Monday, October 09, 2006

Oh! My Exciting Life!

Chapter Four

I stood there, grinning from ear to ear, and if he could have read my dirty little mind, he would have known exactly what I wanted to be doing tomorrow! The mini fantasy popped back into my mind, but a little more detailed this time.

Back to earth, Sarah!

He was leaning against the wall; or rather his arm was, and he seemed very relaxed. But as I looked into his eyes, I realized that his body language was telling a different story. His eyes were focused on me and, well, I’d like to say hopeful. There was the barest hint of a smile on his face, but I could see an underlying reserve, as if he was trying to make himself believe my answer wasn’t really important to him, but it was, I could definitely see it was.

“I really haven’t thought that far ahead actually,” I told him. “I just got here this morning, so I’m sort of ‘flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants’ right now. I want to go to Venice soon, but right now, sleeping in sounds better than anything!”

“How about sleeping in, then a trip to Venezia?” he asked, using the Italian name for Venice. We could catch a train late morning and spend the afternoon and evening there. I know a wonderful ristorante there near the Doges Palazzo, it’s very small and quiet,” he finished softly, leaning towards me. He reached out and pushed back another wayward strand of hair that was playing peek-a-boo with my eyes. It was a startlingly intimate gesture, and I shivered, knowing guiltily how much I wanted this man!

His eyes missed nothing, taking in that shiver and I watched his eyes burn darker for a moment, like melting chocolate. He keep his eyes focused on my face though, and didn’t allow them to wander over my body. I don’t know if that upset me or not. I wanted to blatantly stare at his body! Was he feeling the same way as I was?

“All right then, shall I pick you up about 10:30?” he inquired. “There is a train about 11:00 to Venezia, a diretto,” he stated. A diretto is a train that makes only a few stops along a route, as opposed to a locale, which stops in most towns. It was a quick train, which meant less time sitting next to him, but more time in Venice.

I slowly nodded my head, “Yes, that would be lovely,” I replied. My voice was shaky and low, full of longing and desire. I lowered my eyes then, and stared at the carpeting on the floor. My hands were behind my back, between me and the wall. I didn’t trust myself to not reach out and grab him, but I wanted to.

He reached out with his beautiful hand and touched me under my chin, lifting my face to his and bending down for one last remarkably gentle and arousing kiss. It was soft and brief, as if he didn’t trust himself either.

“Goodnight Bella,” he murmured against my lips. “Sweet dreams,” he finished suggestively. I saw the raw desire in his eyes then and he made no attempt to hide it. For some twisted reason, it made it all better. And he called me beautiful!

“Goodnight,” I said. “I’ll see you in the morning”.

He turned away then, slowly, as if reluctant to move. When he got to the elevator, I was still watching him, the way his body moved, long strides, a confident way of walking that showed he knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it. He pushed the button for the elevator and looked at me one last time as I stood there watching him. And I knew exactly what he wanted in that moment!

The elevator arrived and the doors swept quickly open. He stepped inside and then all too soon the elevator doors closed and he was gone!

I went in my room and closed my door, leaning against it. I closed my eyes so I could hang on to the image of him for just a few moments longer. I know it seemed silly, but I raised my hand and let my fingertips lightly touch my lips, tracing their outlines where his lips had touched them only breathless moments earlier.

I groaned and started to prepare for a very welcome shower. I had taken one this morning when I got here, but I needed to feel the hot and steamy water washing over me, hopefully washing him out of my mind. I was tired, after all I had spent 12 hours traveling to get here and I don’t sleep very well on planes.

I tossed my clothes off without a care, figuring I would pick them up in the morning. While I was thinking about it I called the desk and asked for a call to wake me up at 9:00 am. That should give me time to get ready in the morning.

Mindlessly I turned on the water in the shower, adjusting it to a comfortable heat. An interesting thing about Italian bathrooms, and other places that I had seen in Europe is that because of the difference in languages, they did not use letters on the faucets handles but the center of the handles were colored; they used blue for cold and red for hot. Sort of the universal set up I guessed, but it made sense.

I hopped into the shower, enjoying the feel of the water sluicing over my body. It was just powerful enough to sting just a little bit, but was still very relaxing. I washed, rubbing the shower gel over my body, and I definitely wished it were his hands instead of mine. As I massaged the gel into my breasts, they felt heavy and my areolas and nipples were swollen, hard and aching to be caressed and loved.

I stepped out of the shower and started to rub myself dry with the towel. I realized that some of what I was rubbing away from that hot place between my legs was my own juices and not just the water. I rubbed softly there with the towel and my body shuddered with need when touched myself.

I turned off the lights and climbed into the bed, sinking into the cool sheets. I wished I had brought one of my toys with me; the vibrating bunny would be lovely right now. But I had been too nervous to pack one of them since they searched everything nowadays. I could just imagine some customs official finding it and holding it up so everyone could see and laugh!

So it was just me and my fingers, but that was okay, they were familiar with this territory and knew the paths well.

I thought about Adam and those kisses and his long-fingered hands, touching me and exploring my body. My body only minded a little that it was my hands, not his and I lavishly caressed myself, tracing the pathways I was imagining he was taking.

My breasts needed very little stimulation to bring my nipples back to rock-hard attention and I traced delicate little circles around them, moistening my fingertips generously with saliva. I grasped both my breasts with my hands and tenderly squeezed the mounds, moving up to my nipples again and pulling and teasing them until I could feel my stomach muscles clenching and then I moved my hands slowly down my belly, my ultimate destination waiting impatiently for fingers to play with the wet and aching treasure hidden behind my swollen lips.

As soon as my fingers found my heated petals I came, hard and fast. I cupped my hand over myself and just went with the contractions, my body shuddering rhythmically. My leg muscles were tensing and clenching and my toes were curled as I lay there and experienced the pleasure of that orgasm.

I fell asleep then, and if I dreamed, I didn’t remember it. I only came alert with the phone started ringing at 9:00 promptly.

But I woke with a smile. . .


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