Friday, January 19, 2007

Mysteries in the Dark

Chapter Forty-Five
I woke up with a smile and so did Adam. Let’s just say our ‘discussion’ about the softball game went pretty well. I gave him the opportunity to get to a few bases and score a couple of home runs and he was happy. Deliriously happy, but then so was I.

It was already 8:00 am and we had to hurry and get ready to go. We both hopped into the shower and managed to share it and keep our hands off of one another. I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad about that.

After eating a banana and some toast, we were on the road to the hotel where everyone was staying. The trip to the airport was uneventful. Lissa rode in the Lexus with us, so we could have a little bit more time together.

She and Adam giggled and told me the story of how they had put this whole birthday thing together and I was amazed at how quickly they had started and how devious they had been.

Adam had asked Lissa while I was still in the hospital when my birthday was. They had talked a lot then actually and gotten to know one another pretty well. Their rapport was incredible and I was very happy about that.

The scene at the airport wasn’t too bad and as I said, at least I would be seeing everyone quickly. Actually, Mom and Dad were going to pick us up from the airport tomorrow evening and Lissa said she would come down to Wichita in a couple of weeks, so it was all okay.

I stood there, waving goodbye at the visitor’s area and watched them make their way to the departure gate. Adam and I headed back to the car, holding hands. He had his baseball cap on again and the sunglasses and I had to admit, I found him pretty hot in that get up.

“What would you like to do today love?” he asked me as we were leaving the parking area at LAX. “Do some sight seeing maybe?”

I really didn’t have any desire to sight see in LA itself, I’m just not fascinated with cities. And beside I thought dryly, I had the feeling I would have lot’s of chances in the future. I thought about it for a couple of minutes and finally said, “I’d like to see the parks there by your house. I don’t really care about seeing anything here in LA. Is that okay? Or maybe you have something in particular you’d like to show me?”

“No, nothing around here really and I like the idea of the parks. They are actually quite nice,” he told me, heading back to the Pacific Coast highway.

Even though I had been on it a couple of times now, I loved the scenery. Parts of the drive were wild and wonderful. Adam told me about the highway farther north, past LA. “When we have more time we’ll make that drive. Up around Monterrey it is especially beautiful.”

“Yes, I’ve seen pictures of it and I would love that. Maybe we could go and tour some of the vineyards up there too, I’d enjoy that.”

“We could take a week next spring. Napa Valley is gorgeous then and we could finish off in San Francisco. I do like that city a lot,” he told me.

“Sounds wonderful. Adam, thank you so much for this week. I know I’ve already told you but it really did mean so much to me. And our families got along so well, I just couldn’t believe it!”

“It was my pleasure to do it love. And really, so much of it was Lissa’s idea. It was good that we started planning it so early because otherwise, Derek and Pam might not have been able to come.” He was quiet for a moment then added, “Your dad was a bit nervous about coming after we had the trouble at your house. He rather thought he should be there to keep an eye on things, but since your cousin decided to stay there, he finally decided to come.”

“And what about your parents?”

“That was just a stroke of real luck; they were already scheduled for the conference. Now Tamara was almost a problem though!”

“Why?” I exclaimed. I couldn’t have imagined why she would be a problem about that.

“Well, she seemed to think it would make your family uncomfortable, her being there and all. But in the end, I talked her around!”

“I can’t imagine it without her. I really like her Adam.”

“You feel comfortable with her? No worries about our past relationship?” he asked and I could tell my answer meant a lot to him.

“No, none. And I’m almost a little surprised about that truthfully. But your affection for one another is clear and I can easily tell that there is nothing romantic in it. In fact I sort of have a hard time imagining you two as a couple, you know? Adam, she will always be in your life because of the boys and it’s much better for the boys if you two develop and maintain a happy relationship. I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

He was quiet for a few minutes, thinking about what I had said obviously. Finally he told me, “That makes things so much better love. She really likes you and enjoyed the time she got to spend with you.”

We were quiet then for awhile, enjoying the scenery and soon we were back near Laguna Beach. Adam took the turn off to the Laguna Beach Wilderness Park.

