Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Work, Work and More Work

Chapter Seventy-Four
Six o’clock was a rude awakening. One of the repercussions of jetting off to California all the time is that is confuses the hell out of my body. I no longer have any type of internal clock, not with any accuracy anyway. I don’t think I was cut out for this jet-set lifestyle.

I rolled over in bed when Adam reached to shut the alarm off. He immediately started sneezing.

Welcome back to Texas, I thought with a sigh.

I’m sure I slept through that shower, because I don’t remember it at all, or getting ready to go to the set. But before I knew it we were on our way. I looked around at the inky Texas sky that was only beginning to lighten far in the east and yawned, tempted to fall back asleep.

The studio was a hive of activity, though, and the noise alone was enough to rouse me, as was the cup of coffee with cream that Krista brought me as soon as she saw me. I smiled my gratitude to her and sipped the delicious brew appreciatively.

Adam had quickly changed, and Krista stood in the dressing room chatting with me when Ryan found me. The door was wide open, and he strolled by and stopped and did a double take. Whether it was because he found me or the sight of Krista I wasn’t sure. I think Ryan is a bit taken with her.

He seems to get fidgety around her and doesn’t say too much. I noticed it a couple of times at the funeral Friday. I wondered if they had even been introduced.

“Hey Ryan,” I said, waving at him to come into the dressing room. “Did you meet Krista on Friday? It was such a crazy day; I don’t remember.”

“No, uh, no I didn’t,” he said, offering his hand to her. “Hi, I’m Ryan Morgan.”

She smiled at him as she shook his hand almost shyly, and again I was struck with the thought that she seemed somehow familiar. “I’m Krista. Um, Krista Marshall,” she told him, her long dark lashes fluttering down as if embarrassed to meet his eyes. Her cheeks were a lovely pink as well, and I think I saw something electric charge through these two. She looked up again, and I saw that she was lightly chewing on her lower lip. He was still holding her hand and the boy was awestruck, I could tell.

I sat there, smiling at the two of them, and they both suddenly seemed to realize where they were. Their hands reluctantly let go of one another’s and Krista took a step back and my eyes flitted back and forth from one to the other.

“Ryan, have you had any coffee?” I asked.

“No, not yet,” he answered, trying to focus on me, but I could tell it was hard for him to take his eyes off Krista.

“Krista, maybe you’d have a moment to show Ryan where to get coffee and breakfast? I’ve really got to give my parents a call this morning!”

“Su – sure,” she said. A smile a mile wide tilted the corners of her mouth upward and she said, “Just follow me.” I didn’t think that there was any chance in hell that he wouldn’t follow her wherever she wanted to take him at that moment.

“See you later,” I called out to them as they left the dressing room and then I laughed, long and loud. Adam walked in and wanted to know what was so funny and when I explained to him what I had just watched, he laughed along with me.

He had his hair straightened and smoothed and a little makeup on as usual for filming. He kissed me and I could smell the powdery smell of the makeup clinging to him as I felt his warm lips brush mine. I hated seeing his hair like this; I loved his curls.

“Have you had anything to eat?” I asked.

“A cup of coffee and a bagel. It will hold me for a while. How about you?”

“Just some coffee so far. I’ll wander over to the tables and find something in a while myself. I want to try and call mom and dad and Cassie this morning,” I told him.

Sunni popped her head in the door and said, “Adam, they are ready for you on set. Hi Sarah!” She waved quickly and then she was gone.

One more kiss and Adam was out the door, and I grabbed my cell to call mom and dad.


I spent an hour on the phone with mom and dad and then Cassie as well, and by then I was hungry and went to see what there was to eat. I filled a plate with some fruit and a croissant and another cup of coffee and sat down to eat it. Ryan wandered back in with his coffee cup and refilled it before sitting down at the table with me.

“Not exactly like Adam’s cooking, is it?” he laughed as he blew gently on the steaming coffee in his cup.

“Nope, not at all. You’ll get used to it, though. I think your taste buds just sort of atrophy after a day or two,” I teased him.

He frowned as he heard my words, but I couldn’t imagine it was any worse than eating fast food all the time. I shook my head at that thought.

“So, what did Little Elk have to say to you?” I asked him.

His ears immediately grew red again, and I decided it must be because of his light skin. But he was fairly tan, so I wasn’t sure.

“More like what didn’t he say,” he grumbled. “I got lectured about everything, how I should have just told Adam that he had to come back here, you name it!”

“Yeah, I noticed how effective that approach was when he told Adam to come back!” I answered dryly, sipping my own coffee.

“Well, he was happy that I got you two to agree to let me stay with you until we get this solved. Little Elk isn’t taking this all very well. Homicide isn’t letting up on the detective division to find some answers. I talked to Detective Arnold in Wichita last night to sort of catch her up on things, and she feels as stumped as we do.”

“I am very grateful you are with us, and Ryan, you are doing a great job. Apparently there just aren’t all that many clues. I can’t figure out if the person doing this is a bloody genius or just really lucky,” I told him. I laughed to myself at my use of the word ‘bloody’, one of Adam’s favorite expletives.

“That, my dear Sarah, is the big question. But people, not person,” he reminded me.

“Don’t remind me of that,” I said with a shudder. It was hard enough thinking of one person out there, not to mention two, possibly with murder in their minds.

