Friday, March 05, 2010

Only In My Dreams

DISCLAIMER: I did not create and do not own Moonlight or the characters of Mick St. John and Beth Turner and I make no profit from them.  I'm only playing with them for this story.  I do own Sarah and Adam and all rights to them are copyright protected.  I hope you enjoy this little side-tracked fantasy. 

Only in My Dreams

It felt good to be back home in California; it seemed we had been racing around the world for awhile now and really, I just wanted a little piece of normal again. So here we were, nestled together in the bedroom, Adam flipping through the TV channels mindlessly. It didn’t matter to me; I was snuggled under his arm, fingers playing softly in the silky curling hairs on his chest. I sighed with the pleasure of touching him, of being wrapped against his warm body.

Suddenly something on the TV caught my attention. It was Friday night and one of the channels was having a Moonlight marathon. “Oh, leave it here,” I asked Adam. “I love this show!”

Adam glanced down at me through half-closed eyes. God, that look was so sexy I thought; made me want to do things to him, WITH him. Things we’d already done in abundance this evening I remembered with a sigh.

“What’s this bella?” he asked curiously as he frowned slightly at the TV screen.

“It’s called Moonlight,” I told him with a smile. “It’s uh, a detective show that, well, the main character is a vampire,” I finished, feeling kind of silly. “Really, it’s a great show. I didn’t know it was on reruns though.”

“Um hmm,” Adam said skeptically.

I couldn’t tell what he was thinking really. Probably something along the lines of ‘she’s gone over the edge now’, but I was too excited to care really. We all have our little weaknesses and guilty indulgences and Moonlight just happened to be one of mine!

“Really, you’ll like it if you give it a chance,” I told him in an effort to soothe my conscience a bit. He would like it I thought stubbornly! “Yeah, see, that guy is Mick St. John and the blonde girl is Beth Turner. She’s always getting into trouble and Mick rescues her.” I couldn’t help the enthusiasm that was rampant in my words.

“Um hmm,” Adam muttered again. “Vampires, huh?”

I chose to ignore that remark and just enjoy the show. “Well um, Beth isn’t a vampire,” I told him, my eyes glued to the TV. “Josef, Mick’s best friend is though. He’s 400 years old!”

This episode was called BC and was about a substance called black crystal that was made from vampire blood. If humans used it the effect was like a drug, giving them temporary vampire-like characteristics such as enhanced senses. Beth had taken the drug and was now at Mick’s place, trying to persuade him to follow her upstairs.

The song playing was by Fauxliage and was called Let it Go

Beth: There’s no space between us.
Mick: Hey, there’s space, there’s space.
Beth: I want to be close to you…

Beth touches Mick, running her finger lightly over his lips and turns to go upstairs. You see his emotions play across his face; what to do. This isn’t Beth; it’s the drug he knows. Finally he turns and follows her up the stairs, taking two at a time. The next scene is in the shower where Beth is begging Mick to turn her.

Beth: Turn me, TURN ME.
Mick: No Beth No.
Beth: Do it…DO IT
Mick: No Beth, it’s only the drug.

He held her twisting body against his, letting the cold spray of the shower wash over her in an attempt to bring her to her senses.

I sighed as I watched it. It was such a well-played scene. The desire was palpable between them and yet Mick held fast to his convictions, that he wouldn’t turn her. That scene always made me think of him as St. Mick!

Adam watched the show silently although I saw his eyebrows raise a couple of times. I stifled a laugh a couple of times. The shower scene is pretty intense and I swear I felt him squirm a bit in the bed, but he was probably just shifting positions.

When the episode was done Adam turned off the TV. We both were holding back a few yawns I realized. There was another episode coming on but sadly, I was just too tired to watch it.

As we both lay down in the bed Adam took me in his arms, holding me close. “So, vampires love? Are we done with the pirate now, hmm? Maybe I should be saying I want to bite your neck?” he said and I could tell he was smiling.

“Well, you can nibble my neck anytime you want Adam,” I said as another yawn snuck out. “But, maybe it had better wait until tomorrow,” I acknowledged sadly.