It was beautiful, wild and scenic. We spent several hours there and walked a few of the trails. They had some nice bike trails and I wished we had bikes with us and I told Adam that.

“You enjoy bike riding?”

“Yeah, I do. Do you have any bikes?”

“No, but we could certainly get some. I’d enjoy that too,” he told me.

We stopped for a late lunch at a tiny little Mexican restaurant in Mission Viejo. It was run by a Mexican family and I was looking forward to some authentic food. When they came to take our orders, they asked what kind of salsa we wanted.

“What kind do you have?” I asked.

“We have mild, hot, green chili and hornilla dela amigdala, in other words, what we call the tonsil burner.”

Adam asked for the green chili and I told the server, “I want to try the tonsil burner!” Adam’s eyebrows went up a couple of notches when I said that.

“Um, ma’am, it’s very hot. Are you sure?”

“Absolutely, bring it on!”

They brought our chips and salsa then and Adam stared at the tonsil burner. It looked more like pure peppers than a tomato salsa and I could smell them and the onion and garlic as well. I thought it smelled terrific and I couldn’t wait to dig in. I could see out of the corner of my eye that the server was standing by the bar watching me. Adam shook his head doubtfully as I dipped a chip in and popped it into my mouth.

It was hot, I’ll give it that. Murderously hot! I could taste jalapenos, serrano’s and probably a habanero or three. The onion and garlic were wonderful in it. It was very flavorful, even over the heat. That’s where so many salsas fail, the heat overrides the flavor, but this one was a winner.

Several pairs of eyes besides Adams and the servers were on me as I chewed the treat. When I didn’t sputter or choke, the server and the others all smiled and laughed. I had passed some kind of test I think. They just didn’t realize how hard it was not to choke!

“Wonderful,” I called out to them. “Absolutely fantastic. Can I buy some of this in a jar to take home to Kansas with me?” I was thinking about a little revenge for my Dad, he can’t resist hot things!

A senora hurried over to me then, probably the cook and maybe the owner. She had a jar of it in her hand, which she gave to me. “I make it myself senora. I am very glad you like it. Not many can eat it!”

I laughed and said, “I’ll bet that’s true—it’s HOT! But very delicious!”

The rest of our meal was delicious as well, I had a taco and enchilada and they were very tasty. Adam had the same thing, only more of it and I think we were both very full and satisfied when we left.

We got home an hour or so later and decided to swim a bit and as we changed into our suits, I thought about how peaceful this time had been here and I mentioned that to Adam.

“Yes, other than that brief disruption by Rachel, it has been peaceful, for which I am very thankful.

"Why did she come over here Adam? I mean, I don’t think it was about the script, or at least not totally,” I said to him, rubbing sunscreen on his back.

‘Who knows for sure, but I’m sure it had something to do with her being bored. She can’t handle being alone and maybe just decided to see if I were home on a whim. Actually, I wasn’t even aware she knew where I lived, but I suppose she could have found out from someone at the studio.”

“Adam, you don’t suppose she is the one, who is, well, you know? Stalking you?”

“Stalking me, do you think that is what is happening?”

“I mean, well what else? Italy, Wichita? Maybe here?”

“Are you scared love?” he asked me. He turned around then and looked me directly in the eye, intently watching me.

“Nooo, not exactly. Not for me, but Adam, you have to take this very seriously you know.”

He nodded and took the sunscreen from me and then he was spreading it over my back and we were soon outside, in the warm sunshine. I decided to lie on the lounge for a bit, to work a bit more on my tan. My skin was a beautiful golden color now, not dark really, just a nice little healthy looking glow and it was such a treat for me. I’ve never had a tan at this time of the year and I was enjoying it.

We lay in the sun for an hour or so, seldom talking, but enjoying the time with each other. He held my hand for most of the time and it sounds silly to say, but that thrilled me. I’m not old, but somehow Adam makes me feel especially young.

We hopped into the pool as the sun was starting to set and I sort of floated against Adam and watched the vivid colors of the sunset over the Pacific.
This time tomorrow we would be on our way back to Wichita, then two days later Adam would go to Dallas. I was trying not to let that bother me, but I still wasn’t entirely successful at it.