Ryan took a cue from my attitude and changed the subject. “So, tell me about Krista,” he asked hopefully.

“I don’t know too much really. I know she grew up in Pindalossa with her grandparents. Her mom died when she was very young and her dad was never around. And that hurts her a lot.” I spread my hands wide and shrugged and added, “That’s about all I know! So what did you find out?”

He grinned like the Cheshire cat and then laughed. “Not as much as I would have liked to. She seems to be a woman of few words. Think she would go out with me?”

“I don’t have a clue,” I laughed. “With everything going on with the movie, her time is probably very limited. But still, a girl has to eat!”

“Why, yes she does, Sarah, yes she does!”

We were still laughing when Krista walked into the room, followed by Adam and Paul Hallenbach. They all headed for the food and gradually migrated over to where Ryan and I sat. I noticed that Ryan pulled out a chair next to his for Krista to sit in, and I also noticed that even though she blushed, she accepted it.

Adam sat a plate piled high with fruit and another bagel on the table and then dropped a quick kiss on my lips before sitting down to eat. Paul nodded his head in the direction of our table and Adam said, “Please, Paul, sit down.”

There were on a 15 minute break and before long, the room was filled with crew and actors, all trying to get a bite to eat before going back to work. It was very noisy and chaotic, but everyone seemed in really good spirits. I assumed that meant that the morning’s shoot was going well.

Adam confirmed that for me in between bites of his bagel. “Yes, it went pretty well. That is, if Paul could just remember his lines,” he joked, looking directly at Paul with a teasing glare.

“You have it all wrong, Adam; it was you who had the problem with his lines this morning. But you know, you’re getting older now and that’s to be expected,” he kidded good-naturedly.

He was only a year younger than Adam, which made me laugh. He and Adam traded good-natured barbs for a minute before the 15 minutes were up and they had to go back to work. Adam’s eyes were glowing, and I could tell he was happy. It seemed things were finally going smoothly.

Lunch time brought Krista with our trays. When she found Ryan in the dressing room with me she excused herself immediately with a blush.

Ryan jumped up and asked her where to get lunch at and she told him to follow her. You don’t have to ask that boy twice, and so he was gone. Adam stood in the doorway for a moment watching them before coming in to eat. He shook his head from side to side with a smile.

“I think I see a little romance brewing there,” he told me as he sat down to eat his lunch. There was lasagna and salad today and the prerequisite bottled water. As we ate, we discovered that the lasagna was surprisingly good. I watched Adam as he kept taking a bite and sort of holding it in his mouth, chewing very slowly. He told me he was trying to determine what was in it because he liked it so much.

“How are things in Wichita?” he asked me.

“Good, mom and dad are fine. So are Bobby and the house. And his mother doesn’t like Wendy! But Bobby wanted to bring her to Thanksgiving anyway, if it was okay with me. So I called him and told him that she was more than welcome, and he seemed relieved. He said the house alarm went off the other day while he was home. He looked out, but he couldn’t see anything or anyone. It was during the day and it was very windy out. He called the alarm company straight away and they came and checked it out, to make sure there were no malfunctions, but it seemed fine. Just a fluke apparently."

“I called Cassie too and guess what? She gets out of the hospital at the end of next week, so she’ll be home for Thanksgiving. She’ll spend it with her parents, of course, but she is bringing a guest: Dr. Gorman! And since she and her parents always come by my place in the evening for dessert, we’ll get the chance to talk to him, out of doctor mode that is. Oh Adam, she is so happy.”

All too soon it was time for Adam to go back to work, and I wondered what I would do to occupy myself for the rest of the afternoon. Tomorrow I decided I would need to bring a book or magazine or something and wondered if there were any around here.

It was crazy for me to sit around here every day while Adam was at work, and the truth was I hated it. I needed a computer or something to occupy my time. I just don’t handle sitting idly around very well. I voiced that to Sunni later when I saw her as I was wandering around.

“Sarah, there are lots of computers around here you can use. We’re dealing with celebrities who like all the amenities. I’ll have one moved into the dressing room. No problem!”

“Wow, Sunni, that would be fabulous. I’m so bored.”

“Well, I can only empathize because they don’t let me sit idle long enough to be bored, I promise you. So,” she said lowering her voice a bit, “Is Ryan like a body guard now? Does he stay with you all the time?”

“Yes, pretty much. And they have someone who is staying at the condo while we are not there as well. It’s a good thing I’m not claustrophobic,” I jested.

I saw one of her eyebrows lift slightly as she paused for a moment before saying, “Really? So they think it’s that dangerous for you?”

“Just a precautionary thing, I think. We want everything to go smoothly from now on so the film can be finished, you know.”

“Yes, that would be the best thing.” She glanced down at her watch and added, “I’ll hunt a computer down for you and have it brought in. But I gotta run now, so I’ll see you later!” And with a wave of her hand she was gone.

They didn’t get done shooting until almost 7. Twelve hours is a long time to be under this constant stress. Adam looked extremely tired as we left to go home. Ryan seemed to be in a good mood; for part of the afternoon he got to watch what Krista was doing. But I was curious about how he was going to handle being with us all the time.

“Don’t you get any time off, Ryan? Are they paying you overtime for all your work hours?”

