Monday, May 31, 2010

Sarah's Pregnancy Diary - Part Three

The Family Dinner

Adam’s POV –

Sarah and I called the family and invited them to dinner tomorrow night. It would be a gathering of most all of our blended family and while I wanted to get it done with as quickly as possible for Sarah’s benefit, I was also looking forward to it. Any excuse to see everyone was wonderful in my opinion.

I called a local Mexican restaurant to inquire if we could get a meal catered in on such short notice. Yes, we could have all gone there, but I wanted Sarah to be comfortable so home seemed like the best place for everyone to gather. She is very peaked and wan, both from the wedding and now the pregnancy.

When Lissa and Cassie both came to me the day of the wedding and told me what they suspected I was quite flummoxed. Pregnant? Could she really be? Well apparently she could be. It was frightening as I watched her when we confronted her about it all.

Yes, I suppose I’m a typical male in that my first thought was ‘Touchdown Richland’! I know, that is such a chauvinistic attitude, we’re not the ones carrying the little ones, all that. But Sarah, the woman I have waited for all my life was carrying my child, a tiny part of each of us. It was growing within her body, something I couldn’t ever do; I wanted to protect her and coddle her and take her fears away and yet I knew that I couldn’t alleviate them all, only time could.

Tamara and Mark were thrilled to be invited to the dinner when I asked them but a bit confused about why we weren’t going on our honeymoon. Lissa and Cassie had both agreed to keep this information to themselves until we could tell everyone so when I wouldn’t tell Tamara what was up she was immediately suspicious. I told her she would just have to be patient and laughed at her muttering on the other end of the phone.

No one else really questioned it too much; they all just seemed to be glad to come over for the dinner. It was set for 6:00 the next evening and so it was a busy time for me to get prepared. Because the restaurant didn’t normally cater I had to find somewhere to rent a couple of extra tables and some folding chairs and luckily found someplace straight away. Sarah was told to just sit and relax over it all, which partly irritated her, I could tell. But no matter, she needs to rest because she had another serious bout of morning sickness that morning and she was in no condition to be working around here.

I do understand that her body is trying to get accustomed to being pregnant, but I must say that she is really a little over-emotional! As she was sick this morning I tried to help her in the bathroom, I mean hold her hair back out of the way and just be with her. She was actually testy over the whole thing, told me to get out of the bathroom and leave her alone. She actually wasn’t quite that pleasant about it either. I’m not quite sure what to do about it; I mean, I want to help her but what does she expect me to do?

The family all arrived and we enjoyed a wonderful meal. The reactions were all very positive, especially both sets of parents. My dad just smiled and winked at Sarah and it was delightful to see the blush sweep across her face. Derek and Pam laughed about Daniel being older than his new aunt/uncle and Tamara was ecstatic; she and Sarah would be pregnant together.

I noticed that Sarah only picked at her dinner but Lissa told me to just let her be; that she would eat what she could. I told Lissa and Cassie about Sarah’s reaction to my help this morning and Cassie laughed and said to me, “Oh, you DIDN’T?” and laughed some more.

Lissa looked uncomfortable about it all; I’m sure she appreciated how hard I was trying to be helpful. Cassie just stood there, shaking her head and holding her sides as she laughed. Finally she just said to me, “You’ll learn, Adam….you’ll learn!”

What? What am I to learn?


gina said...

OMG!!! Fantastic Hope. I love hearing Adam's point of view. silly man they NEVER get it!

Lunar Eclipse said...

Interesting read

DoulaVal said...

I'm finally getting caught up on the blog. For some reason, when I try to read it on my Droid, it closes my browser every time. I've tried three different browsers with no luck. I think it's a blogger thing, because I can't read any of their blogs. It's annoying though!

Anyway, great job, Hope! It's so good to see you flexing your writing muscles again. I missed you.

Talk soon!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I just absolutely love it Hope. =D Its great hearing Adam's view of everything. Please continue writing.

Lynette said...

I just love Adam and love hearing his Point of View! Great job Hope.

Hope said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks so much for the great comments, I appreciate them. Now I have to admit a big boo boo this week! I usually have my posts set up ahead of time to post, but I goofed and didn't get them set right, except for this one. I am out of town now so while I can post a comment, I can't post a story from my smartphone. So, hopefully everything will get back on track very soon! Thanks for your patience!

Kristin said...

Wonderful entry, as always, Hope! Chalk one up for pregnancy awareness from a male point of view. I love my Richland men.... Been a crazy couple of weeks on this end, with a crazy couple of more to come. I am so glad our happy little family of Hopies, are back.

kelly said...

I am having trouble seeing the weding part 2. I can clink on it, but the only thing I see is 1 picture and nothing else. Anyone else having problems with it?

Hope said...

Kelly, I've been having problems with Blogger all day. It was down for awhile and may still be having issues. Just keep trying and let know if you still can't get in tomorrow.

kelly said...

I still can't see the page, nothing on it but one photo that changes, no other chapters. I have to either hit the back button to leave the page. No idea what is going on with it.

kidz_pets said...

Kelly and Hope, I have been having the same problem pretty much since Hope came back to this form. I just click on Chapter One at the top of the screen then find what I want from there. Hope this helps some, don't know what the problem is either, I don't have a problem getting on to any of the other blogs that I read.

By the way Hope, great reading as usual!!

Hope said...

Thanks Kidz Pets. I have trouble occasionally too. I have tried to have it looked at from Blogger, but they aren't really too handy, they want you to find the answers through FAQ. Holly, I understand that it is frustrating, all I can suggest is to keep trying right now. We are trying to get it figured out. I'm so sorry you are having problems.

kidz_pets said...

I would jump through a lot more hoops just to get to the story anyway so I don't mind! Glad to know it is not just me though, thought I was doing something wrong!!

Rosenina said...

whens the next post?