Friday, March 02, 2007

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Chapter Sixty-Two

The stars were flickering brightly overhead as we made our way to the hot tub. The song The Riddle was playing, and I listened to it with half an ear as I sank down gratefully into the warm, foamy water.

The batter swings and the summer flies

As I look into my angel's eyes
A song plays on while the moon is hiding over me
Something comes over me I guess we're big and

I guess we're small
If you think about it, man, you know we got it all
Cause we're all we got on this bouncing ball
And I love you free I love you freely

Here's a riddle for you
Find the Answer
There's a reason for the world
You and I...
I like what the song says; it somehow puts things into perspective, I think.
We are all here on this earth; we don’t really know why. But we can love; we must love…


We sat in that hot tub for almost an hour, letting the water jets massage away our tension. I tried to find a way to talk to him about all my concerns for the future, for us. I didn’t doubt that we would be together, but I wasn’t sure how we were going to make that happen. And while this wasn’t the time for a long and protracted conversation about it all, I felt that I needed to at least let Adam know that it was something I was thinking about. One of my concerns about this conversation was that he hadn’t actually asked me to marry him yet, and I didn’t want there to be any pressure on him to hurry and do that.

We sipped our wine and talked about Thanksgiving, what his family’s traditional foods were as well as my family’s. I loved the thought of blending our families together for this celebration.

“Do your parents and sister ever come for Thanksgiving?” I asked. I hadn’t heard him say anything about them in reference to the holiday.

“No; well, maybe once or twice. Remember that Thanksgiving isn’t a British holiday, so it wasn’t something we celebrated as I was growing up. Aidan’s family does celebrate, though; I’ve actually thought about calling him and asking them to come, but I wasn’t sure if that would be too many Richlands for you to deal with.”

“No, that would be fine. Would they actually come? You don’t speak with him too often, it seems. Why is that?”

“I think they might come. His wife Sylvia hasn’t any family left except for a few scattered cousins. As far as us not talking much, it just seems like time gets away from us. He has such a strange work schedule, days and nights and not always the same every semester; I think we are doing pretty good to have a long chat once a month or so. And I usually spend some time there during the year. It’s a beautiful area where they live, and the college is magnificent.” He paused for a moment and frowned. “It’s actually Angelica that I hardly get to talk to or see. And I regret that a lot, but she rarely leaves Africa; that’s her home as far as she is concerned. We were still kids when we first went there, and she never really knew anyplace else. I mean, we took occasional visits to England to see Gram and Papa, our grandparents, but she could always hear the sounds of Africa in her heart and soul and couldn’t wait to get back. That’s where she has been ever since. Getting a call through to her is very difficult since there are no phones in the village where she works and lives. Cells don’t provide reception out there either, so you can call and leave a message at Dumonde’s house, but it could be months before they get it. You can try to mail them a letter, but again it’s usually months before they get it. They are really isolated where she and Dumonde work. Mom and Dad work in a different village, which at least has a satellite connection, and I can get a hold of them that way, like a telegram. Sometimes it’s several years at a time before I see Angelica, and she’s never met the boys at all. I was in Africa almost two years ago; that was the last time I saw her,” he told me. He looked very sad as he spoke of his sister.

No wonder being with the boys is so important to him; the rest of his family is hit and miss. I wondered how he would feel about mine after a couple of years when you are begging to get rid of them. Okay, that’s not really true, but my family always sticks together; that’s their strong point. If one of them is there for you, they all are. And I guess I thank God for that, I thought.

Which brought my mind back to Aidan. “Please do ask Aidan and his family, but soon, so we can get them into someplace nice. I don’t think the Inn will have any more rooms, and that’s a shame because it is so close to my place.”

“All right, we’ll call him tomorrow. I think you’ll like them.”

“How many turkeys do you suppose we are going to need for all you Richland men?” I joked. “My family can eat a huge one on its own; we’re going to have to have at least a couple, I think, unless they have 40 pound turkeys out there! Is Aidan like you and your dad?” I asked. I was actually thinking about looks and charm, but Adam misinterpreted the question and thought I meant appetite.

“Of course; he’s a Richland, isn’t he? Aidan is the athlete of the family; his appetite is greater than mine or Dad’s.”

I shook my head in wonder over that and mentally groaned; how on earth did they survive childhood, I wondered? Maybe that’s why they all eat so much now, because they didn’t eat that much growing up. But that didn’t explain the boys, so maybe it was genetic, or maybe they all had huge tapeworms, my twisted mind suggested.

“I hope that we start our own tradition for this holiday, Adam,” I told him, almost hesitantly.

