Monday, March 05, 2007

Rough Seas

Chapter Sixty-Three

Adam put the eye patch on and came to me and swept me dramatically into his arms.

“At last, me beauty, I have you in my wicked clutches!” he exclaimed.

“Oh,” I cried, laying the back of my hand across my forehead. “Whatever will you do to me, Mr. Pirate? I promise to do whatever you desire, sir, just please do not hurt me!” I was giggling like mad, but Adam managed to keep an utterly straight face.

“Ah, I shall demand an evening of romance from you, me beauty, given willingly and without delay!” he demanded.

I was in the middle of a swoon when we heard Geoff yelling. He was heading for our door, which Adam hadn’t locked. Adam managed to pull the wig and eye patch off quickly, and I got my robe fastened before Geoff burst into the room.

“Tristan is sick! He’s gonna barf!” Geoff said, thankfully not paying any attention at all to his father’s strange clothes.

“Oh God,” I said, immediately heading into the boys’ room. Tristan was lying in bed, literally green, and he looked ready to vomit at any moment. “Hold on, Tristan,” I told him, looking around for something for him to be sick into in case we didn’t get him into the bathroom soon enough. And from the looks of him, we weren’t going to make it. Adam came into the room right then and grabbed the wastebasket and held it out just in the nick of time.

Tristan emptied the contents of his stomach, and then some. Adam and I looked at Geoff, and we both realized that if we didn’t get him out of there, we were going to have a second problem. Adam nodded in the direction of the door. 
“C’mon Geoff, lets get out of here,” I told him, taking him by the hand and heading out to the deck.

The robe I had on was at least one of the more modest ones I owned, and I was thankful of that because some of the crew was still topside. One of them, Denise, came up to me and asked if all was well.

“Yes; Tristan was sick, though, and I decided we would have two of them if I didn’t get Geoff out here into some fresh air.”

“Oh. Is he seasick, do you think? We have some patches that work very well for that,” she told me.

“Well, I don’t know. If he were seasick, wouldn’t it have happened before now?”

“Not necessarily. When you’re out during the day, you don’t always notice the motion that much, but when you settle down, you feel it more strongly. Either you love it or you have to get used to it. Hey Pete,” she called to one of the other sailors, “Come and stay with Geoff here while we go below decks for a few minutes.”

Pete came over and Denise and I headed below decks. We found Tristan greener than he was before and Denise smiled. “Yup, he’s seasick all right. Hey, Tristan, I’m gonna give you something to make you feel a whole lot better, okay? Can you walk with me to the galley?”

Tristan nodded his head almost imperceptibly, but he did follow her. In the galley she got into a cabinet and pulled out some clear patches. “Okay, I’m going to put this on for you; it goes right here behind your ear. It’s going to make you feel better really quick, I promise! And after a few minutes, we’re going to get you some ginger ale and that will help more.”

Tristan sat there quietly while Denise talked to me and Adam. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s seasick. The green color is usually the dead giveaway. That patch will help in just a few minutes really, and he’ll be fine. It happens all the time.”

Geoff and Pete came into the galley then, and Geoff immediately started asking Tristan how he felt. Tristan didn’t say much in reply, but Geoff didn’t really get the idea to be quiet. “Wow, you really barfed a lot Tristan!”

I hid a smile and Adam said, “Geoff, perhaps we should talk about something else? Maybe even let Tristan be quiet for a little bit, hmm?”

Denise said, “Hey Geoff, how about some ginger ale?” At his nod, she got out a couple of cups and poured some for each of the boys. She looked at me and Adam and asked, “Either of you want some? Or maybe something a bit stronger?” She was looking at Adam’s clothes but not saying a word, and I couldn’t help but wonder what on earth she was thinking. I was suddenly conscious of having nothing on but the robe, so I told her I didn’t want anything and then excused myself to go to our room and change.

I pulled on some shorts and a tee shirt and then headed back to the galley, where Tristan was starting to look a little better, or at least less green. I sat down next to him and put my arm around him. He moved to sit on my lap, and I pulled him close and rested my head on top of his for a moment. I was slightly surprised he was on my lap and not Adam’s, but even six-year-old boys need mothering sometimes, I thought with a smile.

