Friday, December 29, 2006

A Night Of Romance

Chapter Thirty-Seven
When we got home I called Sweet Basil and made a reservation for us for 7:00. I was really excited. It is without a doubt my favorite Italian restaurant here in Wichita. It is such a romantic atmosphere, lit with candles and white fairy lights at night and the service there is supreme. And while it isn’t terribly formal, I love to dress up when I go, so I had the perfect outfit in mind.

It was another new dress, very sexy and I could wear some really hot undies underneath it, which suited me just fine, because that meant that after dinner, Adam would get to slowly peel them off of me!

When I got done with the call I found Adam in the living room, putting a CD on the stereo. Faith Hill’s CD called Faith was just starting. There are lots of songs on this one that I love, including Let Me Let Go and I Love You. I started humming along with the music as Adam and I headed off to the kitchen, hungrily scavenging for something to eat. I was so excited that I wasn’t really hungry, but decided I should eat something, so I got an apple out of the crisper and grabbed the jar of peanut butter.

Adam raised an eyebrow when he saw the peanut butter appear once again, but said nothing as he pulled ham and cheese out of the fridge, along with mayonnaise and pickles, lettuce and tomato.

I grabbed the tomato and sliced it up for him and set it on the table, along with plates and utensils. He was already stacking meat and cheese on the bread. It was funny to watch him build a sandwich; he did it in precisely the same way, every single time. I sliced my apple and put a dollop of peanut butter on my plate to dip into as I watched him.

First the meat goes on the bread, then the cheese. Then he flips it over and puts mayo on that side, then flips it back over to put mayo on that side. Then he adds the lettuce and tomato. Always the same. And I decided that Adam himself is remarkably like that. You always know what you are getting with him; you can count on him to be loving and faithful, funny and adventurous. Family is the most important thing to him and he is clearly devoted to them, to us. I have been welcomed into the loving circle and I feel so blessed. And tomorrow I will be meeting many of those people.

I felt a little nervous and yet, even more excited. I can only imagine that they are warm and loving people as well. Adam just seems to bring out the best in people. It goes back to my thoughts about him and his expectations. He expects the best and he gets it. That’s an extraordinary trait in someone, to be so full of faith that you are seldom let down. At least by those people you love. I think that is why he is finding it so hard to believe that someone he knows is doing this, to him, to us. Adam possesses a certain innocence and it was being sorely tested.

I found it hard to believe too, but I’m a little more realistic about people I think. I can’t imagine why they are doing it. I mean, I’ve thought about all the reasons, like maybe they were jealous of Adam and I, but then I realized that they were doing it to Adam before I even came along. But the incidents at Pisa and Firenza did involve me—so I didn’t have a clue what was up. I had so much on my mind about it, and I really wanted to talk to Adam, but I also didn’t want to spoil the happy mood between us right now, and so I decided it could wait until later.

“Tell me about California Adam, where you live.” I asked, eager to hear all about it.

“I live in Laguna Beach, or actually just a little north of it, on the coast itself. Tamara and the boys live in Huntington Beach, which is about 15 miles north of where I live. I live right on the edge of Crystal Cove State Park which is part of the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. It’s a beautiful area, very wild and open. My house is relatively small, only 3 bedrooms, but big enough to handle any company I have plus it’s got a family room that can be converted. My part of the beach sits on a cliff, about 40 feet up off the beach floor, and from the terrace there are stone steps leading down to the beach. The house itself is actually built into the rock wall. When you approach it from the front, it looks like a single level and when you walk in, you are on the top floor, where the living and family rooms are as well as my office. When you go down to the next level you find the bedrooms and then down one more level and that’s where the kitchen and dining areas are as well as a patio room. That level also leads out to the terrace, where the pool is.”

“You live on the ocean and you have a pool?” I asked incredulously.

“Well, you can’t always swim in the ocean, more often than not I won’t. Such things like seaweed and the like tend to make it a bit inhospitable at times. And it is often very cool, even in the warm California sunshine. But it is beautiful.”

