Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ohh Baby!

Chapter Forty-One

He handed me a glass and we toasted to California dreams. Desire was clawing at my stomach and I was so ready for this. You would never guess that we had made love just this morning!

“Do you want to go get your bath things while I put some music on and stuff?” he asked me, heading out the door. I followed him out and grabbed my bag, finding all the toiletry stuff and took it into the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth, conscious of the garlic on my breath and then laughed when I remembered that Adam smelled the same. I started the taps going and poured in some of the vanilla spice fragrance that he liked. I used all I had and realized he was right; we were going to have to get more soon!

On impulse I tossed in a vibrating foam bath ball that I had got at one of those 'women only’ parties. I giggled, wondering what Adam’s reaction to it would be!

Some music started playing then, from speakers that were well-hidden in the room because I couldn’t see them. He had put on Michael McDonalds Motown to listen to. I remembered when it was playing in the car going to Firenza and how we had both sang to Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

He came back in then, carrying some candles which he set around the tub that was still filling. He lit them and then dimmed the lights.

“Is it okay?” he asked me, pulling me into his arms for a kiss. I murmured yes against his mouth and realized he was trying to tug my tunic up over my body.

“Uh Adam, honey it has a, a zipper. In the back,” I told him in between kisses. “Wait,” I told him, bending down to turn the taps off. I remembered our robes getting soaked in Firenza and took him by the hand and led him back into the bedroom, where we could hopefully undress without further incident. I pulled my jewelry off and started working on the buttons on his shirt, while he was trying to unzip my tunic.

“Okay, one of us at a time,” I told him as I finished unbuttoning his shirt, without any casualties to the buttons this time. I slid it over his shoulders and let it fall to the floor, then spread light little kisses over his chest and neck before moving down to his belly. I unbuckled his belt and then opened the buttons on his jeans, slowly, making sure my hand rubbed firmly across his aroused flesh as much as I could. He was squirming by the time I was finished and had slowly pulled his jeans and underwear off of him. My mouth followed the journey began by my hands and I placed hot and wet kisses up and down his length.

He groaned and stepped out of his jeans before gently pulling me up to him to claim my mouth in a hot and tortured kiss that went on and on. I was intoxicated, not from the wine, but Adam, his kiss, his touch…

He worked the zipper down on my tunic and gently lifted it over my head before sliding his hands over my breasts, cupping and lifting them in his loving hands. I felt his mouth on my nipples through the thin lace of my bra as he tugged tenderly on them. His hands moved slowly around my back and unfastened the hooks, letting my bra fall away and exposing me to his hungry mouth. He captured them greedily, ravaging my aching nipples with his lips and tongue.

My legs were trembling with the struggle to just remain upright and Adam noticed and quickly unzipped my slacks and pulled them and my undies down over my hips. His mouth planted quick kisses over my quivering belly and then he picked me up and carried me back into the bathroom, where the tub full of bubbles was waiting.

He set me down into the tub, and then stepped in himself. The water was warm and he turned on the water jets as I settled down into the bubbly depths. The tub was deeper than the one in Firenza and had some sort of non-slippery coating on it, which was a good idea I thought.

He immediately settled me on his lap, his mouth seeking mine in a deep and urgent kiss. I reveled in that kiss, opening myself to it completely, urging his own tongue on with my own, as we stroked and explored each others mouth.

I felt something bump up gently against my back and reached around to find the bath ball, which I grabbed and then turned to the ‘on’ position. It started humming delightfully and Adam was so caught up in what was happening he didn’t notice it at first. That is until I slipped it between our bodies and rubbed it against his chest.

“What in the world is that?” he asked, reaching down to capture my hand. He pulled it out between our bodies so he could get a look at the pulsing foamy ball. It truly looked like a round bath sponge actually and whether or not you turn it on it is wonderful. It’s not really suitable for a determined purpose (read between the lines here), but actually it feels great on your neck or if you have a sore muscle. I thought Adam may get a kick out of it.

I started giggling then; I couldn’t help it. Watching his face as he looked at the thing was priceless. His brow was furrowed at first and then he started giggling too and I knew then that I was in trouble. He raised one eyebrow and looked at me with a leer. I started to try to scoot off of his lap, but he had other ideas.

