Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Texas State of Mind

Chapter Fifty-Three

Turns out I didn’t need to tie him to the bed after all; shoot, I couldn’t have gotten him out it even if I had been inclined to do so. Other than to fix something to eat now and then, that is.

Who doesn’t love a man who wants to worship you in bed and then feed you!

Anyway, our day passed wonderfully. We turned the phones off – all of them and just enjoyed our day together. We didn’t think too often about everything that was happening in our lives, the bad things anyway. I guess those thoughts were there lurking in the backs of our minds, but by some silent agreement we decided to not discuss them for this day.

They were waiting for our attention anyway and would be there later; we both knew that.

Saturday dawned with cloudy skies and more rain. I laid in bed listening to its musical patter against the windows. Pretty typical for Kansas really, but it was just depressing since it was heralding in winter’s gray coat. I snuggled down under the covers a bit more, wrapping myself around Adam, seeking his warmth.

He pulled me close to him and we both lay there, content to be right where we were. I leaned up to kiss him and then rubbed my cheek against his rough one. He hadn’t shaved yesterday and this morning he was definitely scratchy, but it didn’t turn me off at all. I kind of like the disheveled look on him. Makes him look rather sexy, dashing, um, roguish!

Ooohh, I wonder if he has ever played a pirate!

I started laughing then, sort of a deep chortle actually and Adam asked me what in the world I was laughing about. He asked while he was nuzzling my neck, which tickled anyway, and it made it all so much more fun!

I reached up and rubbed my fingertips lightly over the stubble and then placed a long and lingering kiss on his mouth. “Adam,” I asked softly, “have you ever played a pirate?”

“A what?” he murmured into my shoulder. His mouth was nibbling lightly along my collarbone and it was making my shiver.

“A pirate – you know, ‘ahoy matey and yo ho ho and a bottle of rum’, a pirate!” I tossed him my most saucy, pirate wench smile as incentive.

“Aargh! Have you ever been a wench?” he asked, catching on quickly. He started tickling me then and rubbing his cheek softly against my breast. “Aargh!” he declared again in his most pirate – like voice, before his mouth found my nipple. He tugged at it tenderly with his teeth and then soothed it sweetly with his tongue.

“Oh Adam, aren’t you worn out after yesterday?” I teased.

“That was the old Adam, today you have Richland, the pirate in your bed wench! Come and meet me yardarm!”

“Ooh. So you think you can shiver me timbers?”

“C’mere me beauty and lay down and deliver or I shall have to pillage your, um…this and maybe this… “

The rest of his words were lost in his quest to pillage. Aargh! I got thoroughly boarded and plundered and it was delightfully satisfying. I like the pirate! I think I may have to buy him an eye patch!


We did finally get out of bed and I decided I needed a long, hot and bubbly bath and I gave Adam firm orders to stay out. It was a good thing because I don’t think there was any possibility of anything being firm on him by that time; I think his mainmast was thoroughly worn down!

Instead he made me breakfast, magnificent marauder that he is. Texas omelets, to help get me into a Texas state of mind he said. No matter, they were wonderful and I ate every single bite.

“What kind of salad are you making to take to Mom and Dads tonight?”

“Me? I thought you were going to make it?”

“Unh uh! I’ve abdicated the kitchen throne to you my love! It’s all up to you!” I teased.

“So I see how it is now. Not only am I a – a pirate for you pleasure, I also have to provide galley service!”

I giggled. “Yeah, something like that. Seriously, I could maybe help by, oh I don’t know, applauding your skill or something. How’s that sound?”

He was saved from answering when the phone rang. He headed into the living room to answer it as I sat there and sipped my wonderful coffee with hazelnut crème in it. Ah, delicious!

He brought the phone back then and sat down at the table, taking a sip of his own coffee and listening intently.

“Um yes Lissa, she did mention a new man. Tell me about him!” He cast a dimple smile at me, teasing me and I gave him an outraged look! I wanted to hear about him!

He listened for another minute or so, occasionally uttering, “Hm, yes, really?” and then he smiled at me and said, “Your mother is about to jump out of the chair and knock my barnacles off if I don’t give her the phone, so I’ll talk to you later Lissa, bye!”

“Knock his barnacles off? What’s that about?” she asked me.

“Never mind Lissa, you’re much better off not knowing! So how are things, have you went out with him again?”

“Well, he brought me coffee yesterday morning after I pulled an all nighter studying. He says he remembers what that’s like.”

“Wow, he seems very sweet and sincere,” I told her. “Do you like him?”

“Mom, you asked me that last time!” she laughed.

“Just making sure nothing has changed. You DO like him, right?”

“Yeah, I do. We’re going out tonight, a real date,” she told me. “Oh, but I still just don’t know about all this mom, I just don’t have much time and what about after I get down to Wichita? There will be even less time then and he’ll be here and I’ll be there and I just don’t know what we’ll do!”

