Monday, September 20, 2010

Sarah's Pregnancy Diary - Part Nine

Oh Mama…

I decided things were getting really desperate as I tried futilely to find something that would fit over my growing belly! A few sweatpants and stuff was all that would now span the growing bulge that was baby Richland. I had to do something soon, I acknowledged.

Adam came in to the room as I was pushing things about willy-nilly in the closet looking for a miracle. None was to be found; well, there was a sun dress in there that would work. It had an empire style bodice and that would at least fit over the baby bump so I pulled it out and found a matching light cardigan to go over it as it was a bit chilly today.

Adam was sitting on the side of the bed as I came out of the closet, looking amused at it all. “You know bella, why don’t we plan a shopping trip for some new clothes for you, hm? Soon I would think!”

I threw him a look that suggested that silence might be the better approach here, but he only shrugged and gave me the adorable dimple grin. I hated that grin when he had a point, and this was one of those times! I stared at him, lifting one eyebrow in irritation.

And then we both started laughing; I couldn’t help it, it was all just so funny. I am 46 years old and pregnant! I had to laugh or I’d cry. It was easier to laugh. Of course, part of the deal was getting to be married to this funny, loving and gorgeous man. A girl could certainly have it worse.

I didn’t really want to drag Adam around shopping with me for maternity clothes so the next logical thought was Tamara. After breakfast, I gave her and call and she was really excited about going as she needed some things too. We made plans to get together in an hour.

“So you’re going with Tamara then?” Adam asked me while reviewing some correspondence from the contractor.

It was funny to see him voluntarily sitting at the computer now, but he was getting pretty good at navigating the web. He was even working on a project to get our pictures online into albums. He really was a remarkable ‘nester’, so happy to be building not only a home, but a future for us.

“Yes! Disappointed?” I asked, already knowing the answer. Love me he did, but shopping was NOT his favorite activity.

“I’ll live,” he murmured dryly, grinning at me again. He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him, and kissed my belly. “You had better behave for your mum, young one!” He ran his hand over the baby bump lightly and then planted another kiss on it.

The look of love on his face took my breath away. Somewhere in this life of mine I must have done something awfully good because I have been given the best reward anyone could ever get. Life is precious, especially when it is shared with someone you love so much.

Thank you God…


Val said...

Good to see you're still at it, Hope! (((HUGS)))

Hope said...

Hey Val, long time no hear!

Yep, I'm still at it. Thanks for stopping in! Hope all is well with you and the 'tribe', LOL...

Val said...

The tribe is crazy this time of year. I'm in school for Ultrasound Tech, and still homeschooling. Got one in varsity football, two in C-team football, and a cheerleader. Getting them from here to there is a chore, and this quarter I'm taking PHYSICS! I try to check in periodically because I love reading your blog. Talk soon!