“Whatever you say bella. I love you,” he told me, kissing me softly.

“I love you too Adam. Goodnight.” And before I knew it, I was asleep.


I woke up to Adam softly whispering in my ear. His breath felt cool, as did the lips that placed feather-like kisses on my neck.

“Bella, wake up.” Another chilly kiss on my neck was followed by his tongue, stroking delightfully along the pulsing vein; the vein that the blood was surging ever more quickly through, as my desire for him grew.

“Mmm, Adam that feels wonderful. Don’t stop,” I whispered back to him, as I wrapped my arms around his neck and held on tightly.

“I don’t intend to bella, I can’t,” he murmured urgently. I felt his teeth nibbling along the vein now and I arched my neck so that he could reach more of it.

His mouth continued down my collar bone where he stopped to nibble on my shoulder; I again felt his teeth grazing against my fevered skin, quickly followed by his tongue to soothe the ache that his teeth had left. Goosebumps raised quickly against my skin, making my already taut nipples throb and tighten until I felt as if I would scream if he didn’t kiss them, bite them.

Sarah, Sarah what is up with you?

As if reading my mind Adam’s attention was drawn to my breasts, and I thought I saw his eyes glowing ghostly silver in the moonlight. It thrilled me, that I could evoke such passion in him and I begged him to taste my nipples, to soothe them with his kisses.

“Happily, my love,” he told me as he licked his way slowly down to my breast. I saw the wet trail his tongue left behind glimmering in the pale light and I felt a tight contraction in my belly as I quickly caught my breath.

His lips closed around my swollen nipple, pulling at it until it was even tighter and more sensitive. I felt his tongue swirl quickly around the areola, and then stiffen as it rubbed against the tip itself, flicking it faster and faster. I was writhing against him now, needing him so badly and I heard a low chuckle, from deep in his throat as he tended to the other breast as well. He caught that tender bud between his teeth and pulled lightly and a loud moan escaped my lips. I didn’t know how much more I could take.

“Adam, please,” I pleaded, my voice scarcely audible. “Please, make me come now!”

I heard him chuckle again, but I could swear it sounded more like a growl; it came from deep down in his chest and it was sexy as hell. I could feel my juices flowing in anticipation and then he raised his head and I saw his nostrils flair slightly, as if he could scent my arousal. It turned me on even more to see him react that way. I felt the hardness of his cock pressed against my leg and I licked my lips in anticipation of feeling him sheathed inside of my aching body.

I caught his gaze again as he slowly slid his cool body down my over-heated flesh. How could he feel so cool when I was burning for him I wondered for a moment, but the thought was soon lost as I felt his long finger slide into my tight depths. I was already drenched with slick juices as he first plunged one finger inside of me and then quickly followed it with another.

“Ahh, Adam,” I cried in delight. His fingers curled slightly upward to rub against the G-spot that was hidden in my depths. I immediately raised my hips in response, trying to urge further contact.

I heard the growl again before he lowered his head to my throbbing core. He watched me through his strangely silver eyes as he lowered his head to tease me with his tongue, which brought an immediate flow of wetness cascading down my thighs.

I came almost immediately and let out a long sigh of delight. He placed soft kisses over my thighs and belly as my hips shook with the contractions. I felt his tongue visit my swell of my hip and then glide across my belly, softly stroking around my belly button. My belly quivered as his fingers lightly followed the path of his tongue and I softly urged him to fill me with his desire.

“Tell me what you want bella, tell me what you need,” he murmured urgently as his mouth slid up to recapture an aching nipple. He tugged on the hardened bud, bringing another wave of desire coursing through my body.

“Adam, I need you inside me, now. Please Adam…” I pleaded. “Now Adam, do it now!”

More quickly than I could imagine I felt him enter me, my silky warm wetness enveloping him greedily. I heard him growl again and felt his teeth graze sharply against my nipple, making it stiffen even more. It was excruciatingly perfect; the sharpness of his teeth against the tender skin. He lapped softly against my fevered flesh and I felt the beginnings of another orgasm building quickly, igniting the flames of passion even more.