“So your logical brain is saying ‘why bother’ I’ll bet?”

“Well, yeah. C’mon, next year is going to be crazy.”

“Yes, but you have a whole other semester up in Lawrence before you have to worry about that. I mean, that’s a long time after all. Give it a chance Lissa, okay?”

I heard her groaning on the other end of the phone line and wished I could give her a hug. “Lissa, you have to do what’s right for you, you know? But what I’m saying is, give it a chance, if it’s meant to be you’ll find a way to make it work. I mean, look at Adam and I. I would never have thought it would work, and yet it does.” I was looking at him right then, thinking how amazing he was and how much I love him. He returned the look, deeply intense and loving.

“Um yeah, I suppose so. He is a doctor too, he has to know what will be going on in my life soon, don’t you think?”

“I’m sure he does. Sweetie, for right now just have a good time, you deserve it.”

We chatted for awhile longer as I watched Adam build a wonderful looking salad for tonight. Lissa was so excited about Derek and Pam’s news she could hardly contain herself. She was as excited to be an aunt as I was to be a grandma.

“Hey,” she said, “How does Adam feel about being a Grandpa?”

It’s amazing to me how she (and everyone else it seems) just knows that Adam and I will be together, get married. “Well, I don’t know really, I haven’t asked him yet,” I said softly. We hadn’t talked about that yet and I didn’t know if it would freak him out or not.

“Well ask him!” When I didn’t do that immediately she said, “What, are you afraid? Let me ask him then!”

“No, I don’t think that’s such a good thing, really I don’t Lissa. Just drop it, okay?”

Adam was watching me curiously as this part of the conversation was going on. “Ask Adam what?” he inquired, watching me as a rosy blush stole up over my face.

Lissa heard that question and said, “C’mon Mom, just do it!”

I sat there debating the idea for a moment, trying to decide what to do. I didn’t really think it would freak him out, but I wasn’t sure. I mean, look how young the boys are, he might feel like he’s too young to be a Grandpa, I just didn’t know.

Adam came over and squatted down in front of me and asked again, “Ask Adam what?” There was a slight frown on his face and I knew I was caught. He probably thought it was something terrible now, something to worry about and I had to ask now. I took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“How do you feel about being a Grandpa?” I asked him, carefully watching his face for his reaction.

It lit up immediately, with joy, with happiness. “I am delighted. I promise I shall be a very good Grandpa as well!”

“Did you hear his reply Lissa?” I asked, my voice cracking a little bit. I was feeling rather teary-eyed at that moment and was afraid my voice was going to fail me. Adam saw the tears glistening brightly in my eyes though and kissed me on the forehead and it was such a sweet gesture, so gentle and innocent it melted my heart and I started crying in earnest then.

He took the phone from me and chatted with Lissa while I got up to go find a Kleenex. I was standing in the bedroom, my arms crossed over my chest hugging myself when Adam found me. Sobs were wracking my body, I couldn’t help it.

“Sarah, what’s wrong? Have I upset you?” he asked, his voice full of worry.

“No, no, it’s just that – I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I never really thought that there would be someone to share that joy with, you know?” I blew my nose and then continued on. “Kids are such a precious gift, and you and I will never have any of our own, together I mean. I adore the boys and feel so grateful they accept me and that my kids are crazy about you too, but that is so different than grandkids Adam. That baby will be born and you and I together will be there to welcome it into the world, together – as a, a couple. It seems miraculous to me, that’s all. You are miraculous to me.”

He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly. We didn’t say anything else, no words seemed necessary. It became more apparent every day that Adam and I are together and are going to stay that way. The worry, the panic of ‘will we make it’ has worn off and there are no more doubts. And one of these days I know he is going to actually, officially ask me THE question and I’m starting to get excited about it. Actually, I can’t wait!


The rest of the day was good. After all our activity yesterday (insert giggle) we were kind of tired. We actually napped in the afternoon, I mean slept! Afterwards we went to Mom and Dads and we did enjoy our evening with them.
I brought the tonsil burner and some tortilla chips and Mom grinned at me and didn’t say anything as Dad took a bite and nearly choked on it! But he paid me back later, in full!

Adam asked to see the DVD dad had made for my birthday. I told him it was too bad; it was at home! Dad said that was okay, he had his own copy. I wanted to crawl under a rock forever as we watched me dancing, kicking my legs high up into the air, singing, you name it – every goofy, scene stealing move out there, I made it.

Adam dryly kidded me about ‘maybe he should retire and let me be the actor in the family’. What I lacked in talent was surely made up for in enthusiasm he told me.

I wanted to die. I looked around for something big and heavy to knock Dad out with and wondered briefly if my old bat was still in the garage. Then I thought, what the heck, Adam’s the one with the big mouth, get him first!

He doesn’t yet realize I have a truly wicked side!

I was silent on the ride home, reliving the horrors of the DVD; why doesn’t somebody tell you when you are a child how things come back to bite you in the butt?

