Wednesday, November 01, 2006

To Firenza and Magic

Chapter Sixteen

Our mouths found each others, moving hotly and longingly in a kiss that went on and on. Our tongues explored each others and rubbed enticingly together and I felt myself melting into Adam.

I finally pulled my mouth away from his and laid my cheek against him, trying to catch my breath. He was breathing heavily too and I wondered if we would even get around to the lunch. Then I heard his stomach rumble and I looked at him with a wry smile.

“I suppose we had better feed you,” I said quietly, regretfully. “I do want you to have plenty of stamina and energy!” I had to laugh about this otherwise I’d scream.

“Um, yes, I definitely want to have plenty of energy!” He moved aside and I saw the table and it took my breath away.

He had set it with beautiful snowy white linen and the most gorgeous deep red roses graced the center in a low dish. The china had roses on it and the crystal was gold-rimmed and exquisite. Only a small amount of the food was on our plates so I guessed he had put the rest away.

He held out a chair for me and I told him the roses were beautiful. He told me that as beautiful as the roses were, they were nothing compared to me.

“But at least I got the color right!” he teased, looking at my red outfit. His face became serious as he stared at the camisole, or more likely what was underneath it. My nipples became hard and flushed with arousal and he saw that, probing me with his eyes. He licked his lips unconsciously and then I saw his teeth worrying his lower lip. He finally seemed to shake it off and cleared his throat. He lifted his glass and said, “Let’s make a toast!” and I picked mine up as well and looked at him expectantly.

“To Firenza and magic,” he promised. Our glasses met and rang softly and we each took a sip.

“Well, um, shall we eat then?” he almost stammered and then reached for his fork.

Adam used his utensils in the European way, that is, he held his fork in his left hand and held his knife in his right. I watched his hands on the utensils, long, sensuous fingers lightly gripping them and I imagined again how they were going to feel on my body, stroking my skin, arousing me and bringing me to life.

The afternoon sun was warm on my skin and if felt like the most beautiful place in the world to be, here with Adam on this balcony in Firenza. To Firenza and magic indeed.

The food tasted wonderful but I didn’t manage to eat very much, frankly I was just too nervous and aroused and I didn’t think the food would sit very well. Adam made a good effort, but only managed what I thought was about half his normal amount of food. I was trying to imagine how we were going to make the transition from lunch to romance when Adam asked, “Shall we go inside then and listen to some music? I brought the CD’s in.” We carried our plates in to the wet bar and set them in the sink. I scrapped them off into the trash and then ran water over them while Adam put some music on.

‘’This CD player holds 5 CD’s. What would you like to hear,” Adam asked while flipping through the holder.

”Um, I trust you to choose something. I guess it’s safe to say I don’t really care about hearing Heavy Metal Death right now, but then who knows, I might not even notice it!” I told him, wiping my hands on a towel. I went over and sat on the couch, watching him load the CD player.

Adam came and stood in front of me as the first strains of Etta James singing At Last began. “Will you dance with me,” he requested formally, bowing and holding out his hand to me.

I reached out and took his hand, coming to stand in front of him. We looked at one another for a moment wordlessly, our eyes saying all we needed to know. His were dark and smoky, watching my intently and I felt my belly turn flip-flops again.

As if in slow motion he gently pulled me to him and bent to kiss me, softly, languorously moving his lips over mine. Then he wrapped his arms around me and pulled our bodies together. I reached up, entwining my arms around his neck and he began to move to the music, swaying in perfect time, yet managing to keep our bodies in full contact. His hips were pressed firmly against my belly and I again felt the hardness of him and a shiver ran though me. I was so eager to feel him inside me. He read my mind again and smiled at my impatience.

We danced for a few minutes, our eyes gazing deeply into one anothers, speaking a language that we both understood—a language of desire and passion, of dreams and magic.

He reached up and took my right hand in his and kissed it, each finger, then my palm, softly swirling his tongue against it before continuing up my arm. My knees were weak by the time he had gotten to my elbow, lifting the satin of my robe and delicately licking the tender skin there. I was hanging on to his neck with my other arm desperately trying to stay on my feet. If I was still moving, it was only because I was hanging on to him so tightly.

His hands came up to my shoulders and slowly slid my robe down off of them where it fell to the floor in a silky pool. His journey continued then, warm lips kissing and sliding temptingly along my arm to my shoulder, where he nipped lightly with his teeth.