Adam was looking at me intensely, his eyes wide and smoky-looking. He didn’t say a word, and I wondered what that look was about as I met his gaze. Geoff was still chattering away, asking more questions about the boat, and Denise and Pete were answering them all patiently. He had finished his ginger ale by then and he said, “Hey, Tristan, you feelin’ any better?” This was followed by a huge yawn.

Tristan looked up at him and didn’t say anything. I asked him if he wanted the ginger ale and he took a couple of sips out of it, but I could tell he really didn’t want it. His eyes were drooping more, his long dark brown lashes closed over his eyes. I think he was close to falling asleep. Denise noticed too and said, “The medicine will make him sleepy – it’s normal so don’t fret.”

“Tristan, would you like to go back to bed now?” I asked him and felt him nod against my chest. “Okay, let’s go,” I told him, standing up with him. Adam stood up too and prepared to take him from my arms and Tristan started to protest softly. “I’ve got him, Adam, it’s okay,” I said and headed for the boys’ room.

“Sarah, can I sleep with you and daddy?” he asked me as I started to open the door.

“You bet you can, Tristan.”

Geoff, who was following along behind us, quickly chimed in with “Me too!”

“Yeah, you too, Geoff. Come on,” I said, leading them into our bedroom. I laid Tristan down in the middle of the bed and Geoff climbed in as well.

Adam stood in the doorway, a smile on his face as he watched. I could swear his eyes were glistening a bit, but it was probably the light. I grabbed Adam’s tee shirt and headed into the bathroom to change. Adam knocked on the door a minute later, and I told him to come in.

“I think Tristan is already asleep,” he told me, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close to him. “Can’t say much about Geoff, though; despite many yawns, we may have to try a rock on him! Looks like we are going to be on opposite sides of the bed, though, love.”

“Um, yeah. It won’t be too bad, Adam, it’s only for tonight.” Still, I wasn’t in any hurry to leave the shelter of his embrace.

“Thank you, Sarah, for being so kind to them. It – it means so much to me.”

“It’s all right, Adam, I am happy they wanted me,” I said, my breath sort of catching in my throat. I was more than happy they wanted me actually, because it was proof that they really did want me in their lives.

Right then we heard Tristan call out, “Sarah?” and I smiled and reluctantly pulled out of Adam’s arms. He bent and kissed me quickly and then we went back into the bedroom. I sat down next to him and said, “Hey there, Tristan, what do you need?”

“I – I just wondered where you were,” he told me. Meanwhile, Geoff told Adam he had to use the bathroom and headed in there to take care of business. Adam used that opportunity to lean over and kiss Tristan and give him a hug.

“How’s your tummy, Tristan?” Adam asked, smoothing down Tristan’s hair. It was curly like his dad’s, and just like his dad’s it was prone to sticking up when it was messed up.

“Better, daddy. I’m just sleepy.”

“Yeah, me too. As soon as Geoff gets back in here we’ll turn the light off and go to sleep, okay?”

Tristan nodded sleepily and then Geoff was back and trying to hide another yawn. Geoff crawled in between Adam and Tristan and settled down. Adam leaned down to give him a goodnight kiss too and then leaned over both of them to me, and I got one more brief and tender kiss before we all went to sleep.

It wasn’t the night we had imagined, but in some ways it was so much better.


I woke up briefly around 6:00 am when I heard the engines. I later found out that was because we were maneuvering into the marina. I went back to sleep pretty quickly, though, and we all woke up around eight.

Tristan seemed to feel great, and he was hungry, which was a good thing. The boys went and got dressed while Adam and I did the same thing. We packed up our bag, and I smiled when one of the mysteries I had been thinking about from last night got solved. I had wondered how he got that long saber into the bag – and I watched as the blade retracted until it was about 10” long. He saw me watching and grinned at me, dimples flying, and sort of shrugged his shoulders. 
“Movie prop,” he said in explanation.

“I’m sorry we didn’t get to play with your uh, saber last night, Adam. But it’s pretty convenient how it just sort of easily packs away!” I giggled.

He raised one eyebrow at my comment and said, “I wouldn’t worry about it, love, I’m sure we can uh, drag it out again when necessary.” We shared a look right then, and I knew we both couldn’t wait. “How did you sleep last night, love?”

“Okay. It seemed kind of funny having those little bodies rolling around the bed!”

“Tell me about it. I got kicked in several places by Geoff, numerous times!”

“He didn’t damage anything, did he? Do I need to have a look?”