“Bella, you taste intoxicating,” he whispered against my breast. I felt his hips moving more quickly, pumping in and out of my body; I was gripping him tightly with each thrust of his body into mine.

I wondered only briefly why my breast tasted so good; I was covered with sweat from our exertions, but didn’t have time to ponder the question any further as his mouth slid upwards to my neck. He stopped there briefly, placing warm, wet kisses on it before rising upwards to claim my lips with his own, his tongue swirling softly into my waiting mouth.

As his body drove into mine relentlessly, his tongue thrust into my mouth, their rhythms matching perfectly. I thrilled to the passion-evoking momentum and urged him to go faster, harder. My hips rose to meet his in a well-practiced tempo as we soared towards the finish line.

I felt the first stirrings of my orgasm start to ripple through my body when Adam pulled his lips from my mouth and slid them down to my neck. His mouth settled over the vein that was pulsing rapidly as my blood rushed through it; his tongue running softly over the vein that beat fervently with my desire for him.

He licked delicately along the length of my neck, stopping to nibble occasionally which made me catch my breath at how delicious it felt. I was mindless with need by this point; my body writhing against his in an attempt to get closer, to increase the contact between us and take us to passions valley.

Just as I was there, at the precipice I felt Adams teeth sink into my neck. But not just his normal teeth; these were fangs, wickedly sharp! They pierced my neck, but even through the first sting of pain, I started to feel a pleasure more intense than I had ever experienced before.

His tongue stroked along the vein, as if coaxing the blood to flow into his mouth. The sensual feel of his mouth pushed me over the edge; an orgasm such as I never felt before surged through me, leaving me weak and trembling in its wake. My body shuddered with the release of passion; I was warm and tingly as well and I only vaguely felt him gently pull his mouth from my neck, before he softly kissed the tiny puncture wounds closed.

I lay in his arms, feeling complete and totally satiated. I pressed against him tightly and he held me lovingly in his arms. I felt tears escape my eyes and trail warmly down my cheeks and then pool on his chest, where my head lay.

Was I a vampire now too, I wondered?


The sun was shining brightly through the windows in the bedroom when I opened my eyes. I could smell the wonderful aroma of breakfast cooking downstairs and my stomach growled obligingly in anticipation. Memories of making love with Adam last night flooded my brain then and I let out a startled cry before tumbling out of the bed and running into the bathroom to look at my neck.

I stared in wonder at my reflection in the mirror. My face was pale in the bright light of the bathroom as I turned my head slightly to the side to examine my neck.

Adam came rushing into the bathroom then, a panicked look on his face.

“What’s the matter bella? I heard you run to the bathroom; are you ill?” he asked, his voice laden with concern.

I continued to stare at my neck in fascination, a slight frown pursing my lips as I twisted my head a bit farther to the side for a better view.

“No, I uh, I’m fine Adam,” I told him as I gazed at my neck. Not a mark on it. Nothing. I laughed and turned to kiss him, throwing my arms around his neck as I giggled against his chest.

He regarded me with confused eyes for a moment before leaning down to place a delicious kiss against my lips; his own warm and soft.

I sighed in pleasure. Just then we both heard my stomach rumble and he remarked, “Bella, I think you’ve been hanging around me too long. C’mon, let’s get you fed!”

“Yes, let’s do that!” I agreed. I thought about the dream again for a moment and smiled. It was pretty wonderful, but nothing could compare to this man. Not even a vampire!


tigger said...

Hope, you ROCK! OMG, this is awesome. I loved moonlight and have forgotten all about it. It is so wonderful to have you back!

Gina said...

WOW, this is freakin fantastic! I want more vampire! Seriously Hope, it was great. I'm so excited our community is back, I have missed everyone so much!

deena said...

You know, I had truly forgotten how gifted you are Hope. You craft a story better than anyone else does, seriously. This one is just fantasy, I know, but wow, as Gina says, it is freakin fantastic.

