Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dangerous Minds

Chapter Forty-Seven

We went in to get dressed before the police arrived. I was shaking like a leaf; I no longer felt safe, not even here in my own home. After I dressed I went into the kitchen to make coffee; more just to have something to do. I certainly didn’t need the coffee; I was frantic enough as it was.

The police got there quickly and Detective Arnold was right behind them. She told us that Detective Rodriguez was off today, but she already knew about the first note in California.

“Detective Roberts faxed a copy of that first note to us yesterday so I’m familiar with the situation,” she confirmed. “Now, tell me exactly what happened this morning.” We were all sitting at the table in the kitchen and I had poured us all coffee.

We told her exactly what had happened, what we had done. “And neither of you touched the note?”

“No, we knew not to. It was right there, we could read it as it was,” Adam verified. His hair was sticking up in places where he had repeatedly run his fingers through it and he was very pale. He was sipping a cup of black coffee, holding it between his two hands as if to warm them.

I sat there stirring my coffee pensively. I had poured in some cream, but I couldn’t bring myself to actually drink it; I was too afraid my stomach would reject it. I was still in shock; whoever was doing this had certainly wasted no time with the second note. I was pissed and scared and outraged all at the same time about this. They were turning our lives upside down with all this shit and I had certainly had enough.  Unfortunately we weren’t playing by my terms or Adams. It was a game of wait and see and I didn’t do that very well.

Detective Arnold nodded her head at Adam’s confirmation and made some more notes. “And you didn’t hear or see anything else?”

“No, no we were sound asleep when the doorbell rang. It took us a minute or so to get dressed and come out to the door. Sarah wouldn’t let me open it at first, so we turned on the porch light and then looked out the blinds next to the window. But I couldn’t see anything or anyone. It was after I looked out the peep hole again that I noticed something on the outside door, so I opened the inside door to see what it was.”

“Did they ring the doorbell only once?” she asked.

“No, at least twice, that—that we heard. We heard the first one while we were still in bed and then the second one was maybe a minute after that, probably not that long actually.” Adam said, replaying it in his mind. He looked at me for confirmation and I agreed.

“Yes, I’d say maybe more like 30 seconds. It seemed like a long time, but that was because we had been startled awake and were still sort of disoriented,” I added.

“And you didn’t hear any cars start or any other sounds? I read on the report from Laguna Beach that you had heard a motorbike.”

“No, I didn’t hear anything,” Adam answered. He looked at me and asked, “Did you hear anything love?”

I shook my head emphatically and I affirmed, “No, there weren’t any other sounds. I didn’t even hear any dogs barking. But it was probably two minutes or so after the door bell rang before we opened the door.”

“Okay,” she told us. She then started going back over other notes and said, “Here is what we have discovered about the tea. I think you’ll find this interesting. First off, there were no fingerprints on the pitcher except yours and what turned out to be your daughters. Did she tell you that she went to the police department in Lawrence to have her fingerprints done?”

When I shook my head no, she continued. “Well she did, but those were the only ones on there. When we ran the tests on the contents, at first we couldn’t find anything. There were no narcotics nor amphetamines or poisons; nothing that we could find in normal testing. However, our technician got curious and started testing for substances that we don’t normally screen for and that’s when we discovered what was in there. Care to make a guess?”

Adam and I both sat there mutely because we had no idea. “The tea here and probably in Italy was laced with liquid nicotine. In small regulated doses, it helps people to curb their craving for cigarettes. In larger doses, it does exactly what it did to you; makes you jittery and causes vomiting. In even larger doses still it could actually kill. This dose wasn’t enough to do that.”

“My God,” I said. I felt dumbfounded and my mind was reeling from all the possibilities. “So are you saying that they weren’t trying to kill us, or Adam?”

“Yes, that is what I’m saying. For some reason, that is becoming more apparent now, they seem to be toying with you Mr. Richland. If they wanted to kill you, they certainly could have.”

Adam and I sat there stunned, thinking about everything that had happened. But if they weren’t trying to kill him, maybe things would be a little better? We asked her about that.

“Well, I wouldn’t feel too secure. Most of the time stalking situations continue to gather momentum. After awhile, they don’t receive the attention they want and they become progressively more aggressive. You are still in danger Mr. Richland, do not doubt that.

Your stalker has gone to a lot of trouble, on two different continents to cause you problems. This is very serious. Now, according to Detective Roberts, you had an altercation with Rachel Tomlinson?”

“Well, I wouldn’t call it an altercation—I mean, there wasn’t anything physical. But she showed up at my house and I’m not even sure how she knew where I lived. I know that I haven’t ever given her the address. I made her leave, we had family there that day and they were just arriving. And she came back yesterday morning, after the detective talked to her. She was extremely angry that time.”

“She was livid Adam. Whether or not she is the one, she can certainly cause trouble I’ll bet. But Detective Arnold, if she is the one, I think she has help,” I interjected.

“Yes, that is what Detective Roberts said. And while she certainly seems antagonistic, neither I nor Detective Roberts feel that she is the one behind this. Someone who is a stalker is not usually as self-absorbed as she apparently is. She is wrapped up in what is going on with her and probably wouldn’t take the time away from that to go to all the trouble of stalking someone else. She just doesn’t fit the profile of a stalker.”

“Excuse me, but what IS the profile of someone who stalks? I mean, what kind of person should we be looking for?”

“Stalkers can vary a great deal, but there are some common statistics relevant to many stalkers. Often they suffer from lack of self-esteem or confidence, so in order to be noticed, they focus their attention on someone else and live vicariously through that attention. They will often be around the person who is being stalked, to sort of share in the lime-light. Some of them have psychological disorders, personality or mental problems. They often are fascinated with assassinations and have a ‘detachment’ disorder, often stemming from being abandoned as a child. 87 % of all stalkers are male, but usually when a male stalks someone, male of female, they don’t really know them. When females stalk, it tends to be someone they have had a relationship with that ended badly.”

Adam and I both considered that for a minute. I couldn’t think of anyone in Adam’s life that description fit. And it hadn’t really even occurred to me that it could be a man. That seemed to make it even worse.

The CSI crew had been called out to remove the letter from the door and check for fingerprints and one of the investigators came in then with the letter.

“It doesn’t look like there are any fingerprints on it detective, but right here on the corner of a piece of the tape is a fiber strand. We might at least be able to get what it’s from.”

Adam and I looked at it and a chill went up my spine. It was dark navy blue, the color of the person’s hoodie in Italy. I looked at Adam and we nodded; I knew he thought the same thing.