“Where are you going love?” he asked while pouring some shower gel on it. He then worked it through his fingers, squeezing and working the soap into a wonderful foamy lather. He reached out and started working it over my neck and shoulders, and then dipping it down onto my breasts, which were playing peek-a-boo in the bubbles. “We must make sure to get you very, very clean you know,” he teased while rubbing the soapy pulsating ball over my belly and then farther south, making tantalizing forays into the curly vee between my legs.

I started squirming in earnest then and it made him lose his grip on the soapy toy and it popped up to the surface of the water. Unfortunately for him, I was a bit quicker and I grabbed it, laughing as diabolically as I could. I performed the same ministrations upon his aroused body as he did mine, but I kept a better hold on the ball.

I was stroking the ball slowly over him and watching his reaction. His head was leaned back along the edge of the tub and he was looking at me with lazy, half-closed eyes and starting to breathe a bit more rapidly.

And all of a sudden, it stopped as quickly as it started. I pulled it out of the water and looked at it, frowning. I twisted the dial a bit and banged it against the edge of the tub.

“Oops! Looks like the, um, batteries just died…sorry,” I told him apologetically and we both started laughing hysterically.

“I would have accused you of planning that, except for the look on your face. It was good, too good,” he told me. “You looked like you wanted to kill the damn thing, honestly, oh baby, it was just too good…”

I threw the ‘damn thing’ at him and hit him right in the face. He sputtered, and while he was wiping the soap off his face, I moved across the tub and then splashed water at him which further surprised him.

“Ah hah! You play dirty then, do you? C’mere, we’ll just see how you like this” he said, sliding over to my side of the tub.

The next thing I knew, he was on his knees in front of me, wrapping my legs around his hips and then he was kissing me again intensely. All the passion was again swimming through my veins, making me ache and long to feel him inside me.

He lifted me up and sat me on the edge of the tub, then gently laid me back against the cool tiles. He leaned over me, continuing the kiss, our tongues dueling wickedly. I felt his hands slide down my body, coming to rest on my breasts and he leaned straight up then, so he could watch his hands journey.

He scooped up some water in his palm and let it trickle wetly over my aroused skin, then rubbed it in with his palm, making sensuous circles on my skin that were driving me crazy. His hands rubbed upward, covering my breasts and then gently he pulled, rolling my hardened nipples between his thumb and fingers. I arched my back, trying to get as much contact as I possibly could and our eyes were locked; I was trying desperately to let him know how much I wanted him, needed him.

His hands slipped down over my belly after drizzling more warm water over my skin, massaging along my quivering skin and then continued down to my thighs, which he gently spread apart. I was laying open to him then, and he was mesmerized by me, staring at my obvious desire. He took a finger and let it delve deeply into my dewy depths, sliding it in and out of me, before finally withdrawing it slowly, spreading my juices over my soft folds until they were slick and throbbing.

He bent his head then, lapping gently at me and drawing lazy circles with his tongue over the tight and swollen knot of flesh before darting inside of me again and again.

My release came swiftly, carrying me along into the depths of pleasure. I was writhing on the floor, my belly contracting with the power of my orgasm. Adam gathered me into his arms and settled us both into the tub again.

I was straddling him, resting my forehead against his shoulder while I got my breathing under control. He held me close, stroking up and down my back and I became aware of his rigid length pressed against me and I raised myself up and held him in my hand, then slid myself down onto him until I was sheathing him completely.

My muscles were still contracting from my orgasm and I felt him respond to that. He groaned against my neck as I started moving over him, pulling out until only the last little bit of him was still inside me before plunging downward again. After several minutes his breathing was as ragged as my own and I bit his shoulder lightly as my orgasm overcame me.

He held onto my hips and rocked back and forth in me, working toward his own peak and soon he was there and we were both gasping out one another’s names as our bodies quivered and quaked with our releases.

“I love you Sarah,” Adam told me while placing quick little kisses over my face and neck. I loved how he liked to do that after lovemaking. It was important to him, the emotional connection after the physical one.