There was one segment in the DVD though that almost made it okay; that was the section with my softball stuff on it. Adam was extremely quiet while that played, but I noticed his lifted eyebrows a few times or his pursed lips as he watched.

I smiled inwardly – which was totally mean of me, I do admit! Just like Mom says – I’m too competitive for my own good!

It was quiet when we got home and Adam opened a bottle of wine and we sat in the living room before a roaring fire that glowed captivatingly in the fireplace. We didn’t say too much really; we just enjoyed one another’s company. We didn’t have to say much; just being together was enough.


Sunday morning arose with a gray sky again and a heavy layer of frost on every surface outside. It looked beautiful actually, but then I didn’t really have to get out in it.

Adam and I shared a bath, which was fun but the problem is that my tub is so small that half the water ends up on the floor. But for awhile neither one of us thought about that. The good thing about such a small tub is that you don’t have too far to slide around!

It was around 9:30 by the time we were out and dressed. Adam went to the kitchen and started preparations for the brunch and I focused on packing some things for me. I also tossed a load of clothes in the washer and while that was going I tried to determine what Adam needed me to pack for him. He gave me some ideas and I dug out the suitcase he has left here before we went to California. While I was looking through it I decided to just hang the stuff up and put things away. It was silly that I hadn’t done it before, but really I hadn’t even thought about it.

Finding closet space wasn’t a problem but finding drawer space was. I never seem to have enough drawer space myself. Of course, Cassie would tell you that was because of all my lingerie, which was ridiculous. Wasn’t it?

I finally squeezed and rearranged to my satisfaction and got a couple of drawers free for Adam. He didn’t really need that much space right now, but it was there for the future.

Most everything in the bag was a wrinkled mess but it wouldn’t really matter; most of this was staying here except for a couple of pairs of jeans and his suit. Since all he had brought with him was his carry on, I packed the stuff in my bags; I was taking two, so there was plenty of room.

I didn’t bother asking him what to bring this time; I just went through and picked out what I thought might work. I packed a couple of nice dresses and comfortable clothes for everyday. I knew the weather in Dallas was probably a bit warmer than here, so I brought a jacket, but not a coat. And I had to be back in 2 weeks for my doctor visit so I could always add more things then.

The phone rang so I answered it and it was Bobby, wanting to know if it was okay if he brought Wendy. That thrilled me and I told him of course! He said they would be here in about a half and hour and that they would see us then.

I went into the kitchen and told Adam that we were having one extra person and he only smiled and acted like it was no surprise to him.

“We’ll have plenty love. You can get the dishes out though, that would help me.”

The door bell rang and Adam and I looked at one another in surprise. “Is that Bobby so soon?” he asked.

“No, he just told me they would be here in a half an hour.” We both frowned, and frankly I was nervous to answer it, but before we could get to it, the ringing increased.

We walked out to the living room and Adam said, “Stay back, let me see who it is,” and then peeped out the hole. He immediately started punching buttons on the alarm to turn it off and opened the door, all the while listening to me say, ”Who is it?”

The door opened and Lissa walked in! We immediately flew into each others arms and I can’t tell you how happy I was to see her.

I held her face between my hands and asked, “Is everything okay? Why are you here?” I was petrified something was wrong; she hardly ever just showed up here unexpected.

“Nothing is wrong Mom; I was just missing you, that’s all. I promise,” she added when she saw my doubtful look.

“Okay. Well, you’re just in time for brunch. Bobby and his new girlfriend are coming over soon,” I told her as we walked back to the kitchen.

“Bobby has a girlfriend? How did that happen?” she asked, poking her finger in the batter for the pancakes. “Ooh, the banana pecan pancakes?”

Adam nodded and I said, “Just in the past few days actually. He and I went to Il Vicino, you know that pizza place over on Douglas?” She nodded and I continued, “Well, that was a few nights ago and there was a waitress there and we got to chatting and I realized she was trying to get Bobby to talk to her, so I kicked him under the table!” I laughed.

“You didn’t!” she exclaimed.

“Yep, I sure did. Anyway, after stuttering and stammering a bit he finally got a few words out, about the dojo of course and she said she had taken a couple of karate courses at WSU and that’s all it took. They had a date Friday night even.”

“Wow, I’m impressed. Maybe you do know a thing or two. Adam, when are you going to start cooking those things,” she demanded impatiently as she hung over his shoulder.

“Just sit yourself down and be patient. Have some juice or milk for heavens sake. You are more impatient than the boys!” he laughed as he pointed to the table.

Never one to be daunted by threats, especially ones she knows aren’t real, she remained by his side, watching his every move. He threw a look over his shoulder to me that said, ‘can’t YOU do something?’ but I could tell he was enjoying himself. I told him that he was on his own and gave him a brilliant smile.

The door bell rang a little bit later and Lissa ran off to get it, with Adam shouting to her, “For heavens sake Lissa, be sure and see who it is before you open the door!”