“Is that what you would like, Sarah?” he asked, closely watching my face.

“Yes, it is.”

“And you are comfortable with the thought of building traditions that we take with us through the years?”

“Of course. I’m thinking ahead to next year when we’ll have a new baby in the family and of the boys when they grow up and get married. I want to share all that with you, Adam.”

He was silent for a moment, his eyes searching mine, my face, and my heart. “Soon, Sarah, we have to talk about our future, you know.”

“Yes, I do. Adam, there are so many questions in my mind about it.”

“Such as what?” he asked. His face was solemn, I thought, almost scared even.

I took a deep breath and hesitated, trying to determine what I wanted to say. “I wonder how we will handle the uh, work thing, Adam. If I keep my job, or what. I don’t know that I necessarily want to follow you around from movie to movie. I would feel as if I wasn’t really contributing to our life.” My heart was pounding, furiously. I was scared to death to have admitted that to him, and I was scared to hear what his reply was.

He smiled faintly and took a sip of his wine before answering. “Sarah, we can work it out however we want to. If it is important to you to continue to work, then you should. We can’t be happy together unless we are happy individually, you know. I think we will figure it all out when we need to. I understand your need to have something besides me and our family to provide interest and fulfillment in your life. There isn’t anything about that desire that should make you feel bad or awkward. I do completely understand, Sarah. I want you happy, that’s all.”

I swallowed quickly and nodded my head. This had gone much better than I had imagined. And I also knew there was much more for us to talk about, but we had started and that was what was important for us. To communicate.

Adam reached over and pulled me to him; he sat me on his lap and started nibbling on my neck. “Enough talk about all these concerns; we will figure it all out, I promise,” he murmured against my neck. His mouth found that little frantically beating pulse at the bottom of my neck, and when he licked it with his tongue it skipped a few beats and then wildly tried to catch up.

The night air was becoming cooler, and the hot water in the tub was making steam rise off of it in billowy clouds. It felt like another world; just me and Adam alone, and except for the pounding of the waves crashing to shore, it was eerily silent.

My breath caught in my throat as he sucked lightly on that spot, and the shivers that coursed up my spine had nothing to do with being cold. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on tightly as he stood up and stepped out of the tub. He sat me down on the lounge before picking up my robe and handing it to me and then shrugging into his own. “I think this would be better if we continued it inside, love,” he told me. As I thought about it I decided he was right, just in case someone was watching us. And how I hated that thought.

We went inside, locking up behind us and pulling the Roman blinds down as well. Adam set the security system and we went upstairs to our bedroom. As soon as the door was closed, I was back in his loving embrace, melting against him.

There were still a few things lying on the bed; bags and a few items of clothing that needed to be put into drawers. Adam had cleared closet space for me, but no drawer space yet, so I just gathered it all up and put it on the dresser – helter skelter. I was going for speed here, not neatness!

We both shrugged off our robes and dove for the bed, giggling like teenagers. Soon Adam had me aching for him again, but what else was new?

Thank you God for bringing this man into my life…


Saturday dawned bright and warm. I stood at the balcony doors looking out. I had gotten up an hour ago and taken my shower. A couple of minutes ago I had opened the blinds, and the ocean view was so beautiful it nearly took my breath away.

I cast a look over at Adam, still buried under the covers, trying hard to ignore the brightly streaming light that was interrupting his morning sleep. He had had trouble sleeping last night; he roamed from one side of the bed to the other, incessantly tossing and turning. I would have closed the blinds, but unfortunately he needed to get up; we had Tristan’s game in an hour and we needed to get packed for the short trip. I had snuck downstairs and fixed us some breakfast, which was sitting on a tray on the settee. I had hoped that just opening the blinds would get him up, but I could see that it wasn’t going to work.

I went over and sat on the bed and leaned over to kiss him. He was again sort of scruffy-looking, not having shaved yesterday, and I had to admit, it suited him well. With a sigh I thought back to our pirate interlude and couldn’t wait to play that again!

“Hey sailor, wake up!” I told him, nuzzling his sleep-warmed neck and kissing it softly.

He groaned and said, “What time is it, love?”

“It’s 7:30. We have to be at the game in an hour. Come on, sleeping beauty, I’ve got breakfast ready for you – in bed no less!” I stood up and went and picked up the tray to show him. It was nothing fancy like he would have made, but just scrambled eggs (no wine), croissants, sliced strawberries, and coffee, lots of coffee.

He opened one eye, and when he saw the tray, he opened the other. Sadly, I had his interest now that I had food in my hands, I thought with a laugh. “C’mon, if you want it you have to sit up!” I teased, lowering the tray so he could see it.