“I’m salary, not hourly,” he joked. “Look, it’s going to be this way for awhile. Little Elk and I both think that consistency is important in what is going on. Any little variation could be dangerous, so by staying with you I’ll know the routine, how things are supposed to go. And I’ll know when something seems off – things you might overlook. That’s what I’m here for, so just trust me to do it.”

“Good enough,” I said. It did make sense, but I thought he was going to get very bored with it all. Maybe he’ll want to share computer time. And while being with us gave him time with Krista, it sure wasn’t like going out for a date.

We stopped on the way home and picked up some sushi, which was quick and easy. Ryan had never eaten it and he eyed it suspiciously as we picked out our favorites. We really needed to shop again, but after the incident with Jason I was rather loath to go to the store. If Adam would just let me go, it would be okay, but I didn’t think that would happen.

Ryan first poked and turned the sushi over on his plate, as if it was hiding something underneath it. I showed him how to put a little wasabi on it and ginger, then dip it into the soy. He got the hang of it quickly and discovered that he liked sushi. My eyebrows raised and I smiled drolly; I didn’t know why that surprised me, he had already said he would eat anything that didn’t eat him first. After eating a quick dinner, we all went to bed. Adam was exhausted, and I had to remind him to take his allergy medicine, although his allergies seemed to be getting a little better. There had been some rain over the weekend and that may have helped to keep the dust down a bit; I’m not sure.

Ryan seemed happy with his room and joked that he could get used to all this luxury. I knew just how he felt.


Monday seemed to set a pattern for the next few days and then weeks. Few things varied with our routine, and Ryan seemed happy about that. I managed to get a grocery list together and someone, I don’t know who, went and shopped for us. Dinner was mostly things I could cook quickly. Adam cooked a few times; however, he was so tired most of the time he didn’t protest at all when I did it.

The pace at work was grueling, for all of them. It was taking longer in makeup for them all in the mornings, I noticed. The days were just a blur for me. Most of the time I couldn’t tell you what day it was; they all seemed the same, especially since they were working Saturdays too. Sundays we did as little as possible, trying to catch up on sleep and just relaxing.

True to her word, though, Sunni had a computer brought in for me. It was a really nice laptop, and fast as all get-out. I surfed happily at times and wrote e-mails and got caught up on the latest fashion trends too! I discovered games and played Mahjong for hours at a time. For the most part I was miserable.

This frantic pace took its toll on our sex life as well. I wasn’t troubled by this, really. We still cuddled and snogged, as Adam would say, regularly, but truthfully Adam was just so tired I felt guilty, even when I just scooted close to him to snuggle. I know he was thinking about it a lot though, and finally on Thursday we talked about it, all of it.

We hadn’t even made love in the shower in the morning all week. Part of both of our attitudes and edginess was probably to blame on this little dry spell, but things just were what they were. I didn’t feel unloved or unwanted, not at all. Part of my edginess was from just generally being bored as opposed to a lack of sex. I didn’t know for sure how to tell him that, though, because I thought he would feel just as bad about me being bored as he did about sex.

We lay in bed one night talking about the day, and it finally occurred to him to wonder what I was doing all day. I tried to tell him and make it sound as positive as possible, but he could tell I wasn’t exactly happy with it all.

“Adam, it’s just how it has to be right now. I understand that it’s not safe for me to go to Wichita, I really do. But I am bored at the set; there’s little there to hold my attention. I’m just not used to being idle, you know? Even if I were in Wichita, I’d be just as restless. I’ve worked all my adult life and being off isn’t easy for me. It’s not your fault, Adam, it’s just circumstances.”

He lay there silently for a full minute before he spoke. I had almost begun to think he had fallen asleep. “I hate this for you, Sarah, and I’m such a selfish bastard for wanting you to stay with me all the time. I’m very sorry, love.”

“Adam, it’s not going to last forever; we will get through it all in time, or so Ryan tells me. One day at a time, Adam. Remember when you told me that? Well, it’s still true, you know.” I took a deep breath and thought for a moment about what I wanted to say next; I didn’t know how he would take it, but I needed to say it.

“The truth is, Adam, when I think about the future I’m so confused. I don’t think I could just follow you around all the time, but on the other hand, I can’t bear the thought of you being gone for weeks or months at a time. I’m just a mess!”

“Do you really feel that way, Sarah? That you don’t think you can stand to be away from me so much? Because let me tell you, I don’t think I could stand it at all. The thought of not being able to hold you in my arms at night, of not waking up next to you every single day, makes me crazy. I’ve waited my whole life for you, Sarah, and I feel that every single day with you is precious and I don’t want to lose a single one.”

“I feel that way too, Adam; I just don’t know what our solution is going to be. I don’t want to be away from you either.”

“Sarah, one day soon we are going to have a talk about this future of ours; not now when I’m bone weary, but soon. We need to get things settled. Does that scare you?”

I paused for only a moment before answering; in reality my heart was skipping a beat, several of them in fact. “No, Adam, it doesn’t scare me anymore. Losing you scares me.”

He pulled me to him and kissed me, long and slow, and I would have let my body curl around his in excitement, but I could feel how tired he was. And we needed to talk about this as well, I decided.

“Adam, stop worrying about sex, okay? You are so tired and it’s not going to hurt us to go a few days without it, you know? We’ll make up for it this weekend; kick Ryan out of the house and chase each other around naked or something!” I tried to keep my voice light and teasing because he needed to be okay with this. I was and I didn’t want him feeling guilty about this too.