She tossed a careless “Yeah!” over her shoulder and was then opening the door.

Adam looked at me as if to say, ‘she couldn’t possibly have had time to look’ but then Lissa came back in followed by Bobby and Wendy.

“Hi Wendy. Welcome and come on in. Would you like coffee or juice? Oh!” I said, forgetting Adam, “This is Adam Richland. Adam, this is Wendy, uh, I’m afraid I don’t know your last name.”

Evidently Bobby hadn’t touched on the subject of Adam. Wendy became totally tongue-tied. Her mouth opened, but nothing came out. She stood there, for all the world like a statue, saying nothing.

Bobby stared at her for a moment, and then just sort of shook his head. “Uh, it’s Wendy Castiglione. Wendy, uh Wendy…” He nudged her arm, trying to get her to shake Adams hand.

Poor Wendy. I laughed and told her, “I know just how you feel Wendy.”

She continued to stand there and finally said, “You were in Those Days of Dreams weren’t you? Oh my God, you’re Adam Richland, the actor aren’t you?”

Bobby looked at me and rolled his eyes. But not to worry, Adam, who was used to this took over and took Wendy’s hand and shook it. It looked pretty funny; I mean she just let her hand hang there, even after Adam took it.

“Hi Wendy, yes, I was in Those Days of Dreams. You must have liked it then?”

It required that she provide an answer, which is maybe a good thing, it helped her focus a bit. “Why yes, it’s my favorite movie. I – I feel silly; I mean Bobby didn’t tell me you would be here. I remember a few weeks ago it was on the news that you were here in Wichita but I mean I just didn’t think, well, you just never imagine that you will actually meet someone like you, but here you are and oh my gosh, it’s really you isn’t it?”

“Yes indeed it is and I’m always so pleased to meet a fan. Would you like some coffee or juice Wendy?” he asked and it seemed to have finally broken the spell, she seemed to be focusing again.

“Uh, some coffee would be nice.”

“And how do you take it? Cream or sugar?” he asked as he was pouring her a cup.

“Black with su-sugar please.”

Adam set the cup on the table and handed her the sugar so she could add some herself. He went over to the stove then and checked on the griddle, which he had turned on a few minutes before. It seemed hot enough to him and he began making the pancakes. Earlier he had mixed up a sausage and egg casserole and put it into the oven and it smelled wonderful.

I went over to him and asked if I could help and he leaned down and dropped a kiss on the top of my head and said, “Yes love, you can get a plate out to set these on and then check the casserole to see if it’s done for me please.”

I told him okay and as I turned around to go to the cabinet where the plates are I saw Wendy staring again, this time at me. It sort of irritated me actually – what, she doesn’t think I could be with Adam? I tried to push the thought out of my head, but it kept popping back in all during brunch. Possibly because Wendy kept looking from me to Adam constantly, as if trying to figure out what the deal was.

Lissa noticed and tried to keep her involved in conversation and I could tell that she was irritated as well. I tried to put myself into Wendy’s place, when I first realized who Adam was, but it was just a different situation entirely.

The subject changed to Dallas and we talked about the things that Adam and I would do there and where we were staying.

Wendy looked from Adam to myself incredulously, and finally said to me, “You are going to Dallas with him?”

I saw anger grab Lissa and I hoped she stayed in control. But then I saw this saccharine-sweet smile wash over her face and I could feel the beginning rumbles begin. I looked at her and shook my head, imploring her silently to not make a big deal out of it. I might as well have been talking to the wind. And from Bobby’s face, he saw it too. As a child growing up he had saw her temper first hand on many different occasions.

“Why Wendy, does that surprise you?” she asked, very mildly.

“Well, yeah. I mean,” she paused, looking back and forth between Adam and me again, “He’s like, a movie star. She isn’t.”

Adam was sitting back in his chair, curiously watching what was happening. I think he was angry himself, but was doing a very good job of masking it.

“And that means…” Lissa probed.

Wendy was oblivious to the current flowing through the room. I was upset for Bobby. He liked her obviously and I didn’t want anything to change that. I didn’t think that Wendy was a bad person, just that she was young and the young often have an attitude about things, that celebrity is the most important thing, that celebrities’ are often looked at as Gods and if that were true, wouldn’t he have to have a Goddess as well, or at least a 20 something starlet?

“Well, uh, it means, uh I guess that it, uh surprised me, I – I guess,” she stammered. “I just didn’t know and it was a surprise, that’s all.” She was looking around at all of us, and even Bobby seemed irritated too and she probably realized she had upset things. “I’m sorry Sarah, I didn’t mean anything by that, I was just surprised, like I said. I mean, you have to admit, it’s not like we have movie stars hanging around Wichita dating the local girls, you know? Ordinarily that is!”

“It’s alright Wendy, I suppose it was a surprise,” I said.