“Mm, smells good,” he said, sliding into a sitting position.

I sat the tray across his legs and then went around the bed and crawled up next to him and poured us both coffee. He picked up his cup and sipped it as it was – hot and black. I added my cream and then sipped appreciatively myself.

I felt amazingly good this morning, but being thoroughly loved and made love to by the man you in turn love can do that for a girl, I decided. I felt absolutely relaxed and happy, I realized, and I couldn’t wait for our weekend adventure with the boys to begin. Adam had hinted at something special last night, but he wouldn’t tell me a thing, dang him! But I’m sure that whatever it is will be wonderful. He has an incredible knack for planning the most wonderful surprises.

I handed him his plate and a fork, and he quickly dug in. He made no comment about the scrambled eggs except that they were good, and he didn’t mention that they obviously had no wine in them. He is wonderful really about my cooking. I am a good cook, but I am no way of the caliber he is, but he always seems happy to eat whatever I make, which is pretty cool. Adam just seems to have an aptitude for mixing up flavors and seasonings that work. I don’t really, but it’s okay since he does such a great job at it. If I could support us I swear I would keep him home barefoot and pregnant – and cooking; so to speak, that is!

The strawberries were wonderful, and I wondered where Tamara had gotten them; in Kansas decent fresh strawberries hadn’t been around for months. But here in sunny California, maybe it was different.

When we were done, I took the dishes downstairs and put them into the dishwasher while Adam showered. I had everything done downstairs before he stepped out of the shower.

I made a stack of clothes to take with me, but not a big one. We were only going for 2 days. The bag that I had was pretty big; I wondered if Adam had a smaller one that we could share, and then I wondered where it might be. I was in the walk-in closet poking into corners and things when Adam got out of the shower. There was a built in closet-within-a-closet thing, and I was trying to find a way to open it when Adam found me.

“What do you need, love?” he asked as I was trying to tug the door open.

“I’m looking for your suitcases. We need something pretty small for the two of us, since it’s only an overnight stay. This looks like the only place they could be hiding, but I can’t figure out how to get the darn thing open.” It was a door, I knew that, but it didn’t have a handle on it and pulling along the edges didn’t help at all.

He laughed and reached out and gently pushed on the door and it popped open. Easily. And inside were the bags and suitcases. He stood there with a ridiculous grin on his face. It was hard for me to laugh, though, because he was standing there with nothing on but a towel wrapped loosely around his hips and that grin. My eyes fastened on that towel; I sincerely wanted a peek at what it covered, but I knew we didn’t have time.

“Hmm,” I said, looking for a suitable bag. “Do I need anything special for the trip? And don’t tell me whatever I feel like bringing is fine!”

“Uh, I’d bring your swimsuit and shorts and things. Anything we do will be casual, no need for a dress or anything,” he told me, trying to keep a straight face.

Wow, I thought; a real answer. Maybe I should have recorded it. “Okay, shorts and stuff it is. How far is it to San Diego anyway?”

“About 60 miles or so; we’ll be there in an hour, coastal highway all the way down, so I think you’ll love it. Don’t forget the camera,” he reminded.

“Oh heavens. I didn’t bring it with me. Do you have one?”

“No,” he told me with a ‘who, me?’ look on his face. I was beginning to get the idea that outside the kitchen he really was a techno virgin. One of these days, I thought with a laugh, Adam is going to have to meet technology.

“Well, we can stop and buy a disposable one or two on the way to the game. Any drug store or even convenience store would have them.”

“Okay, we’ll do that then. Which bag?” he asked, pointing at a couple of choices.

I picked up a smallish one and he said, “Um, maybe this one would be better,” indicating a larger one. I shrugged and nodded my head and he grabbed it and brought it out to the bedroom and set it on the bed.

I started packing my stuff into it and then remembered a purchase I had made yesterday and had to hunt for it among the bags that I hadn’t opened yet. I left the items in the bag and tucked it into the suitcase. I remembered that I would probably need something to sleep in and I hadn’t brought anything at all that would be suitable. Then I had an idea. “Hey, I need one of your tee shirts, can you get me one?”

“Sure, but whatever for?” He dug into a drawer and pulled out a blue one. “Is this one okay?”

“Something to sleep in, just in case the boys decide to join us! And yes, that one is fine,” I laughed.

I distinctly heard him mutter, “A locked door will take care of that problem!”, but he said it with a smile and I knew he was only joking. I ignored that comment, and a moment later he said, “Um, love, will you go into the bathroom and gather our toiletries for us?” I went to do that and when I brought them out, Adam had packed everything he wanted into the bag. It seemed like a large pile of stuff, but I didn’t pay too much attention, and we zipped up the bag and got dressed to go.

