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Meet The Press

Chapter Seventy-Three
The boys wanted to sleep with Adam and me; Adam was absolutely opposed to that idea. All four of us were sitting in the bed in our room, and the boys were watching a video tape of Sponge Bob Squarepants. I was silently mulling over the attraction that not only the boys, but millions of other kids as well had for Sponge Bob and Patrick. I couldn’t see it, but then my Mom and Dad probably thought the same thing about the Flintstones or the Jetsons. Time, it seemed, marched on, but where kids are concerned, give them cartoon characters that live somewhere different and fascinating and they are hooked. I eyed the pineapple on the TV with wonder and laughed as the boys laughed at the show.

When it was over, both of them started in with what I was sure was a prearranged quest – to get their father to let them sleep with us.

“We did on the boat!” Tristan exclaimed.

“Yes, but you were sick; the circumstances were different,” Adam pointed out reasonably.

“So?” Tristan appealed, looking at me in an attempt to win me over. His large brown eyes nearly did me in, and I was within an inch of joining their pleas when Adam saw what was happening and started shooing them out of the bed.

“Enough!” Adam laughed. “C’mon now, off to your own beds!”

They reluctantly scooted off the bed after giving me hugs and kisses and longing looks before heading into their own beds. Adam called out to them, “We’ll be in there in a moment to kiss you good night!”

He was laughing hard by then and finally got out, “Little blokes are trying to steal my girl!” He pulled me to him for a tight hug and ran his hands down over the curves of my backside, pulling me snugly against him. I could feel him becoming aroused through the thin cloth of his pajama bottoms and so I took a step backwards while giving him a very sexy kiss.

“Uh uh, got to go tuck them in you know!” I laughed before heading out the door to the boys’ room.

He followed me and swatted me on the behind playfully and gave me a ‘just you wait’ look. I smiled back and realized that I couldn’t wait.

After more hugs and kisses and pleas to be allowed to sleep with us, we finally escaped alone from their room, shutting the door behind us. Ryan was upstairs watching TV, and Adam went up to check on him, telling me he would be down soon. I lit a couple of candles and then took the time to put on a little something that I knew Adam would enjoy; just a touch of perfume and bare skin and then crawled into the bed to wait for him.

I didn’t have long to wait, and when Adam strode into the room he stopped short to take in the candlelight and me, sitting alone in the bed, and his eyes opened wide with delight. He reached behind him to lock the door with a definite ‘click’!

“Is Ryan okay?” I asked.

“Yep, he’s watching TV upstairs. Should be fine,” he said, sitting on the side of the bed next to me. He started gently tugging the sheet down around me and I saw his eyes flicker with desire in the candlelit glow of the room. He reached out to caress my face softly with his hand, and I closed my eyes as I thrilled to his touch. My nipples immediately became aroused and hardened with desire as I felt warmth flow through my body. Adam stood up and slid his pajama bottoms off, and I opened my eyes to see him standing by the bed, looking down at me, his face showing his need very plainly. His sex was hard and jutting proudly out from his belly, and I reached out my hand to capture its heated length in my hand, gliding over him with delight.

He slid into the bed next to me and pulled me to him, his passionate mouth seeking my own. My mouth immediately opened to his and drank his mouth in, loving the taste of him. His tongue parted my lips and stroked lovingly along them before darting in to tease my own tongue, slipping over it again and again. The kiss went on and on until I thought I would go mad with desire. He took his time, seemingly not impatient at all to explore my body as I desired to do with his. I felt myself grow wet with desire, the honeyed slickness spreading over my excited flesh.

His hands slid down to caress my breasts, lifting them and squeezing them tantalizingly and stroking my aching nipples with his thumbs. I arched my back to increase the pressure and I heard him laugh softly, and his mouth left my own to capture one of those tender buds in it, tugging lightly with his teeth and then swirling over that throbbing bit of flesh with his tongue. He treated my other breast with the same bit of caring and attention before sucking passionately on both of them. I felt as if I was coming apart, so great was the pleasure he was bringing me.

I ran my hands over his shoulders, feeling the taut muscles flexing under my exploring fingertips. I kneaded them and felt them respond to the attention, shifting sensuously under my hands.

He took his time, laving each stiffened nipple until I felt tingly all over. My stomach muscles were contracting wildly from the intensity of his warm lips’ and tongue’s attention. I was aching desperately for him and he knew it; I could tell by the wicked little smile he wore on his lips when he looked up at me as he was sliding leisurely down my stomach, nipping lightly along the way.