“The house sounds lovely Adam; I can’t wait to see it.”

“And there is something there that you will absolutely adore, I’m betting.”

“What’s that?”

“I really should make you wait to see, but I can’t stand to not tell you! Let’s just say the master bathroom will not be a disappointment to you!”

Realization of what he could be talking about slipped slowly into my brain and my eyes brightened, along with a slow flush on my face. “Um, is it really large, like Firenza?” I asked, not daring to hope too much.

“Larger, we can swim in it quite easily, I promise. It has those little jet things too, not that we need any added stimulation, but still…”

“I may never want to leave it you know!” I jested, imagining long, long baths with him.

“That’s what I’m hoping,” he told me and when I glanced up at his face I realized he was very serious.

The flush blossomed again, capturing my face and neck and slowly spreading even farther down my chest. My pulse was beating rapidly and only increased as I had a brief flash of Adam and I in the tub in Firenza, water splashing everywhere.

I cleared my throat and said, “Um, tell me about the patio room Adam.”

His knowing smile told me that he knew well that I was trying to change the subject and he graciously allowed me to do so. For now, his eyes told me.

“It is wonderful, the whole west wall is glass and there are sliding screens that can move into place if you want to open the doors to let the breeze in. Of course, the sunset views from there are spectacular, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them. And it goes without saying that it is exclusively private, no peeking eyes anywhere.

For instance, if someone were to be chased around the patio naked, no one would ever know,” he said slowly, in a very intimate tone of voice. He smiled at me, only the corners of his mouth lifted up, which made his dimples look deep and his eyes were caressingly intense as they looked into mine.

“Um yes, I, uh, get the point,” I told him. He was just finishing his sandwich and I wondered if he would eat another, since this was supposed to be a ‘light snack’? And then the question was quickly answered as he started building a second one. I realized it was a good thing we were leaving tomorrow or we’d be soon making another trip to the grocery store.

I glanced at the clock, which told me it was almost 4:00 now. I wanted to have time to soak in my perfectly ordinary tub for awhile, but there was still some time before I needed to do that. The next couple of hours stretched before us and I wondered what on earth, besides the obvious was going to hold our attention. Not that I was opposed to the obvious, but I sort of had big plans for later and I didn’t want him to be too tired!

One look at him told me that he knew exactly what I was thinking, dang it. He almost imperceptibly shook his head and said, “Never happen love. I don’t think you could get me that tired!”

I looked at him with slightly narrowed eyes. I tilted back in my chair as I looked at him. “That sounds like a challenge Adam. Did I ever tell you how competitive I am?”

“No, but maybe you’d like to prove it?” he said, starting to push his chair back away from the table.

This was serious—he had only eaten half of his sandwich and was obviously willing to leave the rest of it. On guard now, I scooted my chair away from the table as well, watching him to see how he reacted. It felt like watching a duel in an old western flick, the two gunslingers watching each other cautiously, waiting for someone to make a move.

I stood up and just as quickly he was on his feet. I could never beat him in speed; those long sexy legs would beat me every time. So it had to be maneuverability or I didn’t have a chance. My eyes were darting around the room, trying to figure out the quickest way out the door. I decided all I had to do was beat him into the bedroom; he’d take care of the rest.

And suddenly, I was ready. I was already wet and aching for him and couldn’t wait to have him inside me! I peeked at him and saw that he was hard as well. We stood there for a moment more, grinning at one another. Adams eyes strayed toward the doorway and that was my chance! Didn’t he ever see the old westerns? You wait to make your move when your opponent takes their eyes off of you!

It only gave me a couple of seconds head start, but I cleared the doorway and headed through the dining room, into the living room and made the sharp turn to the left into the hall way. Adam, who was in his stocking feet slid around that corner and I made it into the bedroom a second before him, clearly the victor!

I stood there, rakishly looking at him, slightly out of breath from my dash through the house. “Well Adam, what are you going to do now?” I asked saucily.