“I love you too Adam. I’m so glad you brought me here,” I replied in a murmur against his neck.

He pulled me tightly against him and realized that I was covered in goose bumps. “Why didn’t you tell me you were cold, love?” he asked.

“I’m only just now starting to get cold,” I told him. “But maybe we should get out now”

“Okay,” he answered, shutting off the jets and reaching for the lever to release the water. I stood up then, the water running off of my body in small rivulets and the goose bumps were then even more noticeable. Adam stood up as well and stepped out of the tub and then helped me out. We grabbed a couple of thick towels and he wrapped his around his waist and then used mine to rub me dry.

We headed into the bedroom and the thick carpet felt wonderfully soft and warm against my feet. Adam pulled the covers back on the bed, and then headed back into the bathroom. He evidently blew the candles out and grabbed our champagne, setting the glasses on the bed tables. I picked mine up and drank down the contents, not that there was all that much left in the glass. He drank his too and so he poured us both some more.

A new CD started playing then, Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me. It fit the mood perfectly since it was quiet and intimate. We were sitting up in bed, covers pulled up around our waists and Adam had his arm around me, holding me close. My head was lying back against his arm and I felt loved and warm and very happy.

“Well, was it as bad as you anticipated?” he asked me and I knew he was referring to the evening spent with his family.

I smiled and looked up at him, only to see his face tilted down towards mine, smiling the lovely dimple smile. He ducked his head for a quick kiss and I giggled.

“Well, it was pretty rough, let me tell you!”

“Wha—really?” he asked, his voice full of concern.

“Adam, I’m joking. Really,” I sighed. “I had a wonderful evening. I like them all and Tamara was great. And the boys, they are awesome. I love seeing you with them, seeing how much you love them. You’re a good dad Adam.”

“Well actually love, I was asking about the tub, but it’s nice to know you liked my family!” he joked.

I sat my glass down on the bed side table and turned to him and said, “Now that wasn’t nice. I think I’ll just have to torture you!” I began tickling him, making him squirm and try to scoot away from my marauding fingers.

“Oh no, I’ll just retaliate,” he told me, starting to head to the bottom of the bed to get my feet, undoubtedly my most ticklish spot. Now the tables were turned and the worst part was that I couldn’t reach him any longer. All I could do was scream, “No, NO!” which only made him tickle more, until we were both breathless with laughter. He finally had mercy on me and crawled back up the bed and settled himself between my legs.

“Ha! Tickle me like that and then expect to get lucky?”

“Not expecting, only hoping,” he said, kissing me softly and then rolling to his back, carrying me with him.

But despite sweet and slow kisses, we were both tired and the kisses became softer and finally we both were sleeping, wrapped around one another. I don’t think either of us stirred until morning.


Surprisingly, I was the first to wake up. It was the sound of the waves that did it. I laid there for several minutes, lulled by the sounds and then finally peeked over Adam’s chest to look at the time. What I saw instigated a bit of panic and lots of action on my part.

“Adam, Adam, its 8:40. The boys will be here in 20 minutes. Get up,” I told him, then again when he showed no inclination to move, “Get UP!”

“Mm, good morning love!” he told me, stretching his long body out across the bed. I was already standing, looking out the windows. Luckily, no one or nothing was out there because I didn’t have anything on, although I didn’t even think about that at first.

Adam came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and bent down to kiss my neck. He did it in a leisurely and tempting way, but all I could think about was the fact that we weren’t going to be ready for the boys!

Okay, so maybe I am a little anal-retentive. I can’t stand to be late for anything!

“Adam, we need to get dressed,” I told him, trying to disengage myself from his embrace. Although I must admit I didn’t try too hard.

“Um yes, I know. But you smell so good. And you taste delightful,” he said, nibbling on my neck, before sliding his mouth down along my shoulder blade and kissing my spine.

“Adam, you’re making this so difficult. C’mon, we need to get dressed!”

He was raising goose bumps all along my back and my nipples were startlingly hard. I stood there shivering for a moment before he finally surrendered.