Around seven we heated up some leftover lasagna to eat and had the last of my birthday cake. Adam picked out a lovely red wine to go with it, a Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, which was lightly fruity and went very well with the lasagna. We ate out on the terrace and noticed that the breeze was freshening and so when we were done we decided to get into the hot tub and relax.

Adam put a CD on while I carried the dishes in and loaded the dishwasher. We hadn’t had time to get in the hot tub and I was looking forward to it. It was getting cooler out as the breeze picked up and the stars came out and I couldn’t imagine a better setting for us to spend our last evening in California in.

Hall and Oates came on then, the Marigold Sky CD that we had listened to in Italy. It brought back memories of Italy, good ones and since it was one of my favorite CD’s anyway, I was glad he put it on. And it also meant that he was in the mood for a little romance!

Not that I had ever doubted that!

Before he came back out he opened another bottle of wine and refilled our glasses. I lit some candles and sat them around the hot tub and then I went into the bedroom to get undressed. I was almost finished with that when Adam came in to get undressed himself.

Of course, I volunteered to help him and I watched his eyes light with pleasure as I removed his clothes, kissing those tender little spots on his body that drive him wild with passion. And I felt very passionate tonight.

Adam was going to be a very lucky man; he just didn’t know it yet!

He catches on very quickly though and I must say he rose to the occasion in an exemplary fashion.

Afterwards, we sat back in the tub, letting the bubbles tickle our backs. We were still sipping the wine and frankly, I felt quite heady from it. I looked up at the inky indigo sky and gazed at the stars that were still twinkling brightly. The clouds were moving in slowly though and within an hour or two there would be a storm. The breeze was a bit chillier and I sunk a little deeper into the hot bubbly water and listened to the music. The song ‘Promise Ain’t Enough’ came on then and for some reason, it seemed much more poignant than it ever had before.

Don’t wanna open your heart
You’re afraid from the start
That a new love’s gonna
Let you down
There’s something you should know
Before you give up and go
I don’t believe in the run around
I just wanna define myself and
Show you how I feel

If a promise ain’t enough,
Then a touch says everything
Got to hold you in my arms
Till you feel what I mean
Know that my heart just
Tells me what to say
But words can only prove so much
If a promise ain’t enough,
Hold onto my love

I was lying back with my eyes closed listening to the words. That song described Adam so well; he just hung in there until his actions told me how much he cared, how much he loved me. He didn’t give up ever, and I owed him so much because of it. Not too many men would have stayed so strong against my defenses.

I opened my eyes and looked at him and saw him watching me, his face wearing a tiny little smile, just at the corners of his mouth. I blinked a couple of times because I knew there were tears shining in my eyes right then and I was determined not to let them slip down my face.

“We did it backwards you know,” he told me softly.

“Hm?” I asked, not really sure what he meant.

“The song. I showed you first so you would know. There hasn’t been a promise yet.”

“No, no I guess not.” My heart was suddenly pounding, so loudly I’m positive he must have heard it.

“I want to marry you Sarah. I want to spend the rest of our lives together. This—this isn’t really a proposal, at least not like I wanted it to be. I had hoped for something much more graceful, romantic…” he trailed off.

My breath caught in my throat and I found I was chewing on my lower lip. I was trying to let what he said sink in; waiting for the panic to come. “How do you know that Adam?” I asked. I needed to hear it.

“My heart knew it the first time I saw you up there on Monte Berico. I just knew and from that night on and each time after that I saw you, was with you, only told me that I was right, that you are the one. How does a heart know these things? I just don’t know, but it did.”

I nodded my head. I couldn’t deny that something in me had known as well, except that I pushed it out, away and tried to ignore it.

“My soul recognized you. I don’t know if there are such things as soul mates, but it there are, we surely must be. Tell me, when you look into my eyes don’t you recognize that?”

“Yes,” I said, but it was barely audible.

He pulled me onto his lap and rocked me back and forth a bit. I could hear his heart beating and I felt his warm breath stirring against my damp hair. I swallowed hard, trying to decide what I wanted to say; or maybe how I wanted to say it. Because I knew what I wanted, knew it in my heart and in my soul.