“I think I’ll do this,” he teased, pulling my sweater up over my head in one smooth move. “And then I’ll try this,” he said as he started to unfasten my bra. He was just pulling it free when the doorbell rang, once, and then after a few seconds, again.

We both groaned, simultaneously. I refastened my bra and started pulling my sweater on as I headed out the bedroom door. We weren’t expecting anyone, so I was curious. I wanted to get to the door so I could peek out and see who it was.

Adam followed me down the hall, trying to rearrange himself in his jeans and I giggled. I tiptoed across the living room floor, which had a tendency to creak and peeked out the hole.

“Its Mom and Dad,” I whispered, giggling. What timing they had! Sometimes I think that no matter how old you are, parents have built in radar.

“Just a minute,” I called out, glancing at Adam to make sure he was presentable. I needn’t have worried, the mention of my parents had clearly taken the romance out of him and so I opened the door.

They made their way in, and I decided it was a good thing; we hadn’t yet talked about their coming over here while Adam and I were gone. But secretly I wondered if they had ever thought about calling before they made an appearance and then just as quickly realized how childish that sounded, even to me.

“Hi,” I told them and took their jackets. Mom and Dad headed over to the couch to sit down and I asked them if they wanted some coffee.

“No, we only stopped by for a quick visit. We’re meeting Bud and Yolanda for dinner at 5:00, but we wanted to know if you got your plans made to go to California?” Mom asked.

I love you Bud and Yolanda!
“Yeah, we fly out at 3:34 tomorrow afternoon, but of course we leave the house much earlier." I realized that we hadn’t talked with them since the talk this morning with the detectives, so we filled them in on everything.

“Someone was in here, in your house and put something in the tea?” Mom asked, clearly shocked. Her face blanched white with bright red blotches on her cheeks.

“We’re pretty sure, yes. The detectives took the empty pitcher with them this morning and they’ll run tests on it, to see if something was in there.” I watched Mom carefully; she was visibly shaken by this news. I looked over at Dad, but he seemed fine, or at least he wasn’t as upset as mom was anyway.

“Look, I know it’s upsetting, but they will get it figured out. In the meantime, we’ll be in California, away from all this.” I told them.

“But if they realize you aren’t here, won’t they figure out where you are?” Dad asked.

“Well, maybe, but we sort of have a plan to help that. I have several of those programmable timers that we will hook up and set to go on and off at different times. That should help. And we were wondering if you would stop by occasionally to open the blinds and stuff. But I don’t think that is such a good idea now,” I finished, looking at Mom, who was still very pale.

“The timers sound like a dandy idea, but I can stop by a few times as well,” he stated. I watched Mom and she looked downright scared.

“No Dad, don’t worry about that. I mean, they could see you coming and going anyway and get suspicious.”

“Maybe. Hey, I’ve got an idea. How about if we get your cousin Bobby to come and house sit? I’m sure he’d be willing to do it and I’d like to see someone mess with him!” Dad laughed.

My cousin Bobby is 25 and a black belt in Karate, which he teaches in his own dojo. If you stuck around long enough to find that out though you'd be in real trouble. He is 6’8 and looks really intimidating, but like lots of big guys, really wasn’t—unless you pushed him. He lives with my Aunt Barbara, who drives him crazy. He’s trying to get his business established or so he says. I think he just likes Aunt Barbara’s home-cooked meals.

“You know Dad that might be a wonderful idea. I’ll call him later; I bet he’ll do it, if I put some food in here for him.” I shuddered at the thought of having to feed him and Adam both. It would be like feeding him and Derek, I thought, shaking my head.

“If he can do it, have him call us and we’ll meet him over here and show him how to get in and stuff, alright?” Dad told us. Mom was looking at her watch and said that it was time they got going if they were going to meet Bud and Yolanda, and they rose to go.

I hurriedly wrote down the flight information for them and Adam added his address and contact numbers to it as well. We embraced at the door, Mom hugging me tightly and then uncharacteristically hugging Adam as well. We stood on the porch in the lengthening shadows and waved them off before heading back into the house.