Hope said...

Good Morning All!

I'm glad you liked the story. It was a little different for our hero and heroine, but it was fun. Moonlight is one of the best shows I've ever seen and I really enjoy reading the fan fic about it. There are several really good sites if your interested, so let me know!

Hope said...

I hate it when I make grammatical errors! Should be 'you're interested', NOT 'your interested'!

Bad Hope!

Macy said...

I've never seen Moonlight! How on earth did I miss that incredible man??? I don't know what was hotter, the story or the clip!

Ooh girls, hang onto your panties...

Jo said...

Oh geez, Hope. Do you have any idea how much trouble you *almost* get me into??? I read your posts (and watch the videos!) at work! LOL

Truthfully, it's fun. It's like a little secret I have on my computer screen, even as the boss passes by only feet from my desk. The only problem is that I have to mute the video. But it's still a great little guilty pleasure to read this when I should be working. ;-D

Hope said...

Jo, so happy to provide you with some vicarious thrills at work! I'll promise to do my very best in the future to help bring those surrepticious moments into your life!

Macy, thanks. Mick is pretty hot. It's a shame you never saw the show, it was on CBS a couple years ago. It is out on DVD now though.

Celia said...

Now that was a fun way to pass my morning break! And the video, how cool!

As much fun as Rob and I used to have reading when he would bring the stories home I think it is more exciting to read live. But I'm really sorry he isn't here to see this. Rob was a vampire fan from way back and he would have loved the edge to this.

Great job Hope!

Hope said...

Celia, thanks for the comment. I'm sorry rob isn't here to read either, but for you and your children, not the story. His loss is still so sad to me.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo, this is so hot! I'm digging the vampire thing, it's almost as fun as the pirate.

Anonymous said...

Hope what are the moonlihgt fan fic site?

Hope said...

Anonymous, there are several great sites out there. Here are my favorites:

You have to create a user id and password for each site, but there are some really talented writer's on there and great stories. I hope you'll enjoy.

lisa said...

O la la! Fang-tastic! More, gimme more...

tigger said...

Hope, thanks for the info on the fan fic sites. I had no idea such things existed (although why it surprises me i can't say) but I will definitely check them out.

kris said...

saw this on this bedroom blog. This blog looks great, can't wait to read more.

Hope said...

Welcome kris, just jump right in whenever you have a chance!

gina said...

Oh my gosh Hope, I just noticed you have the Sometimes site up! Yipee! Does this mean we'll get to read the end of the story?

Hope said...

Hi Gina,

Yes, it will all eventually be there. I'll probably post a chapter a week or so. I'm so sorry it didn't get finished on the web site, but so many people have asked about it that I decided to give it its own site.

Kristin said...

Oh my Momma! Spend the week getting my students/patients ready for spring break, and just logged on this morning. Your story left me, as always, begging for more.... I think you could play further with this one, should you choose to! YUMMMMY!

Kristin said...

I hate typos too, sigh... Meant spent, not spend. It was such a hot story, it sucked the punctuation right out of my brain! LOL ENCORE, ENCORE!!!!!!

Kristin said...

Sucked grammar and definitions as well apparently... Gheez, need a shower myself!

Hope said...

Thanks Kristin! I aim to please! More vampire huh? Hmm, maybe Adam had a dream too!

Jo said...

Hate to come in here and do this but I need a bit of help, pretty please? I know some of you also read certain other blogs such as Utopia and a couple others. See, my computer imploded on itself this morning and I've lost EVERYTHING!!! I was able to find Hope (basically because she was wonderful enough to send an email when she moved this blog and I could still get into most of my emails) but I can't find any of the other stories I've been reading. I'm still in my shocked and panic mode at the moment so, of course, I can't remember the names of any of the others I've been reading. But I know a lot of you are probably reading the same ones. Any help would be sooooo appreciated. Pretty please?

Hope said...

Hey Jo,

What?? You read something besides WMHD??? Shocking... ;D

Not a problem! I know of a couple, Utopia and Bedroom Blog, and Karen. Maybe others know of more. Can you remember what they were about?