“Okay, okay,” he murmured against my ear. “I don’t want you panicking, we’ll get ready. It’s just, I have had fantasies about this very thing, seeing you standing here in my bedroom Sarah and I can’t quite believe you are actually here.” He turned me around and hugged me close. “I love you so much and you have made me so happy Sarah. I just want you to know that.”

“I know that Adam, and I love you too,” I replied, trying hard not to squirm. I couldn’t see the clock right now, but a good 5 minutes had to have gone by!

I could feel him chuckling as he held me. “All right, off you go,” he said, lightly swatting my tush as I practically ran off to the bathroom.

I didn’t have time for a shower, so I cleaned up a bit and brushed my teeth before heading back into the bedroom to get dressed. Adam was there, pulling clothes out of the closet. He had opened the sliding doors and a warm fresh breeze wafted through the room, smelling like salt and sunshine. I inhaled deeply, totally enthralled.

“What should I wear?” I asked him.

“I’m just putting some shorts and a tee shirt on. I’d dress comfortably and in something cool, it’s going to be really warm today I think.”

“Um okay,” I told him, digging through my bag. I’m glad I threw a couple of pairs of shorts in the bag because he hadn’t mentioned them.

I found a pair of jean shorts and a hot pink tank that had a built in bra in it, so much the better I thought, hurriedly pulling them on. I went into the bathroom and ran a brush through my hair and pulled it back with a hot pink head band.

Okay, I don’t look too foolish I decided before walking back out to the bedroom. Adam was just finishing dressing. He was in a pair of khaki shorts and a blue tee shirt, and my God, he looked awesome. He definitely has the legs for shorts.

I stood there admiring him and he turned around and saw me. “Whoa! You look like you are about 16 and could really get me into trouble. I’m not taking you out anywhere in that!”

I giggled like an idiot, but still the compliment felt wonderful. He held his hand out to me and led me out of the bedroom to the stairs. “C’mon jailbait!” he said.

When we got down to the kitchen, the sun was streaking through the windows, casting a sunny yellow glow everywhere. Adam opened the doors in here as well, pulling the screens across to keep out the bugs. I looked around the kitchen again this morning, admiring it in the mellow morning light.

You could tell it was a working kitchen. It was beautiful true, but it was also highly functional. The stove looked like a restaurant type, with 6 burners and even a grill section and had two ovens. I was lucky to just use my one oven occasionally. I wondered if he baked as well as cooked. The thought made me laugh out loud.

Adam opened the Sub-Zero refrigerator and started pulling out eggs and milk, and then on what apparently was an after-thought, some bacon.

“Can you mash up some banana for me?” he asked, grabbing some out of a bowl on the counter. “And chop some pecans? It would help me a great deal if you can.” He started some coffee brewing and I was thankful; I really need it this morning I thought.

“I think you can probably trust me with those,” I told him. He handed me a cutting board and a wicked looking knife. A BIG knife really; this man took cooking very, very seriously.

But he was so comfortable at it; he moved around the kitchen precisely, his movements economical and fluid. I found it hard to focus on mashing banana’s because it was so fun just to watch him.

“Um Adam, how many banana’s do you want mashed?” I asked, after I had done two.

He peeked over my shoulder and said, “Oh, one more will probably do it. And a cup or so of pecans, just coarsely chopped will be fine.”

Great I thought. What does he mean by ‘coarsely’ I wondered? And is that a cup before, or a cup after? Why can’t he be a little clearer about it? I was getting frustrated and then suddenly, I just had to laugh. I was feeling very intimidated, watching him in this dream of a kitchen. And why for heavens sake? I’m a pretty good cook myself. I just decided to shake it off. I was going to do it my own way and he could like it or not I thought indignantly!

But what if he doesn’t? Sheesh Sarah!

I decided finally to absolutely, positively stop torturing myself. I’d just do the best I could, that would have to be enough, I mean, that’s all I can do, right? Right!

I groaned and then sighed.

“Sarah…Sarah,” Adam said. “Are the banana’s ready? What’s the matter love?”

“I, uh, here. I hope they’re fine, I mean you didn’t really say how you wanted them mashed, so I—I just did it,” I told him, stammering over practically every word.