The next song came on then, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Love Me by Mel Carter. The few moments it took me to recognize it were a good thing; shifting my focus off the profound pleasure and desire Adam was bringing me because I wasn’t sure how much more I could take.

His journey continued up my neck as he gently sucked and bit it, sweeping his moist mouth up over my jaw, teasing along the edge of it making me squirm in his arms. His lips created a tantalizing trail of liquid fire until finally coming to rest on my lips.

By this time my nipples were totally aroused, pebble hard and aching, craving to feel his mouth and lips on them.

Our lips were molded, melded together in a searing kiss that stirred my senses beyond reason and I moaned. It came from some deep and primeval place inside me and my body shuddered with it. The kiss impelled us onto the road to passion and all we could see or taste or feel was that road, beckoning us to come and discover the mystery of desire and satisfaction together.

Adam gathered me up into his arms then, carrying me tenderly into our bedroom. He set me down next to the bed and pulled me to him again, not yet letting my shaky body find the comfort of the bed. His hands played up and down my spine, caressing adoringly as his mouth continued to work magic on mine.

I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it over his head, letting it fall unchecked to the floor. I ran my fingers lightly over his chest, scratching delicately at his nipples which were as hard as mine then I kissed them, drawing slow circles around them, reveling in his moans. He smelled and tasted so good to me, slightly salty and musky; I couldn’t get enough of him.

He tipped my head up to him and joined our mouths again. In and out his tongue played with mine, in the rhythm old as time, teasing and rubbing firmly. His tongue explored all of my mouth then licked hungrily along my lips, only to dart back into my mouth to thrust against my tongue again.

His hands slipped under my camisole and slowly lifted it, letting his hands linger delightfully over my heated skin. I felt as if I was on fire and he was only fanning the flames to greater height. He slid the camisole up and over my head, his hands passing over my inflamed nipples in the process. I sharply drew in my breath and held it for a moment, releasing it in what was almost a sob that caught in my throat.

He looked at my breasts then, seeing them for the first time and his gaze made me feel beautiful it was so full of desire. His hands were shaky when he touched them, holding and cupping them, molding them to his hands and running his thumbs enthrallingly around my dusky areolas and nipples.

I watched him touch me and I was quivering, waiting and wanting so much more and when his mouth finally found my breasts I cried out with the joy of his mouth, hot and wet on me. My head fell backward as I reveled in his mouth covering my nipple, feasting excitedly. He tugged gently and then pulled the whole sensitive and aroused bud into his mouth, laving it hotly with his tongue.

His hands strayed back to my ass, massaging and then lifting me again and setting me on the bed. He settled himself between my legs on his knees and he reached up to untie the drawstring of my pants, he then lifted my hips and coaxed them down over my hips and legs. They slipped down over my feet as Adam reached for my foot, and started to massage it slowly; kissing each foot enticingly on the arch. I felt his tongue tickle me there before moving upward to my ankles. He was on a dedicated journey of arousal and I couldn’t stop him now, I didn’t want to.

His mouth found that very sensitive place behind my knee and when he heard my sharp intake of breath, I felt him smile and continue to swirl his tongue languidly, taking his time before continuing up my leg, to the sensitive skin of my inner thighs where he tickled me with the tip of his tongue then drew erotic patterns on it before moving upward again, journeying to the vee of soft curls between my legs where that sensitive tight little knot of need was aching to feel him.

My stomach was contracting and rippling with desire, and I held my breath as he slowly and delicately opened me and placed a lingering kiss on the heated flesh that was wet with desire for him. I cried out then, very close to orgasm, knowing it would only take a few strokes of his tongue to take me there. I could feel his hot breath against me as he stroked my tight little bundle of nerves lovingly, swirling around it in enticing circles that brought me closer and closer to passions path.

He spread my legs farther apart as if to see more of me, taste more of me and I gloried in the knowledge that he wanted all of me.

“Please Adam, please,” I whispered, my voice catching in my throat. My head was thrashing back and forth and he was igniting a flame within me. Only he could quench the flame and I begged him to do it quickly.

He gently inserted a finger into me, sliding in and out with long and deep strokes while he insistently played his mouth lazily over me. He sucked gently on me and then his tongue pressed more firmly against me and I came, writhing on the bed, gasping his name, trying to pull him to me.

