those muscles! Since going to a gym wouldn’t be a great option for us I have bought a really nice treadmill with lots of options to create individual workouts on it. I’m not really fond of treadmills, I’d much rather take a walk but it will be good for us I know. It’s sort of hard taking a pleasant and relaxing walk when the press are everywhere.

Bigger news! We know what we are having! We did debate briefly about whether or not we wanted to know; in some ways the mystery is nice. But Sarah and I are both practical souls and since we are going to be building a house we want to be able to create a room just for our baby. We are thrilled about this although truly we would be thrilled whether it was a boy or a girl. I’ll bet you want to know, huh? Well, I’m going to be mean and keep that to myself for a bit! Not too long I’ll bet though as Sarah will want to broadcast it to all.

Krista and Ryan came for dinner last night and I am so pleased with how my relationship with my daughter is growing. She is independent, too much so if you ask me because she won’t let me help them much and I would really like to. Sarah tells me that she understands Krista’s need for independence but it does still bother me. I lost so many years with her and I feel I need to make it up to her. Sarah reminds me that building our relationship is the most important part, that it isn’t about money or support and I do get that, I just don’t have to like it do I?

Sarah talked to Cassie in Greece a few days ago and she seems to think that there is something going on over there but Cassie apparently won’t talk about it. Sarah feels that Cassie is not saying anything because she doesn’t want Sarah to worry, but of course it is doing quite the opposite. She vows to catch the next flight out to see Cassie and Georgio if they don’t tell us what is going on. I’ve a feeling we may be having a brief visit to Greece before long and that might not be such a bad thing; a couple of weeks relaxing in the sunshine might be just the ticket for us. It would of course depend on whether or not Dr. Bridges says its okay for Sarah to take such a trip so we’ll just have to see.

I think I hear Sarah moving around upstairs. I made her a surprise while she was soaking in the tub; we’ll see what she says about it! I made her some fresh chocolate peanut butter cups! They weren’t particularly difficult and they even smelled good to me, believe it or not! Sarah has craved peanut butter in some form or other practically every single day of her pregnancy; well, after the morning sickness passed that is. She is really growing more beautiful each day; her eyes sparkle and her cheeks have the loveliest rosy glow to them! I adore the baby bump as well. At night we will often lay in bed and stroke her burgeoning tummy and talk to our child; I want that child to know how much it is loved and adored by us, even before it gets here. I am so blessed to have found Sarah and to now be able to share this experience with her. Life is good and for that I am undeniably joyful!