“I want to spend the rest of my life with you Adam. Yes, my soul knows you and so does my heart. I am at home with you, where ever we are. You are my home.”

He just pulled me to him tighter and I leaned up to kiss him and that’s when I discovered that he was crying; the tears slipping silently down his face. So I did what he had done for me so many times; I kissed his tears away. I held him against me and loved him the best way I knew how; not with my body, but with my heart.


Later, after we were out of the hot tub we sat on the balcony off the bedroom and watched the sky. Far out still in the ocean a storm was raging. The wind was brisk and the waves were rolling to shore with more power. Lightning was streaking the sky far out there and it was beautiful to watch.

In the distance we heard a motorbike, which disturbed Adam. “Dammit, this is a private beach. They aren’t supposed to be riding those things out there.

It was close, but then suddenly it stopped. I decided it was maybe out on the road and didn’t think anymore about it. Until a few minutes later that is.

Suddenly, something came flying between us, hitting the glass sliding door behind us and breaking it. Adam jumped up and saw that it was a rock and took off through the bedroom, yelling, “Bloody kids!” I saw him tear out the door of the patio room below and then down the steps to the beach, but by then I could hear the motorbike again, racing away this time.

I stood up to go downstairs when I saw him heading back. As I stepped over the mess I noticed that there was something tied around the rock and my heart stood still.

When Adam got back upstairs, I was standing there horrified, looking at the mess.

“What’s wrong? You haven’t cut yourself have you?”

I shook my head no and silently pointed to the rock; to what was tied to it.

“My God,” he said and started to reach for it.

I reached out my hand to stop him. “Wait Adam, don’t touch it. There could be fingerprints on it. We have to call the police.”

He stared at me uncomprehendingly for a moment and then nodded his head in agreement.

He called 911 and they said not to touch anything; that they would send someone out to investigate.

“Adam, I think we should call the detectives in Wichita too. This has to be related to all that you know.”

“I know. I guess I’m just in shock—it could very well have hit you, it came right between us. Oh God, I’m sorry love.”

He pulled their card out of his wallet and dialed the number. Both detectives were off duty, but the person who answered was familiar with the case and was also going to call Detectives Rodriguez and Arnold. Adam thanked them and hung up and we waited for a call, or for the local police to come.

Detective Rodriguez called first; in fact he called back almost immediately. Adam told him that he had called the local police and that they were on their way. Detective Rodriguez asked if we had any other trouble since we were out there and Adam told him no. He also asked Adam to have the local detective’s call him so he could inform them of what all had been going on.

“Have you found out anything about the pitcher of tea or the fingerprints?” Adam asked him, but the door bell rang then and Adam told him that he must go to get that and that we would be in touch.

A local patrolman was at the door and came in to check things out. Adam filled him in on what all had been going on and the patrolman quickly called a detective to come out to investigate. He didn’t touch the rock either; he said we should wait for the detective.

I was on pins and needles; I wanted to know what that note said. For all we know it could have been a teenage prank and all it said was ‘Gottcha’. But somehow I knew it said more than that.

We didn’t have to wait long for the detective to show up. Laguna Beach isn’t that big and they didn’t get exciting things like celebrity stalking (which is what the patrolman called it) too often and the detective was eager to investigate.

Her name was Roberts; a fifty-something veteran of the police force and she was very professional and nice. She had on a no-nonsense uniform and wore her mostly grey hair in a no-nonsense style.

She looked at the rock and the broken window and verified that no one had touched it before pulling on a pair of latex gloves and picking the rock up. She pulled off the rubber band that was holding the note on and unfolded the note to read it.

Adam and I stood there, watching her. She held the note up so we could read it, but wouldn’t let us hold it. The typed-written words read:

You cannot run
You cannot hide
Not escape
Nor even flee
I see you always
Know where you are
You can always count on me

For the first time in my life I thought I was going to faint. My head felt weird, strangely heavy and yet dizzy all at the same time. A slow flush spread upward and I felt so hot I couldn’t breathe. Adam noticed and pulled me over to sit on the settee at the end of the bed.