Adam stood up then and unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down his legs and stepped out of them. I stared at him; he was beautiful, and my eyes took in his lean and firm belly and legs. His cock was long and hard, ready for me and I wanted to taste him, feel him in my mouth and I told him so.

“No love,” he murmured, moving me back on the bed. “I promise you that you can do that later, but right now I need to be in you!” he told me with a smile as he kissed me again, lingeringly. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue and it excited me even more. He had brought me such exquisite pleasure but I was again ready for more.

He parted my thighs and I reached down and took him in my hand and guided him to the entrance of my pussy. I slid him up and down the valley there, spreading my juices around and then slipped him inside of me. He paused for a moment, giving me time to get used to him and then he slid all the way inside of me. My vaginal muscles clenched around him, holding him tightly within me and I was enthralled by the beauty of our connection. I squirmed to get him in as deeply as possible and he shifted his hips to accommodate me, wrapping my legs around his.

I entwined my arms around his back and pulled him down for another kiss, pushing my tongue inside his mouth, searching for his tongue to tease and torment him as he was tormenting me.

Adam was moving in and out of me, sliding delightfully over my sensitive and heated flesh with each long and deliberate stroke, bringing me right back to the edge of orgasm. With each thrust he brought me closer to the edge, evoking the magic we were weaving wildly between us. My hips met his in a ceaseless dance, sliding together and then slipping apart.

Our mouths were fused together, velvety tongue stroking velvety tongue. Our breaths were becoming shorter and more ragged as our starving mouths and bodies worshiped each others, promising fulfillment and ecstasy. We were drenched in sweat and still we went on, climbing higher in our quest to pleasure.

I was crying now, calling his name over and over, and thrashing my head back and forth. Adam’s thrusts became quicker and deeper as he pulled my hips up higher to meet him and allowing every inch to slide in and out of my body that was pulsing and throbbing and gloriously close to fulfillment.

My orgasm broke then, sending waves of pleasure coursing down my body, radiating outward. My muscles rhythmically contracted around him and then I felt him let go, filling me with himself, pushing in as deeply as possible, his body shuddering against mine, saying my name over and over and moaning loudly.

I held onto him for a minute more, my body still contracting from the strength of my orgasm. He felt so good in my arms, I didn’t want to let him go, but he finally pulled himself out of me and rolled over onto his side, bringing me with him. He groaned softly then and brought his mouth to mine, this time for a soft and gentle kiss as our breathing slowed down. Our bodies were still pressed firmly together and I realized he wasn’t completely soft yet and I chuckled softly as I ran my hands over him.

He scooted away a tiny bit, and then gave a rueful laugh. “It may still feel hard, but you have got to give me a bit of time to recover you know!”

“Yes.” I told him. “You can have all the time you like as long as it doesn’t take more than, oh, 10 minutes!”

“Crikey,” he moaned, “Give a bloke a chance, will you? It’ll be at least 12!”

I hugged him to me tightly and enjoyed feeling his furry legs against my smooth ones. “You know what,” I said, kissing his chest which was still damp and tasted salty. “We did that pretty well!”

‘Um, yes we did. Was it worth the wait?” he inquired.

“Well, yes it was, but we really need something else to compare it with. It’s been at least 6 minutes, interested?” I asked him saucily.

He yawned then, slightly embarrassed by his inability to hide it. He nuzzled my neck and said, “That will teach me to toss and turn most of the night!”

“Didn’t sleep well, huh? Why ever not,” I asked, trying ineffectually to bat my eyelashes at him innocently. Let’s face it, I’m NOT an actress, good or bad!

“Perhaps because I had a raging hard on and nothing but my own hand to take care of it? Didn’t work very well, I assure you.”

“Poor baby,” I commiserated with him, nodding my head. “I did THAT the first night we met,” I laughed.

“Did you really? Can I watch you do it again?” he answered, that delicious leer on his face again.

“I don’t know, could you?”

“You’re going to cause me many sleepless nights, do you realize that? You wouldn’t believe the image I have in my mind right now. It’s downright dirty!”

“I certainly hope so!”