“That,” he declared, “would definitely NOT help anything, but thanks for asking.”

He sat down on the bed to pull on his shoes and when I walked by, he reached out and grabbed me, pulling me onto his lap. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him before snuggling my nose into his neck. That’s how the boys found us when they came bursting into the room a few minutes later, dragging their bag with them.

Geoff saw me sitting on Adam’s lap and giggled. Tristan didn’t look too pleased, though, and I couldn’t help wondering why. He just stood there looking at me with big round eyes and not saying a word. Finally he came over and took my hand and tried to pull me off his dad’s lap.

“C’mon Sarah, I’m hungry,” he told me, trying to lead me out of the room.

Ah, I think I was beginning to get it. I was somehow ‘his’ now. He was trying to be the man in my life. This was interesting since it was Tristan, and he had gotten so angry at Geoff when Geoff had talked to me, I thought, remembering their argument at the beach house that day.

Adam chuckled from behind me and whispered in my ear, “I think you have made a clean sweep of the Richland men now, love.”

I threw a happy look at him over my shoulder while Tristan was still leading me to the galley, where we could smell breakfast.

A mini buffet had been laid out along a counter in the galley that had scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes and fruit. Adam immediately headed for a pot of delicious-smelling coffee, and he looked at me questioningly and pointed at the pot. I nodded, and he poured two cups and brought mine over along with some cream.

I started getting things for the boys, who both wanted some of everything, so with a judicious prayer that Tristan would be okay, I filled a plate for him, which he started eating straight away. I got both boys some milk and orange juice and then got my own breakfast. Adam had already filled a plate for himself and was taking it to the table to sit down and eat.

It all looked and smelled really good, and when I took my first forkful of scrambled eggs I found they were delicious. Not as good as Adam’s, of course, but very respectable!

“What are we going to do today, Daddy?” Tristan asked.

“If you are feeling up to it we are going to Sea World. Do you think you feel good enough to do that, Tristan?”

Geoff started cheering immediately, and so did Tristan. “I feel good, Daddy. I want to go!” he answered.

“Sarah, is that okay with you?” Adam asked.

“It sounds wonderful. I’ve never been.”

“We haven’t either, Sarah,” Geoff said, “Boy, this is gonna be cool!”

“Well all right then, as soon as we’re done we’ll get going,” Adam told us, smiling at the boy’s excitement over the trip to Sea World.

Soon enough we were finished with breakfast and it was time to leave the boat. I had enjoyed our trip, even with Tristan getting sick. I felt bad for him, but he seemed none the worse this morning. It had been such a magical day yesterday, the sailing, the helicopter ride, dancing under the stars, having two warm little bodies in bed with us. It was an incredible day, in fact.

The crew of the Shimmering Mist waved goodbye as we headed down the gangway to the car. The boys exuberantly waved back and Adam and I smiled at their excitement. Everyone got fastened into their seat belts, and then we were pulling away from the marina docks, headed for Sea World.

The boys talked excitedly the whole way there, about Shamu and dolphins and every other type of sea creature imaginable. It wasn’t a long trip there, and by the time we had parked and headed in, the boys were beside themselves with their barely controlled excitement. I had both of them by the hand, and they were tugging me relentlessly forward to the entrance of the park.

I’m not sure exactly what I expected Sea World to be, but it definitely beat any expectation I might have had. To begin with, it was huge, much bigger than I ever imagined. I guess I thought it would have marine exhibits and a pool for Shamu, and that was really all I’d ever considered. I was way off. There were not only the exhibits, but rides and restaurants; it was practically like its own city within a city. There was so much to see, and I wanted pictures! I had used both of the disposable cameras already, so we popped into a small store there and I bought two more. We also dropped the first two off to be developed, and the friendly girl at the counter said they’d be ready in an hour.

She kept staring at Adam, but he didn’t say a word in there. He had the baseball cap and the sunglasses on again, and what was so surprising about that getup was that even though it’s pretty simple, it really does work. We hardly ever run into anyone who figures out who he is. It’s his voice that gives him away every time, so he often just doesn’t speak. But this young girl was suspicious, and I had to turn away to hide my smile.