He was silent for so long I finally said, “Adam?”

“I just feel like I’m letting you down in so many ways, Sarah, I do.” I started to protest and he continued on, “I know I shouldn’t, but that’s what it feels like. It’s not that I don’t want you; I ache for you, Sarah, not just physically either.”

“Okay, if it’s not just physical, then why isn’t this enough? Holding me, cuddling, falling asleep in each others arms? Because I’m telling you, it’s enough for me, Adam, it is.”

I leaned up and kissed him, trying to let him know how much I loved him, and he pulled me close to him. I threw my leg over his and laid my head on his chest so I could listen to the steady beat of his heart. It was a comfort thing for me, his warmth, his lean body next to mine, the ceaseless rhythm of his breathing; all these things were more real for me, more meaningful, than anything he could say to me. I sighed in contentment and said, “I love you, Adam Richland. I want you all my life; I’ve wanted you all my life.”

“That’s from that song you love, the one by America, isn’t it? All My Life?”

“Yeah, it is. I’ve been waiting for you too, Adam, and nothing is going to separate us, not jobs or sex or anything else. I promise you.”




The days and then the weeks ran together. Ryan got to know Krista a bit more and so did I. And the more I talked with her, the better I liked her. She and Ryan had their lunch with Adam and me often, and we would all sit and chat. I heard all about her childhood, and while occasionally there were a few more tears, she talked of happy things too. She was very close to her grandpa and was devastated when he died. He taught her so much about life, and his memory was very precious to her. She was close with her grandmother too, but not like with her grandpa, and she felt that there was something lacking in her, that she couldn’t be whatever it was that her grandma wanted her to be. So instead she had decided that she needed to find her own way in life, and that is what she was doing now by going to film school.

Ryan talked as well; his father had died when he was 5. He barely remembered him; he was a police officer, and Little Elk was his partner. His father and Little Elk were together on duty when they responded to a gas station robbery; Ryan’s dad was shot and killed in the gunfire exchange that ensued. Little Elk was as much of a father to Ryan as anyone else could ever have been. He taught Ryan everything he knew; not only about police work, but also about the Comanche way of life. Little Elk is from the Quahadie Band of Comanches, or Antelope Eaters. There was a spiritual beauty about Little Elk that Ryan admired a great deal and tried hard to emulate. As he told stories about growing up with Little Elk, I saw how much he respected him; loved him as a father, in fact. Little Elk had fought his way up the ranks in the Dallas police force, and when Ryan had decided on law enforcement as his career after college, Little Elk had moved heaven and earth to help him.

As Adam, Little Elk, and I sat one night chatting over dinner because Ryan had the night off, I asked him about Ryan and the force. Little Elk beamed with pride about Ryan. He told us that Ryan had made the detective division at a younger age than anyone ever had, and that he had done it all on his own.

“I never had to help him with it; it was all on his own. Hell, the boy would have soon as shot me than let me help him!” Little Elk told us.

“He’s a fine young man, Little Elk. We appreciate his help and concern a great deal. It was a hard decision to let him stay, but I can’t say that I regret it really. He fits in very easily,” Adam told him.

“I threatened to take him to Pow Wow and use his skin as a drum if he didn’t convince you to let him stay!”

“That explains so much,” I laughed, thinking of Ryan’s red ears.

“Got to be firm with the boy,” Little Elk said. His phone rang then, and he got up to answer it.

I started clearing the table and Adam got up to help. I pointed to the chair and said, “Sit back down. I’ll be done in a couple of minutes!” and Adam wordlessly did what I said. It was just another indicator of how tired he really was. But remembering back to the tired faces of cast and crew today, I knew he wasn’t the only one.

I was done in a few minutes and had just sat back down when Little Elk came back in and sat down as well. “I have some information for you.”

“What is it?” I asked, afraid to hear whatever it was.

“The DNA results came back on the hair that was found on the rubber band. It looks like it was planted there. It was Rachel Tomlinson’s.”

All the air went *whoosh* out of me right then. I felt stunned.

“So it was no help at all then?” I said softly. My mind was flipping through everything that had happened, desperately trying to find something useful.

Adam ran his hands over his face and up into his hair, pushing it back away from his face. “So what is next?” he asked.

“Next they continue to try to enhance the video and possibly get an artificial voice simulation that could be helpful. And we continue to watch. Sooner or later they all screw up, Mr. Richland. Always…” he told us.

I could almost believe him.




The second week I discovered that I could bring the computer home with me, so I tried staying at home for a couple of days. It was much better for me. Since there is a police officer that stays here when we are gone, there didn’t seem to be any reason for me not to stay home sometimes.

There was a maid service, so there was no need to clean anything, but I did do some cooking, and that was good for all of us I think. And I could make breakfast while Adam was showering and getting dressed. He and Ryan would eat on the run, but at least it was a bit healthier, I thought. And I spoiled them for dinner too; I made my grandma’s recipe of Goulash one night, and they both seemed to love it. I also made some brownies, which made Adam smile happily. I decided it was all worth it.

During the day I played on the computer, and once I found a cool website called ‘You be the Sleuth’. You could type in information and it helped you to get clues on things. I think it was designed for people to find out about cheating spouses or something like that, but it was kind of interesting from my way of thinking. It gives you basic profiles for the kind of people you may be looking for, and I found what it said about all this pretty interesting.