“Detective Arnold, I think we know what that is from,” Adam told her. “It looks like the same color as the hoodie the person in Pisa had on. I mean, we could be wrong, but Sarah and I both think so.”

The investigator nodded and said, “That would seem to be consistent with what I think. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t look like it was a mistake that it’s there, I think it was placed there on purpose.”

“To make sure we knew it was the same person,” I said, feeling sick to my stomach again.

“That could be,” Detective Arnold stated. She was looking at the note itself and added, “This looks like normal Times New Roman font, but we’ll check it to be sure. It’s a bit distorted though; the lab will find that out too. We’ll let you know. And, hopefully we will have some information come in from Laguna Beach today as well.”

Adam sat there, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. I could see how stressed he was about all this. I felt the same thing. It seemed to be snow-balling, rapidly.

“I have to leave for Dallas tomorrow night; I have a flight at 9:45. I am worried sick; I can’t possibly leave Sarah here now.”

“Adam, you have to. And I mean, if you’re there, they probably won’t bother me, don’t you think Detective?” I said. After I said that I realized it sounded like I wanted him gone so I would be safe. That wasn’t true at all; I just wanted him to careful.

“I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that. I do believe Adam is the target, but often time’s stalkers fixate on people close to their targets because they are jealous of those people. However, I’m not at all sure you would be any safer with him than here on your own,” she finished.

“I think we need to make some security changes around here. I’ll have an alarm system installed immediately and motion-sensor lights as well. And Sarah, what if we get Bobby to come back until I come back next weekend?”

“Oh Adam, I don’t know that all that is necessary. I don’t want to bother Bobby any more; he was nice enough to stay while we were gone, but I hate to ask him for anything more,” I said. I didn’t want to feel like a burden to anyone. Especially if we had a security system and lights, what more did I really need?

“I agree with Mr. Richland, those things are necessary. Unless you would rather go and stay somewhere else? That could work as well,” the detective said.

“Yes, you could go and stay with your parents, love. That might not be a bad idea anyway since you still can’t drive,” Adam offered.

I was starting to feel trapped. He was trying to be kind, but staying with my parents was a horrible idea. And I certainly didn’t want them in any danger. Bobby would be a better solution, but I still hated to ask him.

“I’ll take care of asking him love, and I bet he’ll be glad to do it. He actually seemed to like being away from your aunt a bit.”

I sighed. I had the sudden realization that I was not going to be able to talk my way out of this. I decided that the best thing I could do for Adam was just to go along with his idea, that it would be one less thing for him to stress about.

“Okay, what ever we need to do,” I agreed.

“Alright then, we’ll get on that right away. I’ll be back here no later than Friday night. That will give you the whole week to spend with Cassie. Do you think you could come to Dallas with me the next week?”

“Yes, probably,” I agreed. “Unless of course something is going on that I need to be here for.”

“Alright, it sounds as if things will be under control here then. Mr. Richland, will it be okay to communicate with Ms. Marcus about anything that comes up?”

“Of course. She has a need to know anything that I do, so please, do include her.”

“I do realize that, but it was necessary that I verify it. Ms. Marcus, Mr. Richland, please keep me informed on anything that happens. I will also take the opportunity to fax some information to the Dallas police department, just in case. I have a friend who is a detective there,” she told us, preparing to leave. “Oh, and as soon as I hear back from Laguna Beach I’ll be in contact.”

We walked her to the door and saw her out. It was cloudy and gloomy today here in Wichita. It seemed somehow even harsher when compared to the past sunny days in California. Memories of swimsuits and shorts seemed cruel reminders of those days and frankly, I wished we could go back; back before Thursday night, when things had been carefree. I thought about when Adam and I were last in the tub, how we held one another and his almost, sort of proposal. That was the most important thing I could imagine at the time; now it didn’t seem to hold a candle to all of this.

It was 8:30 and the dismal day stretched before us and I knew that day would be a struggle to get through. Adam pulled out the phone book and started hunting for alarm systems. Knowing Adam, he would not only have the best; he would have it here and installed today.

I bent over him as he was sitting at the table and wrapped my arms around him; I needed to feel him, to touch him. “Are you hungry? Can I fix you some breakfast,” I asked.

“Hmm? Breakfast? That would be good, I am a bit hungry.”

I wasn’t sure what to make and so I started digging around in the fridge and the cabinets looking for something that sounded even the most remotely appetizing. After Adam’s gourmet breakfasts and today’s situation, nothing sounded tasty at all. I finally decide to just make some southwestern style scrambled eggs and toast and as I got busy with that, I felt a little better. It was just having something to do I guess. I listened to Adam on the phone and I could tell he had found someone that met his ideas. They were coming at 1:00 to install the alarm and lights apparently and then he was making payment arrangements with them.

Which brought up something else, I thought. It’s my house, I should be paying for all this and yet I knew that Adam wasn’t going to allow that. He had got this into his silly male brain that it was all his fault, so he was going to take care of it.

He can afford it—I know that. But that’s not the point. I don’t want him paying for everything all the time. I make good money and I can afford some of these things. Which made me stop and think about how the future was going to look.

I acknowledged that Adam and I do have a future. I feel sure that we will get married. But that is in the future for us, I know. We have never actually talked about finances and things like that. I mean, he has the code for my house and I have a key and have the security codes for his. I know that I felt totally comfortable at his house, like I was home there. I believe he feels the same about my home. But that was about as far as we have gotten.

“Adam,” I began. “I think I should pay for this myself. I mean, it’s, well, I mean it’s my house, I should pay for it.” I watched his face as I said this. I wanted to be firm, to stand my ground.

“I do understand that love, but I really feel the need to do it. Call it a guy thing or something; I need to take care of the woman I love. Since I can’t be here, this is the next best thing I can do. It’s important to me.” He looked at me face and saw that I was determined. “Sarah, I feel so strongly about this. Please, I need to do this. I need to be able to go away and feel that I am protecting you in some way.”

I swallowed hard, thinking about that. He did feel strongly about it, I could tell. But so did I. I had to be able to maintain some sort of independence, that was important to me. I feared we might be at a standstill.

“Adam, this was all your idea, the whole concept. I’m just taking care of the mechanics of it.” I was quiet for a moment, trying to gather my thoughts before I continued. “I know that you worry about the expense of things for me. There is no debate here about the fact that you are better able to afford this, I know that. But to me, it isn’t really about the amount of money. It’s about the ability to take care of myself. I’ve been doing it for a long time now.”