Adam was looking at me strangely, probably like he couldn’t figure out who this idiot in his kitchen was. “Uh Sarah, are you alright?” he asked, stopping what he was doing.

“Fine, I’m fine. I…It’s just you didn’t really say how you wanted them done and…”

“They’re just bananas Sarah. Nothing fancy, just plain old mashed is fine. Are you sure that’s all that’s wrong?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

I was saved from any further humiliation by what I presumed was the door bell, ringing a soft tone. Adam walked over to the kitchen doorway and pressed a button on what must have been an intercom system. I hadn’t really paid any attention to it, but I remembered seeing one upstairs too.

“Tamara, is that you?”

“Yeah, we’re here.”

“The alarm is off, come on in. We’re in the kitchen,” he told her and then went back to the bowl of batter he had been working on. I had finished the nuts and took them over to him and he added them into the batter and smiled, then kissed me.

He didn’t pay any damn attention to them at all! Sarah, you are an idiot!

The thunder of little feet on the stairway interrupted any further thoughts and I welcomed the distraction. Geoff and Tristan swooped into the room with Tamara in their wake. Both boys threw their book bags off onto the floor and ran to Adam for hugs and kisses.

After that was taken care of and they had told me hello as well, Adam said, “All right now, go put those bags in your room, then you can play until breakfast. Tamara, would you like to stay? We’ve got plenty.”

“Oh yes Tamara, please stay,” I added, eager to talk to her a little more. At least it would keep my mind off of freaking out over the breakfast thing.

“Well sure, if you’re sure I’m not intruding. I won’t ever pass up a chance to eat Adam’s banana pecan pancakes! They are fabulous. Sarah, has he made them for you before?”

“No, all he has cooked for me was the omelet yesterday morning. Other than that, I didn’t even know he could cook!” I laughed. I saw that the coffee maker had finished brewing and I said, “Who wants coffee?”

When they both said yes, I started looking around for some cups. I tried to be logical, thinking; if I were Adam, where would I put them? Right over the coffee maker seemed the logical place and when I looked, that is exactly where they were! I had finally triumphed over something in this kitchen I thought gleefully.

“Any one besides me want cream?” I asked. At Tamara’s nod, I grabbed the cream out of the fridge and set it on the counter, along with the mugs of steaming coffee. I took a flavorful sip and it was wonderful!

Tamara and I stood at the counter, sipping our coffee and watching Adam perform his magic. He really was wonderful to watch I thought with a sigh. Why do I let myself get so upset of things that are out of my comfort zone I wondered? It’s so silly, and yet my brain is always, constantly worrying about something!

The boys came back downstairs then and I had to laugh. For two such small boys, they sounded like a herd of elephants and it was a wonderful sound. You forget the joys of things like that after your own kids grow up. And now I was lucky enough to get to hear it again. They had some remote control cars with them and Adam told them to take them to the patio to play with them.

“Not outside?” they asked.

“No. You know better than to ask that, you cannot go out there by yourselves because I cannot trust you not to get in the pool!” Adam told them.

“We can swim!” Geoff said. “We learned how dad…”

“Yes, I am aware of that but you know the rules. Now, if you don’t want your pancakes burnt, you will let me focus my attention on them, rather than arguing with you, okay?”

I watched this interaction with interest. He was firm, but not unkind, he didn’t yell and they not only listened, but did what they were told to do. Actually I was pretty impressed. There were no tears or tantrums, they were now in the patio room, playing noisily, seemingly unaffected by it. He really is a dad I thought. I liked this side of him, a lot.

Adam pointed to a cabinet near where I was standing and asked, “Will you grab the plates out of there and get the table set please? The cutlery is in this drawer and you’ll find glasses over by the cups. The boys will drink some juice and milk.”

Not sure exactly which of us he was talking to, Tamara and I both took a task and together we got the table set. Adam was just finishing the breakfast and called out to the boys, “Go and wash your hands, breakfast is ready.”

They came running out of the patio heading for a bathroom down the hall that I didn’t know was there. Little brown haired streaks, zipping around the house I thought with a smile.