We got a schedule and found out what time the shows were and then got our tickets, and then the boys wanted to ride some of the rides so we did. Luckily, both boys were above the 43” height rule so they could both ride the rides. We all loved Journey to Atlantis and Shipwreck Rapids, but I loved the Skyride the very best; the views from it were sensational. I kept a close eye on Tristan but he seemed none the worse for wear after last night, and I had to conclude that it had been seasickness. I had gently peeled the patch off of him this morning, and by the way he was running around now and already complaining about being hungry, you would never know how sick he was last night.

We watched the Dolphin Discovery show and then it was time to head back and pick up the pictures. They had actually been done earlier, but we hadn’t gotten back this way. I went in alone to get them, and the salesgirl kept looking around for Adam and seemed disappointed when he didn’t come in. I carried the picture envelopes out and we headed to a café to order lunch and look at the pictures.

While we waited for our lunch we opened the envelopes and went through the pictures. The ones from the helicopter didn’t do any of the scenery justice, but the ones from around Santa Catalina and the boat were pretty good. A couple of the sunset shots were spectacular, in fact.

I was sad I hadn’t taken one of The Delicious Pirate Richland!

The boys really weren’t interested in the pictures at all; what they were interested in was the lunch that was being delivered right then: hamburgers and French fries and chocolate milkshakes. I looked at my chicken Caesar salad and bottled water and sighed. It was much better for me, really it was, I kept telling myself. Adam picked up a wonderful-looking French fry and held it out to me; I wasn’t a fool, so I ate it. Adam grinned at me as I was chewing it and for a moment our eyes locked. It was like everything around us stopped; I no longer heard the people and sounds around us, nothing moved. It was only me and Adam; it was a delicious moment of anticipation, of need and desire. I had to mentally shake myself in order to look away.

The next show was Believe, the Shamu show, and the boys were incredibly excited to see it.

“He’s big, Sarah, gigantic in fact, wait until you see him!” Tristan promised.

“Yeah, big,” Geoff echoed. “And black and white, too.”

“Well, I’m sure he is going to be wonderful,” I said, a bit excited myself. The animals here seemed to be well-cared for and everything, but inwardly I wondered just how good it could be for them. They were still caged and they performed for the pleasure of the crowds. Somehow it didn’t seem right. But I was curious and clapped and cheered just as hard as the boys when Shamu made his appearance.

Again, what I got from the show was not what I expected. It is all about the connection between killer whales and their trainers, and in fact humanity as a whole. You come away feeling the connection and that maybe even more is possible than we know. As we strolled around the park afterward, Tristan holding one of my hands and Adam the other, it was all the boys could talk about.

By the time the show was over and we rode more rides and explored as much of the park as we could, it was time to leave; it was already past 7 o’clock, in fact. The boys had school tomorrow, so we left the park and stopped at a little Italian place for dinner on the way home. We shared a huge family-style bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and garlic bread, and we were all stuffed by the time we rolled out of the restaurant.

It was after 9:00 by the time we pulled up at Tamara’s house. Both the boys had been nodding off on the ride home; they were pooped, but then so was I!
We got them into the house, and while they were brushing their teeth and so on, we went into the kitchen to have a glass of wine and chat with Tamara and Mark. The boys came out for goodnight kisses and hugs, and then Adam took them off to bed.

“How were they?” Tamara asked.

“They were great. It was a wonderful trip. Oh, but Tristan got seasick last night,” I told her. I didn’t want her to be too worried about it or overly concerned.

“When Mark told me that you were staying on a boat I was afraid that might happen. I would have mentioned it before you left had I known. Was it bad?”

“Not too much, really. They had some patches they put on him behind his ear, and besides making him very sleepy, it seemed to take the nausea right away. Well, that, and as Geoff would put it, barfing his guts up!”

“I’m glad it didn’t ruin things,” she told me, taking another sip of her wine.

“It didn’t. The boys both slept in our bed, which was nice. Tristan insisted on it, and of course Geoff had to as well. Poor Adam, I’m afraid he got kicked a number of times by Geoff during the night. But it was okay, Tamara, it really was!” I told her as I reached over and squeezed her hand. I could see that she felt badly about it.

“Not much of a romantic night for you then, I’m afraid,” Mark added.

“It was pretty nice actually, before that I mean. We had dinner on the deck and danced under the stars before Tristan got sick. So we had romance, I promise you!”

Adam walked into the room just then and said to Mark, “Your friend’s boat was wonderful; thanks so much for arranging it. We really enjoyed it.”

