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Sarah's Pregnancy Diary Part Thirteen

Sarah’s Pregnancy Diary  Part Thirteen

Tamara and Mark now have a daughter!  Lily Elizabeth Bonner was born 4 days ago and she is beautiful!  She has her mother’s spectacular olive complexion and amazing blue eyes.  Her hair is a tawny gold and she is going to be a heart-breaker some day.

Tamara and Lily are both home and doing incredibly well. Mark is beside himself, but then doesn’t having a baby do that to you?  You hold that tiny bundle in your arms and your heart melts.  It’s over, you’re done and suddenly your life revolves around that tiny, squirming bundle that is a part of you and your life is never the same again.

Our own bundle is due in 3 weeks and I have to say I’m so excited to be nearing the end of it all.  Adam has spoiled me ridiculously during the pregnancy; no one could have asked for a better husband and partner.  Her room is finished, and I hope to get used to all that pink that Adam wanted!  The walls are cotton candy pink with different whimsical fairies decorating them.  The border of the room is unicorns of all things but somehow it all looks really nice.  

We are moving into the house next week.  I guess I should say that the movers and Adam are moving us into the house because I’m just the director of traffic.  I think I’ll be really good at it.  All the furniture is ready to go in and we’ve had a blast deciding on color schemes and styles for the new bedrooms.  The house has a more modern feel to it than before but still feels comfortable and relaxing, with its large rooms it just cries out for family to come and be a part of our world.

And family will certainly be here.  Mom and Dad are coming the day after the move in and Lissa and Pam the day before, to help they say.  I don’t care what the reason is, I’m beyond happy to see them both.  Not to mention Daniel who is growing like crazy Pam says.

She talks to Derek regularly, via computer and I know that helps things a lot.  I really wish she’d come and stay with us for a bit and maybe she will now that things are settling down.  Derek is doing well, but when I’ve seen him, via Skype he looks tired and too thin.  Honestly, this is just so hard, knowing that when I get off the computer with him he’ll pick up his gun and go back to his job and be in such harm’s way.  It’s his job and he does it willingly but I’m a mother and it just isn’t as easy for me or for Pam.

Ryan and Krista are doing well.  They were married a few weeks ago in a small ceremony for family only.  Adam got to give her away and I’ve rarely ever seen him look so proud.  Little Elk was there as was Ryan’s mom, Charlotte.  I’d never met her before so it was really nice.  She and Little Elk obviously have deep feelings for one another and yet they each seem to keep a distance between them.  Krista says it’s because Little Elk was Ryan’s dad’s best friend and he doesn’t feel it would be proper to cross the line.  I think it’s sad for them and a few times I caught the sad look in Charlotte’s eyes as she looked at him and it’s very plain to see how she feels.

Maybe it’s just that I am so happy that I want everyone I know to be the same way and yet the world doesn’t work like that does it?  There is pain; the pain of love that isn’t returned or fulfilled, the pain of absence, of separation.  If only one of those fairies on the wall could really wave her magic wand and make it all better.

Until then, I’ll just keep on loving the amazing man who walks beside me in this life and all my family, both far and near.  It’s the best thing I can possibly do.


The saga begins, the journey to the birth of the newest little Richland!  I've added a new Cast of Characters, but there are many other pictures in the story itself.  I've added other character pictures and pictures of the places where our characters are currently at!  I hope you'll enjoy the new additions to the story.  The next Pregnancy Diary post will be in two weeks!

Many thanks to Moonlightlover60, my friend Lynn who does all the beautiful graphic contributions for my Moonlight stories.  She did the gorgeous banner for this story as well.  And as always, thanks to Engbunny for her editing expertise!

Happy Reading and your comments about the new banner and site are always appreciated.


Engbunny said...

It looks fantastic and you have done a wonderful job on the new site. :-) Congratulations!

SKBNJGirl said...

So good to see more on this wonderful tale...she's been preggers for far too long :-). Love the new banner! ML has done it again...

Hope said...

Hey Eng!

Thank you. The ride is beginning (again) and hopefully will be worth it all. Personally, I could just look at that banner forever and be happy.

Remember back in the day, with the old 'hiney' picture? We've come a long way, but then so have Sarah and Adam. They never really leave my heart, even though I don't write them as much.

Hope said...

Hey Tessa!!

Yes, so much more coming. Sarah, Adam and 22 pound baby Richland, on the way...LOL.

Lynn really knocked it out of the park didn't she? I'm just so amazed. In the early days there was nothing like this banner.

Thanks Tessa!

Joangel said...

22lbs??? Wow! Poor Sarah! So glad this story is back. Nice beginning, it was good to remember who all the players were. Surprisingly I remembered everyone. Seems like everyone is happy and drama free for the moment. Looking forward to more!

Hope said...

Hi Joangel!!

Yep, we're going to ease back into the story gently with a few pregnancy diaries to catch everyone up and then we'll get to birthin that baby!

Thanks for your comment, as always!!