Monday, July 19, 2010

Sarah's Pregnancy Diary - Part Seven

Heartbreak Time – Adam’s POV

I’m writing this time for Sarah, she is devastated at the moment. We both are but its worse for her. We received news yesterday that has rocked her world.

We managed to find a condo to stay in for the next few months and got settled into it before making the trip to Wichita. The condo is in Huntington Beach so we’ll be close to the boys which is always a joy. The demolition was completed on the house after we got to Wichita; Sarah couldn’t stand to see it be torn down.

We are staying with her parents while we get things ready for the movers here. That has been good for Sarah, especially now. Might as well say it, get it over with – Derek has gotten orders to go to Afghanistan.

We’ve known that it was a distinct possibility, actually likely, but when you actually hear it, you are just not prepared. Derek is a fine young man and feels privileged to serve his country but like any man with a family, it is hard on him and Pam as well, of course. He will deploy in 30 days so there are many things to do before he leaves.

I asked Pam if she would like to come and stay with Sarah and me for the duration of his tour. Derek is for the idea and so is Sarah of course but Pam feels like she should stay at Ft. Bliss with the other wives. She did say that she would consider it, so that is hopeful!

We went through Sarah’s house as we tried to make decision over what to do with most of the things. Most of the furniture Bobby or Lissa will take; she’ll need something for an apartment, where ever that may be. A few pieces were shipped to Texas for Derek and Pam as well as assorted boxes of household items, mostly sentimental things from Derek’s childhood that Sarah had saved.

One day I stood in Sarah’s bedroom looking at the Georgia O’Keeffe painting that I had found so erotic the first night I stayed in Sarah’s house. She was in the hospital that night and for some reason that painting made me feel closer to her. She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me close.

“It still gets to you, doesn’t it?” she teased.

“Yes, my love, it does! I found it quite stimulating that first night if I recall correctly.”

“Stimulating huh? That’s a new word for it!” She giggled then and shook her head. “I have to take it with us but I don’t have a clue where we will put it,” she sighed.

“What do you mean?”

“Well Adam, it hardly goes with the current bedroom furnishings now does it?”

“Perhaps we should change that then, do you think?”

We’ll see,” she promised.

Two days later the movers had finished and were on their way to California. The house was mostly empty except for the things that Bobby was keeping. The papers were all signed and Bobby was the official owner now and it was good to see his excitement about it.

Lissa had come down for the weekend and we got a storage unit for her things since there was no reason to take them up the Lawrence, only to have to move them again in a few months.

Lissa has taken the news about Derek as hard as Sarah has, which is so understandable. The three of them were such a tight-knit family, always there for one another and it was heart-warming to watch their dynamics. Sarah’s parents were very much afraid for Derek but were trying to be stoic about it for everyone’s sake. We planned a family get together in Texas in three weeks and we will all be there to love and support both he and Pam.

Considering everything that is going on Sarah is doing very well. Actually blooming I might say. Smells still bother her a bit but really she is feeling great she says. Two nights before we were leaving to go back home though she woke me at 3 am.

“Adam? Adam?” she said, gently kissing my neck. “Adam, wake up!” This last was said a bit more insistently.

“Hm,” I asked, trying to open my eyes. “Is something wrong bella? What’s wrong?” I was convinced she must be ill or something.

“Adam, I really, really want some peanut butter cups. Please honey!”

“Sarah, where on earth do you expect me to find some at…” I looked at the clock, squinting to see it in the darkness. “Where do you expect me to find them at 2 am?”

“Quik Trip is open all night. You can get some there!”

Well, here we go…

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

A Baby Shower!!!

I had this great idea when I was editing the Pregnancy Diaries that we should all have a baby shower for Sarah and Adam . I know it sounds a little strange but hey, everything is a little strange these days, aren't they? We would pick a day and than everyone would stop by and say what they "got" Sarah and Adam for their new bundle of joy! Taking it one step further, if anyone was so inclined, they could then donate that item to a charity in their city.

It is just my idea - let me know what you think and if you are interested in participating in the first ever Online Baby Shower!


Monday, July 05, 2010

Sarah's Pregnancy Diary - Part Six

Building Blues…or Pinks!

We’ve been busy looking at properties so that we can build a house. I love the area where we live – most beach areas in California have houses or condos packed along the beach. This area is different;, we have a bit of distance between the properties which makes it more private and I definitely want my privacy and so does Adam.

This spot is perfect, except that as the house sits now there is NO way to expand it besides to build upward and the architectural style of the house won’t really support that. It is built to sit down in the cliff face which is awesome, but doesn’t really allow much to change on it. The arms of the cliff sort of form a ‘C’ around the house and that is very limiting.

We consulted an architect and an engineer about the house. IF we tore it down and IF we removed part of the cliff to the south we could build right here again. The house could be expanded (we could keep it to three floors still) but it would be spread out and rearranged to fit into the cliff and still have the views and the patio area that we love. We could get 5 bedrooms in that way with the den still being a convertible room and maybe the patio room as well if we needed it.
We’ve also decided to use green technology to build the house. It will cost a bit more to start with but we will be happier in the long run. Adam has decided that maybe the internet isn’t so bad now that he is immersed in research for all the many types of building green. It seems as if every hour or so he comes to me with a new idea such as in-ground water storage tanks and water heater’s that only heat water as you need it. And let’s not even go into the whole ‘green’ building materials debate!

So, we made our decision and this is what we are going to do. But time is fairly short; I’m 10 weeks along now so Adam is already working on the situation. First we need to find a condo for the next few months because Adam wants them working on the new house non-stop so that it will be ready when we bring the baby home. The architect is already working on the plans; the engineers are surveying and planning too. Mover’s will come in and move everything out and hopefully the house will be ready for demolition next week. IF we can find a place to go for the duration of the re-build .

Tamara is helping with that which we really appreciate. We’re going to go back to Wichita too. This is a good time for me to arrange for the sale of the house to Bobby and get the things from it I want to bring with me. I talked to Lissa about how she felt about that since she is going to be at KU Med in Wichita in the fall. If she wanted the house I would have given it to her but she really is okay with Bobby taking it. Actually I think she may be considering transferring out her to USC to finish her last year and to work ondo her internship. I know I don’t have to tell you all how much that idea excites me but there would be a lot to do for that to happen. She got the full-ride to KU Med this next year and we don’t know if she could do the same here but she is checking it all out.

Things are working out so well – I’m the luckiest woman alive!