Monday, May 03, 2010

Sarah's Pregnancy Diary - Part One

Baby, Baby, Baby…

I looked at the pregnancy test, blinking once, twice as I tried to comprehend the results. As one of my favorite author’s – Rita Mae Brown says in Bingo, I didn’t know whether to shit, run or go blind. All I knew was that my heart was racing wildly one minute and threatening to stop the next.

Pregnant? Really? I was PREGNANT???

I looked up at Lissa, confused and said, “How could this happen?”

I heard a loud snort of laughter from Cassie and cast a sideways look at her, irritation spiking across my face. I frowned at her, a look that said, “Shut up now!” She ignored it of course and was practically jumping up and down with glee.

Adam was still sitting next to me, perched on the arm of the chair. I felt him rubbing my back, the pace increasing as he tried valiantly to calm me down. I looked up at him and met his gaze, concern written across his face. But there was also a spark of pride and humor I noticed. He was doing his best to be ‘there’ for me, supportive and caring.

Give it up Adam, before I scream!

“Uh, Mom,” Lissa began, trying to pick her words carefully. I was a woman on the edge and all three of them knew it. “Mom, I think you know how this happens!” She gave me an impish grin, adding, “I mean, I don’t really have to explain it to you do I?”

“That’s NOT what I mean Lissa, you know that. I mean, my God, I’m in the middle of the change, how can I be pregnant? I think we need another test!” I declared.

Lissa just shook her head and pulled another test out of her purse. I heard Cassie murmur, “I TOLD you so!”

“Evil, you are evil, do you know that Cassandra Elaine Banks?”

“Evil? No, but I am going to be an auntie again!” She came over to me and knelt down and hugged me, hard and that’s when I broke down in to tears; hot, streaming tears that painted my face in as I hiccupped softly.

“Sarah, go and take the other test, just so you can be sure and then, well, we’ll see what happens next,” she told me.

I nodded, scared and miserable. So many thoughts were going through my head; being pregnant at my age is a daunting undertaking at best. So much can be wrong, can go wrong. I took the test from Lissa and headed into the bathroom again; my walk felt mechanical, as if I was guided by remote control. When I was finished I stood looking at myself in the mirror, still feeling bewildered by it all.

I turned my head this was and that. I didn’t look my age, I was in good health, but could I handle this I wondered?

What do I do?

Copyright 2010 by Cynthia Hope Hodge

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Kristin said...

HAHAHA! I think all of use who are in the same age bracket, will breath a sigh of relief, and be envious of the same time of Sarah's plight. Can't wait to follow this gestational journey.....

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Sarah is going to have a new baby! It is a perfect celebration of her and Adam's love for each other.

Hope said...

Hey Kristin and Lynette!

Yeah, Sarah is in for a ride, but so is poor Adam. He'd better watch being so smug about it all, a pregnant woman is nothing to mess with!