“Yes Sarah, you have done that, and done it well. My God, you are putting Lissa through medical school without her having an enormous amount of debt when she graduates. You have proved to everyone that you certainly can take care of yourself and your kids. You did it because you had to, because you had no real support from their dad.”

I blanched when he said that. I hadn’t mentioned that to him when we talked about my ex. So most likely Lissa had told him about that. It stung to have him know that; he is so devoted to his kids and would never do what my ex had.

After pausing for a moment, he continued, “Sarah, you aren’t alone in life any longer. We are together. We are a family; we take care of each other. It’s all right to lean on me a little. I – I need that Sarah; I need to know I am doing my best for you. Until we marry and all the financial things are worked out, this is something I can do. Please Sarah…” he finished.

I don’t know what threw me more, the reference to marriage or his heartfelt plea. He seemed to take it for granted that we would marry. I did think we would marry, even if we hadn’t set a date yet or even officially gotten engaged. I knew in my heart that we were going to be together; married together.

This was a tug of war between his pride and mine. What do I have to win by getting my way I asked myself? Independence? Sort of but he is right, we’re already a family so in some ways that independence is already changed. I no longer think in terms of ‘me’, I now think in terms of ‘us’. It won’t make me any more independent if I do it by myself. Stubborn maybe—definitely; but no more independent.

How would I feel if I do it, let Adam take care of it that is? My pride would be stung a bit, I knew that. But since I already think of Adam and I as ‘us’, what else? I would eventually feel like it was just something we did together; as a couple, as a family. It’s just that he did so many things for me, already. I couldn’t possibly begin to repay him; except with my love, my belief in him and in ‘us’.

Adam waited patiently as I worked through all this. He said nothing, but the look on his face told me how important it was to him. I reached my hand out to his and squeezed it, then took it between both my hands.

“Alright Adam.” I was next going to say ‘you win’, but it wasn’t a case of winning or losing. We both win by sharing our lives. “I see how important it is and I believe in the long run, it is about us, not just about me. But its hard Adam, it really is.”

He stood up and came around the table and took me in his arms to hold me. I couldn’t help it, I cried. It’s just so hard – I’ve never had anyone to depend on, not really. Except Cassie and that was never financially, but I got all the moral support I ever needed. Which made me think about visiting her today.

“You said they are coming at 1:00 to install the system?” I asked him. It was about 9:30 now. If we got ready, we could be up there to see her for a couple of hours before we had to be home. “Adam, I’m thinking about Cassie. Do you think we could go up there this morning before they come to install the system? If we hurried?”

“Sure. C’mon, I’ll help get things put away,” he told me, already rinsing dishes so they could go into the dishwasher. We were done in 5 minutes and I hurried in to take a really quick shower.

A half hour later we were both showered and dressed and out the door. The new rehabilitation hospital was very near my house, so it didn’t take much time to get there. Soon, we were standing outside her door and I was taking a deep breath, trying to steady myself before going in. I didn’t have any idea at all what to expect, so I was trying hard to keep an open mind about it all. Adam, sensing my anxiety put his arm around my waist, as if to lend me his strength. I finally pushed open the door and we entered the room.

Only to find that it was empty. There was a board on the wall and on it was Cassie’s therapy schedule. It had never occurred to me to ask about that. According to this, she was in aqua-therapy and would be for the next 10 minutes or so. We decided to sit down and wait for her. I looked around the room and I saw a bit of Cass’s personality here and there. There were funny cards and pictures hanging up and several bouquets of flowers too. I got up and read the cards. Okay, I’m nosy. Besides, I wondered if any of them were from Dr. Gorgeous?

There were some from her parents and co-workers at the bank. And there was a bouquet that said it was from Adam and me. I hadn’t even thought about sending her flowers, especially when she was in the hospital because I knew that they would just be something to have to move. But these were beautiful pale pink roses and I looked at Adam in amazement.

“When did you think to send these Adam? They are beautiful!”

“I had them sent the day she was transferred. I wanted her to have some. I thought I had told you about it. ”

“No, I don’t remember anything about that. But thank you for being so thoughtful because I never even thought about it.”

We didn’t have time to discuss it further because the door opened and they wheeled Cassie in then. She was glowing, or maybe it was just that her smile was a mile wide and she looked so happy.

I got up to run over to her to hug and kiss her and she said, “Hey, back off there Quick Draw McGraw! Watch THIS,” she said and after they had wheeled the chair pretty close to another chair and locked the wheels, Cassie stood up!

All the way, on her own. Well, the nurse was standing very close to her, but after she stood up, she took the couple of steps to the chair and sat down. “NOW,” she said, “You can hug me!”

And I did. I was afraid that I might hurt her by hugging too tightly, but still, she felt wonderful! We were both crying by the end of that hug. Adam waited and then bent down and gave her a kiss on the cheek and lightly squeezed her shoulder. The nurse asked if Cass needed anything else and at her negative shake of her head, left us to our visit.

Cassie told us all about her week and about the different kinds of therapy she was receiving. She was progressing much faster than they thought she would, but I told her that they just didn’t know her the way I did, that it didn’t surprise me at all.

We told her all about California and she wanted to know if we had the pictures developed yet. I looked at Adam and realized I had totally forgotten them. I told her that I hadn’t gotten them done yet but that I would this week and bring them in for her to see.

I looked at Adam then, trying to decide whether or not to tell her about everything that was going on. I decided not to, not today. She was in too good of spirits and I didn’t want to spoil that.

All too soon it was time for her next therapy session and we told her we would come back tomorrow. We decided to come during her lunch hour and she said we could even bring her some real food. We told her we would and hugged her goodbye.

When we got back home, it was almost noon and Adam and I decided to lie down for an hour. We were both wiped out and I think we were both asleep before our heads hit the pillows. It was a good thing that Adam had set the alarm or we might have slept right through the installers. 


Adam was outside with the installers and they were deciding what to do, or maybe what kind of system to install. I was trying to read, but mostly I was just half sitting/half lying on the couch, sipping a bottle of water.

In the last month, I had had very little time to just veg out; we had been running around all the time and I was starting to feel wiped out. We did have a few days in California that were really relaxing, but it’s just not the same as just doing nothing. I didn’t even have the stereo on; I was just enjoying the quiet.

The phone rang and I regretfully picked it up to answer it. It turned out to be Tamara, which surprised me because she always called Adam’s cell phone. I wondered if he hadn’t answered it and that’s why she called on this one, but I soon had an answer to that question.