“These crimes are of a personal nature, with passionate roots. Persons who perpetrate such crimes are generally close at hand so that they may watch the results of their actions. They usually feel as if they are vindicating someone. Crimes usually escalate until they are out of control, which is when they are caught.”

The conclusions weren’t exactly new to me, but it was intriguing that at least everyone (including the computer) agreed. But the escalation scared me; things were already out of control.

I showed the results to Ryan before dinner that night, and we talked about it through the meal. Adam was reading his script and probably listening to us a bit, but he seemed so tired that I don’t think he was paying all that much attention.

“It’s amazing to me what you can find on the computer,” Ryan laughed. “But it’s not too off track; at least I don’t think so. Sarah, I understand how frustrating it all is for you, but you’ve got to stop driving yourself crazy with all these…um, diversions. Let us handle it, please.”

I looked at him for a couple of seconds and tried to decide how to answer that. He was concerned, I know, but it’s our lives, Adam’s and mine, and I feel the need for action, to try to help. “Look Ryan, as long as I’m not getting in the way, it helps me to - to be busy, to try to figure it out too.”

“I understand, Sarah, really. I just don’t want you thrown into any more danger than you already are. If someone suspects you are getting close to the answer, they could hurt you. Please consider that.”

I nodded my head in agreement. I did understand, I just needed something to do!

Adam was still silent, and I looked at the dark circles under his eyes that were revealed when his makeup came off. They had gotten home early tonight, relatively speaking. It was not quite 8:00 and dinner was done.

“Adam, why don’t you take your script upstairs and settle down in the bed to read? I’ll bring you a glass of wine in a bit, okay?”

He looked up at me gratefully and took his chance to escape without a protest. I watched him go with a frown on my face. I turned to Ryan and asked, “He seems especially tired tonight, Ryan. Do you know if anything is the matter?”

“Not really. I know that they had some problems with the script and he and Lyle and Paul spent an hour going over some changes. And I think they are working on more re-writes this evening. Lyle was going to check the dailies and see what he thought. But everyone is tired and dragging, Sarah. They need a couple of days off, and Krista said that isn’t likely to happen.”

We were cleaning up the kitchen and loading the dishwasher. I closed the door and punched the button to start the cycle and then leaned my hip against it. “And how is Krista?”

A slow flush spread up his face and he grinned engagingly. “I think I may be growing on her. Persistence pays!” he laughed.

“Well, hang in there, Romeo!” I teased as I poured a couple of glasses of wine for Adam and me. I pointed to the bottle and then at Ryan, but he shook his head no.

“I’m going to watch some TV and hit the bed. I’m tired too. Are you going in with us tomorrow?”

I thought for a moment about Adam and how tired he was and I decided I would. I wanted to see for myself what was going on around there.

“Yep. I’m going.”

Copyright 2006 Cynthia Hope Hodge


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hope, for another wonderful entry! I really enjoy your writing. I was wondering what was happening with Sarah's job? Has she officially quit? Can she telecommute, since she is so bored?

Have a happy day!

Shar said...

Yesterday wasn't the same without having breakfast while reading your post, Hope.
I'm so excited that a new romance is brewing, but I still think Krista is in on it!

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Another great chapter in the life of Sarah and Adam! I was thinking something when they had Rachels funeral and Sarah mentioned that it was closed casket...SHE ISN'T DEAD! She is in on all of this and faked her death.

I hope everyone is doing well and has a great hump day. And may I also wish everyone a very Happy Easter.


mary jane said...

Wow I never thought of Rachel not being dead, your good Jackie!!
Great post today Hope.
I agree with Shar though, I still think Krista is in on everything.
We shall see
Have a great hump day

catrina said...

I'm still leaning towards Sunni, but Krista must be in on it, because she's Adam's daughter! Sarah has said several times that she looks familiar to her? She's in love with Krista's dad! Oh this is so exciting! Like a wonderful vacation you don't want to end....
Happy Wednesday to all the WMHD'ers!

Kristin said...

Happy post day, Everyone!

A whole mess of clues today for us to decipher, as well as a couple of red herrings I would imagine!

Dang, I feel like Adam this morning! Definitely dragging my buns.... Of course, waking up under the table after my virtual liquid lunch is not conducive to quality rest! LOL

Kudos again to our Hope, and a good day to all!!!

Anonymous said...

ryan and krista? should he really be doing that? especially since they dont know who is doing it all. maybe its rachel and sunni, sunni is the one that found her. should sarah really be telling sunni that they have a bodyguard with them at all times? i gotta hand it to you hope, you have me confused with this one. rethinking everything that is going on.

Shar said...

Wow! I never thought that Krista could be Adam's duaghter...good call!

Hope said...

Good Morning Everyone!

Yeah, it's Hump Day! The temperature took a dive over night and it was chilly this morning. Brrr, I had hoped we were done with it!

I love my university community. We have several women here who are in the process of fighting breast cancer, which as you know has been a part of my life because of Lynne. We have decided to make Thursdays breast cancer awareness days on campus and will wear pink as a support for the women who are in chemo right now and those who are past that point. I invite any of you who would like to consider wearing pink on Thursdays to feel free to do so.