His mouth found my hip bones and concentrated on them, moving from one to the other. He swirled his tongue over them again and again until I thought I would scream.

“Adam, please,” I asked.

“Please what, love? Please continue?” he teased, drawing little circles around my right hip bone with the firm tip of his wet tongue. I shivered and couldn’t keep a moan from escaping my lips, a moan that came from deep within my throat.

His tongue continued on its exploratory mission and teased along my body to the juncture of my thigh and the delta of soft curly hair that was now dewy from my eager desire. He bit that skin tenderly and lifted my legs apart, and I felt his mouth travel down my leg to my knee, where he nibbled enticingly on the soft and sensitive skin there.

“Adam, enough, please!” I cried out, my head thrashing from side to side. I heard him chuckle softly and continue his journey down to my ankle. I felt him sucking wildly on the bend of my ankle and foot and lick it with the stiff point of his tongue. I honestly wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take.

As if sensing how great my need was, he slid slowly upwards and into my anxiously awaiting body. We fit perfectly, and we both groaned with the pleasure of the contact.

His mouth sought out mine again and our tongues dueled, thrusting in and out just as he moved within my wet and clinging body. I shifted my hips so he could sink farther into me, and I felt my body spasm and cling tightly to him as an orgasm started its pleasurable dance up and down my spine.

And still he didn’t stop, only pulled my hips more tightly up against him as he thrust deeply into me and drove me wild. My fingernails raked up and down his back as I frantically pulled him against me. Our bodies worked as one then, one mind, one soul, and I couldn’t have told you if it were a minute or an hour, but we finally reached the peak of passion together and tumbled rapidly over the edge, our hearts beating frantically and our breaths mingling as one. Adam let out a long slow moan from deep within and shuddered with his release over and over against me. I held him close as his body slowed its reflexive movements, wrapping my arms and legs around him until he rolled over to his side.

We lay there, both of us breathing heavily, curled together, arms wrapped around each other as we cooled down. We were both sticky with sweat, but I don’t think either of us minded a bit. Sometime before we fell asleep Adam pulled the covers up over us. I curled up next to him, and he wrapped his arm around me and we fell asleep.


I heard knocking on the door and opened one eye to look around. The sun was up because I could see light peeking through the slats of the blinds, but it still had to be early. The knocking continued and I heard a voice say “Daddy, Sarah, are you up?”

Adam was just stirring and I could feel his body stretching against mine. He pulled me closer to him and nuzzled my neck before murmuring “Good morning, love.”

“Adam, the boys are at the door. Wake up,” I told him, trying to scoot across the bed so I could find something to put on.

He held me tight and turned me over and murmured, “Not until I have a kiss. You have to keep daddy happy too, you know!”

I smiled at him and looked into his still sleepy and oh so sexy chocolate eyes that were dark with the stirrings of passion. I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave myself over to that kiss, and for 30 seconds that was the only thing in the world.

And then the knocking grew more impatient and we pulled apart and sighed simultaneously. I scooted over to the edge of the bed and hopped up before offering him my hand. He teased me by threatening to pull me back into the bed with him and I jumped back and shook my finger at him. “Uh uh! C’mon, your children are waiting to get in here,” I laughed.

I found the tee shirt I had worn last night and pulled it on, then wrapped my robe around me as well. Adam was finally up and pulling on his pajama bottoms, and I went over to unlock the door.

Two little boys charged into the room and jumped into the middle of the bed. Tristan looked at me with solemn eyes and said, “How come the door was locked?”

I met Adam’s gaze and saw that he was going to let me answer that question and my own eyes told him that he would pay for that later. He only grinned, sort of a crooked grin that seemed to say, bring it on!

“Um, I guess we just forgot to unlock it,” I said, trying the simplest approach first.

“But why was it locked?” Tristan persisted.

Geoff leaned over and said, “Silly, Daddy was kissing her, that’s why!” as if that explained it all. I found myself impressed with his powers of deduction and a bit nervous all at once. Tristan was still staring at me as if trying to decide what he thought about that. He clearly wasn’t thrilled, as Geoff appeared to be, but he wasn’t commenting on it either. He finally nodded his head and sat back amongst the pillows.

“We’re hungry, Daddy,” he told Adam, evidently moving on to more important things.

“You’re hungry, you say? Are you sure?” he teased them and they both lunged across the bed and attacked him. He growled at them and started tickling them both and soon they were all giggling like mad. He growled again and said, “So is that what your stomachs sound like?” before renewing his tickling efforts. I stood there and watched them play and suddenly realized a tear had escaped my eye and run unchecked down my check. I brushed it away with reverence because it was a tear of happiness, of joy. I felt so fortunate to be allowed into this family, to be so loved.