“I just thought I would try this number, I hope that’s okay. I wanted to get you instead of Adam,” she told me.

“No, its fine that you called this number, I’m happy about it in fact. But actually we were going to call you soon anyway. Tamara, there has been something else that happened.” I told her what happened here this morning with the note.

“Oh my God Sarah. This is horrible. They had to have followed you right back from LA. That’s so creepy. Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I guess so. Adam is outside right now with some people who are installing a home security system. He practically refused to go to Dallas unless I agreed. Then there was the debate over who was going to pay for it. He feels like it’s his responsibility, but it’s my house Tamara.”

“Um hm. I understand that. So what happened?”

“I ended up letting him pay for it. But it was a hard decision to make. He and I both already see us as a couple and that we will eventually get married. But I still have to have some independence; and he just doesn’t want to see that.”

“Adam has been caring for people all his life Sarah, I think you know that. It’s his instinct; it’s part of his personality. I know that Adam wouldn’t look at you as being any less independent because you let him do this, please believe me on this. He loves you so much Sarah, he needs to feel like you need him.”

“I know that, but I have just had to do everything myself for so long its hard to hand over the reins, so to speak.”

“It will get better, I promise. You and Adam are so good together; you sort of balance one another. That’s something he and I never did.”

“What do you mean? You two were such good friends, it’s hard to imagine that you weren’t good together.”

“Well yeah, as friends we are great together Sarah, but as life partner’s; it was awful. Imagine a see-saw. When things are good, both ends move up and down smoothly; in balance so to speak. But Adam and I, well, one of us was always hung up in the air, feet kicking and swinging in the wind. We never really worked together to make it balance. Adam, believe it or not can sometimes get so caught up in the day to day that he loses sight of what is really happening. He gets down about things and just sort of pulls into himself. I can do the same thing. When we are friends, we have enough detachment that we can keep each other down to earth. As romantic partners we became so mired in it all we couldn’t do that, we had no space. You two are totally different.”

“I’m not sure I understand Tamara. Adam and I are pretty different, true, but we tend to think alike about a lot of things.”

“Okay, please don’t be upset when I say what I’m about to say. It isn’t meant as a criticism, only an observation.” When she heard me say okay, she continued on. “All right, you can be a little high strung Sarah. I mean that you get something in your mind and you just replay it to death. I saw you do that this last week, several times. Your feet just sort of float up and someone needs to yank you back down. Adam is so grounded that his problem is just the opposite—he needs someone to pull him up. So together you are perfect. He brings you back to earth and you keep him from being too serious all the time. I saw him laugh and smile more this last week than I ever have. Balance,” she said.

I was quiet while I thought about what she said. It was interesting to me because I haven’t seen too much of that Adam; only little bits occasionally. As far as I’m concerned though, she is totally right. Adam does help keep me balanced, he really does. And his deeply grounded personality was exactly what I needed to feel secure enough to take a risk with him.

“Yes, I do understand that Tamara; I guess I’ve just never considered it quite like that before. I am aware that he has this very serious side, and I have seen it; just not that often. This morning’s discussion was an example of it. He took it very seriously, that he needed to feel that he was protecting me in some way and he believed that was the right way to do it.”

“Yes, that would be so important for him Sarah. Indulge him a little; I don’t believe it would be a bad thing.”

I laughed for a moment and finally agreed, “Yeah, you are probably right. How are the boys?”

“They are fine. Tristan has another game this week and he wants ‘his dad and Sarah’ to be here for it. It was very sweet, how he asked for you too. And they are both talking about going to Dallas to see you, but Sarah, I don’t think it’s safe to do that,” she told me and she sounded suddenly sad.

“I know, we don’t think so either. Adam and I have already talked about it Tamara. We don’t feel it’s worth the risk to them. I know he is really sad about that too,” I said. Right then the door opened and Adam walked in and caught those words.

“Sad about what?” he asked as he bent down to kiss me. He was rubbing his hands together, trying to get them warm. It was still cloudy out and the temperature apparently was dropping.

“This is Tamara,” I told him. “We’re discussing the boys. Here, would you like to speak to her?” At his nod I handed the phone to him.

They talked about the situation for about 15 minutes and then Adam told her goodbye and they hung up. He sat there on the couch, next to me and I could tell that he was fretting about everything.

I picked up his hand and kissed it. “Have I ever told you how much I love your hands Adam?”

“No,” he said, shaking his head.

“They are wonderful hands; strong, capable. They can hold me tight when I need that and they can touch me in the tenderest of ways. One caress from your hands makes me come alive and they make me feel so good, but not just physically. I feel secure with you because of them. And that is really just a metaphor for how you make me feel.

Tamara pointed out to me how well we balance one another and she’s right; we do. I’m going to hate this next week without you. Not because I won’t feel safe, but because I won’t get to wake up next to you each morning and I won’t get to kiss you each night.” I was looking deeply into his eyes when I told him these things; I wanted him to know how much I meant them.

“Thank you love. I think I really needed to hear that. I’m feeling so miserable about all this. I’m scared to death to leave you here and I’m scared to have you with me. I just want to keep you safe and I honestly don’t know how to do that. Have you called Bobby yet?”

I started to protest and he raised his hand up against my protestations. “Sarah, please just this one more thing for me. I’ll call Bobby; I don’t think he’ll mind at all.”

“Alright Adam. For you…”

“That’s my girl. We’ll get through it, I promise.”

I could only nod my reply; I didn’t trust myself to speak. What if something happens to him? And I realized I couldn’t bear the thought.


Anonymous said...

OK, the anticipation is really killing me. I don't handle suspense well at all. If this was a book I would be up all night to get to the end!
I really hope that everything turns out alright for Adam and Sarah. I think that the ex-boyfriend might be up to all this and if thats the case it is really going to make Sarah feel bad. Especially since they are going to cancel a trip for Adam to see his boys...

Hope said...

Good Morning Everyone!

Yeah, it's Wednesday and our Italian lunch! Can't wait...

I had some new people comment on the last chapter last evening and I wanted to thank them for their comments; Nacole and Akalie and Jennifer, haven't heard from you in a while. Your feedback is so wonderful, thanks so much.

It's starting to thaw a bit here, YEAH!!! Probably just in time for the next storm, lol!

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This is one of those things that I'd never put down. Thank goodness its not. Otherwise I'd have nothing to look forward to getting up this early! I've got school so there's no way that I'll make it to the lunch. You guys have fun though. I'll be thinking of you.