G and I are still working on the web site and yesterday we got the home page up and I'm very excited about it. It's not anywhere near done yet, but at least it's not the black screen anylonger. As I said, there is lots to be done, but it should be ready when this story finishes here.

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Thanks! I love this blog! I can't wait to find out what happens, but I don't want it to be over!! I am addicted!!

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Catrina, it's too funny I was thinking the same of Krista being Adam's Love Child. But somehow I think the romance with Ryan will make the guilty Krista confess her part in the horrid mess. LOL! Just a thought! And happy day to all!


Jen said...

Hope, I love your idea about wearing pink every Thursday. Another good post, I want to know who is doing this so bad but like Lisha I don't want it to be over!!!!!!! My vote is also for Krista.....she seems kind of shady and withdrawn.

kmorales4 said...

Here are my speculations:

Sunni- In on it or maybe just an accomplise but definitely IN ON IT.

Krista- In on it. Criminal mastermind behind it all. Adam's unknown illegitimate daughter convinced by her grandparents that Adam neglegted and rejected her as his child causing her mother's death and is out to get revenge.

Jason- Soon to be murdered for being such a butthead. Has it coming anyway and non of us really like him anyway.

Lyle- Jealous of Adam. Definitely in on it.

Rachel- Was in on it, was going to rat someone out and got whacked. Or still in on it, faked her death to divert the detectives and had her hair strand planted on the rubber band as a "coincard" for her dirty little deeds.

Ryan- I'm seriously hoping that he has nothing to do with it and think that he may have to confront the situation of having to decide
between doing his job and turning in his new found love, Krista.

Mark- Something about him I just don't trust.

Tamara- Oh Lord don't let this chick be involed. I like her and I need her to be one of the good guys. And please, please, please, don't let her or the boys get hurt.

Publicist who's name I totally forgot- Same as with Jason.

Now let's see how good or bad my assumptions are. hee hee.

Great Post Hope.

kmorales4 said...

Geez, Karen.
The publicist's name is William, just like my father. I can't believe I forgot.

Lisha said...

I definately think that Sunni is in on it and for awhile I thought that maybe Tamara and Mark are too...They did say that there are 2 people and that one of them could be a male. Maybe they want to get back at Adam for not spending enough time with the boys! I don't know, but I just think that it is WEIRD that they get along so well with Adam! I really hope that Krista isn't Adam's kid! I never even considered that until someone said that! I don't think that Rachel is still alive though. I guess you never really always seems to be the person you least expect it to be!

Jo said...

What a great post today! :-) I was actually taking notes! LOL Just call me Detective Jo.

I loved it when Sarah thought there was something "familiar" about Krista. Could she know Krista's dad personally? And what was up with the alarm going off at Sarah's house? And Rachel's hair on the cell phone? Heck, I was even suspicious when the lasagna they had for lunch tasted good!

Hope, my boss has most of us wearing pink every Wednesday. It's tough when you own only one pink sweater (LOL) but gave me an excuse to go clothes shopping.

It's noon here and I'm thinking about lunch. What's to eat, folks?

Jo said...

Kmorales, Jason about to be murdered for "being such a butthead". LOLOLOLOL You're too funny.

Hope said...

You all make my days, I have to tell you. Jo, I'm still giggling over the 'Jason being a butthead' remark too. Karen, that was just fabulously funny!

And Jo - dear, you needn't worry about the lasagna, you have my word! It didn't do anything...

I'm not a 'pink' girl so much, or at least the soft pinks associated with the breast cancer stuff. I can wear some pinks that have a yellow undertone, or in other words tend to lean towards corals, but I will do my part! But like you Jo I don't have that many, so it's a good thing I brought my little plastic stretchy bracelets and a couple of the pink ribbon pins.

Kristin said...

I swear, the comments are just as entertaining to read as the post itself! LOL

Karen, I think you have just about covered every possible base. Even though I think Jason is involved, I'd love for the potential butthead murder to happen (I think he will be shot by Ryan, in the final chapters, who is mistakenly protecting Krista)

Having beef tips in merlot wine sauce for lunch, ala Healthy Choice. Does anybody have anything more yummy to nibble on?

Hope said...

Not sure what is for lunch yet. Will go over to the student union and find something. Probably not much better than your HC though Kristin.

Suggestions anyone?

Val said...

Hey guys,

Sorry I was MIA, I guess you all know I have family drama. My mother decided to take off with some guy she met on the internet. I'm not judging anyone here, but she didn't just leave my Dad, she left me and the grandbabies. So yeah I'm a little peeved. I've been flat out crazy busy trying to teach my Dad how to pay bills and balance his checkbook, and keep him drugged up enough so he can sleep. I just thought my life was busy before.

Anyway, I am around, and I did read the last two posts today. It's going great, and I'm loving the building tension. You're doing a great job, Hope. :)

I read all the comments from yesterday, and you guys don't know how much I appreciate the things you said. We are all connected, and it's nice to know it's more than just a story.

I also noticed that I'm not the only one dealing with drama and difficulty. You all are in my prayers, and I hope that you know that. Take care, ladies (and token fellows). Talk soon.


Val said...

I believe it's Mac&Cheese day at my house. Blech...

Kristin said...

Val - Welcome Back! You were missed!!!!!!! Sorry to hear of your troubles, hon. I know its hard when the roles are reversed and you become in effect a parent to your parent. Be strong, and know your blog family is here for you!