I decided to wear a pair of red jean shorts with a red and white striped tank and a loosely woven net jacket in red over it. The jacket was almost like a very loose fishnet, sort of nautical, I thought, because it had a square sailor’s collar in the back, and with it I wore a pair of red sandals I had bought. I stared at myself in the mirror, and I thought I looked pretty good. Adam thought so too, judging by his whistle of appreciation.

And so did he! He had on a pair of khaki shorts that showed off his lean and tanned legs wonderfully. He wore a cerulean blue polo shirt with them, and I knew I’d have a hard time keeping my hands off of him today! I glanced at the clock and said, “Uh oh, we’re running late, let’s go!”

Adam checked to make sure everything was closed and locked up, and we loaded the bag into the car and headed off. We stopped at a drug store near the soccer field, and I ran in a bought 2 disposable cameras and then we were on our way. We got there just moments before the game started, and Tristan smiled and waved when he saw us. I was sure he had been watching for us, and I was so happy we made it in time. I would have felt terrible to disappoint him.

Geoff wanted me to sit next to him, and after greeting Tamara and Mark I took my seat, with Adam sitting on my other side. I think he was sort of surprised that Geoff wanted me to sit next to him instead of his dad, but he was in a good humor about it.

The game was a real thriller, no score for most of the game; the Tigers scored one and then the Eagles scored one, and the score sat there until the last two minutes of the game, when the Eagles scored one more. We thought all was lost and then the Tigers made one more goal and 30 seconds later another. It was a thrilling game because the teams were well-matched, but I was delighted the Tigers had won. Tristan was bouncing off the walls about it, and Geoff joined right in.

When I hugged Tamara goodbye, she said that she and Mark were looking forward to a little alone time since he was leaving again on Monday, and she thanked us for that. I was delighted to be able to provide them that time, since I knew how precious it was; quiet private time with the person you love. Both boys told Tamara and Mark goodbye, and we grabbed their bag and headed off to San Diego.

The drive along the coast was beautiful. We passed San Clemente and Capistrano, and the coast line varied almost from mile to mile. Some of it was smooth beaches and other places were cliffs and rock, but everywhere the water was a beautiful blue with frothy white-capped waves. There were places where the waves were higher than in others, and Adam explained that that usually indicated a reef out there and that those were the places you most likely would find surfers. And he was right; we saw quite a few riding in on the waves.

“Do you surf?” I asked him as I watched a particularly agile surfer ride a wave up and down and almost into the shore. It looked incredible and I thought maybe fun too, but I bet it was a lot harder than it looked.

“Nah. Aidan does though. Remember I told you he was the athletic one? He’s pretty good, or at least used to be. Took to it naturally. You might as well know that I am not athletically inclined at all,” he finished with a laugh.

“Oh, I don’t know about that. You’re certainly athletic in a few areas,” I joked.

“What on earth are – OH,” he said catching on. “You think so, huh?” He started sort of puffing up, sitting more erect in his seat and bobbing his head from side to side in that way he has when he is particularly pleased about something. His dimples were displayed fully to boot; darn him, he knows my weaknesses!

We rounded La Jolla and were pulling into a marina in San Diego bay. There were boats everywhere, some big and some pretty small. Most looked expensive and well-kept. Adam kept driving, apparently looking for something in particular, and we finally stopped before a pretty large boat and Adam said, “Okay, this is it. Everyone out!”

“What are we doing here, Adam?” I asked, extremely curious. “Where is our hotel?”

“This is it, our hotel accommodations, that is!” he told me with a laugh. The boys were going crazy, clamoring to get out in fact.

“Oh Daddy, this is cool!” Geoff said, spilling out of the car as soon as I had the door open. He and Tristan both ran ahead of us and headed for the gangway.

“Whoa!” Adam said. “Just hold on a moment, you two; wait for us.” He was pulling our bags out of the trunk and then we were heading up the gangway ourselves, they boys skipping ahead of us. As soon as we stepped onto the deck of the boat we were greeted by a sailor.

“Ahoy there, Mr. Richland. I’m Jeremy Porter, first mate of the Shimmering Mist. Welcome aboard. We have your accommodations all ready for you and your family, sir, if you’ll please follow me.” He picked up both bags and then turned and headed through a room, which I later learned was called the salon, and on to a stairway leading downstairs, or below decks, as Jeremy called it.

It was amazingly large and spacious, I thought. I later learned that the ship, or actually yacht, was a 120’ long two-masted schooner. It had sails and a backup engine for times when there wasn’t enough wind.