He yawned again and didn’t try to hide it. We each got comfortable and I listened to his breathing becoming slow and deep and realized he had fallen asleep. I lay there for awhile, remembering his fiery passion and how good it had felt, finally feeling him inside me. These were very pleasant thoughts and before I knew it, I had drifted off to sleep as well.

I woke up sometime later and looked out the balcony doors. The shadows were lengthening and I could see the sky paling into yellows and oranges. Adam was still sleeping so I cautiously slid across the bed and got up, stretching my body slowly. I felt great; in fact I don’t remember when I have ever felt better! I padded around the room, my feet making no sound at all on the thick carpet and found my robe and slipped it on.

I wandered into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. My lips were still slightly swollen and I had a faint bluish bruise on my collar bone. A hickey I laughed! How long since I had a hickey, I wondered? I looked longingly at the tub, but decided to wait on the chance that I can entice Adam to share it with me.

As I walked back through the bedroom, Adam was beginning to wake up. I walked over to the bed and leaned down and kissed him, running my fingers through the soft curls of his hair.

“Hi,” I said, gazing into his beautiful chocolate brown eyes that were regarding me sleepily.

He reached up to pull me back into bed with him and I snuggled against him for a moment.

“The problem here is this,” he said while fingering my robe. “We need to get it off of you.” He reached to untie my belt, but I scooted away.

“Um, I’m thirsty,” I laughed. “Would you like another glass of wine?”

“That would be nice,” he smiled at me while sitting up in the bed.

As I headed into the living room to the wet bar I heard him go into the bathroom. I wondered if I had left any bruises on him. Serve him right, I thought! I opened the bottle and poured us each a glass, then took them both out to the balcony to watch what was left of the sunset, watching the oranges and pinks now fading into deep blues and finally the inky black of the night sky.

I spotted a star, the first in the night and I stood there and offered the child’s verse to the heavens,

First star I’ve seen tonight,
Wish I may, wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.

And for the life of me I couldn’t think of a thing to wish for. Life was amazing and I felt like the luckiest woman in the world right now. I was dangerously close to giving Adam my heart, but at least I wasn’t feeling quite as panicked about it as I had before.

At that, the object of my thoughts appeared in his own robe and picked up his glass of wine, taking a sip of it and sighing. He put his arm around me and hugged me close and we stood there, admiring the view, the night air becoming chilly.

When I shivered he suggested we go inside and as I followed him in, I realized I had never been happier. Maybe it was this whole fairy tale that was happening in my life, or maybe just Adam, I’m not sure. I felt a tear slip silently down my face and I wiped it away quickly, before Adam could see it.

“Are you hungry?” he asked, heading to the fridge and pulling out leftover chicken, salad, rice and fruit.

I laughed softly to myself, and headed that way. Actually I realized, I WAS hungry and joined Adam in filling a plate. We carried them to the couch and sit down. The music had long ago finished playing and Adam and I ate in silence mostly, comfortable and happy.

When we were finished, Adam took our plates to the wet bar and rinsed them, then went and put some new music in the player.

Huey Lewis and the News started singing, I’m So Happy To Be Stuck With You and we both laughed. I decided to see if I could coax Adam into the bathtub with me.

“How about taking a swim in the tub with me?”

“Um, would it involve bubbles?” he questioned, raising his eyebrows.

“Absolutely,” I promised.

“Well then, let’s have a swim shall we?” he told me, heading to the bathroom.

I turned on the taps to get the water flowing and selected one of the bubble baths that the hotel had provided; it was safe to use in the Jacuzzi and wouldn’t clog it up. I opened the bottle and sniffed appreciatively at the warm vanilla scent, then poured some into the tub.

Adam watched all this silently and then asked, “I’m I going to smell like some kind of flower?”

“Vanilla,” I laughed. “Is that okay?” I stepped into the warm water and turned the jets on.

“It might make me hungry!”

“Get in you silly man,” I said, crooking my finger at him in a ‘come hither’ move.

He dropped his robe and stepped cautiously in the tub. “Ah, this feels good,” he said, exhaling exaggeratedly. “Smells nice too!”

“Um hm,” I told him, shutting the taps off. I sat there, feeling the water jets vibrate against my back. It felt wonderful and the vanilla scent was enticingly sensual. I stuck out my foot and reached with my toe to play against Adam’s leg, sliding up and down in the warm and bubbly water.