The boys and Tamara were right; I wouldn’t have wanted to miss Adam’s banana pecan pancakes for anything. In fact, he may have to make them every morning from now on I teased him. But I could see how happy the compliment made him, even though he scoffed at the idea.

After breakfast, they boys helped Adam clear the table and rinse and put the dishes into the dishwasher. Tamara and I sat there and watched and it was a fun sight. The boys were trying so hard to be careful with the dishes, but they also wanted to be helpful. And Adam believed they should learn how to do it, so he let them and the amount of patience he used was astounding.

I poured Tamara and I both one final cup of coffee and she asked me what Adam and I were going to do while we were here.

“I don’t really know for sure. We haven’t talked about it that much. Do you have any recommendations?” I asked her.

“No, not really but I did want to know what you were doing on Tuesday?”

“Besides going to the soccer game? I don’t know.”

“Well, I have a suggestion actually. The conference is over and Vivian and I are going to a day spa, she wants some pampering before she heads back to Africa. Gerald will probably hang out with Adam, so how would you like to go with Vivian and me? I promise you that it will be worth it! Total pampering, you’ll be massaged and steamed and hydrated and all manner of other things and you’ll feel wonderful when we are done! Are you game?”

“Wow, it sounds awesome and yes, I think I would definitely like to come. It sounds fabulous. What time does the fun start?”

“About 10:00. Vivian will have to drive down from LA. Hey Adam, your mother and I are stealing Sarah away on Tuesday, so don’t make any plans!” she told him, gathering her purse so that she could leave. “Boys, come and give me a kiss, I’m leaving.”

They ran over to her for hugs and kisses, and then went quickly back to their chores, fighting over who was doing what.

“Okay, see you at 10:00 or so on Tuesday Sarah. She smiled and waved, heading up the stairs.

So, Tuesday was taken care of. I wonder what today holds in store for us.


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tiki said...

OMG!!! Hot, hot and more hot today and Hope, the vibrating bath sponge is a hoot.

I love your creativity, it makes this the best blog out there.

But why do I have the feeling that something bad is just waiting to happen?

macy said...

Dang! Congrats to the first up there, but it's kinda funny because Hope usually posts a comment right away and she hasn't yet!

What's up Hope?

Hey tiki, I'm like you, I think something bad is looming. Things are just too peaceful.

Awww, Hope you're killing us...

Lynne said...

Good story as always mom. BUt what colors the kithcen? lmbo. Lynne

Hope said...

Good Morning Ladies and Rob!

I've been stuck in a meeting since 8:00, so I haven't had a chance to post a comment.

So you like the tub huh? LOL

Lynne, if you had read the last post it told about the colors of the kitchen. How quickly you forget! Little guys off to school now?

Lynne said...

Hate to tell you, the only thing I saw described was the stove. but ok. Did the the vib ball though, lol. I know where I can get one of those. hehehe Lynne

Lynne said...

Oh, excuse me, the sun cast a sunny yellow glow everywhere. Not what I asked ya mommy. Lynne

Hope said...

Don't tell me you actually read the tub part! I'm shocked--AMAZED! You don't want to know what goes on in my head about sex! LOL

From "California Dreams"

"When the lights came on I blinked they were so bright. But partly that was because they shone off of almost every available surface. Everything was highly polished and gleaming, including the appliances that were stainless steel and the tiles, which were creamy yellow colored with vines and fruit on some of them, in an Italian style. It was truly gorgeous I thought with a sigh. And also very functional I quickly realized."

Remember now?

megs said...

You two are a hoot! Almost better than the story--well, not quite, but very entertaining.

Hope, this was lovely. Even your sexy scenes are wonderful, playful and yet erotic as well.

Sarah is such a worry-wort. I swear she just can't seem to let some things go and it's so funny. It makes her so likable and human really, they way that Adam's intense vulnerability does for him.

Excellent writing. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

I have this feeling that Tamara is not who she seems to be. I don't know why I think this way, I just do. Did Adam check the flowers she had delivered for cameras and listening devices? *LOL*

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Hope and Ladies!