Jeremy led us to a cabin that the boys would be staying in. It was large and decorated in red, white and blue, with patriotic prints on the walls. The boys were ecstatic about it and immediately started exclaiming their joy! Jeremy asked them if they would like to see the rest of the ship after he had showed us our accommodations, and they both whooped and said yes! He told them that he would be back in a few minutes and that they had to wait for him, no exploring on their own. They solemnly agreed, and we left them waiting not so patiently as Jeremy led us to our room. It was a large suite, bedroom, sitting room and bathroom, and it was very beautiful. Jeremy explained about the different facilities on board and told us we would be getting under way in about 30 minutes if we wanted to come up on deck to watch.

“We’re actually going to get to go sailing?” I asked. I was awed; I had never been sailing before.

“Yes, ma’am. We’ll be spending tonight at sea and will return in the morning. This afternoon our destination is Santa Catalina Island. I hope you’ll enjoy the trip. If you need anything, please press 7 on the phone over there and I will be right with you. Now, I had better go and see to those young ones of yours; I’m sure I’ll find lots of things to interest them.” He nodded his head and closed the door behind him as he left.

I squealed and threw myself onto the bed, kicking crazily. Adam watched me, and I realized his face was surprised – he probably couldn’t tell if I was excited in a good way or a bad way.

I jumped back up and grabbed him for a huge hug. “Oh, Adam, this is fabulous. I’ve never been on a ship like this before. And we’re going sailing too. What an awesome surprise! Thank you, my love!”

He held me close and kissed the top of my head. I could tell how pleased he was by my excitement. “I think that excitement of yours makes it all worthwhile. You don’t get seasick, do you?”

That thought hadn’t even occurred to me. “Uh no, I don’t think so. I’m the roller coaster queen and if I can do that, surely a few bobbing waves won’t bother me! Oh Adam, this is so wonderful. C’mon,” I said, tugging on his hand, “Let’s go up on deck. I want to see everything!”

I indulged him with one more hug and then I was heading out the door, Adam following behind me, smiling a mile wide.

We dropped off the boys’ bag in their room on our way topside. They were just casting off the moorings and getting prepared to sail. The boys were watching from the bow of the boat and both of them were wearing life jackets, which I thought was an excellent idea. I had fears of them being swept overboard after we got underway.

I watched all the activity around us; everyone seemed to have a job and knew exactly what to do. Well, I saw 4 people, but they were all busy anyway.

“Moorings clear!” Jeremy called, lifting some very heavy ropes onto the deck.

“Aye, Captain, moorings clear!” another sailor added from astern.

The Captain was in the pilot house, above this deck. “Prepare to head out,” he called. The engines came to life with a smooth purr, and the boat started to slowly maneuver out of the marina. We stood at the railing in the bow as the ship began to rise and fall gently on our way to the open water.

The railing was very substantial, but the mother in me still worried about the boys falling overboard. I kept looking down at them telling them to hang on to the rails, don’t lean so far out, keep both feet on the deck, etc. until Adam finally laughed and said, “I think they have it, love. They’ll be fine!”

“Have they been sailing before?”

“No, but they have heard what you said, and what Jeremy probably lectured them on as well.”

I was quiet for a moment. Okay, I know that I can be a worrywart, but if they had never been on a boat like this before, just how aware could they be of the dangers? Yes, they were wearing life jackets, and yes, they could both swim, but with the way the boat was bouncing around (and was starting to bounce even more), did they really understand that they can’t stand on the railing and expect to be able to hang on? And that it’s a really long way down to the water? Would it take some terrible accident to make Adam realize that they needed to be watched? Just how far was I prepared to take this?

Just then Tristan stood up on the lowest rung of the railing and the boat lurched forward and upward. He lost his footing and fell to the deck, banging his chin on the top rail. His teeth grazed his lower lip and it started bleeding, and Tristan started crying. I glared at Adam for a moment and then picked Tristan up and looked at his mouth.

Adam squatted down to examine it as well. “Open your mouth, Tristan,” he told him, trying to see how bad the damage was.

It was minor; he only grazed his lip, and the bleeding stopped almost immediately as did the tears.

And the minor accident served two purposes; it scared both boys a lot, and Adam realized that maybe I wasn’t being too paranoid after all. For the rest of the day they behaved well and Adam humored me and made sure he stayed close to them. I resisted the strong urge to say I told you so.

After we cleared the marina and made open sea they prepared to raise the sails. I was really excited to see this. It was as interesting to hear what was being said as it was to watch it.

Captain: Prepare to hoist the mainsail!