Tamara and I looked at each other in surprise, and her eyebrows rose a bit.
“Whose boat did you arrange for, Mark?” she asked.

“Max Burrton,” he said.

My stomach lurched. Max Burrton was the head of Fairleigh Studios, literally a legend in film-making. And amazingly rich and famous, and even a little notorious; the kind of man you saw regularly on Entertainment Tonight and read about in the tabloids because of his latest escapade. So this is the kind of thing having the right connections can do for you. Holy crap, I thought, I was on a yacht owned by one of the richest and most influential men in the film industry. And Adam had been totally at ease there, like he goes there every day. I sat there staring pensively at my glass of wine. Most of the time things are great between me and Adam, I mean he just seems like a normal person. I know that he is undoubtedly rich since he is a well-known film star, but every now and again something happens to sort of make me remember who he really is. This was definitely one of those times.

“Wow,” I said finally, almost to myself, as I looked around the table at them all. Tamara wore a supportive look on her face as if trying to communicate her understanding of my feelings. Adam and Mark had continued to chat about the yacht and the trip, seemingly oblivious to what was going on in my head.

And that was the difference, I realized. To them it wasn’t any big thing; to me it was unimaginable, incredible. Would I ever get used to it, this feeling of things being so much bigger than me, than my life? I slowly blew out a long breath, and finally Adam realized how quiet I was.

“Love, what’s the matter? You’re terribly quiet,” Adam said.

“Oh, nothing really. I’m – I’m just tired, I guess.” I wanted to talk to him about this, but not here, not in front of Tamara and Mark. Tamara smiled at me, and I knew she understood.

“All right you two, what was the idea behind staying on Max’s yacht? Just a little glamor?” she asked them, trying to pull the attention away from me.

“Well, it seemed like a way to control the circumstances. For the boys, I mean,” Adam said. “Out on the water like that, no one could get aboard without notice, and we thought it would be much safer for the boys. And a lovely time, too.”

“Yes, it was Adam, a very lovely time,” I finally spoke up. This is so my Adam, logical and romantic in one fell swoop.

“Well, it is getting late, and I’m as tired as Sarah,” Adam said, and I knew by looking at him that he had just fibbed. I’d say he was anything but tired, judging from the sparkle in his eye. I believe it was the same sparkle that The Delicious Pirate Richland displayed!

On the way home I thought about the revelation earlier about the yacht. It was something I needed to discuss with Adam, and yet I knew this wasn’t the time. I needed to more clearly organize my thoughts about how it made me feel before I tried to vocalize them to Adam. Part of me wondered why I couldn’t just blithely accept it; it was something that would probably be part of my life from now on. And it wasn’t really that I couldn’t accept it; it had just taken me by complete surprise.

So what, Sarah, he’s supposed to clear it with you before he has any contact with ultra rich and famous people? He’d never get anything done.

The trip home was quick, which was a good thing because Adam was apparently very eager to get back to our game. He kept a hold of my hand, rubbing it softly, enticingly, sort of a promise for what was to come. I gradually shifted gears in my mind and realized I was looking forward to our game.

We practically raced into the house and I was as eager as he was by then. This was back to the fun part of things. I hopped into the shower when we got in and made him stay out. “I’m going to take a very long shower!” I declared to him. I wished that I had a proper ‘wench’ costume, but I guess that had to wait for another day. I wished that I had even one of my bustiers here; I had several that would have been fun. But since I hadn’t planned on playing a pirate wench, I was just going to have to settle for a perfumed body and a silk robe.

I took my time in the shower, trying to give Adam time for whatever preparations he might want to make. A silly smile spread across my face as I thought about what might be ahead this night. I rubbed a moisturizer thoroughly over every inch of my skin and then thought about Adam. What if it tasted bad? Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. But after two days in the sun, my thirsty skin needed it, so he was just going to have to deal with it. When I was ready to go back to the bedroom I was soft and fragrant.

I opened the door and saw that the room was lit with candles and the balcony doors were open, letting in the fresh ocean breeze. I inhaled the salty fragrance deeply as I looked around the room for Adam. I didn’t see him anywhere, so I decided maybe he was still getting ready. But I couldn’t hear him anywhere else in the house, and for one brief moment I was vaguely afraid.