Lissa was clearly still angry, so she got up to start clearing the table. “Mom, I want us to leave for the airport early enough to stop and see Cass for a few minutes. I haven’t seen her for a few weeks now, is that okay?”

“Yes, I’d like to see her myself. I won’t be back for two weeks. I still have a little packing to do, so I’ll get busy with that.”

Bobby was feeling very uncomfortable by this time and Wendy was sitting there, clearly very embarrassed, her head hanging down. He stood up and told Wendy that they needed to leave if they wanted to make the movie. He came and hugged me and whispered in my ear, “Sarah, I’m really sorry. Are you okay?”

I whispered back that I was and out loud said to him, “Now take care of my house young man. And call if you need anything, okay?”

He nodded and then Wendy stood up and said goodbye to everyone and they left. Adam was still sitting there quietly and I couldn’t gauge his feelings very well. I mean, he was upset but I wasn’t picking up why very well.

“She’s just young. That’s all.” At Lissa’s look of outrageous indignation I held up my hand in a ‘stop’ gesture. “Lissa, just drop it, you are getting way too angry about it.”

She opened the dishwasher and started loading dishes in. I saw her take a couple of deep breaths and her shoulders relaxed a bit. She put the plates she held in her hand into the rack and then turned around to look at me.

“Mom, it’s just upsetting to see that and part of the problem is that –is that, well it was exactly what I thought when Cass told me about him,” she said, pointing to Adam. “Cass told me the same thing that you just said, ‘you’re just young Lissa, give him a chance’ and I thought it all seemed ridiculous, you know? My mother with a movie star? Get real I thought. But then I met him, and it was obvious even to Derek and I that he was crazy about you Mom. He came riding in on his white charger, ready to slay any dragons in his path. Not in a rude or ‘I’m taking over’ kind of way, but in the most loving, caring and worried way anyone could be. We get these societal images of how things should be – yeah, we don’t get movie stars here dating the locals, but we have Adam, the nicest man imaginable and he clearly loves you. And yet, we wonder why just because he is a celebrity and you’re not. I hate that, I just hate it. Adam never once acted like he was better than anybody else, or that he should be treated differently because he was famous, but we all expect it to happen. Me, Derek, and – and Wendy there.” She was crying then, great huge tears streaking her face. She wiped her face on the back of her hand, a childish gesture that broke my heart.

She was beating herself up because Wendy had struck a cord within her; and Lissa didn’t like what she saw. She hadn’t forgiven herself yet, probably because she hadn’t told me how she felt, so she couldn’t start healing.

“Adam,” she said, facing him now. “You couldn’t have been nicer, ever. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that Mom met you and that you two are together. I’m so sorry – to both of you for ever doubting that this was a good thing, I’m sorry for the reasons I assumed would be the reasons it wouldn’t work. You have made such a difference in, well not only mom’s life, but mine as well, all of our lives actually. And it‘s not because you are a movie star; it’s because you are a nice man, a good man. You deserve my Mom, you’ve earned her so to speak, but then she deserves you as well. She deserves someone who adores her, who sees how special she is, who wants to share life with her, the good and the bad; a – a mouthy daughter and prickly son and grand babies, and just everything, mostly because she hasn’t had anyone to share those things with before.”

I looked at her sharply then, and was ready to say something when she continued. “Don’t say anything Mom. Did you think that Derek and I didn’t notice how we never really had a Dad? Who was the one that coached our little league teams, who attended the concerts, parent-teacher conferences? The one who listened when we talked about whoever we had a crush on? It was always you. Dad could have been wall paper for all the notice he took of us. You are the one who did all those things – who sacrificed her own life for ours, all these years Mom, all these wasted years. And it’s your turn now, your turn for wonderful things to happen. You’ve given us the best you could and you know what? It was enough, really it was. Derek and I turned out fine, we’re moving into our own lives and we’re doing a pretty good job and that’s because YOU did a pretty good job. I love you Mom, and Adam, I love you too, because you love her and because she deserves someone wonderful.”

All I could do was go to her and hold her as we both cried knowing tears; tears that had been due for years. She had said everything correctly, she was so right and I never realized how much she and Derek understood. I was so proud of her, proud of the way she was working on her goals and proud of the way she was speaking her mind, her heart.

We stood there, rocking back and forth when I felt Adam put his arms around both of us and it seemed right, having him do that.

He was a part of this family now.


Hope said...

Welcome from the mid-western deep freeze, other wise known as Kansas. Yeah, lot's of you are worse off than we are and so I give you free rein to whine to your hearts content - it's good for the soul!

I don't think we have ever decided on a lunch locale today? Anyone have any suggestions? Just somewhere warm would be lovely. I must thank Tita for her gracious welcome on Monday's invasion. Tita, we had a totally wonderful time!

I hope everyone enjoyed todays story. Frankly, I liked Richland the pirate alot. We might just have to see him again...

kmorales4 said...