Jeremy: (Repeats the order to the others)

Captain: Ready the halyards!

Jeremy: Repeats and says “Aye”

Captain: Prepare Gollywobbler, foresails and hoist the spinnaker!

Captain: Watch that rigging there! Belay the line on the mainsail!

On and on it went until an amazing assortment of sails were lifted and filled with the wind. It gave me goose bumps actually. I didn’t know what most of it was, but I had never realized how many sails were on these ships and how many lines there were crossing from mast to sails, up the spars and booms; it was incredible. The crew was well versed and worked together exceptionally well, it seemed to me. Soon we were flying over the sparkling blue water, a long white wake trailing behind us. I heard more things, like: “We’re luffing,” “Change the heading" or "Rake the rigging,” and “We need to flatten those sails.”

After we had been out about an hour, the captain was finally able to come and meet us and chat for a little bit. Jeremy was acting as coxswain, or the pilot during this trip. His name was Captain Anderson, and he had been sailing for 25 years. He gave us a tour of the entire ship, and it was amazing how they used space on these vessels. He and the crew lived on the boat full-time, and I wasn’t sure how they could stand it; some of the spaces were so small. But later when we were out there on the sea and the wind was filling the sails, I began to think it might not be quite so bad.

There are definitely rewards for it.

The boys loved everything about it, and asked every question imaginable until I was sure that the whole crew must be totally frustrated by them, but everyone seemed very good-natured about it. Captain Anderson laughed once and told us that they were very used to the questions, especially by kids, but that adults do the same thing.

We got to Santa Catalina Island by one, and Adam and the boys and I all went ashore. We stopped and had lunch at a charming sidewalk cafĂ© and watched the boats out on the ocean. We enjoyed the time there tremendously, and 3 hours later we finally made it back to the ship. One of the things we did during that time was to take a helicopter ride around the island, and it was a beautiful way to see it. It was a very mountainous island; I hadn’t realized that, with hidden coves everywhere you looked. The guide told us that when Juan Cabrillo claimed the island for Spain in 1542, it was already inhabited by natives that were linked to the Aztecs for at least 500 years. Some scientists say that the island had people on it as long at 7,000 years ago. It was all really interesting to me, and the boys enjoyed the up and down of the helicopter ride itself, so we were all happy.

After we returned to the ship, we sailed a bit farther and found a secluded cove, and we got our swimsuits on and the crew hoisted a platform over the side, and we swam for a couple of hours and lay in the sun. The water was clear here and very warm still. Adam loved my new bathing suit, and I could tell he liked what was beneath it too!

Back on board the boat we stayed in the cove for awhile, still lounging in the sun. The boys played games, and Jeremy taught them how to make all sorts of knots. The boys had their dinner about 7 and soon after that quick showers, and then it was off to bed for them, leaving Adam and me a little time for romance! The sun was down and Adam and I had watched it disappear out on the horizon with a sigh. It was a spectacular sight out here on the water. Dinner for us was served on the deck, under the stars. There were candles in hurricane globes and wine and succulent seafood, which was to die for. It was a wonderfully romantic evening, I thought as I listened with half an ear to the music that was playing in the background and the soft sighs of the breeze. Adam and I danced under the stars, and I suddenly decided I couldn’t wait another minute to make love to him, so I took his hand and led him down the stairs to our room.

We peeked in on the boys on our way and both were sleeping soundly, judging by the soft and gentle snores. We knew they had to be incredibly tired; they had played hard today.

In our room I wondered how to pull out my surprise for Adam, but I decided I needed a shower before I could contemplate anything. My skin was still a little bit dry from the salty swim earlier, and I went into the bathroom, telling him I would be out soon. I hurried through those necessary ablutions as quickly as I possibly could, eager to play tonight. After I was soft and fragrant again, I headed back out to our bedroom and what awaited me was the biggest surprise I have ever had!

Adam was standing there waiting for me in a full pirate’s get-up: leather breeches, billowy white shirt that laced up the front, and a long curly wig on his head with a tri-cornered hat perched on top of it. A saber was buckled low around his hips and I felt laughter bubbling out of me. He looked incredible and sexy. Very sexy. He smiled the dimple smile and took off his hat and performed a very low sweeping bow.

“The Delicious Pirate Richland at your service, me beauty,” he told me.

Oh God, did I mention that he was incredibly sexy? I wanted to rip that billowy shirt completely off of him, tear off his breeches and attach myself to his yardarm, without delay.

Instead I laughed. “Uh, you aren’t going to believe this,” I said, pulling something out of my bag. I handed him an eye patch! He took it and laughed.