I stepped out onto the balcony for a moment, and as I stood leaning against the railing I was suddenly aware that I wasn’t alone. He stood at the end of the balcony, near the bathroom door. He stood there quietly, a part of the shadows. It was only a small shimmer of moonlight glancing off the saber that drew my eyes to him. Even though I knew it was Adam, I felt my breath sharply catch in my throat, and I took a small step back.

He moved forward towards me, moving slowly, agilely; almost gliding, like some dangerous cat creeping through the inky night. He quite took my breath away.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here? A solitary lass bathing in the glow of the midnight moon? You live dangerously, fair maiden. Are you not aware of the wickedness that prevails in the dark shadows of the night?” As he spoke, he reached out a hand and gently caressed my face and ran his thumb over my trembling lips before sliding it downwards to stroke my neck. It immediately raised goose bumps over my body, and my nipples stiffened in anticipation of the delights that were awaiting me.

“You dare much, sir, touching me thusly.” I replied, trying very hard to be a scared and frightened maiden. I was certainly a tingly maiden!

“Indeed, I shall dare much more, fair maiden.” He bent and very tantalizingly kissed my lips, and the kiss was soft and caressing. “I think I should see more of you now,” he told me, picking me up and carrying me into the bedroom. He sat me down on the floor, and I could see him much clearer in the candlelight that reflected not only the shine of the saber, but the glow of passion in his eyes. “Now, the candlelight shall reveal you to me. All of you.” He reached out to untie the belt of my robe, and I reached out quickly to stop him.

“Sir Pirate, I beg of you, do not do this wicked thing. Please, I am very afraid, sir, for I feel strangely faint; my head floats above my shoulders in a strange manner, and my heart is beating frantically!”

He laughed then, a deeply sexual laugh that resonated through his chest. He gently pulled my hand away from the belt, which I was still clutching tightly.
“Lass, if you are so determined to hold onto something, I have something else in mind. You’ll take great pleasure in it, I assure you,” he told me, his voice all but a whisper. He bent his head then for another slow kiss that made my head spin for real this time.

I took in a deep and shaky breath and stared at him, eyes open wide with awareness of him. I stared at the huge bulge of him in his breeches and felt strangely mesmerized by the sight of it. Almost without thought I reached out to touch him, hesitantly at first and then stroking him more boldly.

“This be what you have in mind, Sir Pirate? That I stroke you thusly?” I began to laugh inwardly, for I was turning the tables on my magnificent marauding pirate.

“I, uh, yes, lass. That is exactly what I had in mind,” he told me, and for the first time I felt the pirate start to tremble. Excellent!

“Sir Pirate, I am new to these adventures. Do my actions please you?” I began to unbutton his breeches until he was free of them and I was stroking him boldly with my hand.

“Mm, yes, very uh, nice indeed.”

I unbuckled his belt that held the saber, taking my time with the leather. As I unbuckled it, my mouth placed wet kisses over his belly, nibbling lightly with my teeth. I could feel his stomach muscles contract under my busy mouth.

I had the saber undone and laid it on the floor and then stood up to remove his shirt. I pulled it up over his head and shoulders before tossing it carelessly aside. He stood there naked in front of me, my bold and handsome pirate, and I thrilled to his desire for me. I stood back and admired him in the candlelight; his erection rising proudly in the candles’ soft glow, belly flat and extremely sexy. I knelt on the floor in front of him and took his heated length into my mouth, kissing and licking its velvety texture.

He groaned deeply within his throat and his hands rested lightly on my shoulders, caressing them tenderly. “Enough,” he finally told me, “enough!” He pulled me up to him, claiming my mouth in a scorching kiss, his tongue delving deeply into my mouth, plundering it in the most delightful way.

Before I realized what was happening he had my robe off and I was lying on the bed, legs spread wide apart, and he was caressing me boldly with his tongue. I ran my fingers through his hair, teasing the appealing curls that intertwined delightfully with my fingers. His tongue teased me and searched my eager depths, and suddenly I was shuddering with my release, my body contracting wildly as I felt the orgasm spread through me.

And then he was in me, completely sheathed in my warm and wet recess, and his mouth was claiming mine yet again, in a passionate kiss that made my toes curl.

As he waited for my orgasm to subside, he slid his mouth down to my breasts, licking and kissing them, tugging gently on those intensely aroused buds until I thought I would scream from the pleasure he brought me. He started moving inside me then, long and slow thrusts that deeply plunged into my trembling body.