Somehow the mood was spoiled for sex, but that was okay; it was almost five and I wanted to get into the tub. Adam was putting a new CD into the player, The Best of Chris Rea and I told him I was going to take a bath.

He looked at me and smiled—it was a ‘got away this time’ smile and it melted my heart. I could have told him that I was as unhappy about that as he was, or that we would make up for it later, but by the look on his face I realized that he knew.

“Hey, before you escape, is this a fancy place we’re going to?” he inquired.

“No, not terribly, but I’m dressing up a bit, so you better watch out!” I tossed over my shoulder with a laugh as I headed into the bedroom.

I ran the tub and filled it with a bath salts scented in the same fragrance as the perfume I intended to wear tonight. I turned the taps off and sunk into the tub with a sigh, thinking about Adam’s tub in Laguna Beach. I couldn’t wait to see it, I decided excitedly. Our baths in Italy had been such treats and I wouldn’t ever have imagined that before. I thought about him then, in that tub of vanilla bubbles, touching me and I realized quickly that I needed to change my thoughts!

I heard the shower in the bath the two other bedrooms share come on and thought of Adam in there, washing and again my imagination started in.

Sheesh Sarah, knock it off already!
At 5:45 I reluctantly made myself climb out of the tub and dried off. I decided that I would pin my hair up and let it fall into little curls. Adam hadn’t really seen it that way and it would go well with the dress I was going to wear.

It was made of black velveteen and clingy, with voile ¾ length sleeves. It had a cowl neckline in front and back, edged with more of the voile. It plunged low in front, but the back was practically non-existent, skimming to just below the curve of my waist. The best part was that because it was so low-cut in the back it had a built-in bra and a side zipper. Underneath it I would wear a black garter belt and lacy stockings. I could only imagine Adams reaction when he realized that! Maybe I would tell him about ½ way through dinner, I thought wickedly!

I opened the door into the bedroom and peeked out, wanting to make sure Adam wasn’t in there, but the coast was clear. I didn’t want him to get even a glimpse of me until I was ready!

It was clear and I made my way into the closet and pulled the dress out, and the shoes I would wear, black velvet heels. Very sexy and a pain in the ass really, but they would look good! Next I grabbed the garter belt and stockings and headed back into the bathroom. Adam walked into the bedroom them and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Uh love, I need my deodorant and stuff. Can I come in and get them?”

“NO!” I told him. I then gathered his toiletries, all of them, threw them in a towel and handed them out the door. “Do you see anything that you need that I missed?”

“No, no, this looks like it all, I’d say.” I was sure I heard a laugh in his answer but it could have just been because the door was closed. Probably it was.

I put on my makeup carefully, paying lots of attention to my eyes. They are nice eyes, and I dated a guy once who called them ‘cat eyes’ because of their shape, but they were small, I acknowledged. So I really played them up with the makeup, exaggerating their almond shape with shadow and liner, then a couple of coats of mascara. They actually looked pretty good I decided. I fastened my hair up with a clip that had rhinestones on it, making sure there were some curls dangling enticingly, and then sprayed it with hairspray to hold it.

Next I started dotting perfume on, in all the right spots and slipped the garter belt on and the stockings, adjusting them so that they were straight. The dress came last, and I slipped it on by stepping into it. And there was a surprise here, the six pounds I had lost were apparent here, the dress fit almost too loosely.

Wow, that doesn’t happen to me too often!
I then slipped on the three-inch heels and decided I looked pretty damn good as I stood looking in the mirror, from every angle possible. I added the jewelry I had chosen, my grandmothers Austrian crystals; chandelier earrings, a drop pendant and a bracelet. Maybe they were only crystals, but they looked wonderful I thought. I finally opened the door and walked out into the bedroom, where Adam was standing before the mirror, just finishing tying his tie.