Good morning Hope and evreybody. It's early but I'm sure I could use a big Steak for lunch. Does anyone else have a suggestion?

As always one excellent post. When can we expect "THE BOOK".

Hope said...


My youngest grandson is very ill today and has a doctor's appointment. Lynne isn't sure she will get a post on today, probably not in fact. Just wanted those of you who read hers to know.

Steph/diet girl, where is your blog? Feel free to share the address if you like.

kmorales, steak sounds yummy! Are there any good Puerto Rican steak places? The book will be a long time coming. But it is coming I think. I am working on the rewrite right now and then it goes to an agent and then hopefully a publisher will buy it! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

And incidentally, all of your wonderful and kind comments help so much. I sort of come with a built-in fan base and that looks really good to agents and publishers. So if this book gets published, you can all take some credit for that!

I am so very gratful for your support as I have/go through this process. You all are THE BEST!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that I found this blog, to think that I marked it as a favorite about 3 months ago, but only started reading it all completely a few weeks ago...what was I thinking, now I look forward to Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I love this blog, see you on Friday, thank you!!


LENA said...


Kristin said...

Aaaargh! giggle, giggle...

Once again Hope, you've made my heart pound, made me laugh, and cry all in one fell swoop! Great job!

Steak for lunch sounds grand! I moved from Michigan 25 years ago, but am still a beef and tater' gal at heart!

Kristin said...

Please send our get well wishes to Lynne's little man!

kmorales4 said...

I'll keep your grandbaby in my prayers. Speaking of grandbabies. The way Adam embraced the idea of sharing Sarah's grandkids as his own was soooo heartwarming. More than that. I got the warm feeling from head to toe. He's definitely the perfect man, minus the peanut butter thing that is.

Changing the subject, we have many great Steakhouses here. I specially love one by Jobos Beach in Isabela. It's called Luna Marina and the serve an amazing variety of seafood. However I am totally devoted to their "Churrasco" (skirt steak). I always choose their "Tostones" as a side dish. They're fried plaintains bananas an alltime PR favorite.

Hope said...

Kmorales, you're spot sounds awesome. I love fried plantains too! So luna Marina it is.

I'm happy that everyone likes what Lissa had to say to Sarah, it's been a while coming I think.

Lena and G, that's for joining us! We love meeting new people!

DayDreamer said...

What a wonderful post today. I LOVE this family!!!!

Tara said...

Great Entry today! Unfortunately I will miss lucnk today because I have to take the Comphrensive exam for my bachelor's degree this afternoon. Hopefully I pass so I can graduate! Can't wait for Friday's post and Lunch on friday!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Hope,
Wonderful post this morning. It made my eyes tear up a few times! I loved the pirate, and I'm sure Sarah did too! And the way Lissa told her mom that she knew the sacrifices she had made for them was such a great moment. I have to admit I was nervous both times the doorbell rang! I hope Bobby forgives Wendy, she was just star struck! I can hardly wait until Friday morning!

Hope said...

Tara, best of luck on your examine!

You go girl! (Thinking very positive thoughts for you here!)

Anonymous said...

Good Morning All!!!
Hope, thanks for making my week excellent post today. Glad my boss is out of the office 'cuz I cried.
Love the priate scenes.
Weather here in New Orleans is sunny and about 70 degrees.
Steak sounds great for lunch.
I hope your grandson is well soon and I will say a prayer for Lynn and your family for his speedy recovery

Hope said...

Thanks MJ and Kelli. I kind of thought everyone would like Richland the pirate! hehehe

It is such a pleasure to write for you all because you are so appreciative. Thanks so much!

I cried when I wrote that scene with Lissa...isn't that silly?

Kristin said...

It wasn't silly to cry, Hope! Any of us who have been single parents, love that moment of validation, when our children recognize the depth of our love, and sacrifice in being both the "mom and dad". It was truly a heartfelt moment to read, and I'm sure struck all as very special! Can't wait for lunch, never had fried plantains... YUMMMM!

Adriana said...

I loved this post and i can not wait unil Adam proposes because I know itll be in the most romantic of ways...
oh! and it took me two tries but i made your moms miracle cake and it was delicious! everyone in my family loved it, so thanks!

tita said...

Hello everybody!!!
Our Monday Feast was great, I really hope you enjoyed it as well, I hope you can come back whenever you want!!.
Hope, I really loved today's story, not only because of Richland the pirate (That I must admit he has too much responsability) but also because we could see another part of Sarah's children, the way they love and care about her, and the way they accepted Adam in their family.It was really tender how Lisa undertood that Sarah and Adam are together for good.
Keep going like this Hope.
You're great....

tita said...

Stake today sounds really goos, By the way I'm very fond of the Tostones!!
Kmorales, you had a very good Idea, I'll join you!!

kmorales4 said...

Hope, how could you not cry when Lissa verbalized her recognition to Sarah. It's what us single parents live for. You really hit it close to many homes there. That's why we love this story so much, because it has that huge dallop of reality that makes us hungry for more. Speaking of which,I'm starving.