I wrapped my legs around his, trying to pull him as deeply within me as possible, and my hands swept up and down his back. I cupped his buttocks and felt him tremble as I pulled him deeply within my body. My fingernails lightly raked over his long, firm back; all I could think of was getting as close to him as possible. I nipped at his shoulder with my teeth and was rewarded with his increased pace, thrusting deeply into my excited body, over and over. Our mouths were fused together, tongues dueling intoxicatingly, when I felt the beginnings of my orgasm, starting deep within me.

I cried out against his mouth and pulled away from him to gasp for air. My release was all he needed and then I felt his body shuddering as my own was, and he was gasping as his movements started to slow down until finally they ceased. I could feel him contracting within me as I felt my own remaining contractions gripping him.

Breathless, he rolled over and pulled me with him to give us both a chance to recover a bit. I shifted so that my leg was thrown over his and my head was cradled on his chest as his arm held me close. My fingers traced little patterns on his damp chest, and I placed a kiss on his nipple, which was still hard.
I giggled and said, “Well, Sir Pirate, did I please you?”

“You are shameless, do you realize that?” he laughed. “You brought a poor helpless pirate to his knees. Quite an accomplishment really! I had better think twice about bringing you out on the open seas again!”

“Really? Maybe I should be a lady pirate?”

“You already are, my love. You have thoroughly plundered my heart.”


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Okay, I made up my mind over the weekend. Friday we are definitely having another "You Be The Author" day and the stories must all be about Richland the Pirate. That's your only boundaries.

So think historical or even science fiction if you like it. Sarah can be there or not, however you like. You've got all week to get a little something together!

So ahoy WMHD Mateys! Strap on your saber's and your thesaurus' and tell a tale!

Kristin said...

What a wonderful lusty tale o' the high seas to greet our Monday morn!!!! All that was promised Friday and more! Great job, Hope!

Good Monday to everyone! Allready knee deep into the work day on this end, but wanted to wish all an awesome day. Welcome to new posters! You will not find a friendly group to read and share your thoughts with! =)


Kristin said...

Duh... meant to say you will not find a MORE friendlier group to read and share your thoughts with. Told ya' I was knee deep allready... LOL

catrina said...

Shiver me timbers!!! That was a great post! It makes up for it being Monday!

Engbunny said...

Morning All! Hope, it was an amazing entry! So what is for lunch today, ladies? I'm hungry! It is going to be 60 degrees here in Denver today. YAY!!!!

Val said...


Lovin' the Mondays, I am!

Awesome, Hope. It's just awesome. I am so glad someone gave me the link to this blog. It's so nice to know that you WILL be posting consistently on the days you say you will, and if not, you or Lynne will let us know if something comes up. Sometimes I wish you could give my HUSBAND lessons, LOL!

This story is just so awesome, thanks Hope!


deena said...

Oh my gosh Hope, I don't even know where to start this!

Fantastic, sexy, frustrating, awesome, incredible. You brought us to this eagerly after Friday and then just when things get good the boys interrupt!

I was so upset.....I wanted the pirate.

But you so delivered, or I guess Sarah did anyway, HAHAHA

Hope, that last part transported me to another time, another place. It was excellent and so well written. I could just see Adam gliding across that balcony and my heart about stopped when Sarah first saw him.

There are so many excellent romance writers out there, but they had better be looking over their shoulder because Hope is on her way!

Tara said...

This post just made my monday so much better. I think the part about Tristan reaching out to Sarah when he was seasick was my favorite part. It showed how much he really accepts her.

What's lunch today?

Tigger said...


Woo hoo, what a hot story Hope!

Okay, I'll try to write a pirate story for Friday.

But Ya'll can't laugh...

Hope said...

I'm still so frustrated with this dadgum blogger I haven't even thought about lunch! There had better be liquour involved, where ever lunch is!


Kristin said...

Allright guys, eatin' leftover Chinese for lunch and rereading this mornings post. Does it get any better than this??? LOL
Sounded like another virtual Liquid Lunch Monday otherwise!
Hoping your day is getting better dear HOPE!

Anonymous said...

Hope- May your Monday get much better this afternoon. Great post! I loved how the mothering side of Sarah came out. And I loved the pirate scene! It was leftover chicken for lunch here. Boring, but what can you do.