I escaped into the bathroom and closed the door behind me; I could hear the giggles and the growls continuing for a few minutes as I brushed my hair, and then I heard the bedroom door close. They boys had probably gone to get dressed or something. Adam knocked softly on the door and said, “Can I come in, love?”

“Sure,” I told him as he opened the door. He came over and wrapped his arms around me and rested his chin on the top of my head. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his and we stayed that way for just a moment.

His eyes caught mine in the mirror and he smiled at me and then asked, “Why the tears?”

I wondered briefly how he never seemed to miss a thing; nothing ever. I tried to think of how to explain it to him, but I felt unable to think of the right words. How do you tell someone that you are almost overwhelmed by their love and acceptance? That you had been so alone for so long and now you aren’t anymore; what possible words were there to express that to him?

Our gazes met in the mirror and held, and I felt another tear escape and fall unhindered down my face and it was quickly followed by yet another. He just watched me, I think trying to give me some time, but the words just wouldn’t come. I felt horrible; he must surely think something was wrong when it was exactly the opposite – everything was right. Perfect.

I swallowed hard and then opened my mouth, trying to say something to let him know what I was thinking. And still nothing came.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“Yes, Adam. I’m – happy. Perfectly happy,” I told him.

He nodded his head and kissed my cheek, where the tears were still running, still holding me close. Gradually the tears fell away, to be replaced by a feeling of peace and contentment. I turned my head to kiss him and I said, “I love you so much, Adam. Thank you.”

“I love you too, Sarah. And thank you in return. What you are feeling, about being here with me, with us – I want you to know I feel the same thing. You are so precious to me, to us.”

Again he had known exactly what I was feeling, and for just a moment I felt a bit of sadness, that I hadn’t picked up on his feelings too. Instead of worrying about it I said, “Shall we get our shower?” And he nodded and we got the water turned on and hurried through it because we knew the boys would be back soon if Adam didn’t get breakfast started.

An hour later we were sitting down to breakfast with the boys and Ryan. Adam had made the banana pecan pancakes and scrambled eggs. Everyone dug in hungrily, and I watched Ryan’s face as he chewed his first bite of the pancakes.

Pure bliss spread across his face and he smiled in delight.

“Wow! Adam, those are fantastic. Who taught you to cook?”

“It was sort of self-taught. Hunger will inspire you to do many things, Ryan, I promise you,” he joked.

Ryan looked thoughtful for a moment and said, “Well, I’m not sure about that. No matter how hungry I get I never seem to get more ambitious than to hop into the car and head for Whataburger or at least the nearest jar of peanut butter!” he laughed.

Adams face registered disgust and he groaned. Ryan glanced at him with a puzzled look and then at me as well. I laughed and said, “If you are smart, you won’t ask!”

“Daddy doesn’t like peanut butter, its de‘gusting he says!” Geoff told him. “But me and Sarah like it, huh, Sarah?”

I smiled as his pronunciation of ‘disgusting’ and nodded at him. “Yep, we like!”

Tristan chimed in and said, “Me too!”

I added, “Oh yes, and Tristan likes it too, Ryan.”

Adam tried really hard to take that gracefully but I could tell he was shocked by the boys’ confessions. He evidently had never heard them say that before and it was a surprise. I smiled at him; I wanted to tease him about it a little but I saw that now was not the time, so I changed the subject.

“So Ryan, are you going to spend Thanksgiving with us?”

“Probably. Is Adam cooking?” he joked.

“Daddy’s cooking the turkey, Sarah promised!” the boys said, almost perfectly in unison.

“I see,” Ryan said. “Do you cook at all, Sarah?” he asked. I could see his eyes sparkling with mischief.

“Not anymore,” I jested. “Well, okay, that’s not true really. But I don’t think there is anything that he can’t cook better, that’s for sure.”

“Sarah, that isn’t true and you know it. You are a good cook,” Adam said, trying to defend my cooking honor, which was incredibly sweet. He just didn’t realize how happy I was to let him carry the cooking torch.

“Yeah, I can cook, it’s true. I just always wonder why on earth I should, you know? If I could keep him barefoot and pregnant, I’d do it!” I giggled.

“Boys can’t get pregnant, Sarah, Mommy told me,” Tristan said, trying to make sure I understood the facts.