Hope said...

Yes, I'm starving too! Cannot wait for Churrasco and Tostones!

A corona and lime sound like it will go perfectly...

Anonymous said...

Anyone that can make me cry with a story sure knows how to write! Hope, you continually surprise and delight me! I hope you decide to write a book someday because I will be first in line to buy it! I want to sit down lose myself in your words for hours!

Hope said...

Man, that was a wonderful lunch and Tostones are really special. But I think I've had one too many Corona's, I seem to be sliding out of the chair...

Tigger said...

Oh boy, I LOVE steak! Hey kmorales, what's the legal drinking age in PR? I really want to sip on a beer too!

Hope, you make me feel guilty - I don't tell my mom nearly often enough how much I love her and appreciate her.

But this beautiful post today made a point and I am going to call her tonight and let her know. Lissa's words were profound and seemed very real Hope.

Yea, I am crying. Maybe I need to go back and read the pirate part again..... ; )

Matt said...

Hello Ladies and Rob if you are out there.

Very fine chapter today Hope. You must be a mighty interesting woman, because you do come up with some interesting ideas about us guys.

Seriously, very, very good today. You touched my heart. Thank you.

Kristin said...

Lunch was lovely, ladies! You can take the girl out of the North and move her to Tampa, but you can't take away her Beef and Tater' cravins. The Coronas definitely hit the spot, but did I just see that waiter trip over Hope?!?!?

Hope said...

Probably Kristin, but I'm sure I'd never notice.

Gee the underside of this table is very interesting...

kmorales4 said...

Hey gals,

Lunch was absolutely delicious. I'm glad you joined me down here. The lime Corona's definitely deserves an encore. Just don't mix it with the lobster. That is a dangerous combination for us ladies.

PS. The legal drinking, smoking, marriage, and driving age in PR is 18. Maybe they should change the marriage one to thirty. LOL I think that's the Coronas talking.

Kristin said...

Oh Hope you are too funny, you are right about under the table though. I think we should change our lunch club to "the under the table liquid lunch, and oh yeah food if we get the munchies club"! HAHAHAHA!

tigger said...

Yea, I'm having a margarita, no a beer, maybe a daiquiri or gee, I can't make up my mind.

Hey Matt, our Hope is interesting huh? It's nice to know you guys think so too.

Anonymous said...

I m issed lunch again SHOOOT!!!!
Hope becareful under that table. They lie low sometimes LOL :)
Hey may you guys can just pass me a carona.

deena said...

Hope, this entry knocks my socks off. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

Rob said...

Ahoy there Hope and all you other mates! You too Matt.

Oh girl, I love the pirate. I hope my timbers get shivered, lol.

Hey Matt, Hope is a very interesting lady, why yes indeed she is.

Jo said...

Missed lunch again, did I? Ah well, I'm not a steak eater anyway.

I spent this whole post all weepy too. It's official. Adam is part of the family. And, much as I hate to say it, I'm thinking Sarah's going to get reactions like Wendy's from other folks too.

BTW Hope, thanks. I knew you were worried about me because I'd freak every time the phone rang. So instead, you had the doorbell ring! LOL Thanks heaps. ;-)

Cold here in Philly. I work a little over a mile from home and walked today. Let's hear it for the creator of parkas, mittens, earmuffs, etc. etc. etc.

Val said...

As usual I was not here for lunch. I had a durn dentist appointment, but I have NO cavities! :) I also won a free whitening thing in a raffle! Cool huh?

I would have loved steak for lunch, I went to Jason's deli with my hubby and ate my weight in the chocolate mousse on the salad bar. I'm never good when I go there. LOL!

Val said...

Oh yeah, and it's 70 degrees here in Alabama, could the groundhog have been right?

matt said...

I'm an old Navy man myself. I kind of feel right at home with the pirate.

But then apparently so does Sarah.

Hope said...

Hey Jo,

Yeah, thinking of you. But the phone rang twice too! Gotcha all the way around.

I hope Richland the pirate made up for it though.

Oh Val, chocolate mousse, yum. Adam would be in love...

And you guys and the pirate, now you've got ME interested...

macy said...

Richland, you suave and debonair pirate you, stand and deliver your, uh, well you know!

Woo Hoo! You go our little Hope. I have a strange craving for sea food...

Becky said...

Oooooh....shiver me timbers! The Delicious Pirate Richland!! I love the stubble...definitely very sexy.

Awesome lunch suggestions, KMorales - the plantains were delicious and so were our rum drinks!


macy said...

Delicious Pirate Richland indeed. Yummy! I have to admit to getting a few tingles over that scene.

And Hope, you only teased us with it! Shame....

Becky, you are so right. Sigh...

gina said...

Way to go Hope! Amazing. I sniffeled my way through this one too. I loved Sarah's thought processes about the DVD though. She has such a quirky mind, you just have to love it.

dietgirl said...