“Ms. Marcus, are you all right? Do you require medical attention?” Detective Roberts asked me while kneeling down in front of me.

“Just breathe love, slow and deep breaths. Um, maybe you need to bend over and put your head between your knees?”

“No, I’ll be fine,” I told them, trying to catch my breath, which seemed almost impossible. My words sounded shaky, even to me and I tucked my hands under my legs, to keep the detective and Adam from seeing them tremble.

Adam was sitting there quietly, but I was sure the contents of that note were replaying themselves in his head. They certainly were in mine. Now with the note, it all seemed so much more real—like there was true menace in whatever was happening.

“Adam, are you okay?” I asked him. I was trying to give him some time because he often tries to think before saying anything. But this had to be affecting him worse than it was me.

“Yes, yes, I just can’t imagine who is doing all this or even why? It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Do you have any enemies Mr. Richland? Or someone who has a reason to hurt you?”

“Not that I’m aware of. I mean, I get along with most people pretty well.”

“How about a disgruntled fan? Or another actor who is jealous over a role you had? Anything?” Detective Roberts asked.

“No I don’t think so. As far as fans go, I always try to speak with them and do autographs and such. I’ve never received any hate mail or anything. And other actors, I just don’t know, but I don’t think so.”

“Adam, what about Rachel?” I asked. “She knew your birthday and then she showed up here yesterday and was clearly mad when she left.”

“Who is Rachel? Why was she mad?”

Adam explained all about Rachel, their past, the movie and her appearance here yesterday. He also explained all that had happened before, including in Italy and Wichita. Then he gave Detective Roberts the phone number for Detective Rodriguez and she said she would definitely call him tomorrow.

“And you don’t know if they found anything in the pitcher?” she asked as she was writing everything down in her notebook.

“No, I was just asking him about that when the patrolman got here, so we ended the call.”

“I’ll check with them in the morning. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this Mr. Richland. In the meantime, I’d feel better if you went somewhere else to spend the night.”

“Yes, we can do that, but you should be aware that we are flying back to Wichita tomorrow afternoon. Our flight is at 3:30, out of LAX of course.” Adam told her.

“I don’t know if that is advisable. We may need more information.”

“I understand that, but we can be reached there if need be. And on Monday I must be in Dallas on the set to finish the movie I have been working on.”

“I see. Well, I don’t particularly like that, but we’ll just have to work with it. I think you can go ahead and get someone to come and replace the window. Do you have someone who comes in to see to the house while you’re gone?”

“Yes, I have a housekeeper who comes in on Tuesday’s and Friday’s and my ex-wife stops in as well to check on things.”

“You have an ex-wife? What is your relationship with her?”

It seemed like a red-flag had been set off then and I almost laughed thinking about Tamara being involved in any of this.

“I have a very good relationship with her. We both do,” he said, looking at me. The detective cast a furtive glance at the patrolman who was still there. I could tell she didn’t really believe that.

“Um hm. What’s her name; we will want to contact her.”

Oh God, I thought. Now they are going to drag Tamara into all of this. “Look, detective, Adam is right. Tamara would never be involved in any of this. She and Adam have two boys; she wouldn’t want them put at risk.” I told her, thinking how preposterous this was.

“Yes, well. As far as those boys are concerned, nothing has happened while they were around, has it? Mr. Richland, how long have you two been divorced?”

“We’ve been divorced for almost 4 years now. And she wasn’t in Italy. And if something was put in my tea there, she would have needed to be there, as well as be there to push us off the Tower in Pisa, wouldn’t she?” Adam asked and I could tell he was getting angry with the detective.

“Well, we’ll check all that out. Now, I suggest you find somewhere else to sleep and I’ll be in touch tomorrow before you leave. Can you please give me contact numbers for you both?”

We gave her the numbers and she and the patrolman left. Adam and I stood there, looking at the mess on the bedroom floor. “We need to get that glass up Adam,” I said, heading down the stairs for the broom and the dustpan. “You didn’t tell me you had a housekeeper. So she will be here tomorrow?”