“Yeah, only ladies have babies. The men have to have patience instead.” Geoff added this last bit in a ‘duh Sarah’ tone of voice that brought a smile to my face.

Adam quirked an eyebrow upward, and Ryan and I both saw it and laughed. The rest of breakfast passed happily and we were soon done and had the dishwasher loaded and running. It was 11:30 and the interview was scheduled for 1:00. William had arranged for certain reporters only, and he was bringing a video crew that would shoot under his direction. Copies of the interview would then be given out to the reporters. All questions had to be presented for approval before the interview was started, and any questions that were asked that were not on the list would not be answered and could possibly make the reporter have to leave the interview.

The boys and Ryan went outside to swim for a bit as Adam and I figured out what he would wear. He wasn’t going to wear a suit, but opted for a deep azure blue shirt and a deep gray pair of slacks. He looked devastatingly handsome, and my stomach did flip-flops just looking at him. I changed into one of my new sundresses and pulled my hair up, letting little curls escape.

Adam smiled appreciatively at me in the sun dress. The under-dress was a deep tangerine color and the sheer sheath over it was patterned in the same color, plus golds and creams. I knew it looked good on me, and I felt comfortable in it. I wasn’t going to be on camera, but they would all probably see me at some point, and I didn’t want them thinking that Adam’s girlfriend was badly dressed. I carefully put some makeup on and slipped on a pair of gold-toned sandals, and I felt that I was as ready as I ever would be.

The doorbell rang around noon and Adam and I shared a puzzled look. He went to the intercom and asked, “Who is it?”

Tamara said, “It’s us!” meaning her and Mark, and Adam told them to come on in and that we would be up in a couple of minutes.

I took one last look at Adam and I could see the movie star persona starting to come out. I can’t explain exactly how you can tell, but you just can. It’s not anything in particular, anything I can describe, but it is certainly there.

We walked up the stairs and found Mark opening the door for William and one of his assistants. He eyed us both approvingly and nodded hello. I was introduced to his assistant, Peter Vandolah, and they were soon busy briefing Adam on the questions and answers. I wandered away to chat with Tamara, and we decided to go and find the boys. Mark stayed upstairs with Adam and William.

All of the boys (I include Ryan in this) were in the pool, laughing and splashing like crazy. I told Tamara that they had asked if Ryan was my child too, and she laughed merrily over that.

“They are crazy about Derek, you know. Tristan already calls him ‘my big brother’. Did you know that?” Tamara asked.

“No, they hadn’t told me that. But Derek would be as pleased as I am, Tamara. It amazes me how easily this family all fits together. I mean, I know there will be rough spots, but really the boys accept this so easily. You, Adam, and Mark have done a terrific job with them. They feel safe in the extended relationships that you and Adam have and that’s miraculous, you know?”

She nodded her head and said, “Well, it helps that they don’t ever remember Adam and I actually living together. To them, it’s normal for your parents to live apart and have other partners. We have tried to make them realize that they are loved more because of first Mark and now you. It just works, I don’t understand it necessarily,” she said with a shrug.

“Yes, Adam basically said the same thing. Still, not all kids would feel so secure, so don’t discount the effort and work you have put into the situation.”

Mark came down then and said, “Sarah, they would like you upstairs, okay?”

I frowned and then nodded before heading up the stairs. I couldn’t imagine what on earth they wanted me for. As I climbed the last of the stairs I saw Adam chatting with several people with familiar faces that I couldn’t quite place. He was sipping from a bottle of water and seemed relaxed, except he was the movie star. I’m never quite sure how to act around him during these times, so I chose to just stand in the background and watch.

William came up to me a minute later and said, “Sarah, we want you to meet the press that are here.” I started to protest, telling him I didn’t have a clue what to say, as he propelled me to the group that was chatting with Adam. William whispered in my ear, “For heaven’s sake, you are just going to meet them, Sarah. Don’t answer any questions about you and Adam and marriage plans, but just chat and be polite, all right?” and then we were there and Adam put his arm around my waist and pulled me near him.

“Sarah, love, I’d like to introduce you to a few people. Elise Martinez, Joey Walstrop, Kelly Fields, and I’m sure you remember Marcia McDonald? This is Sarah Marcus.”

I shook hands with them all and smiled and gradually relaxed when none of them stuck a microphone in my face or flashed a camera in my eyes. They chatted amiably with Adam and me both, and not one of them asked us about marriage plans, for which I was thankful.