Hi Hope! This is great i lvoe the pirate too.

I hope your grandson is alright and feels much better soon! There has been some sort of terrible cold going around here here in New York, I have been lucky not to catch anything now that I ride the subway!
My blog is fairly new and I update it after each of my weight watchers meetings! I know some readers here are also weight watchers readers so maybe it will be helpful, I am also open to comments too.
I am not able to write quite like you but i hope anyone who stops by will enjoy reading.

PS I think i failed to mention, I have family in all throughout Kansas and some in Wichita too! stay warm!!!


mary jane said...

Good Morning
All that steak and potato tlak got me raving one so out we went last night!!!
Stef, keep up the good work on weight warchers. I lost 45 pounds on the counting points plan.So I lnow you can lose what everf you want.
Can not wait til tomorrows entry
Hope hope the little one is doing better

Hope said...

Good Morning All!

The grandson is doing better. He had a nasty ear infection, in fact his ear drum burst, but they have him on antibiotics and I'm sure he will be back to his normal terrible two self soon! My two oldest grandson have gotten e-mail addresses. They are 8 and 7 and now grandma gets to read e-mails from them! I love it!

I saw on the news that upstate NY is really gettin hit with mega amounts of snow, so all of you up that way, please take care and stay warm.

Stef, I think the idea behind your blog is wonderful, you go girl. I will check it out soon. Thanks for sharing about it with us. And I hope your family here is Wichita and everywhere actually are hanging in there.

Still cold here, but I won't whine about it, not after seeing the reports out of NY this morning.

kmorales4 said...

Good Morning All,

I'm here today to see if Val or anyone has a yummy and simple way to make chocolate mousse. The simpler the better because I want some TODAY. You guys mentioned it yesterday and I now want some really badly. Mousse is not the type of thing you find just anywhere where I live so any recipe is more than welcomed. Thanks

Lynne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynne said...

Hi all, thanks for the well wishes. We are still fighting high fevers here, so any prayers would be very welcome. Mom, I think we may be going back to the doctor again today. Sighs. Lynne

Hope said...

Good Morning kmorales! Did you mention a couple of days back, (maybe longer) that your name is Karen?

I'm including a recipe for Chocolate Mousse that is pretty easy and not too hard. Most chocolate mousse recipes envolve eggs and cooking, this one doesn't. Maybe on Tuesday's and Thursday we should have recipe days, just a time to share favorite recipes. Maybe you have a recipe for fried plantains you'd like to share?

Easy Chocolate Mousse

1 3.9 box of instant chocolate pudding mix (sugar free works really well)
3/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips, grated fine in a blender
2 tablespoons creme de cacao
1 1/3 cups milk
16 oz extra creamy type of whipped topping

Combine the grated chocolate chips and 1/3 cup of the milk and heat until the chocolate melts. Set aside to let cool a bit. (10-15 minutes)

Add the pudding mix to the chocolate mixture, then add the creme de cacao (amaretto works well too) and the 1 cup of milk. Blend well and refrigerate for about an hour, until set and then gently fold in the whipped cream, being careful not to stir too much. Chill well and enjoy.

Marti said...

Awesome post today - I've had this marked as a favorite since the beginning of this year...
I thoroughly enjoyed "catching up" - I look forward to your book Hope! (thinking positive!)

I heard Vanessa Redgrave in an interview this a.m. on NPR about great writers - she talked about how a great writer will make you laugh at certain points, not necessarily because it's funny, but because of that uncanny connection to exactly how the reader has felt at one time or another. It's so true! I've laughed at those moments of recognition while reading a book & love that when it takes you by the writer gets in your head & understands you completely.
Hope - you've got it girl!

Hope said...


Thank you so much for your very kind and appreciated words. I'm glad to know you are enjoying the story and that you can identify with the characters.

Jump in any time!

Kristin said...

Happy Thursday, Everybody! I think recipe Tuesday and Thursday sounds divine. I usually can't cook worth a lick, so will be an easy recipe mooch! The miracle cake went over so well, that I think the mousse may be within my meager talents as well. LOL Tomorrow is Friday, YEAHHHHH!

Anonymous said...

I missed all the events yesterday with my exam and work and birthday things. Finally 21!!! Though it really doesn't mean anything in Canada. Seeing how the drinking age here in Saskatchewan is 19. But a birthday is a birthday none the less. I wrote and exam yesterday morning, went for supper with my boyfriend then went to work. Working in a bar is a blast. Hopefully I can make it for lunch tomorrow.

Hope the story is absolutely amazing. I have to keep rereading it the make sure that I'm catching everything.

Lynne you and your family are in my prayers.


Hope said...


I kept waiting for you to pop in so I could wish you a happy birthday on the real day, so Happy Belated Birthday. I hope your boyfriend did something special for you!

Thank you so much for you kind words, they mean so much.

Sasha said...