I don't read too many of them, but maybe this will help.

Jo said...

Well Hope, WMHD is, of course, the best and the one I read first!! :-D Thank you so much for the links. Getting back ALL my missing files has been pure ... heck.

There's another blog about a woman named Ella and her life and friends. Does anyone remember what that one is called?

Hope said...

I don't know that blog Jo, hopefully someone else will. I must admit I don't really read too many blogs anymore, work is just so busy that there is not really much time. And by the time I get home I rarely turn the computer on because my brain is on over-load. When I do turn it on its to write, which relaxes me.

Now, c'mon everyone, let's help Jo find her blog!

Lynne said...

One of my favorite moonlight episodes. well written as always.

Engbunny said...

Hey Jo - I don't know if this will help or not but there is a blog called "Blogfusion" that has a bunch of blogs listed on there. They are trying to get people over there to talk about the blogs that they read and what the love and don't love about them. It looks pretty cool. The web address is You might want to give it a shot and see what is listed there.

Val said...

Good job, Hope! This is awesome! I love vampire and scary stories, I'm a big fan of MaryJanice Davidson (Queen Betsy ROCKS), Laurell Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and the like!

Hope said...

Hey Val,

It's funny, but I'm not a big vamp fan. I am however a huge Mick fan! ;D I used to read the Anne Rice books, but don't think I've read any others. I never watched Buffy or Angel (if I remember correctly you were a big Angel fan) or True Blood or Twilight. Yeah, I could go on and on. It's an interesting genre, to be sure. May have to investigate a bit more.

Anonymous said...

Gosh Hope I forgot your stories are sometimes not safe to read at work. I loved it!

Anyone know what happened to Fifteen Miles to Utopia blog?

Hope said...

Thanks Lynette! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I figured after the pirate Sarah and Adam needed a new fantasy, LOL...

Engbunny and I were both wondering about Utopia too. Hope all is well with Val, it's such a good blog.

Hope said...

WOW, I just popped in to check on Utopia and it seems to be totally gone! It said 'Blog not found'.

Engbunny said...

Hey Y'all - I had no idea that Utopia was gone until Hope e-mailed me! I was just on there yesterday reading about the first part of the Christmas party! I hope that nothing happened to Val's daughter or Grandfather. She has had a lot going on in the last two months or so.

Hope said...

Ho Hum Thursday...

Cloudy here, been raining all week and I'm ready for some sunshine. But, at least it's a bit warmer! :)

Still nothing about Utopia, sure wish we knew something.

gina said...


Is the hippiegurlz2 blog yours? I saw a comment on bedroom blog that you made, but I didn't think it was your blog. Someone else did though.

Engbunny said...

Hey gina - No, it isn't mine but I am impressed that someone thinks I could write that well! :-)

Jo said...

Thank you all for the suggestions on other blogs. The one I was looking for is Nothing More Than Apathy. Pretty good. And I thought my computer had really gone bad when I couldn't "refind" Utopia today. It's a shame but I'm actually kind of glad that it's not just me.

Ah, but now I've got all those other blogs read and out of the way. Think I'll poke around WMHD a bit. ALWAYS a good time. :-D

gina said...

Sorry I misunderstood Engbunny. It didn't seem like you really, you're just too nice!

I like how they featrue What my Heart Desires though, I wish we could promote it everywhere it is so good!

gina said...
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Hope said...

Hey Jo,

Glad we could help out. I've never read that blog you mentioned, I'll have to give it a try.

General Announcement Ladies!

I'll probably publish 'Special Delivery' a little earlier than when I first planned, so be watching for it! And so you all know, there are a few more Sarah and Adam stories planned too, even when Wishing On Stars gets going. Adam and Sarah's lives only get better! ;)

Engbunny said...

Hope will get "Special Delivery" posted early assuming I can get through and correct all the misspellings in the original draft, right Hope? :-)

I can tell you this...I have read and proofed the first 10 pages and it is AWESOME!!!!!!