The crew finished setting up the lighting and microphones, and then it was time to start the interview. Adam sat on the couch, and chairs were brought in to accommodate all the reporters, at a strange angle. It looked as if Adam would be speaking directly at them but in reality he was speaking to the cameras. They were facing another camera so that they all appeared to be speaking directly to Adam. It seemed odd, but when William explained it, it did sort of make sense. This way each of the reporters could have footage of their own to show on their shows.

William whispered that I had done very well before the interview began and thanked me, which sort of surprised me actually. He told me an estimated 80 million people could possibly see this interview and explained how important it was that the press left with a good impression not only of Adam, but of me as well.

Adam was charming and affable on camera; he comes off so relaxed and assured it amazes me. But then he spends so much time in front of cameras, he probably is relaxed. He sat with his legs crossed and one arm stretched out along the back of the couch, perfectly at ease. He is definitely photogenic, I thought with a bit of jealousy; I always looked so posed when someone took my picture, and I realized that I was really going to have to work on that, being with Adam. There were a lot of pictures in my future I would bet.

They asked him questions about the movie and what would be happening because of Rachel’s death, and he told them what the plan was. They were not going to cut Rachel’s previously filmed scenes out of the movie; however, some of the scenes were being re-shot to change the part Rachel had. Because one of the crucial ending scenes involved Rachel’s character and hadn’t been filmed yet, they had some re-writes to complete and then film.

They asked about Adam’s and Rachel’s past relationship and if things had really been tense on the movie set. He told them about the previous relationship that he and Rachel had shared, what little there was of it, and then he talked about the situation on the set. He answered very honestly and I was sure that people would see that it was real, what he was relating. He expressed regret and concern for what had happened to Rachel and stated honestly that he thought she was one of the finest actresses he had ever worked with. They all seemed impressed by his openness to those questions. Truly, as I watched the raw emotions wash over him as he spoke about Rachel, I realized for the first time how great of a waste he thought her death was.

At the end of the interview Marcia slipped in one final and unauthorized question.
“Adam, are there any wedding bells in your near future?” she asked very coyly.

I’m sure she didn’t expect to get a response, but Adam only chuckled, displaying his dimples charmingly, and answered, “There just might be!”

Watching on the monitor in the family room I couldn’t help but notice the way his eyes sparkled with delight when he answered that question, and my breath caught in my throat for a moment. I heard William yell “Cut” and the interview was over. He didn’t chastise Marcia as I expected, and I laughed at how these things worked. Or rather maybe I should say worked in favor of Adam; clearly his response was charming and happy, and that was probably a good thing for the interview.

They all stood around chatting for a few minutes more and William brought me out there to join them, and Adam immediately wrapped his arm around me; truthfully I think it was as much for him as it was for me. I put my arm around his waist and he pulled me close and looked down at me. I tilted my face up to him and our eyes caught one another’s for a moment and before I knew it, he bent down to kiss me, and I heard a couple of clicks and realized pictures had been taken, but I didn’t care. Whether it was just a lucky photo-op or not didn’t matter to me. For that moment it was just Adam and I alone, and I couldn’t have been happier.

William said, “No more pictures, please,” and then the reporters and crews were leaving. Adam and I both said goodbye to them all and soon all that were left was William, Peter, and Adam and I in the living room. I saw Ryan standing in the family room talking with Mark and I realized that they had come up at some point during the interview, but I couldn’t have told you when. Adam was unhooking a microphone and a battery system and also pulling out an earpiece when the boys came rushing up the stairs, followed closely by Tamara.

“Were you on TV again, Daddy?” Geoff asked.

“Yep, sure was. Just an interview!” he laughed.

“Oh, boring,” Tristan answered as he looked around him with curiosity. He became kind of quiet when he saw William and Peter, and I noticed he moved away from them, over to Ryan, whom he obviously felt comfortable with.

That was kind of interesting because Tamara had told me once that Tristan could be shy and usually followed Geoff’s lead, but I hadn’t really seen it too often. We are usually around people he knows or is evidently comfortable with, and for some reason he just shied away from William and Peter. Very interesting, I thought.

Very quickly we were saying goodbye to Tamara, Mark and the boys. It gets harder each time we do that for me, and frankly I don’t know how Adam does it. I love those boys and wish we could see them much more often than we do. This parting was particularly hard because we knew that we probably wouldn’t see them until Thanksgiving, 3 weeks away. The shooting schedule was very hectic in order to be done in time, and it didn’t look like we had any free time since they were scheduled to shoot on Saturdays as well.

