Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Time Isn't On My Side!

Chapter Five

You’d think an hour and a half would be plenty of time to get up and get ready for a date, wouldn’t you?

Wrong. I barely made it. Maybe he thought the breathlessness was because I was excited to see him? Okay, maybe it was, a little...

I came out a very deep, but satisfied sleep when the phone rang. The desk clerk informed me it was 9:00 and that this was my wake up call. I think (hope) I responded politely and coherently and hung up the phone.

I lay there in bed and stretched slowly and luxuriously. I realized I felt fabulous! Then I started to remember why! This must be one of those fantasy kinds of vacations, surely it must. How else can I explain what happened yesterday. I met Prince Charming (at least that’s how it seemed) and now I have a date for the ball!

Oh my God, what am I going to wear?

I had packed mostly comfortable and casual clothes; clothes that wouldn’t wrinkle too badly and that I wouldn’t have to worry about too much. Mix and match clothes that would get me through the next 9 days, oops, make that 8 days now.

And they were great clothes for exploring and walking around Italy, if I was doing it on my own and if I wasn’t going to have dinner with a movie star at a restaurant near the Doges Palace in Venice!

I sprang out of bed as if I had a newly installed spring in my butt and ran over to where my suitcase was sitting, on a bench, still unpacked, except for a few items tossed carelessly aside yesterday after I had taken my morning shower.

The only items with me that I thought were up for an exciting day in Venice with a movie star were my lingerie and he wouldn’t even see that! Well, okay I hoped he would soon, but not today in Venice.

Okay, I have to make a confession here—I have a serious lingerie fetish. One day after my divorce 10 years ago, I was doing my laundry, separating and folding it and I held up a pair of plain, white, boring undies that had definitely seen better days. And I thought, why don’t you buy some new undies, you deserve them. So I went shopping, and started paying attention to what was in the stores.

I hadn’t bought any lacy, sexy undies for years. Once I had bought a really nice, hot nightgown and my ex had looked at it and said “it’s nice, take it off”. So much for romance I thought and didn’t bother again.

But now, I decided to buy what I wanted. The more I thought about it, the better I liked the idea—walking around with silk and satin and lace under my everyday clothes. And it was a fantastic idea. If you think it doesn’t put a little spring into your step to know that underneath your suit you have on a red satin bra and panties with a lacy black overlay on them, you are wrong—so wrong! I felt sexy, like I hadn’t felt, well maybe ever! A good portion of my disposable income went to lingerie. I have every color and pattern imaginable and to go out of the house without everything matching would be a sin to me.

So I had lots of great lingerie to wear, but nothing much interesting to wear over it.

A restaurant near the Doges Palace sounded fancy, but he also said it was small and quiet. Did that mean exclusive and pricey? Hopefully it wasn’t really dressy or formal, because I wasn’t going to walk around Venice all day in dress clothes. I luckily had brought one really nice dress to wear while I was here and another one that would be okay too, if I dressed it up a bit with some jewelry.

I ordered some cappuccino for breakfast and then figured I had time to hop into the shower quickly. I was just getting out when they arrived with my cappuccino, hot and creamy with a hint of cinnamon. Ah, lovely. I sipped appreciatively and nibbled on the fresh roll that came with it.

It was already 20 minutes until 10:00 and I still hadn’t decided what to wear. I opened the blinds in my room and looked outside. It was a little cloudy and the breeze when I opened the balcony doors was chilly, crisp and fresh.

The key, I decided was what shoes to wear. I needed something that would be comfortable, but still look nice. I decided on a pair of black ankle boots, with a low heel, but they were cushioned really well and should be fine for the day. And they even made my big old size 9 feet look good!

I had a wonderful pair of black slacks that I had bought new for this trip. They were light-weight wool and lined. The lines were very chic and fit me well. I imagined that they even made me look taller than my 5’5 height, but that was probably wishful thinking.

I had several choices for tops to go with them, and hopefully they weren’t too wrinkled. I wondered if I had time to steam something. Probably not I decided and but I finally settled on a long jersey tunic with a cowl neckline that lay around my shoulders, with silver buttons along the edges of the collar which could be buttoned up if you liked it that way. I choose to wear it open baring my shoulders, so I would have to wear a strapless bra with it. I would wear a silver chain belt with it, small and delicate looking, but it looked great with the top. Silver jewelry would go with it too; a silver necklace with mother of pearl and jet insets and matching chandelier earrings that I hoped made my neck look long and swan-like.

That decided, I checked the time again. Oh my God, it was 10:00!

I started scrambling to get ready. I laid out my sexiest undies, black lace boy pants and a matching bra with stretchy lace that hugged my breasts tightly. Whenever I wore it, it felt almost as if someone was pressing against my nipples, which was stimulating! Okay, so I’m a bit of a masochist. I probably didn’t need any extra stimulation today, but those undies were definitely dynamite and I needed the extra ammo today! The best part of it was that it had convertible straps which I could pull off.

I put my makeup on, taking extra care with my mascara. I have the thinnest, skimpiest lashes imaginable, so I took the extra time for a second coat, just to be sure. I managed to make my hair look presentable, sort of windblown and sexy which I really liked. My hair is just past shoulder length and naturally wavy, which was nice. I hated it as a kid, but now I can really appreciate it. I can wear it up or loose. It’s sort of a dark blonde with highlights streaked through it and only my hairdresser knows for sure if it is really my natural color! Next, perfume and body lotion and I was ready for the undies!

I was just fastening up my last boot when there was a knock on the door! 10:30 sharp. With a last critical look in the mirror, I answered the door!

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