He caught my foot and playfully started tickling it, making me giggle uncontrollably. He let go and before he knew what happened, I was on his lap, facing him and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him, moving my mouth against his sexily, opening my mouth to search for his tongue with my own.

He stretched his legs out to the other side of the tub to brace us and keep us from sliding down into the water. The kiss began in earnest then, tongues dueling intimately with each other. Adam’s hands were sliding up and down my back, pulling my hips closer to him.

I could feel his arousal between my legs, and I wiggled a bit, causing him to rub against all the right places and I couldn’t wait any longer so I rose up over his lap and took his cock in my hand and lowered myself onto it slowly, relishing the feeling of him being inside me again.

I pulled my mouth away from his for a moment, and looked steadily into his eyes. I tried desperately to show him how much I wanted him, needed him. Then I started moving atop him, sliding up his cock, then back down, gyrating my hips at the same time, and griping him tightly.

He felt so good inside me and I felt my orgasm starting to build steadily. Adam was sucking on my nipples, nipping at them and gently tugging on them with his teeth. I increased my pace and as I felt my orgasm begin, I ground myself down hard upon him. I leaned against him, the orgasm washing over me, and I shuddered and held him tightly.

Adam gave me a moment to recover and then flipped me over in the tub, and began to move in me, insistently, enthrallingly. The water was sloshing over the sides of the tub, but I couldn’t have cared less about the mess. I was only aware of Adam, moving and rubbing against me, of cock and pussy sharing an erotic dance leading to satisfaction and fulfillment.

I felt another orgasm building quickly within me and worked to match Adam’s strokes, arching my hips up to meet him and hanging onto his shoulders to keep my head above the water. I kissed his shoulder, biting him frantically, and then kissed it again in apology, licking it tenderly.

Adam was focused on our journey to pleasure, and small moans were erupting from his throat as he moved faster and deeper within me. My muscles were holding him tightly, pulling in every bit of him I could and I felt my orgasm burst within me, exploding in a cascade of light and electricity, making my senses feel as if they were on fire. My eyes squeezed tightly shut as my toes curled in response to the power of the orgasm. My muscles were rhythmically squeezing Adam tightly and then I felt him push deeply into me, his own orgasm exploding within me.

Our movements quickly slowed and I was vaguely aware of the water jets, continuing to spew out their bubbles mostly unnoticed. Adam pulled out of me and I thought that it was the loneliest feeling of all. He sat back down in the tub and pulled me onto his lap, holding me close. The water was beginning to feel cold and I wasn’t sure if it was because of how heated our bodies still were from the activity or if it was because we had been in there for awhile.

Adam kissed my hair and I turned my face to him so I could feel his lips against mine. The kiss was gentle and smooth and it warmed my heart because it told me what words have not said yet—that he cares about me. He leaned back against the side of the tub then, eyes closed and a smile upon his face.

I felt stupid tears sting my eyes again and was determined to stop them before they got started this time.

“I bet you’re hungry again, huh?” I told him, mostly just to get my mind off of the tears. I was drawing little circles and hearts on his chest, the curly hairs springing back into place as quickly as I moved them.

He didn’t open his eyes, but the corners of his mouth tweaked upwards. “I believe that I am not, actually,” he finished with a chuckle.

I was getting colder now and at my increased shivering, Adam said, “C’mon, let’s get you out of this tub and dry you off.”

We turned the jets off and pulled the lever so that the tub would drain, and then stood up and stepped cautiously over the side, mindful of all the water on the floor. We both glanced at it and laughed. It felt icy cold on my feet and I moved away from it where the floor was still dry as Adam grabbed a large fluffy towel and started to dry me off.

After a few strokes of the towel I realized I was indeed getting warmer and decided to finish the job myself. Adam stuck his tongue out at me in protest and I giggled, turning away from him, smiling because he could still see me in the mirror. When I was dry and warm, I wrapped the towel around me because my robe and Adam’s were both casualties of the sloppy bath water. I hung them both over the rods in the shower and we went back into the bedroom.

We crawled into the bed and pulled the covers up over our again chilly bodies. He put his arm under my head and we lay there for awhile, speaking very little until we both fell asleep.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow Hope!

This entry is swesome. Finally!!!
Thank you.

amy d

Anonymous said...

I love this story! I feel like I am there with Adam and Sarah you write so well. You should be getting paid for this. Thanks so much for posting regularly.