We hugged and kissed them and Adam told them we would see them at Thanksgiving. While time is a subjective concept to kids, they knew it was going to be awhile, and they were both upset about that. It certainly wasn’t the longest time Adam had gone without seeing them, but it was nonetheless hard for everyone. But without too many tears the goodbyes were finally said and we waved as they pulled out of the drive. Even Ryan acted like he would miss them, and a comment about them made me realize that he actually would.

“They are great boys, Adam. They sort of creep into your heart pretty quickly, though.”

I nodded, even though the comment had been directed at Adam. I knew just how he felt.

We got a quick lunch and were ready when the limo came at 3:00 to take us to the airport. Again we flew out of one of the smaller regional airports to avoid the press. Lyle had arranged for a small jet to whisk us back to Dallas and our stalwart trio of men (Rocky, Boopy, and Franklin) met us just in case, but all was quiet this time, I thought as we made the smooth limo ride back to the complex. I was sort of getting used to limo rides, I decided with a wry smile. Not a bad way to travel!

Little Elk met us at the condo and sent Ryan home for the night. He told us Ryan would stay with us for our stay here after tonight, but that Little Elk himself was staying tonight. Adam raised his eyebrows about that; it was all starting, but he sighed resignedly and said nothing. We bid Ryan goodbye and told him we would see him in the morning.

We both had come to like the young detective. As far as I was concerned, if we had to have a cop stay with us, I was glad it was him. That was reinforced when I looked up at Little Elk’s grim face as we made our way into the condo. He asked lots of questions about this whole mess but offered no answers about anything. He told us they hadn’t come up with anything on the license tag and they were still working on some electronic voice samples for Adam to listen to. I’m sure he was an excellent detective, but his brusque manner certainly made him come up a little short on people skills, that’s for sure.

We foraged around in the kitchen for a light supper before heading off to bed pretty early. Six o’clock was going to come very early, and that was what time the alarm was set for.

As I snuggled into Adam’s arms in the bed, I thought about Little Elk, downstairs standing silent watch over us. I wished it were more of a comfort.


As always, I want to thank Lizzy for all her help as she tries to keep me grammatically correct! Lizzy, you are the best!

Copyright 2006 Cynthia Hope Hodge


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Just when I think I have the mistery solved, more people come to my mind as suspects. Even the reporters have me thinking. Oh well, that's what makes you such a terrific writer. How many chapters to go?

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Well, I've finally had a moment to make a comment! Monday came shreiking in like a wave crashing against the shore and I am just now catching my breath.

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I have been working on the new version and finally this weekend felt like I made some progress. The first new chapter will be ready when the website is ready to go. Again, you will have to e-mail me to get clearance to see it, it will not be open for the general public. But don't e-mail me yet, I still need to get things ready for that. I will let everyone know in plenty of advance so they will have time to get the message to me.

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Another wow chapter - dreamy, steamy, and sexy! I agree with everyone to trust Tristan's instincts. Hope, you continue to stir the pot and add more possibilities for us to mull over!!! Only 7 chapters - oh no!!!!

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Great Post Hope.
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Val - our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. Please know that your blog family cares and is always in your corner! (HUGS)

ruth said...

hello all, I'm a new reader to this blog and I have never fallen in love so quickly before! And that's quite a feat because I'm notorious for doing so in just a few short hours! Hope, this is an incredible story and I am so fortunate to have been able to read it. I truly enjoy waking up to this and my heart will be broken when the story is complete. It will be one incredible experience though! Thanks so much for sharing this and I sincerely look forward to the following chapters. God Bless!

mary jane said...

I have just caught up on all the comments. I am so sorry for your loss and my thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family

x5head3pay said...

Hi folks!
Great storyline Hope. Sorry about your family situation Val. Consider yourself hugged by your blog family! You are in my thoughts.

I had to go back and reread the post. I missed the kids reaction to William...mmmmm. Very interesting. The plot thickens and I am lovin every minute of it.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. We can't always make the changes to make/keep others happy. I have happened into a similar situation with my fiance. He has a difficult relationship with his daughter. She does things that just rip him apart the most recent this weekend. It hurts to see those you love in such pain and to have to stand by powerless to help. All we can do is pray for peace and serenity to accept and deal.
In reading the comment all along with this story I have come to know that there is a lot of caring here and Val I hope you can find comfort in knowing, although we are all powerless to fix things for you, our prayers our with you so you find peace and acceptance with your situation.


Hope said...

Ruth - welcome to the blog comments. I'm so happy you enjoy the story and please, feel free to jump in any time.

MJ - how's your MIL doing?

And Katie, how are you doing?

mary jane said...