“Yes, but I think she’ll be freaked out about this, I know I would be. Her name is Mrs. Barber. She’s been my housekeeper since I moved in here.”

I tried to make a joke and said, “SO, do you chase her around in her little maid’s uniform?”

Adam looked at me blankly, like it didn’t make sense, what I had just said.

“I’m sorry Adam, I was teasing you.”

“Well, I don’t really chase her around, she’s old enough to be my mother, or almost anyway. And she doesn’t wear a uniform. But she does do windows!” he said, slowly starting to perk up a bit.

We got the glass cleaned up and then Adam went down to get the vacuum, just to make sure we got all the pieces up. He then closed the Roman blinds and locked them into place.

We lay down on the bed, looking at one another. I finally spoke up, “Do you really think we need to go to a hotel? I’d much rather stay here.”

“I would too. But aren’t you nervous? You wouldn’t be afraid?”

“No, I mean, the window is locked up and there is an alarm. I think we’re fine. Maybe it’s stupid, but I’d rather stay here, okay?”

I could see him debating what to do. I know he was worried for me, but I honestly thought someone would be crazy to come back tonight. And then I realized that they probably were crazy anyway.

“Alright, let’s stay here,” he finally said.

A half an hour later, we were curled up in bed, holding each other. But sleep was still a long time coming.


Hope said...

Happy Friday Everyone!

I'm glad so many of you got to the beach party yesterday, Adam and Sarah enjoyed your company a great deal although Adam tells me we totally wiped out his liquour supplly! But we're all still invited back to the next shindig!

Boy am I glad it's Friday. Tonight I get to watch my four favorite little guys while Lynne and her hubby go out for dinner. I am looking forward to it! and my work has been pretty stressful for the past couple of weeks, so the weekend it very welcome.

Thanks for so many of you getting into the spirit of my silliness yesterday. Sometimes we just have to do those things!

It's warming up here a bit today, but we have snow predicted for tomorrow! I've had enough of winter already. I think I'll go and read about the beach party again...

LISA said...


x5head3pay said...

I loved this post as well. I knew the "trouble" you warned us about was more than just Rachel stopping by or a little sibling rivalry. That would have really freaked me out and I, personally, would NOT have stayed! I am a bit of a chicken tho! It's snowing and cold in Upstate NY and classes start Monday so campus is a buzz. I liked it better when it was quiet. I got more done!

Jaime said...

Wonderful post Hope! I did make it to the beach party yesterday, just didn't have time to post!
This is all so scary, I hope they find whoever is doing this soon! I hate seeing these things happen to Adam and Sarah, but I guess we have to have drama to keep a good story going!
I am so happy she told him that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him too! I had tears in my eyes through that whole scene!
Thanks again for a wonderful post!

Anonymous said...

I think I laughed, cried, and had my heart pound for two different reasons, all in the time it took me to read today's post! I think I need a nap... lol Thanks for another great episode, Hope! Have and awesomely stress free weekend!

Hope said...

Thanks so much for the kind words this morning Lisa, Katie, Jaime and Kristin!

If your enthusiasm counts for anything, I should have no problem selling this as a book.

Katie, our semester started here on Tuesday so things are crazy right now,mainly parking, as in --there is none! But it's always great to see the students back, it liven's things up. I think Holly goes to school too, so to all you returning students, you rock!

Lynne said...

Good Morning all! I like my mom, am looking forward to tonight, but for a different reason. NO KIDDOS!!!!!!!!!
My mother did a wonderful thing for us for Christmas. She bought us gift certificates for dinner, a movie, and a gas card. So, we decided to split them up for 2 nights out. I am very lucky. For all of you that may wonder how closely Sarah resembles my mother, I would say they are alot alike. Though my mom says Sarah is a seperate person, she shares alot of the same likes,dislikes, and quirks as my mother. I mention this because my mother and I were discussing all of the things I notice in her writing that I recognize as hers. Thought I would share that. Mom, todays post was wonderful, and I really enjoyed it! Hugs to you! Lynne.

Val said...

Great post, Hope!