I read this mornings post after our monthly clinical staff meeting, and actually needed a moment to cool off in the middle of winter. LOL The vibrating sponge was a riot! Just where DO you get these ideas. As much as I ADORE the hot and steamy encounter, and the normal day to day developments with Sarah and Adam, I too worry that something sinister lurkes on the horizon. Be kind, Hope! (smile) Have an awesome day! Kristin

Val said...

Oh sheesh, something I was so glad didn't happen on this journal, the I'm first thing. It's kinda silly, but OK congratulations, you got up early. ;)

Great post, Hope, I'm all ready for my hubby to get home, I gotta start reading this closer to closing time... *sigh*

Hope said...

So, you wonder where I get these ideas from huh? To quote a line from one of my favorite movies, "Just good investigative journalism" or in this case, a really fun time at a 'Slumber Party' those women only parties. The ball is called the "Pulsa Bath Massage Ball" and it's pretty cool.

Lynne said...

Thank you for answering my question. I am glad everyone enjoys our banter, lol. Lynne

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hayley said...

Nice Hope, very, very nice! I think I'll read this one again tonight when I go home, hubby might like it!! ; )

I hadn't thought about something happening, but now that I do, that seems about right. Hope did say that there would be some new complications in California, didn't she?

Maria said...

OMG!! Today's post was sooo great! I laughed when I read about the vibrating bath sponge...the batteries do die in that thing way too soon!

Sandy said...

Great one Hope! I've got a bad feeling though, somethings going to happen soon, isn't it? I agree with anonymous, Tamara may not be what she seems to be.
I love reading the banter between you and your daughter, too funny.

tiki said...

Hey Maria, you sound like you have experiences with the vibrating bath ball. Do tell...

Maria said...

LOL Tiki.....the ball went with my to Vegas for my anniversary....we went through a 6 pack of

Maria said...

oops...went with me and my husband...typo there

tiki said...

Oh wow, so it's really real!

Our Hope is certainly opening my (our) eyes to lots of new things.

I hope that I could become as adventurous as Sarah is.

But I really have to wonder about Hope--Lynne says it's in her imagination, but I'm not so sure of that!!!

So Hope, tell us!!!

Gerry said...

Heya to all and Hope, I totally love your blog though I came across it just recently and haven't had time to catch up on it from the beginning. I like how you develop the story and the characters, I prefer it way better than the diary-blog-format. You also have a great attention for the detail which helps us to really get into the story.

Keep up with the good job! To add my two cents to the whole Tamara being suspicious thing, I tend to think she is true - the boys' love demonstrates it, and so do her friendly relationship with Adam and her warm attitude in general. Likewise you though, I'm anxious to read what will happen in the future.

Cheers, me

Hope said...

Tiki, Tiki, Tiki...

I somehow picture you as Tigger, sort of enthusistic and bouncing around. Please, I mean no offense okay? But you always make me smile.

Now, hmm, let me see. Lynne says that it's my imagination, but she also says that I write what I know. So, what do YOU think?

Hope said...


Welcome to my site and thank you for the wonderfully kind words. I'm delighted that you are enjoying the story. Please feel free to jump in any time!!!


Tigger said...

T-I-double gah-er!

That's me. Mom spent more time telling me to sit down and shut up than anything else! hehehheheh

So, what do I think? You're really asking me? seems dangerous somehow.

I think lynne probably wants to believe it's all in your imagination--after all, who wants to think about their parents doing the wild thing? But I think you got it goin' on girl!

LISA said...


Jo said...

Finally got a chance to read today's entry but, boy, you all were busy with the comments. I'll have to read those soon.

Um, Hope, um, where exactly does one buy a vibrating foam bath ball? Um, no reason I'm asking.... Actually, I was beginning to wonder if they were even going to make it into the tub there for a while. ;-)

And I love love love that Sarah doesn't cook and Adam does. My hubby is the cook in our house and I always feel exactly the same way Sarah did (with the bananas and pecans) when he asks me to help.

Off to read the comments now and then to search the 'net. Let's see .... "vibrating" + "foam bath ball"......

Jo said...

OK, just read the posts and now I know where to shop. I just love the internet - so informative.

But I have to agree with whoever said that they think something bad is going to happen. Sarah's going to be out from under Adam's watchful eye on Tuesday. Could it be dangerous for her?

