Monday, July 19, 2010

Sarah's Pregnancy Diary - Part Seven

Heartbreak Time – Adam’s POV

I’m writing this time for Sarah, she is devastated at the moment. We both are but its worse for her. We received news yesterday that has rocked her world.

We managed to find a condo to stay in for the next few months and got settled into it before making the trip to Wichita. The condo is in Huntington Beach so we’ll be close to the boys which is always a joy. The demolition was completed on the house after we got to Wichita; Sarah couldn’t stand to see it be torn down.

We are staying with her parents while we get things ready for the movers here. That has been good for Sarah, especially now. Might as well say it, get it over with – Derek has gotten orders to go to Afghanistan.

We’ve known that it was a distinct possibility, actually likely, but when you actually hear it, you are just not prepared. Derek is a fine young man and feels privileged to serve his country but like any man with a family, it is hard on him and Pam as well, of course. He will deploy in 30 days so there are many things to do before he leaves.

I asked Pam if she would like to come and stay with Sarah and me for the duration of his tour. Derek is for the idea and so is Sarah of course but Pam feels like she should stay at Ft. Bliss with the other wives. She did say that she would consider it, so that is hopeful!

We went through Sarah’s house as we tried to make decision over what to do with most of the things. Most of the furniture Bobby or Lissa will take; she’ll need something for an apartment, where ever that may be. A few pieces were shipped to Texas for Derek and Pam as well as assorted boxes of household items, mostly sentimental things from Derek’s childhood that Sarah had saved.

One day I stood in Sarah’s bedroom looking at the Georgia O’Keeffe painting that I had found so erotic the first night I stayed in Sarah’s house. She was in the hospital that night and for some reason that painting made me feel closer to her. She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me close.

“It still gets to you, doesn’t it?” she teased.

“Yes, my love, it does! I found it quite stimulating that first night if I recall correctly.”

“Stimulating huh? That’s a new word for it!” She giggled then and shook her head. “I have to take it with us but I don’t have a clue where we will put it,” she sighed.

“What do you mean?”

“Well Adam, it hardly goes with the current bedroom furnishings now does it?”

“Perhaps we should change that then, do you think?”

We’ll see,” she promised.

Two days later the movers had finished and were on their way to California. The house was mostly empty except for the things that Bobby was keeping. The papers were all signed and Bobby was the official owner now and it was good to see his excitement about it.

Lissa had come down for the weekend and we got a storage unit for her things since there was no reason to take them up the Lawrence, only to have to move them again in a few months.

Lissa has taken the news about Derek as hard as Sarah has, which is so understandable. The three of them were such a tight-knit family, always there for one another and it was heart-warming to watch their dynamics. Sarah’s parents were very much afraid for Derek but were trying to be stoic about it for everyone’s sake. We planned a family get together in Texas in three weeks and we will all be there to love and support both he and Pam.

Considering everything that is going on Sarah is doing very well. Actually blooming I might say. Smells still bother her a bit but really she is feeling great she says. Two nights before we were leaving to go back home though she woke me at 3 am.

“Adam? Adam?” she said, gently kissing my neck. “Adam, wake up!” This last was said a bit more insistently.

“Hm,” I asked, trying to open my eyes. “Is something wrong bella? What’s wrong?” I was convinced she must be ill or something.

“Adam, I really, really want some peanut butter cups. Please honey!”

“Sarah, where on earth do you expect me to find some at…” I looked at the clock, squinting to see it in the darkness. “Where do you expect me to find them at 2 am?”

“Quik Trip is open all night. You can get some there!”

Well, here we go…


mum said...

Saddened to hear about Derek. Especially with a new born. Love the ending, though. I personally never had any cravings, but have known ladies who have. Heck, I'd take PB cups in the middle of the night whether or not I was PG! mum

Kristin said...

Peanut butter cups, my dear Hope. You are priceless. We don't have to worry about Adam stealing them, now do we???? Also saddened about the news of Derek's impending deployment. As a former military vet, I do applaud you for adding in another bit of homage to those who are serving to keep us free. Thank you, dear SOS!

Hope said...

Hey, I have a feeling that Sarah is going to crave a lot of peanut butter this pregnancy! Poor Adam, perhaps he'll become accustomed to it, huh?

Derek - well, it was going to happen sooner or later. He is a proud young man and feels that this is his duty and it will be hard on everyone at home, but all will survive!

sweetcanadian said...

oh man, i finally just got completely caught up on this blog and when i see this as a new post and saw devastated i thought sarah had a miscarriage, now i can go on over to catch cassie's story, i never read it b/c i was not finished this one lol.

derek going away will be hard on her, especially being a new father, but it is sooooooo realistic these days. Some men do not even get to meet their babies. hope all turns out ok and you have him come home.

Hope said...

Hi sweetcanadian!

Thanks for reading and commenting, I appreciate it. It always helps when reader's share their thoughts so that we know what people think of the stories.

It is hard for Derek and the family, but he will eventually get to come home!

Anonymous said...

WHERE is the cassie story??
i completely forgot you had one. plz someone tell me:)

Hope said...

Hi anonymous,

Cassie's story is called Wishing on Stars and can be found on my blog list! Thanks for reading!


Kaboodall said...

YEEEEE HAAAAWWWWWW!!! I'm all caught up and I'm LOVIN' this blog!! Hope and Eng, you were right about the postings showing however, there were only about 3 that I couldn't get to come up.....but I got the just of it reading the next post!! I'm sooooo glad you didn't take us down the whole miscarriage aisle......THANK YOU!! And I'm so glad that Derek will come home at some point. As far as peanutbutter cups go.......I ate soooo many of them when I was pregnant with my daughter that now the smell and the taste actually make me want to puke, which is sad because it was one of my favorite candies.....obviously!! Can't wait to read more......what is the posting schedule? Keep up the great work!! Kaboodall

Hope said...

Hey Kaboodall!

I publish this story every other Monday, while Sarah is pregnant anyway.

I'm so happy you are enjoying the continuation of the story. It's great to have you back!

Kaboodall said...

Thanks Hope!! It's great to be you know how long I've been looking for a great blog?! I found a few and they are good reading, but.....I just LOVE your style and the romance. It's the Cinderella story every girl dreams of ;) Thanks again for writing and sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

When will there be a new post here?

Anonymous said...

is there going to be a new post this month?

Engbunny said...

Hey Everyone - there will be a post here shortly. As with the other blogs, Hope's weather induced computer eff-up has wreaked havoc. I is a pain in the butt. Please, please be patient. It will be worth the wait. I promise.