Hope, love the suspense of the story I feel like I could actually be there. I'm afraid when they are, I'm sad when they are. The emotions are right in the story. Thank you.

I'll talk to you all on Friday!


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Godd morning everyone. Mom, todays post was very good. Of course I didn't expect anything less. I feel bad for Adam though, not being able to see his kiddo's and all. If you get the chance today, let me know how my new post came out? I took another look after I posted today, and well, you know me. Lynne

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Thanks for making my Mon., Wed., and Friday mornings so great, Hope!! I love where this story is going but the suspense is killing me as well. As much as I like Tamara, I think something is strange about her calling the house rather than the cell. Although I don't think she could be out of town without someone noticing....could she be an accomplice????

Mehreen said...

No! I love Tamara...and the person who is doing this is probably rich to be following them from Italy to Kansas to LA and back. I still think it's the gothic groupie, she could probably get everything expensed and she's always around him, plus, the tea thing started before he met Sarah. It could be Sunni too, some people are just too good to be true and she seems like one of those! Week is half-over, I can't wait for Friday! I have a 30-page paper due (1/2 done) and after that I am celebrating Restaurant Week in Philly and get to read a new entry, yay!

Tigger said...

Ah Ha! So now we know what the tea was poisoned with. But I'm confused if they weren't trying to kill Adam, what were they trying to do?

I don't think it's Tamara, at least I don't want to believe it is, I really like her.

Hope, you have us on the edge of our seats and I have the sneaking suspicion that it is only going to get worse from here.

Macy said...

I agree, the suspense is killing me too. It doesn't help at all knowing what was in the tea and I had hoped that it would. And I can't decide who the stalker is either--several people have motives. Like Tamara--if Adam were acting strangely or was sick all the time, she could get custody, but she doesn't seem like that's a problem for her. Rachel is definitely a bitch, but I think Sarah and Tamara are right, she couldn't have done it on her own. The old boyfriend didn't seem to know she had been in Italy, but he really could have and he definitely has a reason for wanting Adam out of the picture. The little goth girl, while strange I can't see because what could be her motive unless she is a psycho goth girl who likes to cause trouble. And Sunni, she is nice, which could be a ruse, but again, why would she do it? Who else works on the film that it could be?

Just a thought, maybe it's Mark! He could have good reason for wanting Adam out of the way--he might be suspicious of Adam and
Tamara's relationship and want the boys, and maybe it has something to do with the movie business. The more I think about him, the better I like him for it.

Anonymous said...

Macy, I think you are very right, Mark seems like a good suspect and I hadn't even considered him, mostly because there wasn't much said about him, but sometimes that's the way these things go!

Well, Hope who ever it is, you've got us going. EXCELLENT!!!

amy d

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon, Everyone! Have we placed our order yet for soup and breadsticks? Hope, awesome post! I am truly grateful that it is only Wednesday, and we still have another post due before the end of the week! I was always the kid that tried to sneak an early peek at her Christmas gifts, so the suspense is KILLING me. On a personal note, my daughter and I made your mum's cake recipe last night, and it was delicious. My daughter wanted to make it so badly, I bought the ingredients at the corner 7-11. Needless to say, I spent double what I should have, but thanks to you, she and I have a new baking tradition. The fact it was a middle of the week, nothing special day, made it even more an event! Thanks for sharing! Now is it time to eat? Pass the breadstick please! Kristin

Jaime said...

Great post Hope, as usual! This blog drives me crazy, I want to know who, what and why! But I love the suspense, of course that is what keeps us coming back!
So when does lunch start??

kmorales4 said...

Hope, you sure know how to bring up the suspence. Great job girl.

Rachel said...

Good Morning Hope and all!
Only one more hour until the escape club! I cant wait, i can taste the Bellini now!
WOnderful post today Hope it really got me thinking. I love how they have the CSI in there , thats one of my favorite shows.
I really dont want Adam to leave Sarah even though its only for a week it will be sad. We will miss him!
I'm glad to hear that Cassie is doing alot better.
Well tata for now until lunch.
Oh and where are the boys? We havent heard from either of them in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Well duh.... it just occurred to me there is a time difference between some of us posters. It is 1222 hrs here, and I am sitting at our table here at Olive Garden and munching on breadsticks all by myself... Well, I should be good and soused and devouring my frozen tiramisu by the time you get here, but I will save you all a seat!

Hope said...

Lunch is getting closer ladies!

I really want that Bellini, I'm telly you! What a day.

I'm happy you are all so curious! It makes it much more fun, don't you think?

Kristin, you brought a smile to my fce with the story about the cake. I'm delighted you enjoyed it. I wish I had some now! Don't drink too much while you wait for us all.

Rachel, I think people are lining up for lunch, you better get a bigger table!

kmorales4 said...

Macy, I don't know who you mean by the "ex-boyfriend" but if you mean Jason, Sarah's ex-husband, it can't be him because Adam was being attacked before he even met Sarah. The only reason why Jason doesn't like Adam is because he was replaced (haha his loss). Now, Mark, that's a good suggestion. I didn't think of him as a suspect. He was "away for work" (enough time to be in Wichita). And he was in California a the time of the note on the rock incident. He also knew that Adam and Sarah wher going back to Wichita and when. He can also afford all of these trips and has reason to be jealous of the good relationship between Adam and Tamara. Hmmmmmmm????

Rachel said...

I'll start lunch early with you any one else care to join?
I'll take a strawberry bellini please!

Dominique said...

Hi ladies!

Another fantastic post!
Stalker - what about the other assistant on the movie set. The one that gave Sarah the creeps. (I can't remember her name. Not Sunny) She could have access to all info about Adam and Sarah and might even know where he is at times.

Oh yeah, the waitress is here, guess I better order. I will have the soup and salad lunch with a glass of water and Bellini to drink. Thanks! Yummy breadsticks!

Anonymous said...

Great post today. Y'all I never considered Mark myself, but is does make sense. OH all the suspense is killing me. Can not wait until Fridays post.
BTW, pass the breadsticks please.

Lynne said...

Hi ladies, hope you are enjoying your lunches! I think I want to stir the pot up a little by saying, why does it have to be the most obivious person that is doing the damage? Why cant it be someone like Sunny,(I use that name because on oof the girls mentioned it) whom you actually hear very little about? You know, sometimes its the one you don't suspect that is the real stalker! lol. Now don't eat me ma, just answering the question about the person on the set "Not Sunny." lol. Lynne

Kristin said...