Now, I am curious, is there a mystery happening here or what? Anybone got any ideas?

Macy said...

Hope, this is a beautiful story. Thank you for writing it in such an articulate and interesting way. It's not a typical blog, it is amazingly detailed and as I have read Sarah and Adam's story, I felt as if I have been pulled along with them on their journey!

And anonymous, why yes, I do indeed think there is a mystery going on here! Maybe it will be a whodunit? My money is on the old boyfriend, Jason!

Hope said...

Thank you amy d, anonymous and macy! You make me feel very appreciated and I'm thrilled you enjoy the story.

And hmm, I wonder if there is a mystery?

Anonymous said...

WOW! I need a cigarette after that, and I don't even smoke! Wonderful, awesome, amazing, romantic as heck, what more can I say? I definitely see a mystery creeping in, everything is too perfect. But glad it is! Thank you so much, great story!!


Anonymous said...


Woohoo. I want more, more, more!

Anonymous said...

What a great way to spend your lunch hour and what a hot read! Thanks for posting, I'm telling my freinds.


Hope said...

Sandy, you made my day with that comment, I'm still giggling! Thanks so much for your support, and the same for you Gina and to all the anonymouses!

It's great to write when people appreciate it so much.

Anonymous said...

Hope, have you ever written a book? If you haven't, you really should.

amy d

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Hi ya'll

I love this blog. I got the address off of the diary of v,which really sucks lately.

Thanks for writing it!

reeneez said...

Holy Freakin Moly Hope!! I never, ever expected so much detail. You are awesome and really make it seem like we are there. But then again, that would be a threesome...
Anyway, I love how articulate your writing is. I like, the others, are so appreciative that you take time out of your week to provide us with such an incredible and amazing story. BUT, we all know the plot is about to thicken! AWESOME entry!! I never should have read this before bed....
Thank you - Rene

~Stef~ said...

Goodness gracious! This is fabulous, This entry made me shiver,thats right, I was a tingly, i wish i was sarah! Hope, this is truly amazing and I am glad to be reading this, and i agree, you should be getting paid!!
as for the anonymous, of course you sillies, my prediction is that the mysterious "non-accident" accident was that intern, hmm....
Great read Hope!!

Hope said...

Good Morning Rene, Steph and Megs and anyone else I might have forgotten.

Thank you so much for your comments and thoughts. You all make it easy to continue, well, that and the fact I have so much to say about Sarah and Adam.

Glad you are enjoying the story.

Anonymous said...

I haven't commented on your story before now, but I have been reading it from almost the start.

Hope, you are an extremely talented author and as several people have said, your attention to detail is wonderful. When a writer can make us see and hear and experience what the character is, that is an author to pay attention to. I hope to see your name in print some day, some day soon in fact!


Anonymous said...

I also found your blog from the Diary of V.
I must tell you that this is wonderful reading. I love the details. I feel like I am in Italy!
Please keep posting...
I went back and read all of the entries to when you first met Adam and I am wondering who the person was at the tower in Pisa. I am assuming since it hasn't been mentioned again that it was a random encounter although I keep wondering if it will come up again in a later entry.

Hope said...


Thank you for your encouraging comments! I'd like to see my name in print to and maybe that will happen one day.

For now, thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

This story is amazing! I love your writing - so detailed, I feel like I am there! I am anxiously awaiting the next post.

Thank you very much for giving me something so entertaining to read while at work!! This is definitely my new guilty pleasure!

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I love this story line it is great keep it up!!!!!!!

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thank you, thank you, thank you!


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How cool is this blog!? I just started reading last week and, of course, went back and read from the beginning. Now what am I going to do between postings!? LOL Ooh, and where do I meet a man like Adam!?

And, as for that "accident" at the tower, my money's on the goth intern.

Hope said...

Wow! I am just sooo energized by all of your fabulous comments. Makes me impatient to post tomorrow, but alas! you will have to wait!

(Aren't I wicked, teasing you like this?)

Sincerely though, THANK YOU!!!

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I'm apparently another refuge from diary of v, but I love this one. It's great, please, please, please don't stop!

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I am so anxious to read tomorrows entry Hope!

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Another ex-Diary of V reader looking for a nice story to read. Hope: this is amazing, awesome, post more, and more, and more....