Monday, May 17, 2010

Sarah's Pregnancy Diary - Part Two

The Naked Truth

The second pregnancy test showed the same results as the first. The knowledge slowly penetrated my befuddled brain. I, Sarah Richland (I love saying that!) am a 46 year old pregnant woman. Life, as I know it was going to drastically change.

After we got the second set of results Cassie and Lissa both hugged me and departed, both whispering words of love and support. Lissa told me to call her and let her know when I was ready to talk about specifics.

I felt stunned, literally blown-away. I knew I would have this baby, but suddenly all the fear that comes with such a late-in-life pregnancy washed over me.

Adam watched me closely, trying to figure out what my mood was; was I happy or sad? Did I want to talk or just digest? His guess was as good as my own. Finally he took me by the hand and led me upstairs to our bedroom where we both lay on the bed. I cuddled next to him and listened to his steady heartbeat, pattering against his chest.

He gently stroked my hair, running his fingers through it in a soothing manner. I was trying to formulate words, something to say to him, but I felt bereft of them right now. I knew he was happy about this; I was too sort of, but there was so much that could go wrong and with every breath I took I thought of some new horror.

And then suddenly, calm descended upon me and all I could think of was the joys. Adam and I, this amazing, incredible man and I had created a life together and it was nestled inside my body; tiny little body growing, a boy or a girl. Life is a miracle and we were going to share it.

I leaned up and smiled at Adam, still watchful of my every move. I kissed his warm lips once, then again and rested my cheek against his. I sighed with contentment.

“Adam, we’re going to have a baby,” I whispered, looking into his eyes. There were tears in my eyes and I saw that his eyes were teary as well.

“Yes, bella, we are.” He smiled at me and kissed my forehead softly. “Are you okay with that?”

It occurred to me that he might have thought that I would want to terminate the pregnancy. I was tracing little hearts across his chest with my fingertip and tried to decide how to answer that question. Yes, I was okay, but I was so scared too.

“I’m happy about it Adam, but I’m also so aware of everything that can go wrong in a pregnancy at my age. Those eggs are getting old, sweetheart!”

“We’ll have the best care for you, love, and whatever testing we need, okay?”

I nodded and sniffed as the tears started again. I reached over and grabbed a tissue and sat up to blow my nose.

“Where are you going?” he asked, confused.

“I’m sitting up to blow my nose. I’m not going to do it against your chest,” I laughed.

“For heaven’s sake, come back here!” He gently tugged on my arm and I lay back down, still dabbing at my nose.

We were both quiet for a few moments, each of us lost in our own thoughts. Finally Adam asked what I wanted to do about the honeymoon. I had all but forgotten about that in the midst of all this.

“Do you mind if we just sort of postpone it? I want to get to a doctor as soon as possible and then there is everyone to tell and…” My mind was flooded with so many details.

“Family dinner, tomorrow night while most of the family is still here?” he asked.

“Okay, let’s do it.” I laughed as I thought about telling our parents. This was going to be priceless!


gina said...

OMG!!! This is so fabulous! Thanks Hope, our girl is happy!

Celia said...

Gosh Hope, i just love this so much! What a shock for Sarah, but what a wonderful way to keep their story alive. Can't wait for more!!!

Hope said...

Thanks Gina and Celia,

I appreciate your feedback and I'm glad you're enjoying the story.

Yes, Sarah is happy if still a bit blown away. Next posting is Adam's turn! Poor boy, he just doesn't get it!

Halley said...

I have a feeling this is going to be an interesting pregnancy! I was sort of surprised at first but you know what, I can't think of anything better for those two than to have a child to complete their love for one another.

Yeah, I know, they are only characters but when you've been reading for as long as I have they feel like family. It's comforting to find them here and see what is going on. Hope, you are the best storyteller out here and I am so lucky to have found this story all those years ago!

Well done!

tigger said...

So do you mean that Adam is telling the next part Hope? If so, how fun will that be! We've always wanted to hear from Adam so I can't wait!

Lovin' it!!!

Kristin said...

What a wonderful new adventure for our favorite lovers.....

Great job as always, dear Hope! I can't wait for that Richland man to put his thoughts to paper.

Hope said...

Thanks Kristin!

Adam is such a guy, his opinion might surprise us!!!

LeeStone said...


Please someone help me. I recently started reading this blog from chapter one, I have just gotten up to chapter 47 and for some reason no text is appearing on the page, I have gone through and looked and this also happens for chapter 49 and chapter 80. I love this blog and want to finish reading it properly. If it is ok with Hope can someone please copy and past the missing chapters (47, 49, 80) and email them to me PLEASE???? my email is

Anyones help is much appreciated. Thanks!!!


Hope said...

Hi Lee,

I just read your comment. Sometimes for some reason the posts (words) seem to not be there. I don't really know what causes this problem but it is a blogger issue that they are working on. Try again today and see if you can see them yet and let me know.