MIL is doing great so far, thank the Good Lord.
She had a small stroke the Friday after her procedure but it did not cause any problems.
Thank you all for all your thought it means so much to have kind souls out there.
Have a very good Monday y'all

Jo said...

Ooh, this blog is such a guilty pleasure for me. I sit at my desk at work and pretend to be getting paperwork done. It's amazing how many menial tasks you can perform (stuffing envelopes, etc.) while you're reading your computer screen. Nothing to give you away except maybe a red face and/or a case of nervous giggles. :-D

I'm wondering what Tristan senses too. Hm.....

Val, warm fuzzies from me to you.

becky said...

Dear Val, here's a big hug and lots of prayers for a positive outcome in your family situation.


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon all,

Val, My thoughts & prayers are with you!!

Hope, I am still just amazed with your writing I hate having to wait for more but like the rest of the Hopies I am too going to be sad when it is over!!

Thanks for a good Monday morning...
I think a margarita bar is now due!


andrea said...

Hey hope
your terrific this blog is amazing.
i just finished reading through chapter one. and all i could say was wow.
im a bit sad or maybe confused. you are going to stop writing this blog?
anyway amazing
love drea

Hope said...

Hi there Drea,

Yes, this story will end at chapter 80. The mystery will be finished at that point and hopefully most things will be resolved.

Howeve I am creating a web site and Adam and Sarah will continue on, in a slightly different form on that site. I am currently working on a book version of the story though.

andrea said...

thanks hope. for explaining things. i really enjoy this blog, and the lenght and detail. it blows others out of the water. and i just found it and i was going to be very sad if this one was like over forever

Anonymous said...

Coming in late today...started a consulting is interfering w/ my reading!
Great post as always and possiblt brought some suspicion on William. Tricky...
Val, you are in my thoughts...

Sasha said...

Sarah noted Adam having sort of an "ick" reaction to William one of the first times he called... and with Tristan's reaction now, I'm just going to guess it's something from the past - some unpleasant incident... or even just a natural distrust and dislike of him. Either way, I don't think he's involved in the actual murders etc... He's just an unpleasant person.

Anonymous said...

I have read your story from the start. Like everyone else on here, I can not wait for MWF, even on the weekends I am thinking about Adam and Sarah. I am so sad that it is coming to an end. I never have posted anything on other blogs b/c there is always someone making ugly comments, but everyone on here seems so sweet and supportive that I wanted to leave a comment.

Hope said...

Happy Thursday Everyone!

I was up late watching the game last night. I won the brackets, which is causing quite a stir. The woman who doesn't like basketball and picks the teams by how much she likes their names beat out those people who pay attention to the stats and all.

I wish I could say I'm just talented, but the truth is that it was all just simple luck! But it is no less fun!

Misty - thanks so much for your comment. Jump in anytime. This blog is fortuanate to have the best readers out there and a better or nicer group you will not find. Welcome.

Just Dreamin' said...

Hope-Sorry for posting late! Had a lot to do yesterday.Great post! I love this blog. I can't wait for the website! I am soo psyched!

Val - my thoughts are with you!

Kristin said...

Good Morning, Folks!

I have a special favor to ask. You folks have become a definite coping crutch for me in the past few months since my mother passed away. Well, my father just let me know last night he is having a repeat angioplasty done this morning to improve cardiac function. Please keep him in your healing thoughts and prayers! I am grateful as always for the kindess and support that this community represents! Thank you!!!

x5head3pay said...

thanks for asking. I go to the lawyer today. Things are day to day and situation to situation. I take everything like a margarita - with a grain of salt. I should be retaining water with the amount of salt I have had :)!! At least I maintained my sense of humor and my sanity. My family has chosen to support him which is not something that is sitting well with me, however, I cannot own that. I have great friends who have my back and will get me through this so that is what keeps my chin held high. If I hear one more time that I must be going through a mid life crisis I will scream, but since I am 35, they need to say something. Mid life my butt. I will not be defined by this nor any one or anything. I thank you all for the support and I hope you all all are doing well.


Hope said...

Kristin - I certainly will send out the best possible thoghts for your dad and you as well.

Katie - aren't families funny sometimes? But you do have others to stand with you and I'm sure they will be a wonderful source of support. Mid life is such an often used term for something that can't be explained. And divorce is not ever something that doesn't have an explanation is it? So that means that they just don't understand why you are doing what you are. To me it is unacceptable that you would stay in a bad relationship and I hope that your family comes to that realization as well.

catrina said...