Hey there Rachel, sorry didn't get back with you earlier, I think I was two up on my bellinis, and had already fallen beneath the table by the time you arrived (I think I saw your shoe tips). The waiter was hitting on me too, so it seemed like a good enough place to hang out until you all showed up! LOL Hope the rest of you enjoyed your lunch, suggestions for Friday's meal? Kristin

Rachel said...

Lol Kristin
Its lunch time yay!
I'll take another Bellini please and some soup and salad.
HOw about me pretend we are in cali today and sit outside and enjoy our lunch?
Who has some steam they would like blow off today?
Any suggestions for lunch on friday?

Hope said...

I suggest that we go to La Familia in Mission Vielo for lunch on Friday. Ice cold beer and we can try the 'tonsil burner'

Rachel said...

La Familia on Friday sounds great Hope!

Kristin said...

Don't know if my gringo belly can handle the tonsil burner, but cold beer, lively music, queso and chips sounds like a grand way to end the work week! Oh, do they serve Flan? If so, count me in!

Rachel said...

It looks like la familia it is on friday! I dont normally like hot stuff, but i'll give the tonsil burner a try! Maybe we will run into Adam and Sarah there.

Jaime said...

Jason was just an ex-boyfriend, not husband, she never could make the commitment to him, right?

Hope said...

To clarify, Jason is Sarah's ex boyfriend, not husband. She often refered to him though just as her 'ex' which could be confusing. No, she never could make a committment to him, but at the time they were going out he didn't want that either.

Jo said...

OK, so I had to work all morning and I missed lunch, yet again. Any leftovers? Pack them in a box and send them to Jo in Philly, please?

I so hope the police find something and catch whomever is doing this! It's causing ME major anxiety, for pete's sake! I can't imagine how Sarah's going to be feeling, all alone and afraid in her house. But I'm curious to see if the trouble will follow Adam or stay with Sarah.

And, even worse, I'm starting to suspect EVERYONE! Even Tamara when she called Sarah's phone today.

Haven't had a chance to really read all the comments but I see there's a luncheon brewing for Friday? This time, I'm in!

Catrina said...

I have this odd feeling that Cassie is behind this! Don't know why, but if it's not the crazy actress, I'm leaning towards Cassie.
No matter what, I LIVE for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!
Thanks, Hope!

megs said...

I haven't had a chance to read for a week or so but I got caught up today and man, Hope you have got me on the edge of my seat!

Wonderful, great, fantastic, there aren't good enough words to describe this. And all the theories are fascinating.

Catrina, your theory about Cassie--tell me more about that. Why do you think it could be her?

deena said...

Goodness gracious! At least we know what was in the tea, finally! LOL

I just don't think it's Tamara; or rather let me say that I don't want it to be Tamara. I loved the fact that she called to talk to Sarah, I thought it was a good thing, showing that she wants a relationship with Sarah too. And I loved her comment about Sarah, being in her own head too much. I thought that was a very astute observation for Tamara to make because we all know that's true.

Oh Hope, please don't let it be Tamara. And please don't let anyone be hurt!

becky said...

Ciao, bellas! I am now enjoying my strawberry bellini and anticipating my fettucini alfredo (calories don't count; after all it's virtual!) I am a bit late (1:35 PST)and you all got a head start with your drinks but I will catch up!

Mark is a great suspect! Perhaps he is in financial trouble (and Tamara does not know about it) and he wants Adam dead because the boys will inherit his fortune!!! As far as the liquid nicotine, it could cause him to have an accident on curvy, windy roads in Italy. It was an ingredient that would have been easily overlooked in blood tests.

Last Saturday I went to a local restaurant which was hosting a Psychic Cafe with several local psychics to give short reading. They also had a Passion Party going on. I got the vibrating sponge ball! Yay! I am also having a Passion Party so you are all virtually invited to come have fun and drink margaritas (or whatever!)

As always, Hope, another excellent entry. Waiting with bated (bellini) breath until Friday morning!


megs said...

A virtual Passion Party could be lots of fun. Ohh, the lotions and potions...heheheh

Anonymous said...

Hmm.... I think it's strange that Tamara called the house too. I'm thinking that Adam has caller ID on his cell and maybe she didn't want anyone to know where she was calling from. I don't think Cass has anything to do with it, but Mark could be an interesting suspect.

Tigger said...

I'm starting to get a sick feeling about Tamara AND Mark. They have the knowledge of where Adam and Sarah are and the money and ability to do or go where they need to. Maybe they want Adam out of the way and it could be for lots of reasons, money, the boys.

WyCoBecky said...


I just discovered your story and I have enjoyed it immensely. Like so many of your other "posters" I can't wait until MWF to read your new entry. Thanks for making my day that much better.

Any hoo- I just wanted to agree with Lynn and some others that I have a feeling that it is Sunny since she planned all the travel arrangements and knew where Adam and Sarah would be.I am surprised that Sarah hasn't thought of her. Hmmm.

Hope said...

WyCoBecky, Welcome!

Glad you posted and feel free to jump in anytime! We love to have fun and chat around here.

Lynne said...

Welcome Wycobecky! I hadn't thought about sunny being the one to make the arrangements. that is a good point. I'm not sure though, could be the other girls are right and it is Mark.
Only time will tell. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Antoinette said...

Hope, you are the best. Your blog is definately my favorite out of all the ones I read (of course with Lynne's as a very close second!). I can't wait until Friday to get another piece of the puzzle. I just wanted to put my opinion in on who I think the stalker is: I think that it is Sunni. But I guess I will have to wait and see who it really is!

Holly said...

I'm really thinking that it's Sunni. Who else besides her and Krista knew their location in Pisa? However in Italy, remember krista said that she wasn't the only one there.
I think Sunni was there too!

Gotta think, who and how would have access to liquid nicotine? I mean I'm not an expert, but I'm sure it's hard to get your hands on?

Akalie Ladki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Akalie Ladki said...

I'm sticking w/ Tamara as my prime suspect. Krista and/or Sunny would make perfect accomplices. And ofcourse they all know each other and have been in the know about Adam/Sarah's whereabouts.

Still...the motive I came up w/ is pretty weak(child custody). Seems like a lot of effort to keep the kids away from Adam and/or take revenge on him for a failed relationship hrm - but then again hell has no wrath like a woman scorned eh ;)

See you ladies on Friday :)

Akalie Ladki said...

or rather hell hath no fury like a woman scorned...bah you guys know what I mean :p

Val said...