I'm still in my pajamas this late, I'm so ashamed of myself. I stayed up til about 2am - knitting of all things! I just started learning to knit, and my three youngest have all put in their orders for their own scarves. Mackenzie (4) wants pink, of course. Bo (5) wants red, and Zion (7) wants blue. So I started on Zion's last night, and I know that I need to get them done quickly. I'm about a third done with the first one, so hopefully by time the weekend is over, they'll all have scarves. Of course it's kinda silly making scarves in Alabama, you never know if you're going to need it or not with our weird warm/cold weather.

I'm sure once I finish with these, my daughter Emily (11) will want one of those cool fancy fur scarves, maybe a hat too! But I doubt my teenage boys will want scarves, unless they are camo or something. Josh is 14 and Micah is 13.

Yep we have a full house! Anyway, thanks for posting so regularly, Hope, and the beach party yesterday was a great treat!


Lynne said...

Val, WOW! You really do have a full houe. Here I thought that I was odd with four kiddos. Seems like I can never get anything done unless its at 2am. lol. Anyways, good luck with your scarves! I hope all your kiddos get to use them. Lynne

Hope said...

You do have a house full Val, goodness gracious!

Lynne wanted me to crochet her some hats for Christmas, remember those little hats Ali McGraw wore in Love Story?

I used to be able to crochet, but this grandma isn't really too good at that kind of stuff now so a friend has volunteered to help me get started! Pretty bad when I can't manage a simple little hat.

But hey like Sarah, I have many other kinds fo gifts, thank heavens!!!

Catrina said...

This is getting more and more interesting! My favorite thing---"you are my home." It says it all, doesn't it?
Have a great weekend everyone! I can hardly wait until Monday.
Hope, enjoy those grandkids (six in all) will be at my house on Sunday, and I can hardly wait!

Tigger said...

Good morning! Hey Lynne, missed you around here.

Oh Hope, todays entry was astounding. I agree, I laughed and cried and I KNEW you had something devious planned! I don't know if it's that Rachel girl, it seems too easy, but sometimes the right answer IS the most obvious.

And I loved the tonsil burner! Too funny!

Thanks for making this such an interesting and creative story for us Hope, we do appreciate it.

btw, I'm a student too! (College, hehehe)

hayley said...

You have me in tears this morning Hope. That was so tender and loving, the scene between Sarah and Adam in the hot tub.

"So I did what he had done for me so many times; I kissed his tears away. I held him against me and loved him the best way I knew how; not with my body, but with my heart."

That is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read Hope. Sarah is really starting to understand about love.

Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Hope, as usual. I too cried at the hot tub scene.

And the mystery is back. Yea! I'm loving it. totally awesome entry.

amy d

macy said...

Hope, Hope Hope!

Man, when you bring the mystery back you do it with a wham!

Now I have to worry about our Adam and Sarah all the time again!

Sincerely and truly an excellent entry though. And yeah, it made me get a little teary-eyed too!

Sorry I missed the beach party yesterday. It sounds like it was a great day! Darn, I always miss the good stuff!

Holly said...

Wow, 4 posts in a week! Thank you so much Hope.

The unofficial proposal is just as romantic as the real one, I can't wait to see what he does.

I also cant wait to see if someone terrorized Sarah while Adam is in Dallas. So exciting!

Rachel said...

Good Morning Hope and all!
This was both a beautiful and a heart pounding post this morning. I loved it though as I do all of your posts!
Yay Adam and Sarah are sort of engaged, we will have to have a cyber bridal shower and bachelor and bachelorette parties for them!
The beach party was awesome yesterday I had so much fun!
After reading your Hopeful Journey blog I see so much of you Hope in Sarah.
Im glad there is some mystery back in the story but please dont let anyone get hurt.
Have a great day everyone!
-The good Rachel

Hope said...

Ahh! Feeling so much better! The Escape Club headed to our favorite little Mexican restaurant for lunch the world is now a much happier place. They don't have 'tonsil burner' salsa, but they have some very fine hot sauce and it tasted wonderful!