Great minds do indeed think alike!


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Well, Lizzy has managed to keep me in line again, so many thanks to her! I appreciate your wonderful help Lizzy!

x5head3pay said...

YEA! Pirate Richland is back! What an incredible experience - a private yacht! I want an Adam now! I hope all goes well for them on this trip.

Val, I hope it's all good for you down in Alabama and that you are safe.


Lynne said...

ARRRR, Matey, It be a Right good story today, ARRRRR. Lynne

catrina said...

I must live vicariously through Sarah and Adam, because what started out as a 'blah' day changed immediately when they went to Catalina Island! I used to live in San Clemente, and remeber the sights and smells of living at the beach. What a great post, Hope! And what a great way to start my weekend----I may even borrow a few ideas for my lazy weekend with hubby!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

Engbunny said...

Hope, you put a smile on my face this morning with this entry! Thank you! It was wonderful!

Val said...

Hi Hope and all my wonderful new friends!

We did have the nasty weather here last night. I was at a Chamber of Commerce After Hours meeting when the tornado sirens started going off. Apparently a tornado touched down in north Columbus last night, but I don't think there was any serious damage. When I passed by Walmart on the way home, it was totally black, no power. I know there was some bad damage in Enterprise, but that's about 2 hours from me. I believe a high school was hit pretty hard there.

We didn't even lose power, and that's quite a miracle. Usually when we hear the sirens, we just go ahead and turn everything off because our power will be off for a day or so. LOL!

I enjoyed today's post immensely, I have always wanted to spend a few days on a boat, maybe even take a real cruise! And pirates are HOT! Reminds me of the Princess Bride movie, the Dread Pirate Roberts... hehe

I hope everyone has a great day, and Monday can't come soon enough!

Lynne said...

Val, glad to know that you are ok, as is your town. I prayed last night as the death tolls in Enterprise were rising. You know all, I am so glad I have had the pleasure of meeting you guys. When I talk to you or read your comments, it brightens my day. Take care and have a blessed weekend. Lynne

Kristin said...

Blub, blrrb, drooool....

Hope - You've rendered me into a blithering idiot with the return of our Delicious Richland the Pirate! However will we wait until Monday, AAAAArghhh!

Val - I am so glad to hear you are safe and well!!! My thoughts and prayers are out to all who had terrible weather yesterday.

kmorales4 said...

Another delicious post. Can't wait for Monday to get here and see what our divine Pirate Richland has in store for us.

Tigger said...

Hi Ya'll! I'm with you Hope, really glad it's Friday! Going out with my girl friends tonight and gonna party!

Wow, the pirate is pretty awesome! And I suppose you are only going to tease us with him on Monday, huh?

But I'm so proud of our girl Sarah, she swallowed her courage and began talking to Adam aobout stuff! Way to go Sarah!!!

DayDreamer said...

Oh what a wonderful post. They've communicated, they've relaxed, played and I can't wait for Monday's interlude with Pirate Richland. This is such fun. Thank you for brightening my days!!!

Gina said...

Woo Hoo Hope! I love it and I can't wait for Monday now. You have such a knack for doing that for us, making us wish the weekend away.

Excellent chapter. I like the fact that they talked about some of this stuff, but understand Sarah's reticence in bringing it up--after all, as she says he hasn't actually proposed and it could be viewed as presumptious on her part.

But we all know our hero Adam is going to come through with the marriage proposal, so I 'spect it will all be okay!

Rob said...

Hey Ladies! (and Matt if you're out there)

A fine Friday this is and spiked with anticipation as well. Hope, you are magnificent, do you know that?

It's going to be a great weekend...

tita said...

I love Richland the pirate

Anonymous said...

So many of us do Tita...

I hope we will be 'seeing' a lot more of him!

tita said...

Hello everyone!!!
I hope you're well.
Val, I'm really glad that you're ok.
Hope, thanks for a wonderful post, I really like it specially because they started to comunicate what they expect for the future.
I really love Richland the pirate I hope he can come more often. LOL.

x5head3pay said...

Glad you and your family are okay Val.

I too think that proposal is on it's way. I thought it would come at Thanksgiving, but the way he packed his bag so quickly had me thinking, but then the dread Pirate Richland appeared. Perhaps he packed something else in his treasure chest...

I can't say how much I appreciate this little escape from reality. I am going through some issues at home now and this helps make them seem less challenging knowing that 3 days a week there is an adventure waiting for me...THanks Hope...and thanks to everyone else for commenting. Your kindness and compassion towards people you have not ever met is incredible.
This is the best blog!


deena said...

I think Richland the pirate deserves his own story Hope!