Hope said...

Yeah, you ignore my spelling and I'll ignore your capitalization errors - works great! ;D

But I hope everyone else will like it too. It does tie up a lot of loose ends...

Engbunny said...

I still say it is a nickname and therefore, should be capitalized! *LOL*

Yes, she did get me on the capitalization of a certain word that I thought was a nickname and came to find out that it was not. I was wrong. *Hanging my head in shame*

Hope said...

Chin up Farmer Girl! :)

Endearments can sometimes seem like nicknames...

Engbunny said...

I found a Bunny on my farm! YAY ME!!!!!

Hope said...

Just what you needed...

tigger said...

Oh Hope, that would be wonderful if it posted early! I'm up for it!

Celia said...

Good Morning Hope and everyone!

I'm really happy that it is Friday! the kids and I are going to visit my parents this weekend, they love their gamma and gampa. It will be nice to get away.

Any one else doing anything fun?


Engbunny said...

Morning Celia! It is going to be warm and sunny here this weekend so Hubby and I are planning on going out to lunch on Sunday and then enjoying the sunshine with the dogs! Nothing too exciting but still, kind of fun. :-)

Hope said...

It's cloudy here and supposed to be tomorrow as well, but it's fairly warm and I'm loving that. Me and G-man are going to have a nice day together tomorrow and then Sunday its fun with the grandkids! And laundry, lots and lots of laundry!

tigger said...

Hope, I LOVE the pictues at the top now. What places are they?

Engbunny said...

Oh Yeah...Laundry...I hate laundry. It sucks. It seems to grow exponentially if you don't keep up with it. THis is why I have 20 pairs of socks and 40 pairs of underwear. *Grin*

Hope said...

Hey Tigger,

Yes, all those pictures are places that I visited in Italy and that Sarah and Adam visited as well. There are two of the canals in Venezia (Venice)
one of the Uffizi in Firenza (Florence)
one of the bridge in Firenza where Adam and Sarah shopped
one of the leaning tower of Pisa
one of the basillica in Vicenza (large building with the turquoise colored roof)
one of Monte Berico
one of Adam and Sarah's beach in California
one of the Keeper of the Plains in Wichita

Hope that helps!

Hope said...

Oh, one more I forgot. The picture that looks like two hills with something on top of it is Romeo and Juliette's castles. Juliette's in the one on the right.

Engbunny said...

Hey Ya'll! Miss Hope is down with the crud today so she won't be online. With any luck, she will be back tomorrow!

Val said...

I was wondering what happened to Utopia too, it seemed she was back on track and now it's gone. Weirdness!

Hope, yep, I'm a big Buffy/Angel fan. Twilight is a big no. I'm not a juvie fiction aficionado. It's just too, well, juvie. And sparkly vampires? WTH? Sorry if I offend anyone, it just takes way too much license with the genre.

I'm checking in here pretty regular too. :) Don't disappear on me!

Hope said...

Hey Val,

I'm not going anywhere. Besides, if I did you DO know where to find me! LOL...

I'm really getting excited to get more stuff done on the sites. I've decided to go ahead and get Sometimes up before I start on WOS. But yes, I do plan to have WOS start in April, so no worries there. I will likely be late April though.

Back to work here today, just sort of had a wheezy day yesterday. Feeling fine today though. If G man will leave me be that is... he's in Vegas with a buddy, but can't seem to stop texting me. ; )

gina said...

Hi everyone!

Hope, I love seening to pix of the story, what a great idea.

I'm getting anxious for the next story; not to say I'm rushing you but I'm just so happy to have new stories, quality stories! Thanks so much.


Hope said...

Good Morning!

Happy St. Patricks Day! Are you wearing green? We are drawing green shamrocks on everyone who isn't today, so beware!


Engbunny said...

I have my green on! My ancestors wouldn't forgive me if I didn't! Erin Go Bragh!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, original writing - very fresh! Love the story.

Hope said...

Thanks Erin, I'm happy you liked it! Feel free to stop in anytime, we're pretty informal here.