God, if I thought I looked good tonight it was nothing compared to this man. Whoa! Dressed in a fabulously tailored black suit and pristine white shirt, he looked incredible! And the look on his face told me he thought the same thing about me! He had to have brought the suit with him even though I hadn’t seen it before, but admittedly I had paid little attention to his clothes. Wow, did this look good on him!

He just stood there, swallowing repeatedly and absentmindedly messing with the knot on his tie while staring at me speechlessly. He cleared his throat a couple of times before managing to speak.

“Oh Bella, you are exquisite, breathtaking…” he finally said, slowly walking towards me. He bent and softly kissed me and I caught his warm scent, that faint fragrance of his aftershave and the smell that was Adam himself. It was totally erotic and my muscles clenched tightly in response.

“Likewise,” I said, feeling like a fool for not being able to come up with anything better than that. He kind of took my breath away too. More than kind of…

“Um, shall we go then? To dinner?” he said to clarify, although I don’t know for whom he was doing it.

I nodded my head then and we grabbed coats out of the closet before heading out the door. He held onto my elbow, guiding me down the step into the garage and then opening the car door for me and making sure everything was tucked in before closing it securely.

We held hands in the car on the way to the restaurant, lightly stroking and caressing. There were huge butterflies dive bombing in my belly and I wasn’t sure I could eat a thing. All I could think about was Adam and I, together, touching and exploring one another’s bodies. I felt like all my senses were especially heightened tonight; the feel of his hand and the seductive scent of him were driving me crazy with desire, with need.

We got to Sweet Basil a few minutes before 7:00, but they had our table ready and as we walked into the dining room, I watched Adam’s face for his reaction. Sweet Basil is so lovely and warm. It’s not a huge place, but that only adds to its charm. The white fairy lights were twinkling along the walls and the candles on the tables cast an inviting and intimate glow to each table setting.

I could tell by the look on Adam’s face that he liked the restaurant, its cozy appeal. We sat down and the waiter handed us the menu’s to peruse. Adam looked at the wine menu, studying it carefully. I loved watching his face when he was concentrating on something intently. His lips would sort of press together, almost disappearing as he sucked them in and his eyes took on a whole new characteristic; totally focusing on whatever he was looking at.

It doesn’t sound sexy I know, but you’ll have to just trust me on this—IT IS!

Adam ordered a lovely white wine, a Pinot Grigio to go with dinner after we had made our selections. We started with an appetizer; stuffed mushroom caps, which were baked and had Italian sausage and 3 rich Italian cheeses in them. They were heavenly.

We decided that he would get Veal Piccata and I chose Penne del Mar, which is shrimp, scallops and vegetables sautéed in a chardonnay cream sauce. I have had this before and know that it is delectable. Sweet Basil’s wonderful house salad accompanied the dishes and was perfect after the appetizer. We shared our entrees, which was wonderful.

We couldn’t get out of there without dessert and we each chose one; I picked Tiramisu and Adam chose the Chocolate Flan, which is to die for, but is so rich I couldn’t have finished it on my own. But I was betting that Adam could!

This whole meal was phenomenal, every aspect. It was the perfect ending for our last night together here in Wichita. I felt as if the whole evening was a set up for seduction. And as much as I was enjoying our dinner, I was more than ready to head home.

Since our afternoon’s passion had been interrupted, we were both just a bit on edge. The slightest touch of his hand spread tingles up and down my spine. I found myself often licking my lips or worrying my lower lip in anticipation.

When we were finished and we had refused after dinner coffee and paid the check, I almost jumped up I was so excited. All the way home, I wanted to reach over and touch him, caress him. He was aroused, I could see that clearly and it sent a shivering response through me. I had to constantly keep telling myself that we are adults, not teenagers. Giving one’s lover a blow job in a moving car was reckless and stupid!

As soon as we were home and the garage door was closed I jumped out of the car, not waiting for Adam to come around and open the door for me. He got the idea, bright boy that he is and was already working on getting his tie off by the time we were in the house.