It sounds like some Hopies need some hugs! Val, I hope things are looking up for you by now. D, you're still in my thoughts and prayers for your recent loss. Katie, refusing to own what other people do and say is the best thing you can do---for yourself! You're stronger than they (and maybe even YOU) know!
I know that posts are on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays....but now I stop in several times a day just to see how the WMHD family is doing! Friends are priceless!

Sandy said...

Great post, as always! I didn't get to read it until today, busy, busy Monday.
Hope, I won our basketball pool too! I like basketball a lot, but I don't follow it as close as some of the guys here, and they are amazed I won. We had a Big 10 pool too, and I won that. Lunch is on me today about Mexican?

Hope said...

Sanday - Okay! Mexican sounds wonderful for lunch! Congrats on your win as well. Maybe I think a little more highly about BBall than I did before...nah! What the heck was I thinking?

x5head3pay said...

Congrats on your big wins ladies! Mexican sounds great! I may stop in for a Mexican sundae and Don Julio later to celebrate your bracket coup! I pick my brackets by team colors and mascots. I didn't win this year, but then I really didn't care this year. As long as other Hopies won that's all that matters!!!


Jo said...

Um, did I see Hope's comment say Happy Thursday? Huh? Don't confuse the old gal here!

Kristin, my prayers go out for you and your dad today.

Katie, when I left my ex, my family tried to talk me into staying with him. I got a lot of "well, what are you going to do?" and "where will you live?". I guess they thought I was hopeless and helpless without him. Psst... They were wrong. Hang in there and look out for #1. You!

Sandy, count me in for a burrito. And extra guacamole!

Hope said...

Jo - Okay girl, you caught me. Probably trying to wish the week away as usual. But, on the other hand I can blame it on my astounding win!

I'm already ready for a couple of margaritas! Let's party ladies!

Anonymous said...

i've decided i cant be a silent reader anymore! hope you really are an amazing writer. i wake up every monday, wednesday, and friday and its like i make a mad dash to the computer. lol. if i gotta pee it waits til i read this because i'm always so excited to read it. i think krista and jason are behind this. and i think she was behind the brakes on the car. dont know if they ever mentioned it to the police. she was there and left just before they noticed it. i have thought her from this very incident. my only reasons for jason is i know how he still feels about sarah and i think he would go as far as possible, even committing murder, if he thought he could get her back. well anyways, sorry for everything everyone has been going through and i hope things improve for you all. time to get ready for work. got some cleaning to do too!

Hope said...

Rachael - Welcome and we're glad you have decided to speak up. Glad you are enjoying the story and please jump in any time! (but really, take the time to pee, the story will wait! hehehe)

catrina said...

Lunch time!!! I'm enjoying a chile relleno and a mango margarita. Maybe a little pico de gallo and chips.

Hope said...

Hey Catrina, I've never had a mango margarita! Pass one my way...

catrina said...

Oh, what the heck! I don't want to go back to work, so I ordered a pitcher of mango margaritas----passing a glass to Hope....Yummy!

Hope said...

Ohh, very yummy Catrina! Hey, is that Kristin under the table again?

Kristin said...

My Pop has sailed through his second angioplasty with only minimal blockage noted. They say this can be managed with meds, so no surgery required!


And yes Hope, if I celebrate what I am feeling now, I will soon be under that table, so scoot over!!!

Kristin said...

Before I get virtual snockered, thanks again to everyone who had my father in their thoughts and prayers! Love you all, now lets party!!

Hope said...

Let's get the Conga line going! I get to lead first!

Anonymous said...

DARN!!!! I just out Kristin's feet are sticking out from under that table right over there......hmmph, well that didn't take long...

ps.great news Kristin

Tigger said...

I love to dance! Can we do the limbo next?

Tigger's are VERY bendable!

Kristin said...

Lauren - I always have been a cheap date in the booze dept! Besides one thing I've learned from dating Richland, is that a hollow leg can be used for more than holding a pirate up! Makes a handy little decanter to sneak under the table ..... LOL

Lisha said...


I just started reading your blog about a week ago and I LOVE IT!!! Someone on the Cosmo blog said to read this one and I am glad that I listened to them! My boyfriend has been complaining because I can't get myself away from your blog!Anyway, I really don't want this story to end! I would definately buy the book! Keep up the good work!!!


mary jane said...

Kristen, great to hear your dad did well. I know first hand the worries of the "heart"
Prayers and hugs to you both.

Anonymous said...

hey lisha, that may have been me!

Anonymous said...

rachael that is. i'm tired!