Any possibility of that happening? I adored this entry, for many reasons and not just the pirate, lol.

But it is good that they are talking about stuff and I agree with Gina, I understand how hard it was for Sarah to do it!

Now we just have to wait until Adam finally proposes!

Come on, Adam, you can do it!

Hope said...

Sorry to hear about your problems Katie, but keep in mind that we are out here and we do care. Not actually 'knowing' us makes no difference. I would hazard a guess that many of us reveal things in these comments that we don't to other people we know face to face. (of course, how do you bring the adventures of the Delicious Pirate Richland into a normal conversation? lol)

I feel like I have created a whole new family out there in the cyber space, and I'm loving it!

I am going home today around noon, so I won't be available to read your comments until later, but I trust you will all have a nice lunch without me. Remember to smile and have fun.

And I'm toying with the idea of having another you be the author next Friday, with entries this time being about Richland the Pirate. So put on your thinking caps all of you delightfully creative people. That will be a fun day.

Macy said...

Hope, that 5 for Fighting song is my very favorite. It always makes me cry because like you, I think the message is to love and not let unimportant things get in the way. I have often been guilty of that in the past and the first time I heard that song, it made me start paying attention.

Thank you so much for reminding me of it, and for bringing us this story that makes us all think about the important things in life, our loved ones.

Anonymous said...



Lisa Lynn said...

I loved the surpise of the Pirate Richland! What a giggle :)

Reminds me of when my husband and I were dating. For his Aunt's 50th Birthday, everyone went out to Laughlin NV and surprised her with a "Pirate & Wench" party...we had only been dating a few months and I was meeting alot of his family for the first time. It certainly broke the ice when your future in-laws are dressed as pirate & wench :)

Thanks again, Hope, for a wonderfully sweet love story. It's heart-warming to read!

becky said...

Happy Friday, everyone! Hope, I love, love, love this story! What an exciting adventure to have a private, chartered schooner. And Cataline is such a fun place. We stopped there on our very first cruise.

I can't help but think that this is the calm before the storm. Nothing bad has happened for a few days. So watch out Adam and Sarah!!!

I can hardy wait until Monday!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! I loved the return of Richland the Pirate! Hope everyone has a great weekend- "see" you all on Monday!


Anonymous said...

Is anyone one else out there from Oregon?

Anonymous said...

Gosh Hope, I always say this but this post gets better and better. I just love the surprise they had for each other being on the same page. SO romantic and fun!!!! Thanks for making my works days go by with so many smiles!

Nicole from Oregon

becky said...

Hi Nicole from Oregon! I live about 20 miles from the Oregon border in Washington. Where do you live?


Anonymous said...

I know I'm a little bit late and I apologize. I've been dealing with a little bit of stuff for the past 2 days. One of my friends from high school got into an accident 2 nights ago and was killed on an icy road a few days ago. I hate winter storms in Saskatchewan.

Katie and Val. I'm praying for you. At this point I think that's all I can do for you is include you in my prayers for Jeff's family and friends!!!!

Hope, thank you so much for the escape from the reality that is life and death. I love being able to come here every MWF to see that I have my time away from everything stressful that is going on. I love the fact that Adam and Sarah are here through thick and thin. I love reading the comments because I know what is happening in other people's lives as well as being able to comment, pray for them and help them through their rough times, knowing that when I have the same problems they do the same for me. Even though I may have never met any of you, I consider you friends, and for that I thank you all.

I must be going though, it is 4:30 in the morning and I have a long day ahead of me. You are all in my thoughts.


Linda said...

Wow this is such a great blog! I found out about it late Jan and got caught up a few weeks ago. Currently, there are 10 blog/diaries I am reading. Your blog and "View From This Chair" blog, are the only two that is consistent reading and lengthy.

Poor hubby though, I compare his romantic ways with Adam. Can't imagine a man out there even like Adam. And the cooking adventures are a trip to read. Gosh, if I ate like that I would be 400 pounds! The food bill would be outrageous. Thank God, I am 128 pds LOL.

Nevertheless, this blog is outstanding Hope. I like it because I am a very detailed and wordy person.

Keep up the great work!

P.S. Still waiting on Lynne's blog to update. Just as I was getting into it, she left. I know she has illnesses with her family. Can't wait for the next one! Take care all :)

Cheryl said...

Where might I find the view from this chair blog? I could use another good one to read.
This blog is, of course, my favorite!!! Hope, you do such excellent work! Thank you so much.

Linda said...

Hi Cheryl,

They are and another one is (thriller one)but not posted as much as Hope's and the View.

Happy reading!!!