Take care,

kmorales4 said...

Oustanding post. I gotta face it. I'm in love with a fictional character. What level of pathetic is that again?

Anonymous said...

I love Richland the pirate.
Great post Hope.
I hope your Monday is getting better.
Welcome to all the new readers you love it here.

Anonymous said...

Answer from 03/02/07, I am from the Eugene area here in Oregon.


Wonderful post, so fun. I think I am going to have to get my man a pirate costume. :) Maybe you should start classes to teach men romance :)

Really a great way to start the week!! Drinks always needed on Mondays!


Matt said...

I don't have any idea about how the writing process works Hope, but you much live an interesting life.

Very good story today. But you are making us normal guys look BAD!!!

macy said...

You have such a talent for pacing these entries Hope, mixing the happy and the sad, the sensual and the sentimental.

Excellent, as always. The evolving story with Sarah and the boys is outstanding and so touching to read. And the best thing about it is that it even feels real, the interactions with them I mean.

Someone earlier (Deena I think)said that the other writers out there should be looking over there shoulders and I say ditto.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful......

megs said...

Hi Hope!

I haven't had a chance to post in awhile, but I have been faithfully reading and enjoying this amazing story.

It really is so good Hope, one of the best stories I have read, ever. Thanks for being so faithful in your posts and for providing such a warm and wonderful forum for comments.

Tigger said...

Boy howdy the boards are quiet today, what's up?

Every body suffering from terminal monday?

Haaaalllllloooooooooooo out there!

becky said...


The first pirate "scene" was so great when Geoff almost literally caught them in the act! LOL It is wonderful to see the deepening relationship between Adam's boys and Sarah (and the deepening love between Adam and Sarah. It just doesn't get any better than this...

Looking forward to the pirate-stories Friday!


Anonymous said...

Good morning Hope and everyone!

I didn't get to read the story until this morning, but wow!

I truly love the poignant aspects of it (the boys) and can also appreciate the more uh, earthy aspects! Hope, that last pirate scene was like reading some historical romance, only better. You totally captured the feel of it, I could almost see Adam coming to Sarah in it.

Loving this so much!


Val said...

I can't wait til TOMORROW!

Hope said...

I hope you will feel that way after tomorrow!

Are you preparing a pirate story for Friday?

Kristin said...

Golly, I am dragging today! Too many dreams of our Pirate Richland, I'd wager!!! LOL

I just wanted to tell everyone hello and wish all an awesome day!

Jo said...

Okie dokie! Got back from vacation in Vail on Sunday and it's taken me this long to find time to catch up with my favorite pirate, wench and assorted other characters.

Woo hoooooo! Loved getting a full afternoon of reading WMHD. Monday's entry was sexy and wonderful. Makes me feel better about being back at work.

Came back to PA to temperatures well below normal and a forecast of snow for tomorrow. Heck, for this, I could have stayed in Colorado! *grumble* So I'm counting on Adam and Sarah to keep me warm tomorrow. Can't wait!

Missed ya, Hope. And all you guys. "See" you tomorrow.

Hope said...

Hey there Jo!

We have missed you!I hope your vacation was fun and restful.

I'm so glad you liked Monday's entry. It was a fun one to write for some reason. As far as the future for Sarah and Adam, well, at least there is a future! LOL

Linda said...

Tend to agree with Matt! Adam blows the "normal guy" out of the water. I am sure somewhere, some land there is a man out there like that! Poor hubby, he gets "looks" for me everytime I read a chapter LOL...

And thank you Hope for welcoming me to this blog!

Hope said...

Now, now Linda, I don't want to be causing any marital unrest, honestly.

Adam is a composite of many good men, so just tell him that he has a little Adam in him!

Shar said...

Hope, thank you so much for this wonderful blog. I've been reading for the past month and I'm sad that I've finally caught up! I can't wait til the next entry. Great work!

Hope said...

Thank you so much Shar and welcome to the comments section! Please join in anytime, we love having chats!

dietgirl said...


I thank you, you have created this wonderful tale and I know I speak for many when I say its a nice break from life. Its nice to read this, You have a community thats growing and a fan base. This story not only has a community but the community is branching out to help us gain access in others lives and blogs. Its really nice to feel and I am so glad I have become part of this.