SP said...

Hi Hope,

I just started reading it a while ago, and I just got caught up on everything and I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE THIS STORY!!! I can't wait to find out who is behind all of this. Thanks for making my mornings Hope :-)

And also to everyone here, you guys seems like such a wonderful group of people. I really enjoy reading all the comments as well. However, it is my first time commenting :-)

mary jane said...

Welcome back Val!!!
I will keep good thoughts going your way, You Hang in there

Hope said...

SP - I'm so glad you popped in and also that you are enjoying the story. And yes, they are a great, wonderful group of people who hang out here!

Val - Glad you're back. We'll still continue to keep you, and everyone in fact who is stuggling in our thoughts and prayers!

Anonymous said...

Good morning all!

Sunni sure was asking some probing questions about security! Hmmm

Ryan and Krista sound cute together, both all shy and stuff :)

Thanks for the great post as usual hope!!

Wishing everyone a great day!


Anonymous said...

Hello everybody,

Can someone tell me what Hump Day is? I don't think we do have anything like this here in Germany. However, a fine long Easter weekend is approaching with Friday and Monday off work. I am going to visit my best friend who lives at the other end of the country and is four months pregnant. Soooo looking forward to see her! (Maybe I'll be a godmother some day???)

Big bearhugs go out to all of you out there struggling with drama and crises in their lives. I'm also still going through this period of missing my ex so much... Hopefully I'll soon get really angry at him.

Hope, thanks a lot for another great post. I am sad that the story is coming to an end, but at the same time can't wait to see "whodunnit"! I'm already looking forward to Tuesday, when I'll be back from my minibreak and there will be two new posts waiting to be read!

Happy Easter to everyone,

Hope said...

Hi Andrea!

Glad you are hanging in there and I'm sure a few days will be good for you. What part of Germany is she in?

Hump Day is another way of saying Wednesday. If you think of Monday - Friday as being on an arc, then Wednesday is in the middle or on the hump! American colloquialism's!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hope,

Thanks for the explanation! I like that picture of Wednesday being the hump of the week. Did I mention that I was wearing pink today? I'll think of you and Lynne in the future whenever I don something pink!
My friend lives in Rostock, in the North-Eastern part of Germany, near the Baltic Sea (yeah! I'm looking forward to seeing the sea nearly as much as to seeing her!), whereas I live in Frankfurt. That's more or less in the middle of Germany, but I still regard the coast as the other part of the country as I grew up in the Southwest.

Well, I hope your workday goes by fast and stressless for you. Here it's nearly nine p.m., I'm sitting on my couch surfing the net and avoiding work that has to be done... such as ironing, washing the dishes etc. And then I'll have to pack my stuff...*sigh* Just as much as I love travelling I hate packing!

OK then, I really have to get started! "See" you again next week!

Anonymous said...


I forgot to ask how things are going with your daughter? Hope everything is getting mellowed out for her and the boys are doing better with school and all the sickies are gone.... Nice run on sentance huh ;)

As a side note:I miss her story :)


Hope said...

Hi Nicole,

Lynne is doing better, but they have really been passing the crud around. If they could only synchronize all the maladies it would be so much easier I think! And Lynne and a couple of the boys suffer from allergies too and so even when they are sick this time of year, they don't always feel very good.

Ahh, springtime in _______ (fill in the blank)! It's the pits.

Tigger said...

Well I'm late today, but the post was worth waiting for. Great today Hope and as much as I enjoy it, I hate that it is ending!

This weekend will be my 21st birthday! Can we have a party on Friday mama Hope? I'll behave, I promise! I'LL BE LEGAL!!!

Hope said...

Certainly Tigger. We'll throw a cyber bash for your birthday and you can even have cyber drinks this time!

Anonymous said...

Like SP I have been reading all along and love this story...and enjoy all the comments as well.
It makes by Mon-Wed-Fri !!!!


Hope said...

Well thank you Debi! Glad you finally jumped in! Stop by anytime and have lunch or help us celebrate Tigger's 21st birthday on Friday!

Jo said...

Hold it! Hold it! Are you trying to tell me that li'l Ms. Tigger has been drinking with us and she was underage!? Uh oh. Ooh and I'm not sure she should be reading this stuff....

OK, I admit. I'm jealous and would love to be young again. Good thing this story keeps the ol' blood pumping, if you get my meaning.

Happy b-day, Tigger! Can I come to the party too?

Hope said...

Jo - EVERYONE is invited to Tigger's party. I furnishing the cake, so plan to come and play. Maybe we'll play pin the bubbles on Colin!

Of course, Tigger's intended Ryan might not like that...

Anonymous said...

Hi Hope and everyone. I have been reading since the beginning but have never commented before. Hope, your story is awsome.

I have to wonder about the computer Sunni gave to Sarah to use. If it's a wireless connection someone could easily be tapping in to it. Sunni would also have had access to Rachel's dressing room and could have pulled hair out of a brush.

Just a thought. Another amature sluth trying to figure out the puzzle.


kmorales4 said...

I know where I'm gonna pin my bubble. (smirk)

Hope, I was wondering if you where gonna post on Friday. I honestly don't know how the holidays work in the US. We're off on Friday but I still need my Friday fix.

Tigger said...

Hi Jo,

No, Hope wouldn't let me have ANY cyber booze!