Good Rachel, when the time comes, you can be the host of the cyber shower and bachelor(ette) parties, although I'm afraid you'll have to keep an eye on Adam, no telling how he will take the 'shower' part!

Anonymous said...

This is my first post and I just want to say I love this story.
I came upon it total accident and have totally caught up on every post.
My husband was wondering what I was doing every night.
Great story line and I love Adam so much that I am jealous of Sarah.
Have a great weekend.

Hope said...

Welcome MJ and thanks for the compliments. Jump in any time, we love having some nice chats!

deena said...

I agree, happy Friday! I can't wait to get out of here today. I'm going to go home, fix a big pot of soup and stay inside and enjoy it this weekend because we have more bad weather heading our way.

Wow Hope, this was an amazing entry. It did make us run a gamut of emotions and it did it superbly. It takes a talented write to do that, to make us actually feel Sarah and Adams love and pain, anger and fear. Excellent job.

Rob said...

Ahh Hope, little girl you sure know how to get us going. If we are bowled over by the romance (and it was very romantic) then you got us thinking about the note.

Good job Hope, really good job.

Anonymous said...

Deena, I am with you a big pot odf soup and a nice fire going. We are in the midst of cold and rain here in New Orleans, but we have the Saints to look forward to on Sunday,that warms us up down here. GEAUX SAINTS

Jo said...

Aw man, I missed the beach party!!! Darned job! :-/ Well, I'm a vegetarian anyway but maybe Adam could have grilled me some veggies? Next time.

I was soooo happy when Adam (sorta) proposed. I just knew they'd end up together forever. And then I was totally bummed when they heard the motorbike on the beach. Just knew it had to be trouble. I mean, we knew someone was behind all the trouble, but this just made it so real. :-(

Haven't been able to read all the comments yet so I'm going to do that now. Oh and Hope, I'm still thinking about a certain chocolate cake....

Hope said...

Hi Jo!

I haven't forgotten the cake, I promise. I'm afraid some of you all may come down here and get me if I do! ; )

Remember, Adam did only kind of propose, it wasn't official...

kmorales4 said...

Oh goodness. I cannot resist to see a grown man cry. I loved this. And the tear kissing, outstanding. Too bad some bonehead is out trying to ruin things. Great post Hope. You are now officially my favorite blogger. Can't wait to read your book or taste that chocolate. Hee hee

Rachel said...

Good Afternon Hope!
I'm so glad to hear that you got to get out with the Escape Club today! I know how feels to just need an hour break away from the office. I wish I could have an Escape Club, but I work in a small office and I'm pretty much the only female here, so most of the time I just end up working right through my lunch hour.
Hey I have an idea lets start a cyber Escape Club on here and every day that you post from noon to one we can have an Escape Club Party. I think Mexican sounds good for Monday. I'll take virtual giant Margarita if thats ok! You can be the President Hope and I'll be the VP!

Hope said...

What a good idea Rachel.

Okay, I know decree that each posting day during your lunch hour we can have the Escape Club. The Escape Club it something that my friends and I at the university have been doing for years now. I wrote a story about it ont the other blog titled "The Escape Club". It's just a way we have of letting off steam and it works wonderfully. So for those like Rachel who don't have an Escape Club, join us here and let off a little steam!

Tara said...

Good Post today! I liked it. Have a good night watching the kiddos. Sounds like fun. I miss being at home and spending nights with my lil niece. Hope your weekend is good.

tita said...

Hi Hope
I started to read your story 2 weeks ago, and didn't want to write a post till I finish it.
It's really great!!! I love it. Every time I read it I feel as if I were Sarah because you are a wonderful writter.
I can hardly wait to read the next chapter!!
Thanks a lot for a wonderful and romantic story.


Anonymous said...

I am with you, I am the only female at my office also. The cyber escapeclub is a great idea. Here is to Monday and the vitural Margaritas.

Anonymous said...

love this blog!! could you post the recipe for the salad dressing cake? it looks scrumptious

Hope said...


The recipe for the cake is posted in Chapter 46, The Road Home comments section. I hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Just trying to catch up and noticed you spelled Monterey wrong, ithas onr "r". The double R's is located in Mexico. Nice blog!