Monday, June 18, 2012

Sarah's Pregnancy Diary Part Fourteen

Sarah’s Pregnancy Diary - Part Fourteen

The move into the new house is going well, thank goodness.  There are more than enough hands to share the work because most of the family is here to help or as in my father’s case, supervise.  I’m sure the movers are annoyed by it all, but Adam just laughs and says they are being paid well enough so who cares?

He is in his element, having my  family here..  His parents will be here in another week for the birth of their granddaughter.   Each time we’ve spoken with them, they are so excited that it just makes Adam and I both laugh with happiness.  Mom and Dad are here for the duration as is Lissa and Pam. 
We talk to Derek as often as we are allowed but it isn’t nearly often enough.  Pam is always upset after she speaks to him, which is to be expected.  We have all come to love Skype though and Derek can see Daniel and how much he is growing as he is growing like the proverbial weed for sure.

I watched as the bedroom furniture was carried in and held my breath as they narrowly missed scraping the side of the massive headboard on the doorway.  I felt a twinge of pain and leaned on the edge of the kitchen counter and caught my breath, trying to wait it out.

“Bella, are you alright?” Adam asked.  He seemed to have some sort of built in radar; every little twinge that I felt brought him running to me.  This far into the pregnancy I was touchy about everything and snapped at him I’m afraid.

“I’m fine, Adam!  For heaven’s sake, it’s just the Braxton-Hicks again.  Go away!” I commanded, pointing to the door.

“Yes, but do you need anything first?  To sit down or some water?”

I all but growled and then I scowled at him.  “Just go, Adam.  Please?”

“You better hit the road cowboy, she means business,” Cassie laughed from the doorway!  

“Oh my god!  Cassie!  You’re here.  When did you two get in?” I asked, seeing Georgio smiling behind her.  

“Late last night, or early this morning, depending on where in the world my brain was.  Look at you girl, you’re about ready to pop!”

“Yes, well, you’re not too far out there yourself so I’d watch the ‘popping’ jokes,” I grumbled.  

She looked beautiful, as she always did.  So tiny it was likely that their baby will be bigger than she is.  A boy, Cassie and Georgio were having a little boy and both of them were full of happiness about it.  I was so thankful for it; Cass had always wanted a baby and so had Georgio.  

We compared bellies for a moment and then both Cassie and I went out onto the deck to sit and rest.  Another twinge made me catch my breath and my hand again went to my belly.  “Oh, I hate Braxton-Hicks.  Had any yet?”

“Nope.  I have to say that I’d be quite happy to miss them too.”

Just then Adam came out to the patio and brought up both bottles of water.  I sighed; I already had enough water in me it felt like.  I peed constantly but I took it and smiled.

“Cassie, I’m so happy you and Georgio are here.  How are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling great.  Can’t say the same for Georgio though; I think he’s had more problems than I have,” she laughed.  

Georgio laughed and nodded, saying, “She’s right.  She didn’t have morning sickness, not a day of it but I did!”  He sat down in another chair and looked out at the perfect ocean view, sighing with pleasure.

“Yes, well, if you can manage to actually have the labor pains for me darling, I’d really love that!” Cassie teased.

“I’m sure you would.  Adam, Sarah, the house is wonderful.  I haven’t seen it all yet, but it’s lovely.”

“We’re happy with it.  It should be big enough I hope.  Five bedroom with two convertible rooms as well.”

“And the kitchen is a dream, Adam.” Cassie added.  Since she was in the catering business well organized kitchens were always of interest to her.

“It is.  I designed it to be exactly what I want.  I intend to do a lot of cooking in there.  I’ve been collecting recipes for baby food and plan on making all that we need.”

“That’s a great idea Adam; at least you can control the ingredients that way.”

I sat there and watched and listened to the conversation around me but my focus was on the contractions that I was beginning to believe were more than Braxton-Hicks.  They were getting pretty intense; I didn’t remember whether they had been when I was pregnant with Derek and Lissa.  I realized that they had all stopped talking and were watching me.

“Sarah, are you sure those are Braxton-Hicks?” Georgio, the doctor asked.

“I - I don’t know.  They’re getting a bit more intense is all.  I think I’m okay.”

Lissa came out to the patio and looked directly at me, assessing the situation in only a moment.  “Mom, I think a trip to the hospital is in order!”

“Maybe so,” I said.  I wasn’t ready yet, that was for sure.  But when another pain streaked across my belly I sucked in a deep breath and nodded my head.  

Adam flew into action, helping me out of my chair; taking charge as usual.

I was going to the hospital.  All I could think was our little girl was on her way!


kidz_pets said...

Glad to have you back!!!

Anonymous said...

Just was wondering when the next post will this blog!!

Hope said...

Hey kidz_pets!!

Yes, glad to be home but we had a blast. A relaxing blast though as there was no internet or cable there. Just great movies and an even better sistah from another mistah to share with!

Hope said...

Hey Anonymous!!

I'll have the new chapter up in a day or two, vacation has thrown me a bit behind, but stay tuned!

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anxiously waiting for new post. ;-)

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I think Sarah's child has graduated......

fragrantlilys said...

Our heart desires to be free and we see this now in every new born baby's eyes of innocent.

Anonymous said...

I think it's safe to say this blog has ended like so many others that i read. i loved this story and am sorry to see it end

Anonymous said...

I sure hope this story comes back soon! I love it!

Kristin said...

Hello my darling SOS! Allowed myself time to breathe, and look what I found! You know how I feel about my Adam, and I sooooo look forward to your next update. Love you, Hope!!!