Please everyone come to my party! And I'll be 21 Hope, I don't want to put bubbles on someone, I WANT to take them off......

And by the way, Ryan was mine and it looks like you are trying to hook him up with that hoe Krista, who's probably mean and evil!

But wait, that might work to MY favor, I could console him afterwards. Hope, you are a genius.

Hope said...

Yes Karen, I am posting on Friday. Alas, we get no time off here for Easter. I shall be slaving away here at work and slicing up pieces of cake for Tigger on the site.

Hope said...

Teresa - Welcome! We are always happy to have another amature sleuth around, so don't be shy about posting!

Becky said...

Happy Wednesday all my fellow Hopies! So glad you are back, Val. And Tigger, woo-hoo you can finally enjoy all the wonderful margaritas!!!

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but at Tigger's party, I think I am more like to play remove the bubble from Colin! It promises to be more fun!!!

Hope, I thought the passage today when Adam said "I’ve waited my whole life for you, Sarah, and I feel that every single day with you is precious and I don’t want to lose a single one,” was incerdibly romantic. What a man!!!


Hope said...

Becky - You know, he gets in my head and drives me totally crazy! The man just never shuts up... lol

Hey Becky, e-mail me sometime, would you please?

becky said...

Hope, where can I get your email address - on the other blog??


becky said...

Hope - Never mind, I found the email address!


Hope said...

Happy Thursday!

Andrea, around here we call it 'Home Stretch' Thursday because it mean's that Friday is almost here. It's a baseball metaphor meaning almost home.

There is SNOW expected here today! Sheesh, Kansas!!! The bad thing is that the trees are budded already and this could really damage them because the overnight temp predicted for tonight is 25. Hope it would be that bad.

Campus is awash in pink today and it is a wonderful sight to see!

I hope your day is a good one and that you take the time to truly appreciate just one thing in it! Whether it's stopping and smelling the flowers or bestowing a kiss upon a loved one, make the most of it, give it your all.

Engbunny said...

Good morning all! I didn't get to read until this morning! Tigger, Happy 21! I remember my 21st birthday....back when dinosaurs roamed the earth! *GRIN*

Hope, great post! I just can't quite put my finger on this yet...but I keep trying!

catrina said...

Hope, will you promise to tell the whole story on Adam's sneezing when he's in Texas? I'm sure that has something to do with the whole story---like he's being drugged or something. I think Sunni's a part of this, as is Krista, but I really hope Mark's not involved. Once again, I can't rule out the housekeeper!
I'm off work on Friday, but will definitely stop in from home to help celebrate Tigger's 21st! Margaritas or Kamikazees, Tigger?

D said...

I'll be 21 this month as well! However, I live in Canada! And so I've been legal for 2 years!! ;) But congrats on your becoming legal! It's very exciting!! We'll have a great party tomorrow!!

Hope said...

D - how are you doing? Still keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

x5head3pay said...

Hi All! Hope all is well with all of you. My husband is finally going to marriage counseling tonight after a month and a half of me going on my own. I am telling him that I have seen a lawyer to get a consultation. Wish me luck and I will talk to you all tomorrow. I will need all the positive wishes and good thoughts coming my way to keep my back bone strong!!!


Hope said...

Katie - I'm glad he has decided that the relationship is worth it. You need to keep in mind though that YOU are worth it, basically fighting for I mean. If he doesn't see that and I mean really get on board with it, there doesn't seem to me to be much chance for success.

I know you will stay strong and fight for what you know you need. As women we are often times, sometimes blatently and sometimes slyly taught to believe that what we need or want has to take second place to men or marriage or things of that sort. It just isn't true.

Find your path Katie, where ever it may take you. Your heart will know when you have found it and your spirit and soul will soar with the joy it will bring you.

SandyOPKS said...

Hi, Hope--got snow it Wichita? None here in OP but it is as cold as a witch's tit in a brass brassiere. I'm freeeeezing! Do they not know about spring around here? I'm from Lousiana and not used to this crazy Kansas weather! Geez!!

I am loving this story and so hate for it to end. I believe that Krista is the main evildoer in this mystery but we shall see!

Hope said...

Sandy OPKS - It's been spitting a few flakes for a couple of hours, nothing at all sticking though thankfully.

We have a saying here in Kansas, and it probably works for most places really but anyway it says "If you don't like the weather just wait a minute"

It will probably be back in the '70's in a couple of days, I just hope the sub-freezing temps don't damage the trees too much.

Jo said...

A witch's *huh!?* in a brass *wha!?*!?!?!? Sandy, you made me spit diet soda all over my keyboard! LOL

Here in the Philadelphia area, it's been snowing off and on most of the afternoon. It's currently a huge squall of big, fat flakes. My poor little crocuses and daffodils. Sigh.

I have to work till noon tomorrow so I'll be here bright and early, ready to read the next installment.

Amy said...

Hi All,

I too have been reading for a while now-got the site from the old Diary of V on the message board at Hope, your writing is absolutely have a real gift. Thanks for making a girl's work week a little brighter. Can't wait to find out "whodunit"! You guys seem like such an awesome online community, I thought I'd jump in and comment this time. Hope everyone's having a fabulous day!

Hope said...

Amy - Welcome and thanks so much for your kind words. I believe we have the best community out there on the web and I'm so happy you decided to pop in.