I took my coat off and tossed in over a chair in the living room on my way to the bedroom and Adam’s jacket met the same fate. He caught me as I hit the bedroom doorway, wrapping me in his arms, his lips found mine and our mouths ground together hungrily, each taking, each giving.

I was working frantically at the buttons on his shirt and when I found one obstinate one I yanked, pulling it off the shirt in my hurry to get it undone. Adam only groaned as he played his hands up and down my back, caressing the bare skin of my back and setting it on fire. I was pushing his shirt off of his shoulders, and then working on his belt, trying to get it unfastened as quickly as I could. He had kicked off his shoes by then and I tugged his pants down over his hips and he stepped out of them. I snaked my hand down between our bodies, capturing his rigid shaft in my fingers, gripping him firmly and sliding them up and down his heated length.

Our mouths were still molded together, tongues sliding slickly against one another’s and I felt like I couldn’t get enough of him, of his mouth.

His hands forayed down my back, to softly cup my behind and I thrilled to his touch, but I needed more, so much more. Adam found the zipper on the side of my dress and slid it down quickly then meticulously started at my shoulders, working the dress down over my body until I could step out of it. His hands dipped down again to my hips and he suddenly realized that I had nothing on but the garter belt and stockings. He stood there for a moment, gazing at me with his passion-darkened eyes, and then he picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist so that my dewy folds lay against his hardened cock. He was rubbing enticingly against my desirous flesh which needed him desperately. He carried me over to the window seat and sat me down there before kneeling before me and burying his tongue in my heated and aching folds.

His tongue played with me, swirling, then sweeping up and down the length of me, lapping delightfully at the open petals he found there. I sat there on the bench, legs spread wide and I could see his mouth moving over me. It was so erotic to watch, I came very quickly, panting and gasping out Adam’s name as passion gripped me.

He rose up on his knees again, and slid himself into me and his entry sent renewed contractions and shivers through my sensitive flesh. My muscles gripped him tightly, contracting around him and I felt him shiver for a moment, trying to gain control of his body. He held me tightly against him for a moment, and stood up so he could sit down on the bench. I straddled him and we looked at one another, eye to eye and I began a sensual dance upon his lap, rolling and squirming my hips, pulling up off of him until only the head of his throbbing shaft was still within me, then quickly sinking back down upon him, gyrating frantically, trying to rub myself over as much of him as I could.

His hands and lips were worshiping my breasts and nipples, teasing them delightfully and as he lightly bit one of my nipples, I started coming again, my body contracting wildly. I threw my head back in surrender, in pure pleasure, gasping out his name, crying from the sheer joy of our connection and soon Adam joined me and I quivered as I felt him contracting within me and felt the delicious warmth of his satisfaction spread through me.

We were holding one another then; that’s all we could muster. I laid my head on Adams shoulder, kissing it lightly, and licking delicately at the sweat that clung to him.

“Um,” Adam said to me, his mouth buried against my neck.

“If you’re going to tell me that you are hungry, I’ll swat your tush!” I told him with a giggle.

“Tush? What on earth are you talking about?”

I rolled my eyes, but the expression was lost on him in the dark and anyway, he was tugging on my nipples again with his lips. “Your bum, or as you British say, your arse!”

“Um,” he said again. “Spanking, kind of kinky, but if you really want to try it, I’ll be more than happy to swat your tush!” he quipped, laughing against me.

“Oh Adam,” I giggled. “I meant YOUR tush, not mine!”

“Why ever would you want to swat my tush?”

“Because you are hungry!” I told him.

“I’m hungry? Are you sure?”

“In case you are, I mean.” I was laughing really hard now and I could feel him do his best to keep from laughing himself. “Oh, forget it!”

“Forget that I’m hungry? I’m not positive that I can. But are you sure I’m hungry?”

I pushed against him and sent him back against the window, lightly bumping his head. “You must pay for that you know!” he told me, scooping me up and laying me on the bed.”

“Really? What’s the fee?” I asked.

He was only too delighted to show me!


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