I'm jumping in WAY late here, sorry! I had a long day and I've been really busy. I took my Gran to the grocery store, and when I asked her where she wanted to have lunch, guess what she picked? OLIVE GARDEN! So I was for real at the Olive Garden today. How weird is that? I had the Zuppa Toscana, breadsticks, and eggplant parmigiana. YUM! Then I had a prenatal visit with a mom thinking of hiring me to be at her birth in March. I'm a doula, which means I am a professional labor assistant. I do massage and help moms cope with labor and birth. It's a cool job, and lately I've been BUSY. :)

Anyway, great post, Hope! I am enjoying where this is going. I haven't really decided who I think is behind this, I'm just along for the ride. :)

Mari said...

Hey everyone!

I think Tamara has something to do with it. Maybe not so much for child custody, but for envy and jealousy. Isn't coincidental that every time something happened, the children were never there. Of course, she would HAVE to be working with someone else, because she can't be in two places at the same time, but I think she's defenitely involved somehow.

This is getting SOOO GOOOD!!!!

Sasha said...

It's the chef! Lol, remember, on the set, they had a chef that fed everyone..?

Catrina said...

My reason for suspecting Cassie? She's the LEAST obvious! We all know what a great author Hope is,so we know she's going to surprise us at every opportunity!
I thought about Mark, too, and even Tamara, though I can't even fathom that it could be Tamara. I want it to be Rachel, with the help of that goth girl....that way we wouldn't miss them when they're caught.
I admit it! I'm thinking with my heart instead of my head....I'm no Columbo, am I? :-)

Gerry said...

Oh the suspense! I finally got enough time between finishing my dissertation and lying sick in bed to actually read the last couple of posts. Well done as always, Hope!

Hope said...

Thursday - YEAH!!!

I'm finding all your speculations about the bad person very interesting. You all certainly give me ideas, that's for sure!

Boy, I just can't wake up today, which is a shame; the sky is a beautiful blue today with lots of lovely yellow sunshine beaming down on us. I hope it melts the gigantic piles of snow everywhere! LOL

Jennifer S said...

I normally don't leave messages but I just had to tell you Hope that I am addicted to your blog/story! I can't wait to read new posts. I only found this blog two weeks ago and was caught up in two days! I just couldn't stop reading. Keep up the great work!

I know this is a day late, but what do you put on the Salad Dressing Cake? Store bought frosting, homemade frosting, or is it better with nothing at all?

Hope said...

Welcome Jennifer S!

Thank you so much for your comments and please, jump in anytime, we have a good time here.

I have never made the cake--it was my mom who made it for me every year. Since she died in 1979 I have never had it again. But I seem to remember her using like a frosing mix on it. Back then, you bought the frosting mix as you did a cake mix. But you know what? I think any type of frosting would be wonderful on it. Some times she put white frosting and sometimes chocolate, it was always good.

Rachel said...

Good morning Hope and everyone!
Just dropping in to say a quick hello! I cant wait until tomorrow for a new post and the tonsil burner!
I'm thinking the stalker might be that Mark guy, he almost makes the most sense, and maybe he's involved with either Krista or Sunny. I dont think Tamara knows, but if she does it makes sense because she is just to nice to Sarah.
Have a good day everyone!

Hope said...

Morning Rachel,

I've put another post on Hopeful Journey, just wanted to let you know!

Yes, I can't wait for lunch tomorrow either!

Rachel said...

Hi, Hope
I had another insight about who the stalker could be, possibly it could be Cassie's Dr. gorgeous, hes unexpected and he probably has access to liquid nicotine, maybe Cassie is collaberating with him and she isnt really hurt and the car accedent was set up. Or maybe Adam and Sarah just happen to both have there own individual stalkers at the same time. ok now I'm just letting my imagination run wild lol.

Hope said...


I have finally updated the blog to the new blogger, so it will look a bit different. I have added a Favorite Links place on the and right now Breast gets the limelight. It is special to me, my family so if you get the time to check it out, please visit.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, Wow!!! I just found this blog 2 days ago and I've read everything. It's AWESOME. I can't get enough of it and now that I'm caught up...well...I'm dying for more!!! I can't take it. I need more!!

Ok, so I think I'm lost on a couple of things.
1st, this is completely fictional, correct? I mean there is no similarities between these people and real life?
2. I've seen links where it says to look here for photos, but I can't see them.
3rd. Are these real places you've visited, real hotels, ect...?
4th Do you have a sight where you post recipes? I love the sound of so many of the fabulous dishes you and Adam made, plus your parents and Tamara. I'd love the recipes.

And last... PLEASE don't let the stalker be Tamara or anyone "in the family", PLEASE DON'T. I love the relationship between them all and I was excited and hopeful to see parents who actually get along for the sake of the kids after a divorce. PLEASE don't ruin that. It's so rare to find divorced couples who are friends or care for each other and thing for the greater good of the children. I LOVE the relationship they have as a family. Please don't break that up.

So, I tried to read through a few of the comments. Hope, you are the writer? Fabulous job!! Your daughter posts on here? Has her own blog? Where is that?

I love these. Thank you for bringing back hope and excitement back into my life. I'm LOVING THIS!!!

Hope said...

Ok Anonymous, here goes.

Yes, I am Hope, the writer of this totally, completely fictious blog. I have lived in Italy and so the places that were mentioned are all places I have been. I lived there for three years and I adored it. I am delighted that you like the blog and thank you for all your very nice comments.

I have another website:

Many of the places I have talked about you can see pictures of. Monte Berico for instance is talked about in a story called 'Vicenza'. There is a picture of Monte Berico on it, the balustrade. In 'The Trial of the Travellers' (3 parts) I have pictures of many of the places and things that Adam and Sarah visited. You can also get to Hopeful Journey by clicking on my profile on the main page of What My Heart Desires and then going to the bottom you will see Hopeful Journey. I hope you will enjoy it as well.

I don't have a recipe site, but many of the dishes are things I learned to cook while I was there in Italy.

My daughter Lynne, posts on hopeful journey sometimes and she also has her own blog She hasn't had it very long, but I think she is doing a wonderful job with it.

I of course can't really give you any real clues about who is doing what or rather who Adam's or Sarah's stalker is, but it will all be revealed eventually. Until that time, jump in anytime to make a guess or chat, it seems like someone is always around.

I have the best readers on web and they are helpful too, so feel free to ask questions!

Becky said...

Good afternoon Hope and everyone!