Hope said...

I'm giggling like crazy here Jo. Try and after you get there, go to shop online and then click on relax to the max. It's called the Pulsa Ball Masseger.

Can't go wrong with it!

Rob said...

Woo Hoo!

Gonna have a GOOD time tonight!

Way to go Hope. Excellent as well as funny. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Oh rob, you really make me smile. A man with enthusiasm! Oh, wait. Like Adam!!!

Becky said...

Loved it, loved it loved it! That must be some bathtub!!! Looking forward to checking out! Thanks for a fabulous entry, Hope.

rob said...

Like Adam huh? I'm already feeling taller and more intense! lol

There must be some other guys out here reading, I think I need help!

Anonymous said...

I'm cowboy enough to know when to keep my dog out of the fight!

Best of luck buddy!


Akalie_Ladki said...

wow Hope - you're a fantastic writer!!! this blog totally rocks :)

Anonymous said...

Great posts...and for all of us who think something bad is gonna happen - lets not forget about the stalker. The same stalker who would not have a problem with killing somebody (pushed down stairs).

Hope said...

Good Morning All!

So we have another guy in our midst ladies. (and Rob) Welcome Matt, please feel free to jump in any time, we do promise not to bite, well most of us anyway.

Still one whole day until tomorrow! ; ) I really enjoyed writing these posts about California, although not sure why? Hmm...

Tigger said...

Oh Hope, you are such a tease! I'm more sure than ever now that something not so nice is going to happen out there, but WHAT???

Give us a hint?

Anonymous said...

Great entry. I'm a little breathless now!

Check out

kelli said...

WOW Hope! Awesome!

Beautifully written as usual, but I best liked Sarahs little mini meltdown in the kitchen about the bananas and pecans. That was just such a human thing to do. It is the kind of thing that gives your characters dimension and makes them seem so real.

Thanks so much!

pat said...

Goodness gracious! I'm not sure this old granny can take so much excitement, lol!

Wonderful, it warmed my cockels! ; )

Anonymous said...

Wow..I wish I had a man in my life that gave me so many orgasms! Does that really happen?! ;0) Nicely written, I especially like the romantic many men are not like that, but we all wish they were!!

amy d said...

Hey Jo, I have one of those pulsa bath balls too and I know exactly what you are talking about--they go through batteries faster than cops eat donuts!

kmorales4 said...

Hope you are a terrific writer. I'm not much into reading but you girl, you changed that. Been reading for a couple of months now. It was soooo good I went back and started reading from the begining. Love it, love it, love it. I'm so totally hooked. Thanks for that. BTW, Great post. Keep it up.

Val said...

Maria... what happens in Vegas, HUH?

I love that we have guy readers present, welcome Matt and Rob!

Hope, I am all ready for FRIDAY!!!

Hope said...

You know what Val? I'm ready for Friday too!

Of course, not just because I have a 3 day weekend coming up, but because I get to hear from all of you lovely readers as well.

I probably won't post on Monday, but if I don't, I'll post on Tuesday, so you will all have 3 chapters next week!

And I know that has to make you all happy!

AND...I love hearing from the men too! C'mon, speak up!

Anonymous said...

You know Hope, the problem is that men usually get roasted on these boards, so we don't usually speak up too much.

Women either think we're gay or looking for a little action. It makes it difficult to want to say too much!

But we are out here!

Hope said...

Well, I would like to say that we are very polite on this board. I don't want anyone bashing people here, there's enough of that on other boards. Even if we don't agree with someone, it seems like the posters either ignore it of are polite.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate that too. I feel like the posters on this board are the best anywhere. I love hearing from them all, not just because they say nice things but I find I am getting to know a few of them and feel very blessed about that. I welcome anyones comments as long as they are not intended to hurt someone.

So please, speak up!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I'm a third year in college, and I've just recently discovered these blogs. This one is by FAR my favorite; it's well-written, regularly posted, and awfully sweet. I love reading it as a study break.

However, large bathtubs (and privacy) are sorely lacking at UCLA, so I have to admit that I'm a little jealous.