The posting group is fantastic. We have our regulars who have thoughtful (and sometimes zany) observations and we have new posters all the time. We even have a few guys (prob. more who don't post). Overall, a great discussion group! See you all at La Familia in Mission Vielo for lunch on Friday. Looking forward to the ice cold beer and 'tonsil burner' salsa! OLE!


Gina said...

Hi Everyone!

Becky, you are so right. I never worry about getting jumped on here on this blog. Everyone is so friendly, it just makes you want to be part of the gang.

Hope, awesome entry, I can't decide WHO I think is doing it, lol.

I don't want it to be Tamara and Mark, but I have a sinking feeling that it is. = (

Jo said...

I've been meaning to come in here and ask just what a tonsil burner was. But I get the idea.

It's really great to read all these comments and opinions about the culprit(s). The folks who questioned who would have access to liquid nitrogen deserve a detective badge, I think. Dr. Gorgeous!!?! That would involve Cassie somehow but as accomplice or another victim? Hm.....

I don't know. I'm still wondering if Tamara is not a little too friendly.

Can't wait for tomorrow's post! And luncheon!

megs said...

Jo, liquid nicotine is actually pretty easy to get off the internet, or you can buy it in foreign countries apparently as well.

So that makes it accessible. Hope, that was a truly devious drug to use!

Anonymous said...

I still think it is Mark but that could by tomorrows post. I really hate to think it could be anyone in the "family".
I will not be able to attend "LUNCH" tomorrow I have a meeting at that time. Y'all have fun and let me know how the tonsil burning is.

Lynne said...

Hello all, good to see all of the new people on here. What happened to the boys though? Anywhoo, I talked to mom, and we agreed to share the reason that is listed under her favorite links.

I decided to open up about my story because in doing so, I might just help someone else out. I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer last march. It was not a suprise to me, but it was hard to deal with at first. Any one that has been in my position can tell you; it is a hard pill to swallow. There is a chatroom on with wonderful people in it. They, along with my family and a cancer support group in town really made a difference in how I got through each day. In the end, I had a lumpectomy. I got clear margins, and decided to forgo rads. My cancer was hormone positive, so I had my ovaries removed as extra insurance. That is another story. Suffice it to say, I had a long and very difficult year, and many surgeries. I am only 28, but breast cancer can happen to anyone. Please ladies AND gents, if you have a lump, don't wait. Get it checked out. Although breast cancer is uncommon in men, guys you CAN get it. Take care everyone, and PS A new post will be one my blog tomorrow! Lynne

Matt said...

Ok Lynne, you made me feel guilty. I just try to stay under the radar mostly although I like your mom's story alot and always read it. And it doesn't look like the acorn is falling too far from the tree with you little girl, with your story.

I do want to add to Lynne's story though. My wife died of breast cancer two years ago. It was stage 3 when we discovered it and though she fought valiantly, we lost our struggle 18 months later. And yes, I know that men can get it too.

My hats off to you Lynne, stay on top of it always.

Lynne said...

Thank you for being brave enough to discuss this topic. I am so very sorry for your loss. That is not an easy thing I know. I din't mean to make you feel guilty though. Hugs Matt, and I will stay on top of it, if only for my four little boys. They mean the world to me. Lynne

Hope said...

I want to say thank you as well Matt for speaking up. It's a difficult subject at any time and even more so when it's someone close to you.

When I added the link earlier for breast I didn't specifically state why--that had to be Lynne's choice whether to share or not; but I am so proud that she did.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you Matt, and my hat is off to you Lynne. You both are strong people it seems.
I have a new best friend ( we bacame friends after relocating do to Hurricane Katrina) she has not only dealt with her cancer but loosing her home also. She is very strong as are you guys.

Rachel said...

I am very sorry to hear that you had breast cancer. Thank you for sharing your story with us. A really close friend of mine got diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer last year and it was really ruff going through it with her. Congratualtions for surving it. Matt I am depply sorry for your loss.
This blog has become an amzing discusion board. I feel like we are all friends here.
This blog makes my day!

Anonymous said...

Lynne - Yesterday when I was at the DMV, I decided to get the new Breast Cancer Awareness plate that gives the extra money paid for the licence plate itself to multiple organizations dedicated to assisting people with who have this disease. After reading your story, I am so glad I did that. Thank you for sharing your story.

Anonymous said...

On the hopefuljourney site there is a story called 'The Cancer'.

Lynne is that about you?

Lynne said...

Rachel, I am sorry to hear about your friend. I hope that she is doing better now. MJ, thanks for the kinds words. Anonymous, I am glad to know that you did something to benifit a good cause like cancer prevention. Everyone benefits from that. You never know what may happen to you or a loved one down the road. Yes, the story, 'THE CANCER' is about me. It was my mothers way of accpeting and dealing with my cancer. Thanks to all of you for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

So hopefuljourney are true stories then? Not like this blog?

Lynne said...

Yes, the storys on hopefuljourney are all true. They are stories that we do not want our family members to forget down the road.

Jennifer said...

Good morning, ladies! Although I did miss lunch today at Olive Garden, I was there in spirit. I was actually home raising a glass of strawberry margarita with a friend while our little ones played. was only one glass and we were here for a few hours before she had to leave.
:-) What a great sisterhood on this site, so positive and authentic! I'm going to work not to stay silent while I'm here anymore. So...I can't be here for lunch tomorrow, I'll be picking up my oldest from preschool, but please do have a margarita for me...and some extra chips!

Jennifer said...

PS...I'm making my appointment with my OB RIGHT NOW to have my girl appointment. I've been putting it off because I'm afraid to see how much I weigh (why is it so hard after the second baby?!), but Lynne, you have inspired me.

Lynne said...

Jennifer, Never put off anything thats good for your health. Besides, YOU dont have to know what you weigh, just tell the nurse not to tell ya,lol. Good luck, and thanks for the sweet comment. Lynne

mary jane said...

How about in honor of all of our friends and family members, we all find out when the Walk For the Cure will be in our home towns and we all do it. What do y'all think MJ

Lynne said...

That is a great Idea!!!!!!!!! I wanted to do it last year, but I was recovering from a surgery. I wish everybody would do the walk. It is important to recognize that breast cancer affects 8 out of 10 women in their lifetime. Most women by the time they are 60, will have known at least one person with breast cancer personally. The more people that get involved, the more money is raised. That means more money goes to research, and that means better treatments and maybe one day, a cure for all stages of the disease. Watching someone with cancer is hard. Knowing that you could do something to prevent it but didn't should be even harder to stomach. Unfortunately, most people don't bother until they are affected in some way. Let's all take a step up, and do all we can. Lynne